Guardian Angels

What Are Guardian Angels & the Divine Intervention?

Guardian angels are in fact a very powerful friend and someone who can protect you from not just suffering but ill fortune also.

In order to discuss guardian angels, we must discuss two things – protection and divine intervention. Both things are important. Basically, guardian angels protect us but they also stop things from happening that are not supposed to happen.

Guardian Angels Overview

Your guardian angel is someone who channels their energy into making sure your life is good and your life is, shall we say, following the right track.

Every single person on this planet is born with at least one or two guardian angels, sometimes three. Yet as people grow up, as they change, things happen to people. Some people take the high road, some people don’t take the highroad, they take the low road, they take the road of negativity.

Guardian Angels in a forest

Why Some Don’t Have Guardian Angels?

So, when someone takes the negative path, basically their angels will still look after them and still protect them, but there comes a point in some people’s lives where the guardian angel will stop looking after someone. The reason is they are heading in the wrong direction.

If someone is taking a very aggressive or angry or negative kind of approach to life, then at some point the guardian angels may stop protecting them.

This is because the guardian angel doesn’t want to support them in this approach to life.

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Essentially, guardian angels are there for us whenever we need them, but only if we still choose to be a loving kind person. This is because the guardian angel doesn’t want to help us if we’ve taken the wrong direction. 

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Guardian Angels and Compassion

Now you yourself will have a guardian angel, someone who protects you from negative things, someone who looks after you and someone who can sometimes bring you certain outcomes or certain events that help you to grow and help you to become a more compassionate person.

Basically, everything we do in life is either making us more compassionate or less compassionate and the guardian angel protects those who are growing, who are learning, who are ascending. The guardian angels will also protect those who may not necessarily be changing much, but still try to be good people.

You don’t need your guardian angel every single minute of your life, but there will be at least 3, 4 or maybe 5 times in your life when the guardian angel will step in and prevent something from happening to you, because it was not part of your soul mission.

So, you don’t have to worry about things happening that are out-of-the-blue, that are terrible, horrible or disastrous, because the guardian angel protects you from those things. There are people who these things happen to yes, but usually that’s because they’ve made some kind of soul plan to go through these things.

Guardian Angels and Divine Intervention

Now in order to understand what your guardian angel does, we must understand two things – protection and blessings. Blessings are something the angel can give you which is not just protection but also a form of intervention, a form of making sure you get the right outcome.

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When a guardian angel protects you from something that’s one aspect of their activity, but the other aspect of their activity is bringing your blessings. This could be in the form of you finding the right life partner or something else like you go to a certain place and meet someone who’s very important in your life.

The guardian angel will make sure the right outcomes appear.

In order to truly be a kind person, we should always think about others and the guardian angel would be delighted if you would start to think about others more. Basically, we should focus on helping others and protecting others and channeling our energy into doing that which brings happiness to ourselves and others. This would make your personal angel very happy.

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