What is a Lightworker

What is a Lightworker

We know that there are bad energies and good energies around us. Polarities are all around us, and we need to accept the dark to make space for the light to get in.

A lightworker is a person who chooses to use the light to heal himself and also the people around him. Is a person who uses compassion and understanding toward all areas of life in order to understand the deep meaning of life and our purpose here.

You probably hear the words spirituality, consciousness, and lightworker these days. These persons are deeply connected with the Source, with God.
They heal themselves to be able to heal others and create a better future for Mother Earth. This path of healing and evolving is a powerful will to help others grow and become the best version of themselves. This means connecting with the positive energies of the Universe.


5 Types of Lightworkers

We find many types of lightworkers; each of them has other abilities. Five types of lightworkers, each of these categories with different gifts, talents, and skills.

  • The Healers

Healers help people and Mother Nature evolve, using their mental, physical, spiritual, or emotional talents; they help the environment, and all the living beings live in harmony. These kinds of people are very sensitive, and they can feel what other people experience. They can connect with you deeply and understand your point of view without any criticism or judgments. A healer needs to learn to understand and release judgments.

A Healer can help you release pain and negative emotions in a few minutes of spending time with you. Just being around these people makes you feel more secure because of their aura, which radiates at the frequency of love.


  • The Psychic

These people have intuitive powers, and they use their inner voice to help people in all areas of their life. They can see beyond the material world and understand that everything is energy and everything is connected. They can make the difference between reality and illusion, helping people cope with mental problems and manifestation.

These souls are able to see the future and correlate them with positive outcomes in all areas of their lives. The goal is to bring peace and harmony to Earth.


  • The Manifestors

The manifestor type of lightworkers are people that can channel divine light for the manifestation of things. Their mission here is to create Earth a better place for all living beings without harming or blaming others. They are the people who will awaken the collective consciousness and will help us raise our level of consciousness regarding how we see the world.


  • Messengers

The messenger lightworkers are the souls that came here to share important messages with the world.
Their statements with the world are about love, understanding, awakening, peace, and enlightenment.
They make us understand how powerful we are and how much light we have inside of us.
They are able to change the vibration of the collective consciousness through their information.


  • The Travelers

These people are not pleased with their level of understanding, and they search all the time for new solutions and adventures.
They work with their dreams and travel in the corners of the Universe to find further information and understand deeper the meaning of life.
In order to be able to do that, these souls need to take care of their bodies more than other healers.


Signs You are and Lightworker

In my opinion, anyone who can face their shadows and accept all the good parts and bad parts of life can become a lightworker. But there are some qualities these people have even from their childhood.

If you are a lightworker it is possible that you are empathic and you love animals very much. You are deeply connected with mother nature, and you feel the energies of people around you. It is possible that you were able to see energies and even other entities around you in your childhood.
When you were a child, you may feel that something was wrong with this world and want to find more answers regarding your life and who you are.

As you grow up, many opportunities lead you toward spirituality, and you meet many people who make you understand the light you have inside of you.
A lightworker will attract many people that are on the same frequency. They will do their best to find those answers to all the things that can help him evolve to make the people around him become their best version.

Life is fascinating if you are a lightworker, even if you do not know this about yourself. You have powerful intuition, and you feel that you are protected all the time.

If you are a lightworker, you will realize that many times in your life, you were helped and shielded. You feel that is something beyond the material world, and you want to find more answers regarding life; you want to find answers deeper than science.

You can understand religion, and that all lead to the same point—you’re able to see beyond the bad and the good. You are able to see that your thoughts and actions create your life, and you can manifest anything you wish in life.


Lightworker Oracle

You can find a lot of oracles on the internet that can help you understand yourself and what happened in your life at a higher level.

Some lightworkers use oracles to receive guidance from their higher self. This is called inner calling, and these people are able to give you profound advice through these tools that can help you see the past, present, and future. In this way you can see what happened in the past, what caused that situation and what can you do to solve this part of your life.

You can find the Lightworker Oracle that is created to help you reach a higher level of consciousness to bring healing and peace on Earth.
These kinds of tools help us evolve, have a very positive contribution to our planet, help us develop spiritually, and work with energies at a deeper level of understanding.

An oracle can help lightworkers understand their lives, and through this, connect deeper with their higher minds to help others. Oracles can help you find the answers to many problems that you have in life.


Lightworker Gifts

Lightworkers are different, and they have many gifts and talents. I will share with you some of the most powerful gifts these people have.

  • We can start with the Grid Lightworkers that have interesting abilities to work on the gateways of the Universe and connect with other parts of the Universe.
    They are advanced lightworkers; they can open the interdimensional grid and let the light flow here on Earth.
    These people stay very much in meditation; they can also practice fasting to cleanse their bodies from toxins for deeper traveling.
  • We also find the Transmuters, which can convert any negative energy into light and love.
    They can alchemize the bad substances of your body and turn them into vitality and health.
    These souls are here to make us understand that everything is just upon your mindset, and you can convert any bad energies into happiness and any toxins from your body into light and health.
  • The Lightkeepers are the people which are able to embody very much light and share this with the world.
    These people radiate light everywhere they go. They leave a spark of love and light toward people and the environment.

The practice of meditation makes these people fill themselves with light. Some of them are also Reiki healers, and they can send light toward any person at any distance.

  • The Healers can heal others with their hands and aura. These people have a very high frequency which can awaken and cleanse others; they can attract blessings and love in all areas of their life. These people are able to make you feel secure after a few minutes of spending with them. Some of them are Reiki healers, and they are able to send light, health, and love toward any situation, person, or even toward future events.

Lightworker and Anger

A lightworker is a person that will become very calm. After a few months or years of practice (depending on the person and his path), these people can calm down even in 5 seconds. Anger is a low vibration emotion, and any lightworker needs to work with these emotions and accept them.

Do Lightworkers Fall in Love?

This is a very interesting question. These souls are falling in love first with themselves. Without self-love, nobody can love others. The first lesson that a lightworker needs to learn, in my opinion, is that without self-love, you’re not able to help and heal others. So yes, they also fall in love with others, not for needing that person, but because they like to spend time with that person and feel a special connection there.