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Master Number 11 – Numerology Number 11 and its meaning

Numerology studies life in terms of numbers. This study revolves around the idea that everything in the universe can be broken down into the most basic elements—numbers.
Practitioners and followers of this study believe that numbers give an insight into different facets of a person’s life. This includes one’s personality, success, and relationships.

Master Number 11

By analyzing numbers, we can have a better understanding of not just ourselves but also of the world around us.


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Numerology Master Numbers

In this study, all multi-digit numbers are converted into single-digit numbers, which are from 1 to 9, except for the numbers 11, 22, and 33, which are special. They are exemptions to the rule because numerologists believe that they have unique traits setting them apart from other numbers.

Therefore, 11, 22, and 33 are considered master numbers in numerology.
In this guide, we’ll talk about numerology master number 11. As we discuss its traits and implications, we’ll answer the question: What does the number 11 mean?

What traits are common among people who have this master number? You will also learn about how this number affects the different aspects of your life.

Special Traits of Master Number 11

As mentioned earlier, master numbers 11, 22, and 33 have special traits. If your life is guided by a master number, you are born a spiritual person, although you still have to pay particular attention to how your master number governs you.

You need to be aware of the positive and negative implications of your master number so you can properly assess your life path , mission, and decisions.


Master Number 11

In numerology 11 is associated with charisma, trustworthiness, and a firm inner voice that guides individuals through life. People with this number have a strong intuition that helps them in decision-making.master number 11 If you have a master number 11 personality, you also attract people simply with your presence and natural intelligence. You are a compassionate person who always tries to understand where other people are coming from and respect someone else’s opinions and beliefs. With your innate maturity, you have always been wiser than your years.

In numerology 11 also means that you have great instinct. In fact, you can sense accidents and other negative incidents before they happen. Your dreams are more than just dreams; they sometimes give you an insight into future events. And because 11 is the root of all master numbers, your abilities are strong. You may even have healing and telepathic abilities.

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You possess power that, together with your other gifts and characteristics, make you a natural leader!  Free numerology reading    

The purpose of Life Path Number 11

The number 11 life path leads you to the purpose of helping others and making a positive impact on the world. You want to bring light into the lives of the people around you. You also strive to uplift others by using your talents and abilities. If you look at the number 11, it looks like a pair of candles; one of them symbolizes you, the giver, while the other symbolizes all who receive your light.

In addition, there is a correlation between the number 11 and success. When you put both ones of the numbers 11 back to back, you will notice that they form an arrow pointing up. This means that you’re a dreamer and that you are willing to do anything to achieve your goals and aspirations. You are always trying to aim high and be a better version of yourself because of this.

Master Number 11 Personality

However, this trait also makes you impatient at times. You want to keep working and moving forward. Your number 11 personality gives you a tendency to be a workaholic, which can lead to other problems like insomnia and stress. Therefore, you need to learn how to find balance.
Figure out how to control your urges, and use your strong intuition to determine when it’s best to slow things down.


Life Path 11 Traits

It’s not a surprise that a lot of famous people with numerology 11 life paths are leaders. Barack and Michelle Obama both have this master number, as well as Prince Charles, Michael Jordan, and Whoopi Goldberg.  Charisma is another common trait among people with this personality, and you can see it in celebrities like Orlando Bloom, Madonna, and Gwen Stefani.
Aside from the traits we’ve discussed earlier, the numerology 11 life path also leads you to become adventurous. You enjoy trying new things and seeking new thrills. You like to spend time in nature as much as you love to be in the city where you work. Your life path will be full of traveling to exciting destinations that will further open your mind. Going on these adventures will make you wiser, stronger, and more intuitive.

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Numerology Number 11 & Relationships

Now let’s talk about how numerology 11 further impacts your relationships, beginning with a numerology love reading. When it comes to your personality number 11 makes you a charming person who other people find attractive. You are a magnet and people are inclined to want to know you better. But you take your time in choosing a partner. You want to really get to know someone before you enter a commitment.

Numerology Number 11 Sex life

The number 11 love association also means that you are a loyal and devoted partner when you decide to be with a person. At the same time, individuals with a master number 11 sex life have sensual relationships that are full of passion. You have the ability to anticipate your partner’s needs. Lastly, you appreciate attention and affirmations more than gifts.


When it comes to relationships with other people, you like to be a dependable friend. You want your loved ones to know that they can come to you with problems or when they need advice.
However, you can also spread yourself too thin because of your desire to help other people.

Make sure that you’re still taking care of yourself and prioritizing your needs. After all, you can’t help someone else if you feel unmotivated and exhausted.

Soul Urge Number 11

soul urge numbers

Someone with the number 11 is considered to be an old soul. As an individual, you approach life differently from other people in your age group. You don’t like mainstream things and activities, and you prefer to do things your own way. For instance, while your friends are finding relationships through dating apps, you want to meet your soul mate at a coffee shop or a bookstore.
Being an old soul, you also like to think things through. In work, relationships, and life decisions, you weigh the pros against the cons. You don’t decide on something just for the sake of getting it over with. You try to see all of the possibilities, although your strong intuition also comes into play when it’s time to make your final choice. At the end of the day, you want to come to the right decision because you know that whatever choice you make will have implications on your life, no matter how big or small that may be.

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Lastly, your old soul urges you to continue learning. You love to read, have conversations with people, and try new things that push you out of your comfort zone. It is in your nature to observe and to ask questions. And even though you might be young, you always surprise your peers with your overflowing fountain of knowledge and wisdom.

Conclusion about Master Number 11

By now, you have a better idea of how the numerology number 11 defines you as an individual.
Let’s recap:
The numerology number 11 makes you a strong, intuitive, and compassionate person who people depend on. As the root of the master numbers, it makes you truly unique and special. You are born to lead, explore, and be curious. Because of this nature, others consider you a figure to look up to and follow. You also enjoy learning in ways that are specific to your old soul.

Even though you’re a people person, you tend to prioritize others’ needs above your own.
You also have a workaholic personality. Therefore, your biggest challenges include listening to your body, finding out what it needs, and making an effort to take care of yourself.

You have to let your mind rest once in a while. Besides, you should stay in good health so you can be available when someone needs your help.
However, you should remember that your purpose in life is not just to serve others, but to live a full life as well.

You need to get over the guilt that you feel whenever you prioritize your needs. After all, an empty vessel cannot pour out energy into the world. Nourish yourself. If you need it, take time to heal.
You’re born to be special. Consider it and all of its qualities a gift. But like all gifts, it is up to you to use it as you see fit. Use this as a guide, not as a limit, to who and what you can be. 


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