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The brand Hidden Numerology is a collection of authors sharing their expertise, to demystify the secrets hidden in numerology and the meanings of angel number.
Each of our authors has their own unique gifts in helping people with their wealth of knowledge and in their creative writing bring to you insights into
Numerology,  Angels, Chakras, Crystals, Spirituality, and Tarot.
Focusing the message on manifestation, the Law of Attraction, Mindfulness, and Personal Development.


Leigh Bayman Leigh Bayman

The Life Coach
Leigh works together with people to identify their goals, ambitions, and the current limiting beliefs keeping them from achieving what the universe has to offer with transformative tools to manifest and create their own realities, to bring life-altering changes.  With a strong background in meditation and psychotherapy. Leigh will help reframe your mental attitude and shift your mindset to accepting all the blessings the universe has.



Christine HeathChristine Heath

The Holistic Healer
Christine is a Reiki Therapist among other talents and blessings she shares.
Well-versed in meditation, yoga, and other spiritual healing methods,
Christine’s heart and honor are in helping people attract
the calm, blessings, love, and abundance the universe has to give us.



Symone MichaelsSymone Michaels

Love Writing
Symone’s passion is creative writing each article was done in love to bring to you the mystic meanings of angel numbers.
 Symone have wealth of knowledge in the Law of Attraction, Energy Healing, Meditations, Tarot Cards, and more.



Veronika SomartiniVeronika Somartini

The Psychologist
Veronika is versed in mental health, and psychology with a passion for creative writing in social sciences.
Veronika strives to find those words to pierce our hearts with meaning
so that we can begin to understand the meanings,
the love, joys, and blessings life has to offer us.




Diana LoomDiana Loom

The Reiki Master
Diana has more than a decade of writing about spiritual awareness expanding into Angels, Chakras, Reiki, Crystals, Spirituality, Tarot, and Yoga. Diana is also well versed in self-development writing about the Law of Attraction, Meditation, Mindfulness, and Personal Development.




Anna YukaniAnna Yukani

The Content Strategist
Anna has a major in English with a passion for coordinating social media, digital marketing, and Content Creation.
Anna has a zeal for planning and putting context in order for the grand plans in her head.



Ivanna PavlenkoIvanna Pavlenko

The Pyschic & Numerologist
Ivanna completed her studies in astrology and is proficient in numerology,  tarot, reiki, and crystal therapy, Ivanna is an official Numerologist helping people with spiritual awareness, meditation & yoga. Ivanna has publications in several magazines, for helping individuals discover their true selves.





Julianne HoughJulianne Hough

Executive Editor

Julianne has a bachelor’s in communication and journalism working with Psychic Spirituality & Relationships. She has also practiced numerology,  tarot, and other psychic arts.









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If you are a writer or an expert in your field of numerology, psychic readings, and other spiritual development and would like to write for HiddenNumerology, we welcome authors to join as contributors to our Channel. Get in contact with us