Morning affirmations

Positive affirmations in the morning

A set of affirmations in the morning is one of the most important habits you should master as they are the driving factors of your life and destiny.
In this article, we are going to cover the importance of having daily affirmations, how they can transform our lives, and the importance of being consistent in these beliefs.

Positive affirmations said in the morning sets the tone for the entire day, how you manage negative thoughts and limiting beliefs you may be used to believing about yourself.
In the morning while the mind is still in its alpha state which is in that deep relaxation state after sleep, this is the perfect time to recite your positive affirmations.

Your brain is fresh and you have the control to set the bar what the day is going to be all about. Because stating these affirmations out aloud it goes directly into the subconscious mind which controls the thoughts of the day.
Once you have those thoughts in check, you have reprogrammed your mind and the day to a certain extent. It may either be your positive thoughts or your negative thoughts which will occupy the mind or your subconscious and ultimately your life and destiny.

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Establish for yourself a fixed system of conditioning of your mind at the beginning of each day so you will keep it positive under all circumstances.

Positive affirmations in the morning
Positive affirmations in the morning

What are positive affirmations?

Positive affirmations are a set of new beliefs you have and want for yourself and are determined to achieve.
Positive affirmations are like brain food as it is positive statements you make to yourself which you have consciously thought about and want in your life.
These positive affirmations reprogram the mind to what you want in your life which overrides the negativity which may keep creep into your thoughts if not controlled and kept in check.
However saying these positive affirmations in the morning you must say them with confidence, faith, and belief that you do deserve it and are worthy of them. Otherwise, it’s kind of pointless.
Controlling these beliefs is not the easiest of tasks and requires a fair amount of effort to stick to it.

Master your thoughts, beliefs, and destiny

But once you have learned to master your thoughts, beliefs, and destiny, the world is your oyster, you have the confidence, to take on any challenge and believe you can achieve it or attract that which your heart desires and set out plans and goals to achieve what you have set your mind on.
These affirmations need to be repeated every morning and it’s good to repeat them before you go to sleep so that your mind is occupied with them whilst you are asleep and if you do dream your mind can dream about your desires and thoughts instead of whatever else is not useful to you.

These affirmations should be done consistently on a daily basis as it takes a long to change those paradigms and limiting beliefs we had since childhood.
These paradigm shifts may be for your health, your wealth, or the relationship you want.
These are the core desires which we so want but in order to achieve these important goals and desires, we need to take control of our lives and emotions.
This new mindset changes you and your life and is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself.
There are a few methods of teaching you how to master this skill.

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Morning affirmations


Positive affirmations for work

Examples of a few positive affirmations for work would be like:

Today I will be the best I can possibly be.
Today I will be better than I was yesterday
Today I will complete the tasks with joy and efficiency
No one has the power to upset me or to make me feel inferior
I am a pleasant person to be around and to work with
I have my mind in the right place


Positive affirmations for happiness

Positive affirmations for happiness

Here is a set of examples the best positive affirmations for happiness which you can tweak to your preference:

I am healthy
I am wealthy
I am happy
I am loved
I am confident
I am strong
I love myself
I respect myself
I accept myself
No one has the power to upset me of to make me feel inferior
I am a fun person to be around.

Staying consistent and focused is crucial to your success.


Morning Positive affirmations

The best positive affirmations for morning

Here is a set of examples of positive affirmations for the morning which you can tweak to your own personal needs and desires.

The basics:
I love myself
I respect myself
I accept myself
I am healthy
I am wealthy
I am happy
I am loved
I am strong
I am unstoppable
I am organised
I am amazing
I believe in myself
I feel good about myself
I have harmony and balance within me
I am positive and confident
My goals are clearly defined and organized
I can achieve my goals and I will
I am grateful for the good in my life
Everything is possible
Today I choose to love myself, be grateful, healthy, happy, positive, confident and decisive.

The more personal affirmations:
By next year January I will have ……..
In 5 years time I will have ………..
In 10 years time I will have ………………
( for this you need to picture those goals as if you are experiencing them live, the colors, the feel of it, the smell of it, the sound of it use all your sense to bring these goals to life in your mind and make them as clear and personal as possible.)

Every day I work to improve myself and I get better and better
I have everything I need to succeed
If any difficult situation comes om my way today I am strong enough to turn around and make it work for me
Every day I set my goals and I reach them
I know what I want and I know how to get it
I know that is all up to me and I know I can do it
Today I have the inner strength to do more than ever
I have the ability to get the things done
I have the power to live my dream
Today is a great day to throw out any disbelieving that holds me back
I can and I will achieve my goals I have set out.
Today I will complete the task I have planned for
I have total control of my feelings, emotions, attitude and needs.

This serves just a guide to set out your own affirmations.
With consistency and believe these positive affirmations will transform your life as it has done for millions of other successful people out there.
Remember to speak these affirmations out loud every morning and every evening with faith and belief that you are worthy, capable and deserve all the blessings the universe has to give you.

Take action and claim what is yours and what the universe has for you.

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