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The Complete Guide to the Soul Urge Numbers

The Soul Urge Number, also called the Heart’s Desire Number, is the numerological number that most resonates with your soul. It represents the key to obtaining happiness in your lifetime. As the name suggests, it represents what you want most in your heart of hearts. There are 12 different soul numbers in all, so let’s look at what each one means.

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Soul Urge Number 1

soul urge number1

The soul urge number 1 represents a deep desire for independence. It drives the decisions that you make in life. You aren’t comfortable with what is happening in your life unless you are in control of it. You’re a natural born leader, partly because you can’t be happy obeying the whims of others.
This doesn’t mean that you’ll become a micromanaging control freak though. You’re more than happy to let other people exhibit their own desire for freedom. What scares you is not being the one at the top of the totem pole.

You can only be happy – in life, work, and relationships – if you live up to this need for independence.


Soul Urge Number 2

soul urge number 2 As a number 2, you live for harmony and peace. You hate conflict and drama and do what you can to avoid it. You like to take the path of least resistance, and you understand there is a healthy middle ground between aggression and passiveness; assertiveness.

You like to wear your heart on your sleeves and don’t hide your feelings, at least the positive ones. People consider you to be a sensitive and empathic soul. You are happiest when things are balanced and everything is in order.

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Soul Urge Number 3

soul urge number 3 As a natural extrovert, you love being around others and like it when others enjoy your company. Luckily for you, other people are drawn to the natural charisma and joy that you radiate.
You are just good to be around and are a natural conversationalist and are upbeat and overall a joy to be around.

You live to be the life of the party and feel that life is too short to be miserable and serious. You want to make not just your life, but everyone else’s, as fun as possible. People are drawn to you like a fire, but – much like a fire – you can sometimes be too hot for comfort. It’s fine to be extroverted, but try to avoid being an irritation or an annoyance.


Soul Urge Number 4

soul urge number 4 Your goals and life as a whole are built around the simple goal of stability. You don’t like being in chaotic situations that threaten the delicate balance you’ve worked so hard to obtain. It’s important for you to have a strong and unshakable foundation.

If you don’t have a strong foundation, then you need to think more about your priorities. Reassess what you are emotionally investing in and make sure you aren’t putting too much of yourself into something that could be sabotaged. Don’t be embarrassed about your need for balance either. Being worried about what others think will only make it harder for you to enjoy life to its fullest.

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Soul Urge Number 5

soul urge number 5 Those with the number 5 are driven by the need to explore. They have an in-built wanderlust that they must fulfil. They are at their best when exploring new places and having new experiences. Losing the freedom that you love so much is one of the worst things that could happen to you.

This also means that you have trouble being tied down to anything. You don’t like having to be at certain places at certain times and you can get unsettled if you go too long without something new. Much like a caged bird, feeling closed in only increases your need to spread your wings and fly. It’s recommended that you adopt the digital nomad lifestyle. Work online and give yourself the freedom to travel whenever and wherever you want.


Soul Urge Number 6

soul urge number 6 As a number 6, you are a pure giver. You enjoy taking care of others and making others happy is something of a symbiotic relationship for you. Their happiness becomes your happiness. You are the embodiment of the idea that to give is to receive. This doesn’t mean that you like to give people physical gifts though. Sometimes lending an ear and being there for someone is gift enough.

Just be careful that people don’t try to exploit your generosity. Some people will look at you and see someone they can squeeze for all they are worth. With that said, you make for a fantastic partner for someone who can see the light in you and loves it. You are a very empathic person who is aware of what other people want and are more than happy to provide it.

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Soul Urge Number 7

soul urge number 7 They say that knowledge is power, and that’s definitely true for number 7. Knowledge is their primary motivation. You won’t seek knowledge because you want power though. You love learning for the sake of learning. It takes a hungry mind to absorb all that knowledge but it will make you smart and wise.

As someone so dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, you are disappointed by people who appear too busy or lazy to learn new things. You’ve invested so much of your own time in the pursuit of knowledge it makes you impatient with others that aren’t as invested as you.

You are very skeptical and are an analytic person. You like to see things before believing in them. This can make you come across as being cold. Given how much information you are always mentally processing, it’s only too easy to lose touch with things. You’re at your best when learning new things and applying that knowledge.


Soul Urge Number 8

soul urge number 8 The primary urge of the soul urge number 8 is that of greatness at any cost. You are power hungry, but there’s nothing wrong with that. You just want more from life and you want to live your best possible life. Everyone wants money, and money is often tied to power. As a number 8, you won’t even care much about the negative stereotypes that are associated with that kind of thing.

Problems arise when you don’t have the means to obtain your goals though. You are an impatient person who wants rewards without putting all of the time and effort that goes into getting them. This mindset can be very dangerous because it leads you to take a lot of risks. You should try to find people who are as goal-oriented as you and work together to achieve your dreams.

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Soul Urge Number 9

soul urge number 9 The soul urge number 9 is a perfectionist who won’t settle for anything short of flawlessness. From small things to how furniture is arranged to complex things like feelings and relationships, you want to have everything just how you want it to be. You want to create a world where you – and everyone else – can live the life they want to; a utopia.

The problem is that humans, by their very nature, are flawed. We aren’t perfect beings and we never will be. Some of your efforts, no matter how well-meaning they are, are likely going to fail. Some people may also respond to your efforts with hostility. They think you are trying to manipulate them and their situation for your own benefit, even though you have good intentions. Rather than trying to make a utopia, try to make a better world for yourself and aim for something more attainable.


Soul Urge Number 11

soul urge 11 There is a difference between knowledge and wisdom. Wisdom is common sense. It is a good reflection of your decision-making skills and your perceptive abilities rather than raw intelligence. Sometimes the smartest people in the world make the dumbest decisions.

You, as a number 11, are the very definition of wisdom. You might not have the best education in the world but you are far from a fool. While this wisdom is certainly a good trait to have, you need a little more than wisdom to get through life. You run the risk of relying on it and becoming complacent. Make sure that you continue to act on your decisions and be proactive about life.

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Soul Urge Number 22

soul urge 22 The soul urge number 22 has a simple goal in mind; they want to leave a lasting legacy on the world. If you have this number, then you are driven by the need for the world to remember your name. You hate the idea that you might die and be forgotten by the world. Whether it’s writing a novel, starting a business, composing a symphony, or making a breakthrough; you want to change the world. You want to create a lasting impression so people can’t forget you if they want to.

Just be careful. You want to become known for something good. You want to seek fame and not infamy. There are many people who do what they know is wrong just for the fame and attention, no matter the punishment they may receive. Rather than trying to tear the world down and being known for something destructive, aim to be constructive and make a lasting – positive – impression on the world.

Soul Urge Number 33

soul urge 33 The soul urge number 33 is dedicated to their hobbies, to the point that it can become an obsession. Whatever it is you are fascinated by, you spend a lot of your free time doing it. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though, especially if you have constructive, business-related hobbies. If you are passionate about business then you can take that drive and become a successful entrepreneur.

However, if you have less fruitful hobbies then the obsession can become detrimental to your health, wellbeing, and career. Try to find active pursuits such as playing sports. Avoid becoming a couch potato if you can help it. Also make sure that you aren’t dedicating a lot of wasted time into the activity. Don’t put all your time into something you won’t get anything out of.


The Soul Urge Number – as the name implies – says a lot about what drives your soul. It opens the door to what you need to be happiest, as well as what can leave you feeling your worst. Pay special attention to your soul urge number and read through what it says about you. Are you dedicating yourself to things that are doing more harm than good? Are you already on the right path?

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