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Numerology, Tarot, and Astrology and Their Impact on Your Life

We’re pretty sure that you have watched movies where mysticism is involved. Some films depict it as evil, while many show its benefits to humans and society. Many ancient practices such as numerology, astrology, and tarot cards have guided believers for centuries. Their influence in various cultures around the world cannot be denied.

But what are they, and how can you benefit from them? Let’s find out.

Introduction to Ancient Wisdom

The world as you see right now is the physical realm – you can perceive it by your senses. You can smell the flowers, feel the air, taste the food you ate for breakfast, and see your favorite movie actors. But there is another world that you ignored for a long time- the metaphysical world. Understanding this territory requires more than perception. It needs believing.

Discovering Numerology and Its Impact in Your Life


Is your birthdate just a date, or does it say more about you and your destiny? You might be missing its other purpose if you see it as plain numbers. In numerology, the numbers you see hold meanings that can guide your personality, destiny, and overcome challenges.

Although it’s an ancient practice, today’s seekers use a numerology chart to decode their meanings and how they apply to real-life scenarios. In numerology, each number carries specific energy that influences who we are. If you study it, you will discover that your name and birthday can shape your destiny.

Calculating your numerical blueprint starts by computing key numbers, including Life Path, Destiny Number, and Soul Urge. Don’t worry because you don’t need to be a mathematician to get the result. All you have to do is key in the numbers required in a numerology calculator and you’ll immediately see the answer. The result will be given a practical meaning that can reveal your character, guide your career, and see if your potential or current partner is “the one” for you.

Since you’re just starting, interpreting the numbers can be very challenging. It would be great if you could partner with a practicing numerologist to guide you in the beginning.

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Understanding Astrology

You might have aced your Astronomy subject in school, but astrology differs entirely from that study. Here, you will learn that every star, planet, and constellation influence your thinking and behavior. They can also tell you your unique traits, strengths, and weaknesses. Astrology makes you realize that the stars are not just twinkling lights. They are more than what you think they are.

One lasting effect of astrology is the belief in zodiac signs. Today, people still rely on the positioning of heavenly bodies as a guide to many aspects of human endeavor. The Horoscope, commonly linked to your birth sign, can determine your personality, behavior, and preferences. The alignment of the objects in the universe shapes the person you are now and what you will be in the future.


Discovering Tarot

Tarot cards can open your eyes to see more in this world. The images in each card contain symbolism that can guide you with your life when correctly interpreted.

Each card tells a story that reflects aspects of your life, emotions, and experiences. As you shuffle the deck for a tarot reading, think of questions or concerns you have. The cards that you will draw will get energy from those questions. That way, it will give you messages tailored just for you.

Unlocking these secrets doesn’t require special powers. You need an open heart and mind. If you don’t believe tarot reading, it will not work. For a beginner, you might start by asking simple yes or no questions to get comfortable interpreting the symbols. This will prepare you to understand the complex visuals later on.


How Numerology Can Help Unveil Personal Pathways

Using numerology can guide you in understanding yourself better and point you in the right direction. Studying numerology allows you to appreciate numbers and their influence on your experience and destiny.

But how do numbers make sense other than their quantitative value?

Here are some essential points that will guide you when you start learning numerology:

  1. Each number carries specific vibrations that influence various aspects of your life. For example, your birthdate numbers may suggest a unique talent or challenge you will face in the future.
  2. Compute your Life Path number by adding up the digits of your birth date until you reach a single digit or a master number (11, 22, or 33). This is your Core Number.
  3. Substitute each letter in your full name with its numerical value to compute your Destiny Number. Add all the numbers for all the letters in your name. The Destiny Number shows how the world perceives you and can indicate who you will become.
  4. The Soul Urge Number shows your heart’s desires and what makes you happy and fulfilled. It reveals your hidden passions and cravings that others don’t openly acknowledge.
  5. A Personal Year Number is like a prediction of your year’s future. It can guide you on the things you can change to have a good year.
  6. Monthly vibrations are also necessary as they provide a quick glance at your life in a shorter period. This prediction can guide you in making decisions and interacting with others.
  7. Understanding numerology compatibility can help you form deeper connections with your lover, friends, family, and business partners.
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The Power of Tarot in Self-Discovery

The Power of Tarot in Self-Discovery

The mystical allure of tarot can unlock deeper aspects of yourself. Every card you draw reflects each layer of your personality and the possibilities that await you. Each symbol in every card reflects an inner truth about your journey. If you want to know more about yourself and your potential, tarot reading is the way to go.

Interpreting the Cards and Their Meanings

Tarot cards hold a mirror to our deepest thoughts and feelings, guiding us through life’s mysteries. Every card in a tarot deck contains symbols and signals that can unlock the secrets in your life.

Here is a beginner’s guide to reading tarot cards:

  1. Learn what each symbol means: Look closely at the pictures on the cards. The symbols, colors, and figures all tell a story. A card like The Empress could represent fertility and abundance, as indicated by its lush imagery.
  2. Listen to what your intuition tells you: Trust what you feel when you see a card. If The Fool pops up, it might stir a sense of adventure or warn you not to be too naïve.
  3. Understand the suits and their elements: Tarot decks have four suits—Cups (emotion), Wands (creativity), Swords (intellect), and Pentacles (material aspects). Each represents a different aspect of life.
  4. Study the meanings of Major Arcana cards: Major Arcana shows life’s karmic and spiritual paths. For example, The Tower may tell you something will suddenly change, while The Star says hope is not lost.
  5. Take note of card placements: The place where the card falls is as important as the card itself. Even a positive card that falls on a challenging position will have a different meaning than its normal interpretation.
  6. Read the meaning of all cards wholistically. When you interpret the meaning, you need to connect the symbols of one card to the rest. The whole meaning of all the imagery is the most crucial message. For example, the Death card followed by Temperance might suggest an end is about to come, but soon, things will be okay.
  7. How about reverse meaning? In this scenario, a reversed cand may suggest a blocked energy or an opposite message. If you draw, say, a Lovers, which is in an inverted position, it could mean quarrels or bad decisions and not peace.
  8. Ask simple questions: Start with the basic yes or no questions. Ask challenging and varied questions to enhance your interpreting skills as you move forward. Practicing regularly deepens your understanding with the cards.
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How to Use Astrology in Our Lives

Astrology offers a roadmap to knowing more about your traits, emotions, and even destiny by understanding the celestial objects. It reveals the possible impact of planetary movements in your life so you will know how to prepare for it.

This offers a unique way to understand yourself, including your strengths and weaknesses. Understanding the alignment of the stars and planets during the day you were born; you will discover new things about your personality. Astrology provides insights to lead you in the right direction regarding your relationships, career choices, and other undertakings.

You can create a personalized growth plan using astrology by identifying key astrological transits and progressions that align with your goals. Keep track of planetary movements as they affect different aspects of your life. Doing this lets you identify potential opportunities and the things you need to change.

Last Words

Numerology, tarot, and astrology may have existed since immemorial, but they still hold a place today. As you learn more about these mystical arts, seek help from experts for guidance.

Dr. Serena Lighthaven is a scholar who has been studying metaphysical elements for two decades. She earned a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology and published articles on esoteric traditions. Dr. Lighthaven has earned an excellent reputation in the field of mysticism. Her methods include numerology, tarot cards, and astrological chart reading.

However, please remember that while the tools discussed here are helpful, no system is flawless. We still recommend that you consider your circumstances, act diligently, and consult a professional for help.


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