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How to Read Tarot Cards:  

Learn the Basics and Improve Your Tarot Reading Skills. Discover the Meaning Behind the Cards and How to Interpret Them for Accurate Readings.

How to Use Tarot Cards:  

A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Tarot Decks and How to Incorporate Them Into Your Daily Life. Explore Different Spreads and Learn How to Read the Cards for Yourself and Others.

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How Many Cards in a Tarot Deck?

78 cards: The 78-card tarot deck is divided into two sections: major arcana (great mysteries) and minor arcana (minor mysteries)

There are 22 major arcana cards, and they typically deal with major life events and broad themes, such as relationships, careers, and love. 56 minor arcana cards exist divided into 4 suites The Cups, Swords, Pentacles and Wands.

Reading Tarot Cards Services:

Find the Right Tarot Reader for You. We have reviewed 4 of the best  tarot and other psychic reading services online. Discover the Benefits of a Tarot Reading and How to Choose a Trusted Tarot Reader for Accurate and Insightful Readings.

What Are Tarot Cards Used For?

Typically, tarot is employed as a form of cartomancy in which practitioners draw cards to gain insight into a given situation.

Each of the 78 cards in the deck represents a distinct form of energy. People can make predictions or simply tell a story by interpreting the cards that appear during a reading.

What are Tarot Spreads?

A tarot spread is a deliberate arrangement of cards in which each position symbolizes a response to a query.

The Star Tarot Card

The Star Tarot Meaning & Guidance

This Arcanum symbolizes the energy and vitality of youth, and The Star Tarot Card represents the hope that can be found in everyone, to rise above their material conditions and reach the highest spheres of spirituality, and access eternal life. The Star Tarot Card Keywords: Upright & Reversed Meaning The Star Tarot Meaning & Guidance …

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Death Tarot Card

Death Tarot Meaning & Guidance

The Death Arcanum calls for intelligence, reflection, and reason in order to make the right choices without any rush, but without excessive hesitation either. This Arcanum Death symbolizes the triumph of life over death, or even reincarnation. It hints at some hidden spiritual potential, lying dormant in your soul, which has to be awakened in …

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