Master Numbers

Whenever a numerology number has significance in your life, it is important. However, three numbers have special meaning for you when they appear frequently. These are the numerology master numbers. What are these numbers and what do master numbers mean?

What Are Master Numbers?

The master numbers are 11, 22, and 33. You need to pay special attention when these numerology numbers begin to influence your life. They each have very strong meanings and commonly indicate some sort of trouble or potentially difficult situation. Because many do not understand numerology master numbers, these people do not prepare for or avoid a coming difficult situation.

As such, each of the numerology master numbers is often viewed more as a curse than a blessing in disguise. But, when you come to understand how numerology master numbers affect your life, you gain insight and learn to use patience and maturity in avoiding or dealing with the obstacles in your life. Learn to master the master numbers that resonate in your life and these become the most powerful influencers of all numerology numbers. 




When Are 11, 22, and 33 Master Numbers?

There are times when the meanings of these numbers are better understood when they are broken down into their constituent single-digit parts. Learn more about this and about what master numbers 11, 22, and 33 can mean in your life.

What Does Master Number 11 Mean in Your Life?

Numerology number 11 relates strongly to intuition and instinct. Think of number 11 as the link to the subconscious. This is your “gut instinct” separate from rational thinking and even spoken or written language. This number has multiple qualities:

  • Negative aspects of numerology number 11 include being, feeling stressed, and being anxious
  • Qualities of numerology number 2 are in 11 as 1+1 = 2.  This aspect provides inspiration and charisma.
  • As a “dichotomy number,” numerology number 11 has both dynamic and conflicted influence on the lives of those whom it touches.


What Is the Danger of Master Number 11?

Numerology master number 11 is very powerful when it is dominant in your life. But, that power needs to be directed or it can become destructive. As a rule, the power and influence of master number 11 should be aimed at a specific goal, job, or project. When this is done properly, great things can happen. But, when the force and power of master number 11 are not focused on something tangible, it can sabotage your efforts and plans in other parts of your life.

The key to success when master number 11 is strong in your life is to channel its power to let your spirit evolve and your personal life and power prosper. Never deny the force of master number 11 but rather use your inner voice to guide your strengthened instincts to higher faith, stability and growth. It is no mistake that many view master number 11 as the number of the prophets, mystics, and clairvoyants.

What Does Master Number 22 Mean in Your Life?

Pragmatic master number 22 gives great force and power to those whom it influences. It is the “Master Builder.” Individuals in whose lives this master number resonates are the “doers” of the world who take what would be wild dreams for anyone else and turn them into tangible success. When master number 22 affects your life, there is potential for phenomenal success. The power of master number 22 comes from its parts.

  • Master number 22 inherits every bit of the exceptional intuition of master number 11.
  • Because master number 22 breaks down into 2+2=4, it has the disciplined, scientific approach to things that is seen in individuals who are strong in numerology number 4.
  • Master number 12 combines intuition, discipline, and ambition.



Because people who are strongly influenced by master number 22 had exceptional leadership abilities as well as impressive self-confidence, they are often able to take seemingly impossible goals and achieve them by reducing each part of the problem to a doable task.

The other face of master number 22 is that no all people in whom this number resonates are sufficiently practical to fully utilize their skills. When this occurs, you see a person who exhibits early brilliance in life but never achieves their full potential. All too often a master number 22 person, like a master number 11 person fails to achieve greatness because they drift away at the critical moment with loss of attention or anxiety caused by putting pressure on themselves.

The most successful, and happiest, people with a strong master number 22 influence are those who apply their abilities step by step and avoid putting excessive pressure on themselves to achieve immediate greatness.


How Does Master Number 33 Affect Your Life?

Master number 33 is commonly called the “master teacher.” In its perfect form, it combines the qualities of 11 and 22 for intuition, dreams and successful practicality. In its perfect form, master number 33 allows a person to apply their skills for humanitarian purposes and avoid all personal agendas.

If master number 33 is strong in your life, you will be knowledgeable and understand issues because you always check your facts.

It is when this number influences maturity, personality, your heart’s desire, or your life path that master number 33 gains its full force. Otherwise, it tends to play out as 3+3=6!

This number in full efficiency is a sight to behold. But this is rare. Master number 33 is only significant if it’s one of your Core numbers — Life Path, Heart’s Desire, Personal Expression, Personality or Maturity numbers. Otherwise, Numerology experts look at 33 as simply 6 (or 33/6, still weakening its power and downgrading it from a Master number).




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