Anna Yukani

The Content Strategist Anna has a major in English with the passions for coordinating social media, digital marketing and content creation. Anna has the zeal for planning and putting context in order for the grand plans in her head.

Angel number 19

Angel Number 19 Meaning

The angels offer us guidance through numerical sequences. It is important we pay attention to any reoccurring numbers that may appear before us. If the angels have been showing you the number 19, it’s for a reason. There is something your angels are trying to communicate with you. Are you seeing number 19? Unlock the …

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Alphabet Numbers

The English Alphabet is derived from the Latin language. When the Roman Empire reached Britain, at the time when the Anglo-Saxons, a Germanic tribe which used Old English. Old English is an older runic alphabet it is a combination of the Latin alphabet, and the old runic alphabet of Futhorc. This combination made up the modern …

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healing affirmations

Health Affirmations: 20 Affirmations for Health & Healing

The power of affirmations is incredible. You’ve got all the power to Manifest Health Affirmations, you need to be strong, fit, and healthy, and it’s all in the power of affirmations on health. These affirmations, when repeated to yourself internally and externally, root themselves in your subconscious mind. Affirmations come in all different shapes and …

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