Master Number 22 – Numerology Number 22

Master Number 22 – The Meaning Of Number 22 In Numerology

Master Number 22 the meaning of the special traits and personality of individuals with this unique number of numerology.

22 Meaning

master number 22What Does Numerology Numbers 22 Mean in Your Life?

Master number 22 is referred to as the master builder because of the incredible power and force that in confers on those whom it touches. In general, those who are strong in numerology master number 22 are the world’s “doers” who take on seemingly impossible tasks and even dreams and mold them into reality.

There are general aspects of this master number as there are for the other master numbers (11 and 33), but these general aspects may play out differently from one life to the next and from one aspect of a person’s life to the next. First, we look at the general aspects of  number 22 and then the specifics. 

Numerology Number 22

How Can Numerology Numbers 22 Mold Your Life?
Great force and power are the hallmarks of those whom master number 22 touches. People who are strong in this master number may become incredibly successful and have the ability to turn mere dreams into tangible reality.

Parts of master number 22

Here are the three basic parts of master number 22:

  • Master number 11 is part of  number 22 and provides intuition.
  • The discipline of  number 22 comes from numerology number four (2+2=4). You will take a scientific approach to problem-solving when this number resonates in your life
  • Ambition coupled with intuition and guided by discipline is found in every strong  number 22 person.
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What people see most prominently in a master number 22 person is their skill in leadership. These folks are high self-confident and are able to recruit others to help achieve their seemingly impossible tasks.

What others often do not realize is that a  number 22 person is skillful at breaking down jobs and assigning bite sized tasks that each person can handle!

However, not all  number 22 people end up using their skills to the fullest extent. This may be because they lose attention but more commonly it is because they put pressure on themselves, become anxious, and lose focus.

By in large, master number 22 people are the most successful if they avoid stressing themselves out over their tasks. And, these folks are happier too! 




Number 22 Influence

What Are the Specifics of  Number 22’s Influence on Your Life?

It is all well and good to have a general idea of how the resonance of master number 22 is likely to influence your life, but our lives are more than general success or failure at completing tasks. We live lives in the greater world and we live personal lives. How does this master number affect personality, choice of and success in career, the pursuit of and satisfaction in love, and one’s happiness in life?

Numerology 22  Personality

How Does master number 22 Affect a Person’s Personality?
When you see a person who is strongly affected by numerology  number 22 you will see someone who loves working with their hands. You may also not that they dislike being interrupted or bothered. However, they don’t like confrontation, so they may simply retreat from social contact until they finish their task. While some may see this as being a “loner,” the fact is that the strong number 22 always has a higher purpose in mind with their task, something that will benefit everyone. While they may be viewed as unconventional, weird, or eccentric, those who know them well will see deeper into their personality. Here are the personality characteristics of a  number 22 person when you get to know them:

  • Family oriented, loving, and imaginative in these relationships
  • Charismatic but practical in applying their insights
  • Smart and talented with amazing insights
  • Full of courage
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Because the true master number 22 person is dedicated to his or her work, you need to find ways to work with them in order to get to know and appreciate them better.



It is important to realize when dealing with a number 22 whom you love and care for that they don’t just develop routines to accomplish tasks efficiently. They feel the best when working within an organized and intelligent system.

Master Number 22  Career

How Does Master Number 22 Affect Your Career Choice and Happiness?
In life, there are careers that best fit our skills and the careers that we end up in. To the extent that any of us ends up in a career that fits our temperament and abilities, we are happier and more productive. In the case of those for whom numerology  number 22 is strong, careers in health care are good fits for their scientific thinking and their compassionate nature. A strong number 22 commonly becomes an exceptional care giver as a counselor, nurse, or doctor. Alternatively, their abilities make them exceptional architects and designers, especially when they are able to work on a project that they see as having a worthwhile social or humanitarian purpose.

Number 22 in Love

How Does Love Fit in With Numerology Number 22?
A person for whom  number 22 is strong will love deeply and will do tangible things to express that love. Sometimes they fall too deeply into long term planning and work in order to achieve a common goal. Then, their partner needs to learn how to work with them or engage them in another common goal of spending time together that is not solitary work!

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