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Best Online Psychic Readings Sites for Accurate Readings 2024

An Introduction to Psychic Readings: psychic readings have emerged as a captivating practice that seeks to tap into the realms beyond our immediate perception.

Offering glimpses into the unknown and providing guidance, psychic readings have intrigued individuals for centuries. This article delves into the fascinating realm of psychic readings, exploring their definition, tracing their origins through history, and unraveling the various types of readings available.

Definition of Psychic Readings

Psychic readings can be described as intuitive interpretations and insights gained through the use of heightened senses and extrasensory perception.

These readings aim to access information that extends beyond the physical world, exploring the spiritual, energetic, and subconscious dimensions of existence. Psychics, who possess special abilities, employ various techniques to perceive and interpret this information, offering guidance and potential foresight into different aspects of life.

Best Online Psychic Readings

Brief History and Origins of Psychic Readings

The roots of psychic readings can be traced back to ancient civilizations where spiritual practices played a prominent role in society.

Throughout history, cultures across the globe have embraced the existence of individuals with extraordinary abilities to connect with energies and entities beyond the ordinary realm.

From the oracle at Delphi in ancient Greece to the divination practices of ancient China and the shamans of indigenous tribes, the belief in psychic phenomena has remained a constant thread woven through time.

Different Types of Psychic Readings

Psychic readings encompass a diverse array of methodologies, each offering unique perspectives and insights into different facets of life. Here are some common types of psychic readings:

Tarot Card Readings:

Tarot cards, adorned with symbolic imagery, are used to tap into the intuitive realm. Readers interpret the cards‘ placement and symbolism to provide guidance, uncover hidden truths, and shed light on potential paths.  Mysticsense is a great choice for Tarot Readings , you can read the review of Mysticsense below.

Astrology Readings:

Astrology examines the influence of celestial bodies on human experiences. By analyzing birth charts and planetary positions, astrologers reveal personality traits, life patterns, and future trends. Keen is a great choice for Astrology Readings, you can read the review of keen below.


Mediums possess the ability to communicate with spirits and entities from the spiritual realm. They act as intermediaries, conveying messages and providing solace by connecting individuals with their deceased loved ones. Kasamba is a great choice for  Mediums, you can read the review of kasamba below


Palm readers analyze the lines, shapes, and markings on an individual’s palm to uncover insights about their character, talents, and potential life events. Oranum is a great choice for  Palm Readings, you can read the review of Oranum below

Aura Readings:

Aura readers perceive and interpret the subtle energy fields surrounding individuals. By analyzing the colors, patterns, and intensity of the aura, they gain insight into a person’s emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.  Oranum is a great choice for  Aura Readings you can read the review of Oranum below


Numerologists study the mystical significance of numbers and their influence on human life. By examining birthdates and names, numerology readings unveil personality traits, life cycles, and compatibility. Keen is a great choice for numerology Readings, you can read the review of keen below.


Psychometry involves accessing information through physical objects. Psychics can obtain impressions, emotions, or knowledge by holding or touching an object linked to a person or event. Mysticsense is a great choice for  Psychometry, you can read the review of Mysticsense below.

Each type of psychic reading offers a unique approach to uncovering hidden truths, providing guidance, and facilitating personal growth. The choice of a specific reading depends on individual preferences and the areas one seeks insights into.

As we continue our exploration into the realm of psychic readings, the subsequent sections of this article will shed light on how psychic readings work, their benefits, ethical considerations, and practical advice for those seeking guidance.

How to use Psychic Readings

Psychic readings can be a valuable tool for self-discovery and personal growth. Here are a few reasons why people might use psychic readings:

  1. Guidance and clarity: Psychic readings can provide guidance and clarity on various aspects of life, such as career, relationships, and personal growth.
  2. Understanding the past: Psychic readings can provide insight into past experiences and how they may be impacting current situations.
  3. Predictions of the future: Some psychics claim to have the ability to predict future events, which can help people make decisions and plan for the future.
  4. Healing and self-discovery: Psychic readings can help people understand their emotions and behaviors, which can lead to self-discovery and personal growth.
  5. Connection to the spiritual realm: Some people use psychic readings as a way to connect with the spiritual realm and gain insight into the unknown.
  6. Confirmation or validation: Psychic readings can provide validation or confirmation of what a person already knows or feels, which can bring peace of mind and closure.

Kasamba   |    Mysticsense   |  Keen     |  Oranum      

Please note that psychic readings should not be used as a substitute for professional advice, such as legal, financial or health advice.

It is important to approach psychic readings with an open mind, but also to maintain a healthy skepticism and to be critical of any claims made.

Consulting a Psychic in 2023 may be a source of comfort in a world that can be stressful at times. With an online psychic reading, you may gain a new perspective on your situation or regain faith in your past decisions.

However, the best psychic reading is one that gives you the advice you need. As a result, how can you choose among the plethora of psychic reading services available online, especially some that seem to be dishonest and suspiciously low-cost?

To save you time, we’ve done the research and selected 4 of the most well-known and often-used online psychic sites as of 2023.
These are our recommended picks for the finest online psychic reading service sites our review of the Best Online Psychic Readings Sites for Accurate Readings, Reliability, and Trust.

Best Online Psychic Reading Sites in 2023

Kasamba: Choose from 86 Top Psychics Advisors for Psychic Readings, Tarot Readings, Dream Analysis, Astrology Readings & More via Chat, Phone, or Email. Claim 3 FREE mins with every new reader! & 50% Off*

Mysticsense: For a wide range of psychics reading services like Breakup & Divorce, Medium Psychics, Career Psychics, Energy Healing & Intuitive Psychics, and More via Video, Phone & Chat available 24/7.
Claim your Free 5 Minutes. With an Instant Connection after registration

Keen: Find Your Clarity with Keen’s Advisors Specializing Guidance on Your Future with Psychics Readings, Love & Relationships, Life Questions & More via a website or app Celebrating 20th Anniversary with 100% Satisfaction.
Claim your 10 minutes for $1.99 with a Call or Chat.

Oranum: Connect Live psychic readings streamed 24/7, for Love, Clairvoyant, Tarot, Astrology, Career, Numerology, Fortune Telling, Pet Psychic, and More. 24/7 via Live Video, Phone & Chat.
Register for a Free Online Psychic & Tarot Reading.


1. Kasamba – Best Online Psychic for Love & Tarot Readings in 2023


Kasamba’s Features

  • Great for psychic readings particularly for Love, Tarot Readings, Dream Analysis, Astrology Readings
  • Specializing in Tarot, Astrology & Crystal readings
  • Methods of Communication: Chat, Phone, or Email
  • Special Offers: 3 FREE mins with every new reader & 50% Off your first reading*
  • Pricing & Payment: Budget Friendly psychic readings payment with credit or debit card & PayPal.
  • Refunds: Kasamba provides a 100% money-back guarantee – Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Ratings: Over 4 Million 5-Star Ratings & Reviews. 20+ Years of Quality
  • Security: 100% anonymous and confidential readings, Secure SSL payments
  • Psychic Community: More than 100 psychic readers with a detailed profile.

Kasamba Psychic Reading Overview in 2023

Kasamba is a well-reviewed website where you can get love readings, tarot readings, and astrology readings. Since its start in 1999, Kasamba has helped more than 3 million people.

Even though there are no phone or video readings, you can get a reading online through chat or email. Kasamba offers all kinds of psychic sessions, such as tarot card readings, astrology readings, dream analysis, and energy healing.

On Kasamba, each live psychic reader has a profile that tells you what they specialize in, how long they’ve been doing readings, and what kinds of readings they do. Reading reviews written by past customers is helpful because you can learn a lot from what other people have to say. And if you can’t decide which psychic to try, you can look at the Top Psychics section to see a list of the best-rated psychics on Kasamba.

At Kasamba, new customers get a three-minute psychic reading for free, and then they get 70% off the normal price. The best part is that you can use the three free minutes with any new psychic reader, not just the first one you try. You can “try out” new psychics for free, which is a great way to find the best one for you.

Kasamba is the place to start if you want the best tarot readings. There are 180 tarot card readers to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that speaks to you.

Kasamba has been trusted since 1999,

Each psychic reader has a profile page where you can learn about their Psychic abilities, and get a reading from a psychic online through chat or email.

Test the Psychics at Kasamba

There is a 15% discount for new customers who continue with a paid reading after receiving 3 minutes of free time. Every psychic chat session you have with a reading for the first time is included in your complimentary consultation.

To put it another way, you’re under no need to pursue every new psychic specialist you find. 3 minutes may seem like a little amount of time, but it might be enough time to determine whether you’re compatible with any psychic medium you’re interested in. 
Try out a Psychic Reading + 50% OFF at Kasamba.

To Conclude the 2023 Kasamba Review

Finally, Kasamba is widely regarded as the go-to resource for all things relating to the heart. There’s certain to be a great psychic among these love and relationship consultants who can assist you with your issues.

Everybody has been there at one point or another: Is he the right person for the job? When am I going to meet the love of my life?

My relationship with my spouse seems distant. Why not spend your evenings more effectively by visiting Kasamba’s site if these questions are keeping you up at night?

You may read articles on love, spirituality, and destiny, among other topics, and search among hundreds of qualified advisers for free.

Claim your 3 Free Minutes + 70% off With Kasamba



2. Keen – Find Your Clarity & Guidance with Specialised Psychic Readings in 2023


Keen’s Features

  • Great that they have platforms for PC and an App for IOS & Android
  • Specialized in Love & Relationships, Life Questions, Career and Work, Astrology Advice & Tarot Readings
  • Methods of Communication: Chat, Phone, or Email
  • Special Offer: First 3 Minutes Free or 10 minutes for $1.99
  • Pricing & Payment: Keen rates work on a per-minute basis. Payment with credit or debit card..
  • Refunds: Keen provides a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Refunds are up to $25 to your account.
  • Ratings: Millions served with 20+ Years of service.
  • Security: 100% anonymous and confidential readings, Secure SSL payments
  • Psychic Community: More than 1700 psychic readers with a detailed profile.

Keen Psychic Reading Overview 2023

Keen is a trusted network of skilled spiritual advisors who are committed to making people’s lives better by helping them find answers to their most important questions, get closure, find their life’s purpose, and more. When it comes to intuitive and spiritual services, no two experts in their community are the same.

They all have their own style. Having celebrated their 20th anniversary, which means they’ve been giving intuitive advice for 20 years. They’re confident that they’re the best psychic network out there.

Keen has been featured in well-known magazines such as Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan, and Bustle to name a few.

Psychics who are good at what they do offer a wide range of services, such as chat and phone readings.

Its specialty is psychic readings, such as tarot card readings, spiritual advice, finding closure, finding love, and getting a sense of the future with money, family, and career.

If you’d rather use email, you can do that instead. Since it’s an established brand it has the most amazing psychics online, with more than 1700 of them. On Keen, you can find services like astrological readings, numerology, mediumship, angel insights, and career advice.

Keen always you to:

  • Simply Click to Call or Dial Toll-Free
  • Request Call Backs or Make Appointments
  • Easily Connect with your Favorite Psychics

You don’t have to worry that you won’t be able to find a psychic who meets your needs because the site has more than 1,700 advisors. The website also has all the information about psychics, which makes it easier for their clients to trust them.

The psychic advisors are experts who have helped more than 42 million people change their lives. Astrologers who are serious about their work use natal charts, tarot, mediumship, birth charts, Vedic astrology, and Chinese astrology, among other ways to read the future.

You can schedule a session with a Keen psychic online and talk to them by phone, video call, email, or chat.

Keen’s goal is to give you a reading that fits your needs, so it’s easy to sort psychics by price, rating, and area of expertise. Register today if you want to find out more about what the universe has in store for you.

Keen’s Interface

Keen has an interactive interface that lets people choose a psychic based on what kind of psychic medium they want to talk to. You can narrow down your search by selecting options like ratings, price, expertise, and more. If you want to read a psychic’s bio and see what other people think of them, you can look at their listing.

Once you’ve found a psychic you like, you can book a phone psychic reading or a reading through any other method that works for you. They also have an app that works with both Android and iOS.

The first three minutes of a reading with a good psychic are always free. Promotions and deals can be found on the website from time to time, especially for new clients. They have a special deal where you can talk to a professional psychic for 10 minutes for only $1.99.

They have the best online psychics who can help you figure out what’s going on in your life. When you think about how great their online services are, their prices are also very reasonable.

To Conclude the 2023 Keen Review

Keen is one of the least expensive places to get a psychic reading online right now. Readings start at $1.99, and you can narrow your search by price to find an advisor who fits your budget.

Customers can’t do this on every site. Also, Keen’s psychics know that everyone needs a little help in addition to a psychic reading.

And they can get help at any time of day or night from professional spiritual advisors they trust. Lastly, the platform is one of the easiest to use and most up-to-date ones, with its mobile app for iOS & Android users for using the platform whilst on the go.

Claim your First 3 Minutes Free or 10 minutes for $1.99, with Keen via a Call or Chat.  



3. Mysticsense: Reliable Psychic Readings by Phone, Chat, or Video in 2023

Mysticsense: Reliable Psychic Readings by Phone, Chat, or Video

Mysticsense’s Features

  • Proud for offering you the best advisors anywhere in the world. Psychics, Tarot, Astrology, and more
  • Specialized in Daily Horoscope, Love Psychics, Medium Psychics, Career Psychics, Energy Healing & Intuitive Psychics
  • Methods of Communication: Video, Phone & Chat
  • Special Offer: First 5 Minutes Free
  • Pricing & Payment: Competitive rates with affordable prices. Payment with credit or debit card…
  • Refunds: Mysticsense provides a 100% Refund to your account.
  • Ratings: Millions served with 20+ Years of service.
  • Security: 100% confidential readings, Secure SSL payments
  • Psychic Community: More than 500 psychic readers with a detailed profile.

Mysticsense Psychic Reading Overview 2023

Mysticsense is one of the best online psychics for people who like to get their readings that way. The site has been around for years, and happy customers have given it almost 20,000 good reviews.

You can use your computer or your phone to get to the chat psychic reading platform. You can try both the phone and live chat psychics on the platform and choose the one that fits your budget best. Mysticsense doesn’t have a mobile app, but its website is easy to use and open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Mysticsense doesn’t offer video readings, but you can get readings by phone, chat, or email. Customers who don’t need answers to their questions right away should use the email option.

Most of the psychic readers on the platform give good readings using tools like tarot cards and crystal balls.

If you think there are spiritual beings around us and you want to talk to them, a crystal ball or tarot card reading might be the best way to do it. Mysticsense advisors also offer the following services:

Many religions believe that people come back to life after dying. If this isn’t your first time in this world, a past life reading could help you find out what really happened and learn from your mistakes.

Medium psychics may be able to help you find out if your loved ones who have died are happy in the afterlife.

Energy Healing: People who do energy healing try to change the way your energy flows to help you deal with stress, anxiety, and other health problems.

You can get online psychic readings at Mysticsense for yourself, your pet, or a loved one.

At Mysticsense, it’s easy to get in touch with psychic experts. You can sign up for an account on the site in just a few minutes and get access to some of the best online psychics.

You can choose a live psychic based on their specialties, prices, ratings, or other factors. If you don’t like a reader’s service, Mysticsense will give you your money back or credits that you can use to book another session with a different reader.

Mysticsense Readings

When doing readings, Mysticsense psychics use crystals, runes, cards, and other tools that are fun to look at. It helps them make a good first impression, stand out from the crowd, and bring customers to their site. You can use these subjects as filters to find psychics who are good at these things.

Mysticsense is also unique because it lets you choose an online psychic based on how they talk and act. After giving a reading, a psychic has to make sure their client understands it, since we all take in information differently.

So, for your psychic reading, you can choose someone whose voice is expressive, wise, kind, or thoughtful.

Where Mysticsense is Outstanding:

Filtering Search: If you need help narrowing down your search for the best online psychics, you can use the website’s Unique Search Tool.

Reliability: Customers are helped by psychic advisors who have been tested and have a lot of experience. Services are available around the clock.

Customer Rating Feature can rate readers after they have used their services. You can see if a reader is a good fit for you by looking at their ratings.

Accurate & reliable readings

You can choose from a number of psychic services to find the best answers to your most important questions.

Competitive Prices: Some of the best psychic mediums can be reached at prices that are easy on the wallet.

To Conclude the 2023 Mysticsense Review

Mysticsense has provided affordable internet psychic services for years. Mysticsense offers cheap, high-quality psychic readings. New clients may also get discounts.

Mysticsense guarantees happiness. If you’re not happy, you may get a refund. First, you must follow Mysticsense’s time-back clause, which specifies they won’t return your money but will add credits to your account. To claim a refund, your account must be in good standing.

Mysticsense has several services. This platform offers tarot readings, astrology, spiritual readings, career guidance, relationship assistance, and healing services. Mysticsense psychics answer all questions.

Mysticsense has almost 13,000 user reviews. These reviews will show you how satisfied clients were with your services. Users admire the accuracy and clarity of this site’s readings.

Claim your Free 5 Minutes. With an Instant Connection after Registration

4. Oranum – Best Psychics for LIVE Spiritual Readings Online (via video) in 2023


Oranum’s Features

  • Oranum also has an app for IOS & Android users
  • Great for providing users with a plethora of Articles & Media about Astrology, Love and Relationships, Psychic Readings, Spirituality, Tarot and Oracle Cards, Career and Life Direction & Psychology
  • Specialized in providing Clairvoyant, Fortune Telling, and Pet Psychic via live video steam.
  • Methods of Communication: Video, Phone, Chat, Email
  • Special Offer: Register for a Free Online Psychic & Tarot Reading
  • Pricing & Payment: Coins are purchased to use for payment rates depending on the reading. Payment with credit or debit card..
  • Refunds: Oranum has a limited refund policy
  • Ratings: No ratings or reviews for psychics
  • Security: 100% confidential readings, Secure SSL payments

Oranum Psychic Reading Overview 2023

Oranum is a great site for psychic readings because it has a huge number of readers with a wide range of skills. This is one of the few psychic websites that lets people use both video chat and live chat rooms.

The site is very interactive, easy to use, and good for people who like talking to people face-to-face. Users can also really get to know their readers since many of them post selfies, pictures, and story reels from social media.

Oranum has a wide range of psychics to choose from. There are so many to choose from, and no matter what time of day it is, there are always a lot of Oranum psychics doing live stream sessions.

This means that users will not only be able to find a reader when they need one but that they can also choose from almost any kind of reading. Oranum has psychics who specialize in love or careers, as well as readers who use specific methods, like Vedic astrology or palmistry, to give readings.

Types of Readings on Oranum

You can choose from different kinds of readings on Oranum. Since there are so many options, it helps to have a general idea of what you want before you start looking. Reviews of Oranum say that the following are some of the most popular ways to get a reading:

Card Reading: Such as

  • Tarot Cards Readings
  • Chartomancy
  • Rune Readings
  • Angel Cards Readings
  • Dream Interpretation Readings
  • Clairvoyance
  • Astrology
  • Love & Relationship Readings
  • Palm Reading and more.

Oranum’s Tools and What do They Do?

There is a free live chat/stream where you can watch and talk to psychics before choosing a reading.

There are many different ways to read and systems for doing so. 
Readings on a video chat, Pre-recorded videos from psychics can help you get a feel for the reader. 
There is a Top 100 list for the psychics so that users can see which readers are the most popular.

Before buying a reading, you can use a free live chat to watch or talk with psychics. This is a big plus, especially since there are no direct ratings or customer feedback. This lets users decide for themselves and check out Oranum psychics before making any deals since it’s not clear how carefully Oranum screens their readers.

Customer service is also available 24/7, which is a great feature if a user ever has trouble with the site. Though, the process for getting a refund is full of legalese and might be harder than on other sites.


To Conclude the 2023 Oranum Review

Oranum is home to a few of the most talented psychic readers in the industry. There is a huge selection available, and no matter what time of day it is, there will always be a good number of Oranum psychics available to conduct live stream sessions.

Users will not only be able to locate a reader when they need one, but also the variety of reading kinds available to them is almost unbounded. If you are searching for psychics who focus on love or careers, or if you are looking for a reader who employs a particular technique of reading, such as palmistry or Vedic astrology, Oranum has someone who can do it all.

Because there are no direct ratings or consumer reviews accessible, entering a free live chat where you may watch or communicate with psychics before buying a reading is a huge benefit offered by this service.

The chat is open around the clock. This allows customers to make their own assessments and conduct their own vetting of Oranum psychics before engaging in any transactions, which is helpful given that it is not known how rigorously Oranum screens its readers.

In the event that a user ever has any difficulties while using the website, the availability of customer support representatives around the clock is another beneficial aspect. However, the process of requesting a refund is riddled with legalese and seems to be more cumbersome than that of competing websites.

 Claim your free live psychic session at Oranum  


How We Ranked Online Psychic Reading Sites

Many of the top internet psychics are unreliable. These characteristics helped us choose the greatest internet psychics:


keen trusted psychic readings    kasamba true compartibility 

Psychic Screening

Top psychic platforms recruit and evaluate psychics thoroughly. If a psychic site only employs proven readers, buyers will obtain more accurate readings.

The greatest psychic reading websites let clients screen readers. On Oranum, you may check each reader’s ratings, comments, profile, and more. With this information, you can discover a good psychic.

Methodology Used

Most of our favorite psychic websites provide internet readings. Best psychics are usually accessible via the phone, chat, and video. Before the internet, people spoke to professional psychics via phone. If you like to ponder over your questions and the psychic’s replies before asking follow-up questions, an email reading may be for you.

Some say video psychic readings are better than conversation. A video chat is the closest thing to a face-to-face experience available online and may strengthen your relationship with psychics.

Best psychics can offer accurate readings whether they can see you or not, but facial expressions, body language, and surroundings may help them deliver more depth and context.


mysticsense 5minfree        free tarot reading by oranum

Specialized Psychics

Online psychics often provide many services. Some psychic mediums focus on tarot, spiritual, horoscope, love, and career readings. Others provide feng shui, Vedic astrology, and Tik Pan San Sou.

Promotional discounts

Online psychic reading costs vary by platform and reader. Some readers charge up to $2 per minute. Top online psychic reading sites provide a variety of services at varying pricing, enabling users to choose affordable psychics.

Mysticsense and Kasamba provide affordable psychic readings. Free psychic readings and other goodies are offered. Try platforms and readers with free readings.

Some psychic reading websites provide discounts and promotions. Keen’s 10-minute psychic reading costs $1.99.

Guaranteed satisfaction

Most sites we researched provide a satisfaction guarantee. These include a five-minute website credit and a full session refund. Other services don’t promise results but let you interact with gurus before paying. Check the site’s guarantee policy.

Age of the Brands

Three of our top online psychic reading platforms have been in operation for over 20 years, and even the newest ones are at least 10 years old. As product reviewers, we believe they’ve figured out what works for psychic service seekers.

Some conversational psychics have 45 years of expertise. Talented and trustworthy psychics with less experience may be just as insightful as lifelong mediums.


These sites have a great reputation for accurate psychic readings and client satisfaction.

What Is a Psychic Reading?

During a psychic reading, a person with psychic abilities will tune into your energy and the supernatural forces around you. The reader could also look at your personality and behavior and give you readings based on what they see.

The best online psychics can see more than just the past, the present, or the future. They also talk about what they saw and offer advice. You might be able to reach your goals and live a better life if you follow the advice.

Different ways are used by psychic readers to do readings. Some people get the answers they need by looking at tarot cards, while others use crystal balls and other tools for figuring out the future. Some readers are so good at what they do that they don’t need a tool. A psychic reader like this might be clairvoyant, clairsentient, or thought to be able to connect directly with the universe or spiritual beings.

In the past, you had to meet a psychic reader in person to get a reading, but now you can get accurate readings over the phone or on psychic websites. You can also find online psychics who do their work through email and mobile apps.

What are the Different Types of Psychic Readings?

The best online psychics are experts at giving certain kinds of readings. Some of the most common ways to get a psychic reading online are:

Aura Reading

The human form emits several layers of auras which is an electromagnetic field. It is connected to our energy and can give an indication of the type of person we are. If we are feeling happy our vibration corresponds to that emotion and can be detected in our aura. The same principle applies to negative emotions, if we have a low vibration this is shown in our energy field.

Astrology Readings

In astrology, a reading is done by looking at the stars and how the planets and other objects in the sky are lined up. Horoscopes are the most common type of astrology reading. To read your horoscope, you need to know your birth date and Zodiac sign, and then use that information to figure out what will happen to you now or in the future. Your personality and what you like may also be based on your horoscope.

Fortune Telling

Fortune tellers have been around for a very long time. They have helped everyone from kings to regular people by giving them information and advice. Fortune telling is probably the most popular type of psychic reading because it has been around for so long.

A fortune teller looks into a client’s past, present, or future to figure out what will happen to them. A lot of fortune tellers use crystal balls, tea leaves, and tarot cards to find out what they need to know.

There are also fortune tellers who use methods like numerology, phrenology and reading palms. If you talk to a real fortune teller, you should be able to find out about your future, what decisions you should avoid, and how to get what you want.

Love Readings

If you’re looking for love or have doubts about the one you’re in, a love tarot reading might help you feel better. A psychic can use tarot cards to tell you if you will find your soul mate soon or if your current relationship will go well. Some of the best love readers work for Mysticsense.

Numerology Readings

A numerology reader could tell you what it means if you keep seeing the same number patterns. Also, people who believe in numerology think they can tell your future by looking at the numbers in your birth date or the numbers in your name.

Tarot Reading

Readings with tarot cards have been around since the 14th century. The practice began in Italy but was popularized in France in the 18th century, when an occultist named Jean-Baptise Alliette, wrote a book on how to read tarot cards. A tarot card reader picks a card from a deck of 78 cards and uses it to figure out what’s going on or predict the future.

Major Arcana and Minor Arcana cards make up the 78 cards in a standard tarot deck. In a pack of tarot cards, the Major Arcana cards are the 22 trump cards, and the Minor Arcana cards are the suit or court cards.

The Minor Arcana cards will tell you about your everyday life and how the things that happen to you affect you. Major Arcana cards tell about big things that will happen in your life, like getting rich, falling in love, or dying.

There are 78 cards in a deck which is divided into major and minor arcana. Similar to playing cards there are four suits in Tarot, there are wands, pentacles, swords, and cups. The imagery in the cards is linked to the occult and also features symbols from ancient Egypt, numerology, the bible, astrology, and angelology.


This is the practice of predicting past and future events by studying the palms. There are several areas that are observed, these are the head, heart, fate, sun, and lifelines. They each represent different areas of our personality and life.

  1. Headline: knowledge and learning
  2. Heart line: love life and emotional stability
  3. Fate line: How you follow your path in life
  4. Sunline: success and fame
  5. Lifeline: Passion for life

Rune Reading

This ancient form of divination dates back to Nordic and Germanic tribes. They are made from a variety of different materials such as wood, crystals, or generic stones. Each features a symbol from the runic alphabet. There are many runic alphabets to choose from. The most common is Futhark, there are 24 runes that make up the Elder Futhark. The Anglo-Saxon version, Futhorc, has 33 letters in its alphabet.

Oracle Reading

Like tarot, oracle cards are a divination tool that can help psychics to tap into the energy of spirit. Unlike tarot cards, they do not follow a traditional format and can come in a variety of themes and numbers of cards.

Some of the most famous oracle decks are angel cards. They feature images of angel which each correlate to a different meaning. By using these during a reading a psychic can connect with the energy of these ethereal beings and allow their wisdom to guide them to the answers they seek a great choice for getting a reading do is with Oranum.


Lithomancy is the readings of gems or stones that are particularly suited are often submerged in water, or the stones are flung together as a set and their closeness to one another is read. It is unclear where it originated, and diverse civilizations all around the globe make use of a wide variety of distinct approaches.


Crystallomancy also known as Crystal gazing or crystal-seeing is a form of divination that has been used for a long time with a crystal ball. People used crystallomancy to call on spirits, and they thought it was important to do a lot of preparation and ceremony.


Mediumship is a way to talk to the spirits of people who have died. Psychic mediums do this by acting as links to the afterlife and passing on messages from loved ones or other people who have died.

Mediums say that if you need closure after losing a loved one, they may be able to tell you if the person is at peace after death. Every medium has their own way of getting in touch with the dead. Some people think they can do it without using tools like crystal balls, tarot cards, Ouija boards, and other tools with spiritual power.


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Frequently Asked Questions


Can Online Psychic Reading Help?

Results may depend on your expectations. Many find comfort and self-awareness in online and in-person psychic readings. Some want a peek into the future or advice on a major decision. Many others are looking for closure from lost loved ones. They promise to help with your worries.

Are online readings safe? Online readings are safe. Most psychic websites protect your privacy and financial information. For your own security and peace of mind, stick to reputable, established sites. Reputable platforms like Kasamba, Mysticsense & Keen advise customers not to share personal info.

What are the benefits of Online Psychic Readings?

Online psychic readings have many benefits, but four stand out. Convenience: Find assistance and advice from home, work, or anywhere. Virtual readings let you choose when, where, and how to read.

Email readings are easier than phone readings. In-person readings aren’t as anonymous or private as chat or email readings. Some online psychic reading platforms allow you to turn off your webcam even during a video reading. It’s easy to forget that we used to have to travel to a psychic session. Online psychic readings are cheaper, particularly with free and introductory prices.

What Psychic advisors are there?

Many online psychic advisors exist. Each method gives you different answers. Psychic advisors include Spiritual guides to help you reconnect with yourself and the world and live in harmony. Fortune tellers predict clients’ futures.

Mediums answer questions about deceased loved ones. Online tarot readings can predict the future and explain the present. Aura readers may perceive our bodies’ energy in colors. They interpret each color’s meaning. Clairvoyants often see the future and know things beyond their senses.

How do I prepare for an Online

Psychic Reading?

Use this checklist before your online psychic reading. Find a quiet place for your online psychic reading. Consider what to write about. So you don’t have to stop reading to remember them, write them down. Relax. Before the reading, relax and meditate. Focus on one question at a time to avoid being overwhelmed.

Why do I need Psychic Advice?

Many psychic reading sites offer free online psychic readings, chats, or conversations. They can help you find spiritual or psychic guidance. Some, like  Oranum, ask several questions to assist you to choose a psychic reading.

Does my Online Psychic Reading require Privacy?

Readings are normally face-to-face, although there are exceptions. You and your advisers must focus on your online psychic reading. Others may make it hard for your adviser to get a clear reading, and you may struggle to concentrate or be honest with him.

Who is the Best Psychic Reader

It may take some trial and error to discover the finest online psychic reading service. If you feel a spiritual or psychic counselor is best for you, choose the correct one.

 Kasamba may help you improve yourself and go forward. The site provides psychic readings, aura healing, and rune casting.

Keen may be better for those who need help through challenging times and choices and less tech-savvy people.
Keen is easy to use and always has someone online. Choose a spot based on instinct. You’ll also need to choose how to contact your psychic: email, online chat, phone call, or live video session.

Most psychic networks don’t provide all of these channels, so verify before signing up. We hope you found the greatest psychic mediums, spiritual guides, psychics, and tarot readers today.


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