The Water Element in Astrology

The Water Element in Astrology

Water is a fundamental element for life. It nourishes us and gives us a sense of serenity and tranquility. It can be relaxing, violent, or tranquil, but it always possesses the same characteristics: being wet, cold, and damp.

In numerous ways, water has been a source of wonder throughout history and various cultures. The ancient Greeks believed that God created water as one of three fundamental elements from chaos (the other two were air and Earth).

Additionally, they believed that water could not exist without the help of the Earth. This may have led them to believe that there must be water-rich land elsewhere because they believed that all water on Earth originated from rains absorbed by Earth’s surface over ages.

According to Eastern philosophy, water represents emotion and feeling. It controls circulation, sweat glands, tides, love affairs between men and women, conception, children (including unborn children), memory, times of disease or weakness, and death.

The Water Element in Astrology

What Does the Element Water Mean in Astrology?

The element of emotion, circulation, perspiration glands, memory, and periods of weakness or disease is water. Your Water element symbolizes a dynamic and flowing aspect of your personality. One that is rarely visible from the outside.

What are the astrological water signs?
The astrological water signs are

Cancer (♋︎) (Crab): June 22–July 22

Scorpio (♏︎) (Scorpion): October 24–November 21

Pisces (♓︎) (Fish): February 19–March 20


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The Water element deals with feelings. A panorama of transformation enveloped in the serenity of the ocean, its waters concealing depths that repeatedly surface. Water nourishes our romantic relationships.

This element is the source of heartbreak since it can evaporate fast or wash away any grudges that must be released.

Finally, humility has the ability to shape life into an adventure that always feels unpredictable.

One you don’t want to miss, although knowing it will be challenging at times. Consider these characteristics if you’re unsure of your water sign!



 Aquarius (21 January – 18 February) will bring out your eccentric side. Being the least emotional of the Water signs in comparison to Pisces and Cancer, Aquarius is the most intellectual of the Water signs.

However, this should not fool you; there is quite a lot to learn! Those born under this sign, for instance, have a tendency to be unable to accept compliments or praise that fits them better than their contemporaries.

Aquarius rarely accepts compliments since they (often) believe they are undeserving of them. It’s entertaining to give them compliments, and it’s precious to observe their hesitant response!


Pisces (19 February – 20 March) are creative persons who enjoy expressing themselves artistically and in a way that leaves a lasting impression.

They could also be somewhat odd! Pisces blends humor with conflict, making them a riddle or, at times, almost legendary.

Water signs are sensitive. Pisces, though, tends to feel more profoundly than the other two water signs, sometimes even on a molecular level. Due of their sensitivity, their identity is altered by the environment and people around them.


Cancer (21 June – 22 July) is a type of guardian. They retreated into their shells early and grew into gentle giants with the kind of secret strength that is sometimes buried.

It’s heartwarming to observe a Cancer being so kind and forgiving, as if it were part of their hidden language. Cancers are often gullible due to their naivety, yet they are also emotionally attuned and tend to defend people who require protection.

However, they have a tendency to be cranky when it is most inconvenient for others, so their loved ones must be patient.


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The Qualities Of The Water Sign

Water signs are emotionally sensitive and in tune with their environment. It is typical for Water signs to feel intensely, and it is for this reason that they defend those in need. They are also concerned for the well-being of others and dislike seeing their loved ones suffer.

Water represents emotion and sentiment in Eastern philosophy. Water controls circulation, sweat glands, tides, male-female relationships, conception, children (including the unborn), memory, periods of weakness or illness, and death.

Emotionally Water signs are sensitive individuals who are frequently in tune with their surroundings.

The Cancer sign defends individuals in need, even if they do not recognize it at first!

Occasionally, Pisces will exhibit a creative side that is typically the result of an intense inner conflict.

Aquarius might often feel more detached than other zodiac signs, as they thrive on intellectualism while keeping an eye out for new ideas outside their field of expertise (such as social media), which they may become captivated with for a time.

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Water signs are kind and protective of people in need. They immerse themselves in the emotions of others, experiencing their suffering even when they cannot understand why. It is similar to a sixth sense that you are aware of but not always cognizant of.

However, Water signs are also extremely compassionate individuals who worry about the well-being of others and dislike seeing their loved ones suffer.

Characteristics Of A Water Sign

Water signs have sensitive and profound emotions.
Many Water signs have a sixth sense that enables them to intuitively perceive the emotions of others.
Water signs are also compassionate individuals who dislike watching their loved ones suffer.
Particularly Pisces and Cancer are profound thinkers with an intuitive temperament.

Water signs have sensitive and profound emotions. They are immersed in the emotions of others, often experiencing their suffering without understanding why.

It is similar to a sixth sense that you are aware of but not always cognizant of. However, Water signs are also extremely compassionate individuals who worry about the well-being of others and dislike seeing their loved ones suffer.

Sensitivity and profound emotion are a prevalent indicator characteristic.

Pisces and Cancer are particularly sensitive on a subconscious level. Therefore, when in their presence or conversing with them, you will frequently notice their intuitive nature, as they can detect within moments if something is going on internally with you.

What Planets Do Each Water Sign Reign Over?

Cancer is ruled by the Moon; emotions govern it
Uranus rules Aquarius; these individuals have a strong awareness of social relationships.
Pisces is ruled by Neptune; they are frequently misinterpreted.

Moon Rules Cancer

The Moon represents our emotions, and Cancer rules the fourth house, which describes our domestic and familial relationships.

The Moon is a nurturing planet, therefore it’s hardly surprising that Cancers are nurturing as well.

They are particularly protective of their homes and families, and they tend to be loyal to longtime acquaintances. This is due to the fact that Cancer rules the fourth house of home and family, and so values family members.

Uranus Rules Aquarius

Aquarius rules the third house, which includes our siblings, neighbors, and so on. So why does Uranus appear in this sign if it’s not a significant element of how these people interact with their siblings, neighbors, and others?

As a social butterfly, Aquarius will find it effortless to connect with people, particularly those who share similar interests.

People frequently find that they can connect on a profound level with an Aquarius due of this.

Neptune Rules Pisces

The 12th house is ruled by Neptune, which symbolizes our relationship with our subconscious and everything that is not always aware.

Additionally, the 12th house controls all types of radicals, extremists, and individuals with secret agendas.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Pisces individuals are sometimes misinterpreted because they may be so tolerant.



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How To Maintain Water’s Balance

Continue to learn from individuals with opposite attributes to your own.
Determine what need an additional dose of that energy.

Surround yourself with the components you desire most by residing near a park, listening to waves on the beach, preparing spicy meals, or even experimenting with paint colors.

Change is symbolized by water. It can be silent or roaring, peaceful or turbulent, and has the ability to both destroy and support life. Additionally, water symbolizes intuition, emotion, receptivity, and sensitivity.

To maintain balance in our life, we must discover ways to maintain the equilibrium of these energy.

To begin balancing your Water element, you must first recognize where you are out of balance. You can accomplish this by observing individuals with opposite attributes to your own.

For instance, if you’re highly emotional, observe others who appear stoic or apathetic. Alternatively, if you feel as like the walls are closing in on you, consider a person who leaves their choices open and never takes things too seriously.

Take the time to discover what these opposing energies might teach you about yourself.

Now, take a time to consider how this energy manifests within you. Where do further emotionality is required? Do you require more space for comfort or more structure?

Mastering your element is one method to achieve control over it and power. If Water represents intuition, then we must learn how to use our intuitions to achieve our goals.

Creating a vision board is a common approach for achieving this. Cut out images that symbolize your greatest desires. Then, place them on a board and examine them multiple times a day, as well as before going to bed (like I do.)

Your subconscious will eventually comprehend the message. When you view these photographs on your wall, you’ll also be giving yourself positive messages from within.

Set up an altar, shrine, or other particular spot where you will worship, sit, and contemplate as a further practice for bringing about change through balance.

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Choose a time each day to build this refuge, and adhere to it. You can even create rituals based on the components.

The trick is to maintain an effective routine. One in which you will feel safe and at ease, allowing you to be receptive to receiving strong messages from your unconscious mind (and other sources of wisdom!).

Learning how to flow with whatever happens to come into your life is another approach to bring about change in your life through balance. If something directly opposes your goals or seems out of place, rest assured that everything is unfolding precisely as it should.

It may take some time for your life to come together. But you must have faith that everything will work out for the best.

To understand how this works, consider what you desire most from each component (this can even be a particular color, taste, or sound).

Do you, for instance, seek harmony from air energy? A sense of affection and acceptance from the planet? Exist in your life items that bring novelty and change to counteract the months of monotony caused by excessive water?

Then surround yourself with these things by residing in a park, listening to the waves on the beach, preparing some hot food, or even experimenting with paint colors.

If the combination is abstract, such as blue-lightning, fill your surroundings with that aspect by playing loud music in the background or wearing neon-colored clothing.

If you practice this frequently (a few times each week), your mind and body will begin to experience a healthier sense of equilibrium.

You’ll be better ready to handle whatever comes your way, just as someone who exercises regularly can handle more stress than those who don’t.

Who Are Water Signs Compatible with?

Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio have the greatest compatibility.

Cancer is Leo’s most compatible sign. This is because Leos struggle to comprehend what it means to be emotionally or emotionally sensitive in a relationship.

Cancers are indifferent to this. However, this does not mean that they would not get irritated if their significant other cannot decide on an essential matter.

In contrast, Pisces will always be there for you, regardless of how demanding they may appear, because they desire someone who needs them as well.

They adore being indispensable to others and believe that everyone should feel loved and desired. They devote a great deal of time to this endeavor, even if it requires them to overextend themselves.

If you are a Water sign, your best bet is certainly Scorpio. Yes, they might be temperamental at times, but they make excellent partners overall. They will always provide you with their honest opinion, something that every woman desires and need in a relationship.

If your flame has ever been elated or depressed over something, inquire about their mood. During that period, they will inform you precisely where things stand so you may determine what to do next to keep them satisfied.

They are really enthusiastic and always up for a good time, so you will never have a dull moment with them.


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Water And Fire Signs

What about Fire signs, even if they may appear to be incompatible? It has been believed that the energies of Leo and Sagittarius are incompatible. However, it depends on what each individual want in a marriage or partnership.

If you both desire the same thing, there is no reason why you should not get along. As long as the two of you have a great deal in common and make an effort to get along, your relationship will be healthy.

If the Fire and Water signs are attracted to one another, there may be too many sparks for the Water sign’s taste.

The Fire sign can be somewhat extroverted, which is acceptable. But they do not get that they must occasionally tone it down. If the Water sign has used all of its energy, it will put a stop to the situation until the fire sign is willing to settle down.

The issue with a relationship between a Scorpio and an Aquarius is that they may not see eye to eye because both signs are extremely independent, meaning they don’t need each other.

Aquarius may find it easier to be in a relationship with someone who shares their independence or has no expectations of them. The Scorpio cannot tolerate such an attitude. They will move on until someone else who requires their assistance arrives.

Water And Air Signs

The next two signs are Water and Air. Yes, these two signs are highly dissimilar, and they have difficulty getting along due to their opposing characteristics.

Air sign individuals tend to be more aloof than water sign individuals.

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They avoid putting too much emotion into things, which makes the water sign feel unwelcome even though they are not.

The Air sign is unconcerned if the relationship fails because there is always someone else waiting for them.

On the other hand, if the Water sign breaks up with their spouse, they would feel utterly saddened. It will be some time before they are willing to date someone else again.

Even if the Water sign has a large number of people who care about them, they prefer to have a small number of loved and close friends.

The Water sign believes that their time is more significant than that of others. If someone in their life is unwilling to spend more time with them, they will sever ties until a better opportunity arises.

Within a short amount of time, these two indications will not get along. The Water sign sees the Air sign as a person who is free to come and leave at will. However, the air sign does not notice much because they are preoccupied with finding someone closer.

Consequently, these two signals may have been drawn to one another when they first met. But neither finds it easy to overcome the other’s emotional barrier.

There is a chance that a Water sign and an Air sign will get on each other’s nerves if they meet.

However, these two signs are somewhat dissimilar, so it will be intriguing to see if they can operate together in the future.


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Earth And Water Symbols

Earth and Water signs are more compatible and can resolve conflicts with relative ease. They require someone who understands how they feel about certain things, as water is highly emotional.

As long as they don’t spend all of their time on other activities that don’t involve them, Earth signs make Water signs pleased. The Earth sign will be available whenever the Water sign has time to do something with them.

When a Water sign wishes to leave a relationship with an Earth sign, only the Water sign believes it is the proper decision. The Earth sign does not understand since they believe they have done nothing wrong.

This can lead to numerous relationship issues. The Earth sign strives to achieve success. However, the Water sign has already moved on until they find someone else who makes them feel as though they were destined to be together.

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Why Are Water Signs So Unfriendly?

They are so vicious because they frequently strive to climb the social ladder by treading on everyone and everything in their path.

People with a strong attachment to material possessions may have the “I must do that to be happy” syndrome.

They are unaware that “happiness” is an attitude you cultivate in your head, not the accumulation of additional possessions.

Additionally, the Water element produces a certain type of vanity. As the element of Water is related with emotions, Water signs are typically excellent whiners and complainers.

This is a “woe is me” element. It sobs over spilled milk and tends to view things negatively (except when it comes to its beauty, of course).

Water signs also request assistance from others. Even though they create the idea that they don’t need anyone, they desire to be saved.

This is due to the fact that Water signs rely on others who are not directly involved in their life and frequently try too hard to gain the affection or interest of those who do not matter to them!

Are Water Signs Dangerous?

Water signs are not hazardous, but their inherent leadership qualities can be intimidating.

On the other hand, if they choose or need to, they may be a formidable force. However, these indications are quite harmless.

They recognize life’s spark and wish for it to shine brightly. The only time you will ever provoke an outburst from them is if someone attempts to extinguish the brilliant light within a person.

My Closing Remarks Regarding The Element Of Water In Astrology

Understanding the Water element might assist you in comprehending your personality and life goals.

You may find that balancing it with the rest of your chart is necessary for greater success.

When reading a horoscope or astrological map of someone’s future, please do some study into what this means and its significance.

The ingredients are only a single piece of the jigsaw, but they are nonetheless crucial!



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