Astrology Dice for Readings

How to use Astrology Dice for Readings

Some of you may or may not have heard of astro-dice (or astrology dice), and that’s okay. This article is here to explain how to use Astro dice into your reading so you can better understand tarot and astrology.

Before welcoming the dice into my readings, I wanted a way to bring more astrology into my life. One day, while I was scrolling on Tumblr, I came across this divination practice and thought it was a great tool to incorporate into my practice.

I started to read tarot in 2019 and I’ve come a long way, but I needed something that was going to help increase my understanding a little more. Around that time, I was really getting into astrology, but it was hard for me to relate to it.

Yes, we all know what zodiac signs are, but at the time, I had no idea how in-depth astrology can be; I wanted more. Before I could incorporate it into my reading, I had to research the dice and how to use it.

There are some dice that have a lot of sides, but it’s from my understanding that those are DND (Dungeons & Dragons) playing dice. You can use them, but I imagine it would get complicated. I have three dice and they each have 12 sides, and when I first started using the dice, I had to do a lot of research to develop the knowledge I now have.


astrodicePhoto by Anete Lusina


The reason we use three dice is because, astrology has three main components; the planet, zodiac sign, and house. Planets are important because they hold the main energy and the essence of who we are. I like to think of them as the main actor.

The house is the location where the scene takes place (aka where the film is being shot), and the zodiac sign is how the planet is dressed. This analogy is what has made my reading 10x better and helps me to understand what the cards are saying.

The astrology dice have a similar concept but it is different from regular tarot reading. I like to use them together, but I have used them separately if I need a quick answer. To me, the dice are like a pendulum where you roll, ask your question, and then throw them.

Sometimes, I’ll do this process and write down the outcome to review later, but I love this method for quick divination purposes. The way I use the dice is I’ll ask a question like how is my day going to go, and if I get Neptune, 3rd house, Capricorn, I know I’m going to have a rough day.

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Tarot, on the other hand, plays on your visual knowledge because the pictures help you out but with astrology dice, you get a chance to become familiar with the energies the planets have to offer, and you start to build more of a connection with them, based on your own personal experiences.

For example, I’ve grown to like Pluto and Neptune. I had no idea about Neptune’s character traits until she started showing up in my readings. When she’s dressed as a Capricorn in my reading and in the 3rd house for an example, I know that (depending on my question), things aren’t going to be easy for me.

Neptune is a watery planet ruled by Pisces and from my research I found out that she doesn’t like being in the sign Capricorn, because he is very structured, controlled, and has to have things in order. When the 3rd house shows up, that means where this will manifest in life and  it will manifest in the house of communication. By using the dice you get to learn about each planet and your readings have a different and more personalized feel due to astrology.

Connecting with The Astro Dice

You can ask almost any question just like tarot. I ask my dice whatever I’m feeling in the moment, whether it’s about my day, information I’d like to find out about etc. The only difference about the dice is you’ll read them like a natal chart. Let’s say I want to use the dice to find out if I’ll get a promotion at work.

As I’m rolling the dice, I’ll ask my question, and then throw them. Let’s say, I get 9th house, Virgo, and Saturn. 9th house represents long travel and higher education, Virgo usually means acts of service, paying attention to details, and Saturn means responsibility and ambition, so this reading is very promising for the promotion I’m asking about.

Even if you are a person who just wants to add to your reading, not to necessarily learn astrology but to add to your readings, this is a very powerful tool. The times I’ve given myself readings, it’s helped me to understand what the cards are trying to say; especially those moments when the cards seem to be showing me something I wasn’t asking about. Plus I love to have my divination tools portable and these can fit in your pocket which is perfect for me. I keep them in a little bag so they don’t get scratched and then I go about my day.

You can connect with the dice like you do tarot cards, and I find that my reading accuracy was better by doing this. To do this, walk around with the dice, keep them in your pocket or purse, sleep with them under your pillow; and basically let them follow you all day and night.

But more importantly, practice makes perfect. If you need help interpreting the dice, you can look below and find keywords for the astrology terms.

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What is Astrology Dice

Astrology Dice or Astro Dice is a set of three dice with twelve sides, for constellation divination. each made with care from resin or gemstones that have healing properties. Astrology Dice Set has everything you need to use your knowledge of astrology to make very accurate predictions.


Astrology Dice for Readings

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The 12 Symbols and Meaning of The Planets on Astro Dice

  1. Sun: self, ego, conscience, loyal, fun-loving, willpower, giving energy, magnificent, the center of attention, clarity, confidence, positive, energy, life.
  2. Moon: emotions, habits, independence, clingy, critical, holding grudges, the unconscious, courageous, intuition, your feelings, pointing out flaws too much, instinct, moodiness.
  3. Mercury: the mind, communication, processing information, intelligence, indecisive, anxious and nervous energy, language, local transportation, adaptability.
  4. Venus: courtship, adoration, personal taste and aesthetic, harmony, indulgent, selfish, beauty, art, pleasure, dramatic, restrictive, non-committal, how you present yourself, high maintenance, what you value, cold.
  5. Mars: desire, action, courage, sexuality, aggression, recklessness, arrogance, ego, overcome challenges, win over enemies, quick temper, moodiness, selfishness.
  6. Saturn: maturity, responsibility, discipline, stewardship, pessimistic outlook, ambition, obligation, law, detail-oriented, practical, constantly under mental pressure.
  7. Jupiter: growth, hope, expansion, luck, abundance, understanding, cocky, over-confident, egoistic, indecisive, blind optimism, excess, overindulgence, healthy, wealthy, big-thinking, powerful.
  8. Pluto: transformation, power, rebirth, mind purging, exorcizing, manipulative, intense, virus, waste, evolution, core truth, obsession, releasing buried power, coercion, regeneration, deman truth, honesty, dynamic.
  9. Neptune: spiritual, creative, dreams, intuition, deception, trickery, deceit, psychic abilities, guilt, delusions, veils, controlling and addition, imagination, illusions, confusion.
  10. Uranus: inspiration, change, eccentricity, chaos, impersonal, scatterbrained, forgetful, reformation irresponsible, progressive, enlightenment, rebellion, awakener, sudden changes.
  11. South node: the past, karmic baggage, innate gifts, past life, where we’re coming from and bringing into this life, release, leave behind in this lifetime, reveals gifts and talents developed in previous lives, allowing baggage to consume you, getting too comfortable, comes naturally.
  12. North node: lessons that must be learned, fear of the unknown, your truth, qualities to grow into, shows direction, fear ruling your fate, no lessons being learned. 

The 12 Symbols and Meaning of The Zodiacs on Astro Dice

  1. Aries: impulsive, competition, letting go, leader, headstrong, pioneer, direct, dynamic, adventurous, determined, passionate, motivated, spontaneous, driven.
  2. Taurus: practical, holding grudges, dependable, hardworking, dedicated, stubborn, graceful, trustworthy, possessive, devoted, indulgent, tenacious, loyal, lazy, selfish, steadfast, materialistic
  3. Gemini: duality, communication, moodiness, curious, flexible, extrovert, clever, indecisiveness, playful, quick-witted, outgoing, noses, unreliable, analytical, smart, versatile, youthful.
  4. Cancer: nurturing, hyper emotional, devoted, high value on family, cautious, perceptive, loving, loving disposition, homebodies, stability and routine, nostalgic, charming, suspicious, manipulative, femininity
  5. Leo: protective, ego, charismatic, selfish, warm, glamor, compassion, big-hearted, driven, radiantly, liberal, famous, endowments, narcissistic, charming, creative, sociable, bold, ultimate showman, ready to take charge
  6. Virgo: humble, self-effacing, industrious, kind, sympathetic, quick thinker, stressed, tense, modest, curious, solitude, sensible, loyal, anxious, judgemental, logical, practical, systematic, sharp
  7. Libra: diplomatic, relationship-orientated, extroverted, cozy, friendly, balance, harmony, peace, intelligent, frankness, well-equipped, indecisive, non-confrontational, charming, toxic positivity
  8. Scorpio: screwed, stoic, determined, honest, jealous, secretive, resentful, long-term planners, emotional, intense, transformative, hidden emotions, endings, clingy, beginnings, enticing, discreet, mysterious
  9. Sagittarius: honest, outspoken, boastful, opinionated, idealistic, mouthy, open-minded, ambition, generous, friendly, dogmatic, selfish, generous, messy, risk-taker, adventurous, sharp business, blunt, careless, magnetic, passionate, freedom, hilarious, greedy
  10. Capricorn: hardworking, enterprising, extremely driven, enthusiastic, ruthless, stability, self-limiting, cynical, persistent, realistic, relentless, big picture, long-term goals, goal-oriented, masculine figure, barriers
  11. Aquarius: progressive, self-reliant, clever, exceptional, optimistic, highly creative, intelligent, rebel, scatterbrained, impersonal, emotionally detached, free-spirited, unusual hobbies, assertive, temperamental
  12. Pisces: emotionally sensitive, gracious, emotionally aware, self-sacrifice, keen understanding, insecure, inability to confront reality, kind, indecisive, lack of foresight, sympathetic, charming, romantic, slinky, sensuous, overly trusting, compassionate.
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The 12 Symbols and Meaning of The Houses of Astro Dice

  1. 1st House: self, rising sign, imagine, perceived by others, personal life, identity, our views on the world, new beginnings, physical appearance, general temperament, new endeavors, strengths and weaknesses, behavior
  2. 2nd House: personal finances, material possessions, the concept of value, values, earnings, fortune, positive attributes, socializing, material possessions, income, work ethic, self-esteem
  3. 3rd House: local traveling, processing information, intellect, communication, overall learning, creativity, interests, early education, peers, activities
  4. 4th House: family, roots, tradition, caregiving figures, safe, peace, maternal figure, genetic inheritance, comforts, foundation, children, women, femininity
  5. 5th House: pleasure, love, amusement, pure creative outbursts, high education, self-expression, offspring, relationships, hobbies, attention, dating, joy, drama, romance
  6. 6th House: health, fitness, purification, diet, spiritual practice, natural remedies, odd jobs, daily routines, maintaining exercise, eating healthy, service towards others, good nutrition, satisfaction, work habits
  7. 7th House: marriage, committed relationships, pleasure, desire from other people, romantic partners, important relationships, divorce, shadow self, new contracts, thieves
  8. 8th House: death, transformation, birth, sex, mysterious merged energies, bonding at deep levels, real estate, inheritance, investments, money,taboo, undeniable chemistry, resurrection, intimacy, magic, secrets, regeneration,
  9. 9th House: long distance, expansion, open mind, legal, academic, philosophy, religion, higher mind, morals and ethics, thoughts, research, invention, discovery, adventure, dreams, divination, media, arts
  10. 10th House: aspirations, career, achievements, public eye, reputation, work life, streams of income, jobs, social status, material realm, success, obligations, planning, personal responsibility, authority, men, father figure, fame
  11. 11th House: friends, groups, idealism, hope, groups, dynamics, colleagues, societal impressions, networking, professional associations, personal friends, community, social interaction, recognition
  12. 12th House: dreams, secrets, unknown, unseen realms, high intuition, psychic, instinct, subconscious mind, invisible energies, addiction, karma, past lives, fear, solidarity, house of endings, sickness, confinement.