soul urge numbers

Soul Urge Numbers

The Soul Urge Number, also called the Heart’s Desire Number, is the numerological number that most resonates with your soul. It represents the key to obtaining happiness in your lifetime. As the name suggests, it represents what you want most in your heart of hearts. There are 12 different soul numbers in all, so let’s look at what each one means.


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Soul urge numbers represent your destiny and what is your purpose here on Earth. Each person has different urge numbers, which means your path in this life. You can identify your talents and gifts, your soul number, and many other things that can help you evolve in life. When you know your soul urge number, you will see what you need to do in this life and how to step out from the karmic wheel. You will find many answers to all the things you didn’t know about yourself and your life.

Calculating your soul urge number will help you find your unique traits and authenticity. You will step outside of your comfort zone, creating a new life for yourself.

Suppose you want to calculate your soul urge number. It would be best if you use the letters from your birth name. The consonants from your name represent your external figure, how the world sees you; your birth name’s vowels show you your inner self, your core. I will write you each letter with which number is associated to calculate your soul urge number.

How can the soul urge number help you?

Your soul urge number can help you find your destiny and path in life, showing you how the people around you see you. You can identify your talents and gifts through this number, which can help you find your purpose in life.

Finding  an authenticity and guide you toward your inner self.

Calculating your soul urge number will help you find your authenticity and guide you toward your inner self. In this article, I will array you how to calculate your soul urge number based on your name, and I will share with you also the most potent traits of each number.

The consonants from your name are about your public figure and how you react to the external world; the vowels represent your inner self, beliefs, and your inner wisdom.

Understand your name in numerology

The first thing we need to understand regarding our names is that each soul chooses its name based on its path in this present reincarnation. You have chosen your name, and calculating your soul urge number, you will see why you pick this name for yourself.

Here are the letters and the numbers associated with each letter to calculate your number. I recommend calculating first the name you have on your birth certificate, then if you are married or changed your name, calculate that also, and see what changed in the vibration of your name.


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Soul Urge Number 1

The soul urge number 1 represents a deep desire for independence. It drives the decisions that you make in life. You aren’t comfortable with what is happening in your life unless you are in control of it. You’re a natural born leader, partly because you can’t be happy obeying the whims of others.
This doesn’t mean that you’ll become a micromanaging control freak though. You’re more than happy to let other people exhibit their own desire for freedom. What scares you is not being the one at the top of the totem pole.

You can only be happy – in life, work, and relationships – if you live up to this need for independence.

soul urge number1

Soul Urge Number 1 Meaning

If you have the soul urge number 1, it means that you are very active and ambitious. This number is all about confidence and individuality. 
Persons who have this number in their names are inventive, and they are the best leaders.
Sometimes people with number 1 are the thinkers of our planet, and they can also become very aggressive. 
If you have number 1 as a soul urge number, you need to know that hits number is very powerful; it represents unity and Good. 
Number 1 is the leader in numerology, having creative abilities, uniqueness, and being the best planner. 
Number 1 is about being a free spirit that is speaking its truth. This number represents a person who has an intense nature and needs to know that it is an eternal spirit. 
You are intelligent and ambitious; if you work with yourself and release fears and the importance of the opinions of others, you will be able to create the life you dreamed about. 

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Soul Urge Number 1  Represents

If you have soul urge number 1, you are a very active person with very much stamina. You are able to lead people; you are creative, original, and inventive. You need to develop your ambition, independence, and inner confidence to stick into the material world. Number 1 is feminine and masculine; it is all about balance and willpower. 

Suppose you have number 1 as a soul urge number, you need to know that sometimes if you are unbalanced, you can experience impulsiveness and selfishness and become very sensitive emotionally. This happens because you are here to lead others; you are here to teach people and show them what they cannot see in their external environment.

Number 1 is limited to its own self and is unlimited to the other numbers. This means that you have endless energy to help people and show them their life path. You are very intuitive, and you can see the weak spots in any plan or situation. You are a thinker, a planner, and a doer.

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Soul Urge Number 2

As a number 2, you live for harmony and peace. You hate conflict and drama and do what you can to avoid it. You like to take the path of least resistance, and you understand there is a healthy middle ground between aggression and passiveness; assertiveness.

You like to wear your heart on your sleeves and don’t hide your feelings, at least the positive ones. People consider you to be a sensitive and empathic soul. You are happiest when things are balanced and everything is in order. 

soul urge number 2

Soul Urge Number 2 Meaning

If you have the soul urge number 2, you are a very cooperative person and friendly and helpful with others. 
You are a modest person, having tact and diplomacy when talking with others. You are easily hurt and indecisive sometimes. 
Maybe insecure and over-emotional. Number 2 is the number of companionship and partnerships.
People with number 2 are excellent companions, like partners, friends, and even family members.
Number 2 feels incomplete by itself, so these people feel the urge to stay with people for a long time, sometimes forgetting their own needs and desires.
 If you have this number, be sure to give each day some time for yourself and release those people and relationships that are no longer good for your evolution.
Number 2 is like a plant with deep roots in the Earth; it’s stable and strong. These people are compassionate because they want to look strong all the time, and sometimes their emotions overwhelm them.

Numerology Technique

Soul Urge Number 2  Represents

If you have the soul urge number 2, you are an amiable person, which is here to connect with others. You are affectionate, diplomatic, and good at details. You need to know that number 2 is very good at continuing projects, not starting them. You are modest and sincere with the people around you. When people with number 2 are unbalanced, they can become easily hurt, very emotional, depressed, or indecisive.

You are the best in partnerships and relationships; you are here to connect with people and with the external world deeper than the other numbers.

Number 2 is the best companion in marriage and the best friend. You are very grounded and secure, and if you are unbalanced, you can become disrespectful and cruel to others.

People with number 2 are here to bring balance, they are pacemakers, and they see the good in the bad. They can recognize who is trustworthy and who is not. You are here to make strong connections and detach from what is no longer suitable for you.



Soul Urge Number 3

 As a natural extrovert, you love being around others and like it when others enjoy your company. Luckily for you, other people are drawn to the natural charisma and joy that you radiate.
You are just good to be around and are a natural conversationalist and are upbeat and overall a joy to be around.

You live to be the life of the party and feel that life is too short to be miserable and serious. You want to make not just your life, but everyone else’s, as fun as possible. People are drawn to you like a fire, but – much like a fire – you can sometimes be too hot for comfort. It’s fine to be extroverted, but try to avoid being an irritation or an annoyance.

soul urge number 3


Soul Urge Number 3 Meaning

If you have the soul urge number 3, you are a cheerful and humorous person. This number is the entertainer of numbers, a perfect speaker, and a very enthusiastic person. 
These people are good at writing, sharing information, singing, and healing. 
They are easily bored, they do not like to have many responsibilities, and they can be very moody sometimes.
Number 3 is the number of Trinity (spirit, body, mind). Number 3 is considered the first perfect number, the number of creativity, talents, and artists.
Soul urge number 3, meaning is self-expression and the entertainer of our world.
People with the number 3 often scatter their energies. Number 3 people do not think very much about planning, but they are the best planners.
They do it with pleasure and live in the present moment. They like fun, and they do not want to work too many hours in a day.
Number 3 is also the number of manifestations, stability, and justice.

Numerology Technique

Soul Urge Number 3  Represents

If you have the soul urge number 3, you are a very communicative person; you are the best entertainer and artist. You are here for self-expression, and you are the best teacher. You are searching for perfection in everything, and you are very good at writing, dancing, singing, painting, or any form of entertainment.

If number 3 is unbalanced can become very bored, moody, scattering its energies all around. The most essential lesson number 3 needs to learn is that thinking before speaking is the most powerful way to deal with difficult people and situations in life.

Number 3 has a dual personality, and it can change its mood in one second. They love children, and if they are unbalanced, they dislike them. Number 3 is also represented by the inner child, and these people need to face all those things that make them insecure. They need to release all their family, friends, and community conditioning to act appropriately in the material world.

Soul Urge Number 4

 Your goals and life as a whole are built around the simple goal of stability. You don’t like being in chaotic situations that threaten the delicate balance you’ve worked so hard to obtain. It’s important for you to have a strong and unshakable foundation.

If you don’t have a strong foundation, then you need to think more about your priorities. Reassess what you are emotionally investing in and make sure you aren’t putting too much of yourself into something that could be sabotaged. Don’t be embarrassed about your need for balance either. Being worried about what others think will only make it harder for you to enjoy life to its fullest. 

soul urge number 4

Sour Urge Number 4 Meaning

If you have number 4 is a soul urge number, you are a very disciplined person, a family lover, and an outstanding worker.
You are honest, and you speak your truth quickly. You are an organized person if you are balanced and very patient.
People with number 4 are reliable persons, and they argue the best. Sometimes these persons can overwork, become violent or vulgar.
Number 4 is the most stable form number. This is why people with number 4 are sincere.
Number 4 relates to family, community, and faith. People with the number 4 sometimes feel boxed in.
They need all the time a feeling of security in their lives. They will build a strong foundation from an early age.
Sometimes they forget to play and to give some love to their inner child. If you have number 4 as your soul number, know that you need to love yourself and appreciate yourself.

Numerology Technique

Soul Urge Number 4  Represents

If you have number 4 as a soul urge number, you are the perfect worker, disciplined and patient. You are here to work and to love what you do. You are able to stick to a mundane job because you need stability and security. Number 4 is very good at mental work, where hands and mind go together. They are very good at details and working with their hands. Number 4 people are the best managers, electricians, or engineers.

You are here to care for the people around you, give services, and have more responsibilities than the other numbers. If number 4 is unbalanced, can experience jealousy, can become workaholics, and even cruel.

People with number 4 are here to share their gifts with the world and work with people. They are the best workers in groups; they love family, community and they set a very powerful foundation early in their lives.

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Soul Urge Number 5

 Those with the number 5 are driven by the need to explore. They have an in-built wanderlust that they must fulfil. They are at their best when exploring new places and having new experiences. Losing the freedom that you love so much is one of the worst things that could happen to you.

This also means that you have trouble being tied down to anything. You don’t like having to be at certain places at certain times and you can get unsettled if you go too long without something new. Much like a caged bird, feeling closed in only increases your need to spread your wings and fly. It’s recommended that you adopt the digital nomad lifestyle. Work online and give yourself the freedom to travel whenever and wherever you want.

soul urge number 5

Soul Urge Number 5 Meaning

If you have number 5 as a soul urge number, you are adaptable and balanced. Very adventurous, brave, and charming.
People with number 5 are very clever, they need freedom, and they are very social. They are the best sellers of our world, and they are also very spiritual.

Sometimes they can become impatient, irresponsible, and restless.
Number 5 people need a lot of freedom, and they like very much to have variety. They become very restless under a boring; this number is about masculine and feminine.
These people want to explore, having excellent speaking abilities. Number 5 is about changes and unexpected.

These people live fascinating life, and they investigate everything. They are very sensitive to all five senses, and they quickly feel the energy of other people.

Number 5 is about balance, about being able to bring stability to your masculine and feminine energy. To balance your work life with your home life.
To bring equilibrium in your spiritual life and material life.

Numerology Technique

Soul Urge Number 5  Represents

If you have the soul urge number 5, you are courageous and charming. You are very attractive, and you do not like to feel boxed in. It would be best if you have freedom in your life, and you want to travel very much to discover new cultures. You are exceptionally social, and you can talk with anyone, doest matter their status.

Number 5 is very adaptable to any place, situation, or people. They have a strong desire for knowledge, and they are good speakers, inventors, detectives, and actors.

You are here too sick for variety, and you do not like routine. You will not be fulfilled in a mundane job. You need to be able to create your own program and feel free to do what you like when you want. You are here to travel, explore, and share your knowledge with other people.

People with number 5 are here to learn to use that freedom correctly and not overdo sensual and carnal pleasures.

Soul Urge Number 6

 As a number 6, you are a pure giver. You enjoy taking care of others and making others happy is something of a symbiotic relationship for you. Their happiness becomes your happiness. You are the embodiment of the idea that to give is to receive. This doesn’t mean that you like to give people physical gifts though. Sometimes lending an ear and being there for someone is gift enough.

Just be careful that people don’t try to exploit your generosity. Some people will look at you and see someone they can squeeze for all they are worth. With that said, you make for a fantastic partner for someone who can see the light in you and loves it. You are a very empathic person who is aware of what other people want and are more than happy to provide it.

soul urge number 6

Soul Urge Number 6 Meaning

If you have the soul urge number 6, it means that you are a very artistic person. These people are musicians, teachers, and the best humanitarians of our world.
They love to nurture others and are very responsible. Sometimes they like to argue and need very much appreciation from others.
The vibration of number 6 is about home, love, and service. People with this number are the best nurturers, and they care for our world.
They like to eat, and sometimes they may become overweight. People with number 6 often have a fantastic voice; they are very calm and receptive when talking with them.
Number 6 is about family, union, and expansion. Is the number of communication, investigation, and performance.
These people are very talented, and if they can find their meaning, they are able to bring heaven to Earth.

Numerology Technique

Soul Urge Number 6  Represents

If you have the soul urge number 6, you are a lover of family, children, and home. You are here to give loving services to others, you are responsible, and you are very good at music. You are very understanding, and you are a good friend. You are the most trustworthy and caring of all the numbers; if unbalanced, you can become very anxious, nosy, and domineering. You find balance in music and rhythm. You are lovable, magical, and mature.

Number 6 has the most potent family vibration from all the numbers, expressing yourself through your body. Number 6 is considered to be the Cosmic Parent and the teacher. They have a fantastic voice, and they can make other people feel comfortable and nurtured. You are an artist, and you like to wear comfortable clothes. You need to know that your external surroundings and people reflect your inner world, and if you do not like something in your outer world, you need to look deep into yourself.

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Soul Urge Number 7

 They say that knowledge is power, and that’s definitely true for number 7. Knowledge is their primary motivation. You won’t seek knowledge because you want power though. You love learning for the sake of learning. It takes a hungry mind to absorb all that knowledge but it will make you smart and wise.

As someone so dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, you are disappointed by people who appear too busy or lazy to learn new things. You’ve invested so much of your own time in the pursuit of knowledge it makes you impatient with others that aren’t as invested as you.

You are very skeptical and are an analytic person. You like to see things before believing in them. This can make you come across as being cold. Given how much information you are always mentally processing, it’s only too easy to lose touch with things. You’re at your best when learning new things and applying that knowledge.

soul urge number 7

Soul Urge Number 7 Meaning

Soul urge 7, people are very intuitive and lovers of nature. They are the best educators, and they can become very silent.

People with the number 7 are spiritual, or they learn about science. They can live in the past and become very cold.

Number 7 is the number of mysticism, wisdom, and spirituality. These people need more rest than others; they do not like loud places, crowds, and commotion.

They are very balanced and serene; they need time alone to recharge. They do not talk if they do not have something important to say, which can make them introverted.

They can be very secretive people, and they like to read a lot about one topic. These people need to have very much faith in themselves and their life.

They need to follow their spiritual wisdom and release negativity. Anything they choose to do in life must be perfect for them to feel fulfilled and happy.

They analyze every little thing that comes in their way and in what they are interested in.

Numerology Technique

Soul Urge Number 7  Represents

If you have the soul urge number 7, you are a very spiritual person, a deep thinker, and a very intuitive one. Number 7 is the number of spiritual wisdom if they are balanced. Unbalanced, they can become dishonest, evil, and faithless.

Number 7 is here for independence and spiritual growth. You are the best scientist, inventor, and healer. You need to know that mysticism needs to make part of your life, and you have a pearl of more profound wisdom than the people around you.

Number 7 needs more rest than the other numbers, is very moral, and does not like crowds or noisy places. People with number 7 are very secretive, and they need to trust you and know you to open up emotionally. They are excellent listeners, and they are here to share their spiritual knowledge with the external world.

Number 7 is here to accomplish things, and they can work alone, don’t needing anyone’s opinion.

Soul Urge Number 8

 The primary urge of the soul urge number 8 is that of greatness at any cost. You are power hungry, but there’s nothing wrong with that. You just want more from life and you want to live your best possible life. Everyone wants money, and money is often tied to power. As a number 8, you won’t even care much about the negative stereotypes that are associated with that kind of thing.

Problems arise when you don’t have the means to obtain your goals though. You are an impatient person who wants rewards without putting all of the time and effort that goes into getting them. This mindset can be very dangerous because it leads you to take a lot of risks. You should try to find people who are as goal-oriented as you and work together to achieve your dreams. 

soul urge number 8

Soul Urge Number 8 Meaning

Suppose you have number 8 as a soul urge number; it means that you are ambitious and athletic. You are a very balanced person and efficient in what you do in your life.

You have very much energy, and you are capable of helping others. You can become impatient and sometimes materialistic.
Number 8 is the number of infinity, representing the law “As above, so below. ” 
These people can bring any idea to reality. They have influential personalities and are mostly extroverted.
People with number 8 are the best business persons, humorous, loving to have fun, and making money. 
Number 8 is about good health and stamina and is considered the number of athletes and musicians. 
Some people with number 8 choose art, and some of them choose business. Number 8 is the number of light and darkness. 
The darkness is the material side, and the light is the spirit, which is eternal.

Numerology Technique

Soul Urge Number 8  Represents

If you have the soul urge number 8, you are here to make things happen and materialize. You are the best person at starting projects, and you are very good at setting ideas into reality. You can handle money, have strong physical stamina, and have athletic abilities. If unbalanced, number 8 can become materialistic and abusive. You need to know that you need to balance the material life with the spiritual side of yourself. Money is not everything.

Number 8 are outstanding doctors, business people, and musicians. They can make art and also a business. They can also make them both and balance them in worldly life.

Number 8 is the number of vitality and infinity. They are capable of remarkable things in life, having a lot of humor, having fun, and being good judgments. You are here to bring your ideas into reality, and remember that you are a soul in a human body.

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Soul Urge Number 9

 The soul urge number 9 is a perfectionist who won’t settle for anything short of flawlessness. From small things to how furniture is arranged to complex things like feelings and relationships, you want to have everything just how you want it to be. You want to create a world where you – and everyone else – can live the life they want to; a utopia.
The problem is that humans, by their very nature, are flawed. We aren’t perfect beings and we never will be. Some of your efforts, no matter how well-meaning they are, are likely going to fail. Some people may also respond to your efforts with hostility. They think you are trying to manipulate them and their situation for your own benefit, even though you have good intentions. Rather than trying to make a utopia, try to make a better world for yourself and aim for something more attainable.

soul urge number 9

Soul Urge Number 9 Meaning

If you have the number 9 as a soul urge number, it means that you have artistic abilities, love, compassion, and understanding toward others. Number 9 people are dramatic sometimes, frustrated, and over-emotional.

Number 9 is the number of light, being a humanitarian number. People with this number are here to share love, compassion, and kindness around them.

They are good to be in the service of others and also professional in arts. Number 9 is emotional, sometimes bringing drama into its life. These people are also excellent politicians.

Number 9 people have a strong ego, but this happens because they have a lot of knowledge to share with the world. If they choose art, they are perfect actors, and if they choose a business, they are good politicians become of their orator abilities. 
They love to be appreciated and applauded. They have a voice that is heard easily, bringing stability in communities and home life.

Numerology Technique

Soul Urge Number 9  Represents

If you have the soul urge number 9, you are very compassionate and creative; you are a great artist and lover. Number 9 people are good lawyers, doctors, orators, and they can give people brotherly love. If unbalanced, number 9 can become very sensitive, impolite, and possessive.

Number 9 is here to create a better future for the next generations, as number 9 has all the wisdom of all the numbers before. It is very curious and likes details.

If you have number 9, you need to know that you are the most wiser of all the numbers, and you are a great philosopher. Number 9 is humanitarian, and it has a voice that must be heard to act correctly in the world.

Number 9 has unlimited soul expression and is here to teach the other numbers compassion, love, and generosity. They appreciate every little thing in the people around them.

Soul Urge Number 11

 There is a difference between knowledge and wisdom. Wisdom is common sense. It is a good reflection of your decision-making skills and your perceptive abilities rather than raw intelligence. Sometimes the smartest people in the world make the dumbest decisions.

You, as a number 11, are the very definition of wisdom. You might not have the best education in the world but you are far from a fool. While this wisdom is certainly a good trait to have, you need a little more than wisdom to get through life. You run the risk of relying on it and becoming complacent. Make sure that you continue to act on your decisions and be proactive about life.

soul urge 11

Soul Urge Number 11 Meaning

If you have the number 11 as a soul urge number, it means that you are a great artist, musician, and maybe religious. You may become dramatic sometimes, being an idealist and a very inventive person. Sometimes you may become fanatical or frustrated because you do not understand something.

Number 11 is the number of mysteries. It represents powerful energies, positive-negative, feminine-masculine, the active and passive forces from life. These people are artistic, spiritual, and very unique. They cannot be fulfilled in mundane work; they need a freelancer job and do what they love.

They are our best artists, painters, performers, decorators, and teachers. They have a strong desire to help others, uplift people, and help them step out of their comfort zone. They need beauty in their lives, and they mingle freely in the world. These people are very intuitive, they know what they want to do in their lives, and they are very confident.

Numerology Technique

Soul Urge Number 11  Represents

If you have the soul urge number 11, you are very intuitive, psychic, and creative. Number 11 is here to uplift others and be a teacher. They are excellent investigators because of their strong intuitive abilities; they are mysterious and majestic.

Number 11 is positive and negative, feminine and masculine. It is a very powerful number, which needs to balance all the aspects of their lives. They can not be happy in a mundane job, and they can become loners and confused if unbalanced. Sometimes number 11 is a daydreamer, which can make them become stubborn and have a hard time turning their ideas into reality.

Number 11 are excellent friends, healers, and writers. They travel freely in the world, not making part of it. This means they can become disconnected from the material world and focus more on their intuitive talents and gifts.



Soul Urge Number 22

 The soul urge number 22 has a simple goal in mind; they want to leave a lasting legacy on the world. If you have this number, then you are driven by the need for the world to remember your name. You hate the idea that you might die and be forgotten by the world. Whether it’s writing a novel, starting a business, composing a symphony, or making a breakthrough; you want to change the world. You want to create a lasting impression so people can’t forget you if they want to.

Just be careful. You want to become known for something good. You want to seek fame and not infamy. There are many people who do what they know is wrong just for the fame and attention, no matter the punishment they may receive. Rather than trying to tear the world down and being known for something destructive, aim to be constructive and make a lasting – positive – impression on the world.

soul urge 22

Soul Urge Number 22 Meaning

If you have the soul urge number 22, it means that you are very good at details. People with number 22 are great achievers, powerful and complex. They can become reckless and wicked.

Number 22 signifies the whole circle of creation. These people can manifest anything in the material plane. They are the master architects of our world. They are the builders of our roads, waterways, and buildings. The energy of this number is very high.

Sometimes these people are very hyperactive in their childhood and enjoy building. These people can bring ideas to reality, and the vibration of this number is about success and luck. They are modest, capable, aglow, and charming. They like to see all the details in everything, and they are the best for coordinating people.

Numerology Technique

Soul Urge Number 22  Represents

If you have the soul urge number 22, you are a very compassionate, empathetic, and nurturing person. You are here to give without waiting for anything in return. If unbalanced, number 22 can be careless, burdened, and slave to others.

Number 22 is here to make significant manifestations in the material plane. They are the builders of our world, and they have an extreme vibration.

They are here to work with their hands and accomplish remarkable things in life. Sometimes, number 22 has nervous tension in their body because they can become easily burdened by the people around them and society. They are the masters of accomplishments, great leaders, and very practical.


Soul Urge Number 33

 The soul urge number 33 is dedicated to their hobbies, to the point that it can become an obsession. Whatever it is you are fascinated by, you spend a lot of your free time doing it. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though, especially if you have constructive, business-related hobbies. If you are passionate about business then you can take that drive and become a successful entrepreneur.

soul urge 33

However, if you have less fruitful hobbies then the obsession can become detrimental to your health, wellbeing, and career. Try to find active pursuits such as playing sports. Avoid becoming a couch potato if you can help it. Also make sure that you aren’t dedicating a lot of wasted time into the activity. Don’t put all your time into something you won’t get anything out of.

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The Soul Urge Number – as the name implies – says a lot about what drives your soul. It opens the door to what you need to be happiest, as well as what can leave you feeling your worst. Pay special attention to your soul urge number and read through what it says about you. Are you dedicating yourself to things that are doing more harm than good? Are you already on the right path? 


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