Ways to Contact a Loved One Who Has Died

Grief is a hurtful emotional feeling that comes upon you when a loved one dies. Different people have different coping mechanisms. Crying is the most visible. Deep down in your soul, you want to see or talk to them.
Trauma specialists advise grieving people to find a way to communicate with a loved one who has died. Here are some of the ways to do it.

Work With A Medium

Working with a medium to contact a dead loved one is a method that has existed for ages. Mediums have high-level spiritual abilities that enable them to carry out the task as required.

In the past, and even now, visiting a medium is frowned upon by many. However, it is one of the only proven methods of contact with the dead.
You do not need to leave your home to visit a medium. If you’ve received accurate psychic readings in the past, then you may be interested in exploring the option of engaging with legitimate mediums from the comfort of your own home through online platforms.

To ensure a smooth experience, it is recommended that you consult a phone psychic readings guide, which will help you to understand the process, select a trustworthy medium, and have an idea of what to expect in terms of fees.

Additionally, by checking reviews from previous clients of the medium you choose, you can further ensure their legitimacy.
It helps to conduct a background check on the medium you choose. There are many fake mediums online and offline.

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Write A Letter

Letter writing is one of the oldest ways of communication. With the advancing of technology, fewer people are writing letters. However, writing a letter to a dead loved one is therapeutic. You can communicate anything and everything you long to tell them now that they are gone. You could choose to write on paper or in your digital journal. You can write a letter to a dead spouse to celebrate your wedding anniversary or any other significant event.

Talk To Them

You can talk to your dead loved ones as if they were there. Call them by name and start a conversation. You can do all the talking. You could expect a reply or fill in their part of the conversation based on what you think they would say.

Like writing a letter, a conversation helps to fill the emotional void you may have from missing them. You can do it even after you stop mourning them. You can talk to a dead loved one when their memory comes to mind.

Ask Them To Respond

You can do this on your own or with the help of a medium. Sit down and focus your mind as if you are meditating. Summon the spirit of your dead loved one.

When you feel their presence, raise your hands and ask them to tap one of them. Be specific on the hand you want them to tap. When you confirm that they can hear you, start your conversation. When you have talked or enjoyed their company enough, thank them for coming, and they will leave.

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Use Something They Owned

You can also communicate with the dead through their possessions. The spirits of the dead connect with their belongings for a while after they die.

You can use their clothes, a favorite book, or sit in their favorite position. Holding their items can help you connect to their spirits and begin contact. You can start a conversation.

By the time you finish your communion, you finish, you will sense that they heard you.
Using possessions may hasten the connection. Sometimes mediums advise their clients to use clothing or other items to communicate with dead loved ones.


A seance is when people form a group to talk to the dead. The group summons the dead with their energy and a set of rituals. If you decide to use a seance, you must set a specific day and time.

It is also crucial that everyone prepares for the session.
To succeed, you need candles and chants to call the spirits of the dead. The group should stand in a circle with everyone holding a candle. They will then start to chant the name of the person they want to contact.

They will feel their presence, and they can talk to them.


When people die, those they leave behind feel sad. With time, they get the urge to talk to their dead loved ones. There are many ways that one can contact the dead. These are just a few of the most effective.