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Numerology Destiny Number

They say there’s a power in names, and your name could offer an insight into your destiny through the power of numerology. Your name is no accident as each and every letter of your name shapes your destiny.

Numerology says that each number has a vibration to it, and the vibration of your name reflects how your soul will behave in your current lifetime.
Let’s take a look at what the different Destiny Numbers, also called Name Numbers, say about you;



Destiny Number 1: The Leader


name number 1

The people born with this destiny number are natural born leaders. They are creative and make for natural entrepreneurs. Number ones are destined for authority no matter their path in life.

They strive towards independence, trust their creativity, and bring their inspired ideas to life. As you get older, you’ll gain more and more confidence in your ability to turn your visions into reality.

Your key challenge in life will come with lacking confidence. If you aren’t confident in yourself you’ll struggle with authority and watch other people get the opportunities that you know you deserve.

You also have a need to be independent, which could see you reject support others offer. Remember that a good leader listens to others and allows people to be themselves.

Destiny Number 2: The Partner


name number 2

As a number two, you have a deep psychic knowledge; a deep and powerful intuition. You’ve got the heart of a healer and want to use your spiritual powers to enjoy a deep love in relationships, create a peaceful and harmonious life, and be able to support yourself financially. You are driven to create strong partnerships, whether it be in love or business. You live for love.

Your key challenge in life will be that you tend to give too much of yourself. It’s easy for you to be taken advantage of because of it. You might not have the energy you need to establish your dreams and so you feel unappreciated and exhausted by it all. You also tend to be oversensitive. You should use your empathy to be empathetic towards yourself as well as others.


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Destiny Number 3: The Communicator


name number 3

The Communicator has a bright smile that lights up the world around them. They also have a natural magnetism that brings people towards them.

As a number three, you are fun and creative. You are optimistic and see the best in everyone and everything.

Because you are sensitive and enjoy self-expression, you can create anything you can imagine. You want to create your ideal life, and have a real gift of the gab.

Your main challenge will come from your sensitivity. It makes you prone to bouts of self-doubt. You may also use your words and thoughts to judge others (and yourself).

You’ll be setting your creative prowess against you instead of using it to build your dreams. You should avoid feelings of depression and being undervalued by always expressing yourself. Let yourself express the truth and enjoy what life has to offer.

Destiny Number 4: The Teacher


name number 4

With a name number four, you will be physically and mentally tough. You’re a born leader and others can depend on you. You’re honest and hardworking and happy to do anything you can to help your loved ones.

Number 4 is a natural entrepreneur that can guide others towards success. You want to be the overall authority of your own life. You want to be in charge of your own destiny and offer the people you love a safe space to live. You’ve got so much to share with the world, and you want others to be able to benefit from what you can offer.

Your main challenge is that you work yourself too hard. You take on too much and don’t delegate responsibility. Even if you do, you may come across as being too bossy. Take some time to learn how to be a leader to get the most out of life. Let go of your preconceived notions of authority and power.


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Destiny Number 5: The Freedom Seeker


name number 5

As a number five, you are driven by the need for freedom. You’ve got a lot of interests and hobbies. As a natural storyteller, you have no problem attracting people. You are vivacious, charming, and fun loving.

You can succeed at anything you set your mind to. As your soul has so many wants and needs, you’ll likely choose multiple careers. You may also have a need to change locale every so often to give yourself the chance to explore the world and take in new cultures.

Your main challenge will come from having so many interests and talents. You’ll have trouble choosing just one to focus on. You may become scattered and confused because you lack direction.

You’ll seek escape through drugs, alcohol, sex, and entertainment rather than commitment. Keep in mind that even a temporary commitment is still a commitment and better than nothing.



Destiny Number 6: The Nurturer


name number 6

As a number six, you are a natural healer, counselor, and friend. You’re who people turn to when they need help. You’ve got a real sense of responsibility to everyone and everything you love.

You have an innate sense of harmony and beauty that will create success. Given that you are a perfectionist, you always do everything as well as can be. That includes helping others.
Your main challenge in life will be doing too much for others to the detriment of your own wellbeing.

You also try to do everything you can for everyone instead of letting them help themselves. Find others who can support you so that you can find time and energy to build your own dreams.


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Destiny Number 7: The Truth Finder


name number 7

As a number seven, you are naturally insightful and can always see the truth. You have a deep knowledge of the universe and find yourself at the right time and place without realising it.

You should use your intuition to live a peaceful life surrounded by nature.
Try to establish connections with others, and the Divine as a whole.
Your key challenge with life is that you can scrutinize too much, including not trusting yourself. You have to learn to trust your intuition so you can achieve success.






Destiny Number 8: The Manager


name number 8

Number eight is the number of abundance. You have a need to be recognized for your achievements, and you have plenty of them. You are a visionary able to focus on the big picture. You are destined to be the leader; in charge of resources and money.

You have a need to be financially secure and have the status and power needed to live a comfortable life. Your main challenge is that you can suffer from big losses as well as big successes.

You must accept that you have inner worth and you do deserve to be happy. Long for success and accept that and you will achieve it. Let go of your ideas that money and power are bad and lead to bad things.


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Destiny Number 9: Wisdom


name number 9

The number nine is an old soul. You’re born with plenty of intuition and a spiritual insight you are destined to share with others. You make for a natural counselor or teacher and naturally attract others towards you. You will succeed by sharing your creative and spiritual gifts with the world. You are always happy to help the less fortunate and anyone who needs your help.

The main challenge you will face is giving too much of yourself and not getting enough in return. You were destined to offer spiritual services and can find yourself giving away too much without getting what you deserve.

You can also get lost in regret and repeat your mistakes rather than learning from them to succeed. Be sure to let go of the past and accept that those failures made you the great spiritual teacher you are and were always born to be.


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Destiny Number 11: The Illuminator


name number 11

The number eleven is a master number in numerology. As a number 11 you have incredible manifesting potential. The Illuminator is a natural leader and teacher. You have the power to inspire others through your words and deeds. You have a magnetic personality that draws people to you and have untapped intuitive powers. Let yourself be guided by your intuition. Become the leader you were meant to be and heal and inspire those around you. Number 11 is also considered a master number.
The main challenge for a number 11 is their intuition. It is so finely tuned that they can become too sensitive and feel self-doubt. You have huge potential, and that means facing bigger challenges.

You may wonder about the future you envision as a leader. You are afraid that you’ll head into uncharted waters. You need to trust your intuition and understand it will make you the inspiring leader that you want to be. You should also practice meditation to keep calm and stay in tune with your intuition.


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Destiny Number 22: The Builder


name number 22

The destiny number 22 is another master number. You also have massive manifesting potential.

The number 22 is that of the master builder. You wish nothing more than to create a lasting legacy and carve your name into the world.

Your practical nature, combined with your intuition, gives you all the tools you need to do just that.

You want to create a foundation for your family and the world. You’ve cultivated skills across several lifetimes so that you are up to the challenge.

The main challenge of being a number 22 is the challenges that come with their increased potential.

You feel like you are responsible for everyone and it gets overwhelming. Allow yourself to be helped and supported, as you support others. 


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