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Planets in Numerology : The 9 Numerology Planets & Their Significance

What do the planets mean in numerology?

In Indian numerology, the planets and numbers are linked in a close way referred to as numerology planets. These planets and numbers give off a vibration that helps people choose their life path, understand their personality traits, and figure out how other people see them. It’s also a beautiful way to improve oneself for a better life.

In numerology, we talk about the basic numbers from one to nine.  In reference to the grahas the  9 planets, such as the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

Each number is linked to a different planet. Check out your number and planet to learn more about who you are and how to make your planetary position stronger.

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Planets in Numerology


Number 1 is connected to the Sun ☉:

People born on the 1, 10, 19, or 28 of any month.

The beginning of all life is where all numbers come from. Any number is made up of the number 1, but the number itself can’t be broken up because it is based on the idea that the universe is one.

People from the Sun are natural leaders with very strong personalities that don’t let them hide in the shadows. These people are enthusiastic, quick to act, and businesslike.

If this number is affecting you, don’t keep yourself locked up in your own thoughts and feelings. If you do, you’ll have trouble getting along with the rest of the world. You have a great success all the time.

You have a natural sense of generosity, pride, wanting to make something new, physical and spiritual strength, authority, a desire for power, initiative, a sense of responsibility, a sense of unconditional justice, and practicality. People from the first, second, fourth, and seventh groups get along well with you.

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The Sun is beautiful and big, and it gives and starts all life.
In the same way, the number 1 is a start, bringing new ideas, thoughts, and actions into being. Everything starts with the number 1.

At the center of the solar system, there is only the Sun. In the same way, number 1 wants to be the best and stand out. When the 1 is praised and adored, it gives love and energy back to its surroundings by filling them with attention and hope.

The Sun makes its own energy through a process called nuclear fusion that doesn’t depend on anything else in its environment. In the same way, the real power of the number 1 can only come from within.

The number 1 can’t be broken up, and this shows that the universe is one.

Sun people are natural leaders with very strong personalities that stand out. They are enthusiastic, quick to act, and good at business, and led by nature.

Its Strength: The Sun is in charge of gold and copper, which are linked to the heart, energy, glory, courage, and fame. Great for government jobs, ministerial positions, and royal patronage.

Its Weakness: It’s hard to calm down when you’re angry, and you’re likely to get headaches and be moody. Suggestions to make the planet strong: Get all your power from the sun rising. Try to make important decisions before 3 p.m., which is the middle of the day (before the sun starts setting).


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Number 2 is Connected to the Moon ☽:

People born on the  2, 11, 20, and 29 of any month.
Moon people have different feelings and are more open. They adapt easily to their surroundings and situations and are often talented artists. They reach their goals by avoiding problems and making the most of good chances.

They have mood swings, and without realizing it, they are looking for someone stronger who will always be there for them. They live at home, care about their families, are loyal, sensitive, and never take chances. They can change how life goes.

They are introverts, so even though they are friendly, they spend a lot of time in their own world, which is complex and full of ideas. These people have a sense of responsibility, and a desire for independence, and they always act diplomatically and carefully when carrying out their plans.

They don’t let other people force them to do things they don’t want to do. They get along well with the first kind of person.

The moon is a woman and a mirror. It reflects the light of the Sun and lets light into places that would be dark otherwise.

On Earth, we can easily see how the moon changes over time. Our moods are always affected by the moon. When there is a full moon, our moods are volatile and hard to predict, but when there is a new moon, our moods are quiet and spiritual.

People of the Moon are emotional and have a lot of mood swings, but they are good at adapting to their surroundings. The moon’s resonance gives people artistic skills and ideas. There is a rich inner world and a lot of creativity.

They reach their goals by going around or around obstacles and using good chances when they come up.

Moon people are always unconsciously looking for a “sun” person who can shine their light on them and who they can count on.

They care about their families, are loyal, and sensitive, and don’t take a lot of chances.

Moon people are good diplomats because they don’t say harsh things.

Its Strength: Controls intelligence, the radiance of the face, and a calm disposition. Linked to traveling abroad, clothing, distilleries, and goods.
Its Weakness: Has a shaky mind and is always drawn to the other person’s beauty.
 The significant time for making decisions is after 8 p.m.

Number 3 is Connected to Jupiter ♃:

People born on the 3, 12, 21, and 30 of any month.
Most people from Jupiter are optimistic and have a good attitude toward others and themselves. They usually have a deep understanding of who they are, give love to others, and expect respect in return.

They don’t argue over small things, avoid hard situations and fights, and often act like magnets, bringing happiness and peace to themselves. The way they think helps them reach their goals. People under this number feel responsible, want to improve themselves, are influenced by idealism, have trouble making decisions, and want to be noticed.

They want to get something for themselves by being honest. They are willing to go out of their way and stand up for people who need help. They are clearly interested in art. The third, sixth, and ninth types go well with them.

Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system. It is big and strong, and it has a lot of moons that orbit it. It’s like there’s another sun inside our sun.

Jupiter is a father figure and loves to be surrounded by family and life.

Jupiter is the planet with the most sound. When the Voyager satellite went by Jupiter, all of its meters and measuring tools went crazy because Jupiter gives off so much electromagnetic noise.

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Around Jupiter is a huge field of information that goes out thousands of kilometers into the space around it. These Jupiter traits make a person talk loudly, act confidently, enjoy humor, and be “jovial” in a literal sense (the word jovial means “Jupiter-like”).

In general, a Jupiter person is outgoing and loves to be the center of attention.

At the same time, Jupiter is full of “gas” and can “puff itself up,” making it look bigger or more solid than it really is.

Jupiter people are happy and like to talk to other people. They give a lot and want to get a lot back. Exchange must be important and have meaning.

People who live on Jupiter are very aware of their status.

Its Strength: Knowledge, standing up for virtues and justice, and respecting older people. Good at being counselors, ministers, and thinkers.
Its Weakness: Too interested in money and looking for ways to make more of it. 
The significant day for making decisions is on Thursday.


Number 4 is Connected to Uranus ♅: Rahu.

People born on the 4, 13, 22, and 31 of any month.
These people are very stubborn and don’t follow the rules. They do things their own way. They try to make changes in society and turn away from the past. These are kind, independent people who don’t follow the rules.

They try to make as many friends as they can, are interested in spirituality, and love and respect nature. Even though the people of Uranus are independent, they are not closed off and don’t mind being around other people.

Even after their marriage has ended, they still keep in touch with their ex-spouse. People like this are always on the go, work hard, are nervous, have a great memory, and are good at getting things done. People of the first, second, and seventh types work well together.

Uranus is the coldest planet in our solar system. Its temperature is about -220 degrees Celsius. Large cloud formations can be seen in the sky.

The lowest clouds are made of water, and the clouds higher up are made of methane. Ice and rocks make up the planet itself. The clouds make the light blue sky look cloudy and hard to see through.

Uranus people are mysterious and deep, like the planet itself. They don’t give away much about themselves at first glance.

Uranus is the planet with the least noise. On the other hand, when you get close to Jupiter, it makes a lot of electromagnetic noise.

Uranus is surrounded by big, vertical rings. Uranus’ rings are vertical, while Saturn’s are horizontal. This shows that the two planets are at odds with each other.

Uranus has an almost 90-degree tilt in its axis. This makes Uranus “roll” along its axis, while the other planets move like spinning tops along their paths.

This makes Uranus different from all the other planets. This means that Uranus people do and say the opposite of what everyone else does and says. There is both a quirky and a rebellious side.

Uranus takes 84 years to go around the sun, and because its axis of rotation isn’t straight, one side is always in light while the other side is always in dark for a whole season. This means that both summers and winters are very long.

On Uranus, the change from summer to winter happens very quickly, which is a sign of upheavals and violent changes. Because of this, Uranus stands for sudden changes that can affect a person, a generation, or the whole world.

The long winter is a sign that the energy of Uranus goes deep. It’s not quick and shallow, but in-depth and deep.

Since the north and south poles aren’t fixed, Uranus doesn’t have a firm view of how things are. Instead, the truth is seen as relative and can always be questioned.

Its Strength: Strong and has a good sense of character. Astrology says that they have a lot of occult and physical skills.
Its Weakness: They can’t make decisions and get into fights. 
The significant day for making decisions is on Saturday.

numerology planets

Number 5 is Connected to Mercury ☿:

People born on the 5, 14, and 23 of any month.
People with this sign have a very active and unique way of thinking. They take the lead in everything, and if they don’t, they quickly find a good reason. They often try to test their strength in jobs that aren’t common.

They don’t understand stupid habits. Everything comes to a boil in their hands, and they do everything quickly. They think, come to conclusions, and work quickly. For them, being able to say what they think is very important.

They have a strong desire to learn, are critical and resourceful, but quickly give up when they fail. There are two sides to this person. People like and like these people. They aren’t very good with money, but they are always interested in all aspects of life, charming, and never lose who they are.

They speak the same language as their own kind, but for the most part, they get along well with everyone else.

Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun and revolves around the Sun in 88 days.
This quick orbit time reflects in the way that Mercury people see life. Mercury people quickly go around any topic and can see everything from all angles simultaneously.

Mercury people are very mentally awakened and aware. They have a quick mind that can digest a lot of information, process it, and pass it on. They do everything fast – they speak fast, talk fast, eat fast, think fast, extract the essence of things quickly, and make fast conclusions.

Mercury is the Roman god for communication, business, trade, and money and has small wings on his ankles. The Mercury person loves interaction, communication, and networking.

A person is said to be “Mercurial” when you don’t know where you have him/her. This is often the case with Mercury people. Their thinking and desire for freedom can sometimes be so high that they seem to slip through your fingers.

Mercury gets along with all the other planets. Its proximity to the Sun and quick orbit makes it able to see things from everybody’s perspective.

Its Strength: I’m good with money and I’m smart. Good at PR, talking to people, electronics, and philosophy.
Its Weakness: Very short-tempered. 
The significant day for making decisions is on Wednesday.


Number 6 is Connected to Venus ♀:

People born on the 6, 15, or 24 of any month
People with this sign give off an air of sensuality, and everyone loves them. Their charm helps them avoid all the bad things that can happen in life. Since they get everything easily, they have to be very careful with money or they could lose a lot of it.

But they never run out of money. Most of the time, they are married to a rich person. They like pretty things and are always in a good mood. Most of the time, these are very pretty people.

Sometimes they are too proud and care too much about how they look. They know what’s going on in the world, are creative, friendly, and good at arts. With success, they work in areas where they have to talk to a lot of people and have a sense of right and wrong.

If they have a goal, they work hard to reach it, but most of the time they just want to enjoy life. Especially good with the third, sixth, and ninth types, but also very friendly and peaceful on their own.

Clouds surround Venus and cover her like a veil. She is beautiful, mysterious, and almost as big as the planet Earth. People who are ruled by the number 6 have a lot of sensuality, charisma, and beauty. Venus is the energy of love.

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But don’t be fooled by that! Venus is full of volcanoes and rivers of lava. When you look at the 6 diamonds, you can see that their essence is 9, which is the number of the warrior. In this way, the number 6 becomes a sign of the power of women. On the outside, it looks mysterious and beautiful, but on the inside, it has a lot of power.

The Venus person is very sensual and knows what it means to love and be loved on a deep level.

All of life’s problems are easy for them to get around because of their charm. Venus people use love and charm to get what they want in life, and they often marry someone who is richer and can take care of them.

Venus loves all things that are beautiful, and people from Venus are very attractive. Sometimes they are too proud and care too much about how they look.

They know what’s going on in the world and are open-minded, friendly, and creative.

If they have to reach a goal, they can be stubborn and work hard, but most of the time they would rather give their soul to enjoy the pleasures and joys of life.

Its Strength: controls money, sexuality, and beauty. It has to do with music, cars, and sports.
Its Weakness: Having too much food or alcohol.
The significant day for making decisions is on Friday. 


Number 7 is Connected to Neptune ♆:

People born on the 7, 16, or 25 of any month
Since this planet is connected to the Moon, people from Neptune get along well with the second type. Most of the time, they are philosophical or religious, and they have a character that makes them easy to get along with.

Money often falls apart in their hands like snow, leaving them in a bad financial situation. They have good ideas, but they rarely follow them through to the end. They like to play the odds. These are people with soft, sensitive personalities who are kind and aware of how others are feeling.

They rarely make decisions, are usually weak and fragile, and they don’t like fights or arguments. Most of the time, they work in social services. They are often musical, and they care deeply about people who are in pain.

Neptune is the last planet in our solar system, and it sounds like the deepest parts of space. Neptune is a beautiful astral version of Earth. It is a deep blue color.

Winds on Neptune are the strongest in the solar system. They move faster than sound on Earth. But in the middle of the world, there is an ocean of peace.

Scientists think that there might be a huge ocean of water under Neptune’s clouds. This means that Neptune people have minds that are too busy and full of stress and worries, but they can reach deeper parts of their minds to find peace.

Poseidon, which is the Greek name for Neptune, is the sea god. He represents the psyche and the unconscious mind.

The architecture of Neptune stands for something important to the people of Neptune. On the surface, the fast winds represent a mind and soul that are too busy and a tendency toward anxiety.

Deep down, Neptune people are calm, spiritual, and have a deep sense of peace that is connected to the Cosmos.

People who are ruled by Neptune are often interested in philosophy, religion, or science, and they can be a bit compliant because they are afraid of a lot of things.

They have deep, thought-provoking ideas, but they don’t always have the power of finality to turn those ideas into real-world results. Most of the time, they prefer to stand back and watch instead of acting or taking part.

These are people who have soft personalities and are very sensitive to how others feel. They often have trouble making decisions, are often physically weak, and look like they could break easily. They don’t like fights and don’t accept them.

People from Neptune feel sorry for and understand the pain of others.

Its Strength: Science, knowing the soul, and being spiritual are his strengths. Good as doctors, occult scientists, and at making people feel better.
Its Weakness: bad eating habits, a lack of care, and being too sensitive. 
The significant day for making decisions is on Tuesday. 


Number 8 is Connected to Saturn ♄:

People born on the 8, 17, and 26 of any month.
People born under this sign are open-minded, but they don’t get along with other people very well and often feel lonely. Their coldness and isolation on the outside hide the fact that they want spiritual warmth but don’t know how to show it.

They don’t like things that are just on the surface; they like order and security. They have to work hard for everything and do everything on their own. Their way of life is marked by stability and, especially as they get older, by often having a lot of money.

People like this are stubborn and take a realistic view of things. Rules and laws are followed. They are practical, wise, careful, on time, and methodical in everything they do. They work very hard and don’t give up on their goals and ideas.

They don’t usually have to answer someone else. People with this personality type care more about their material well-being and need to be sure of their future. They also tend to be sad. They are always true, so you can always count on them. The best part is that they have things in common with people of the second type and understand people of the seventh type.

With its huge set of rings, Saturn might be the most beautiful planet.

The clouds at Saturn’s north pole make a shape called a hexagoic. The shape is huge, stretching over 13,800 km, which makes it bigger than the Earth.

There are six sides on a hexagon. Love and beauty are represented by the hexagon and the number 6. The number 6 is also in the middle of the 8 diamond (digit sum of 15).

This is a sign that the number 8 loves and wants to be loved very much.

Saturn’s huge rings show that it is connected to timelessness and memory that lasts forever. But they also show how Saturn likes to keep people away from him.

There can be skepticism and lack of trust.

Saturn people are open to others, but they don’t always understand them, and they can feel lonely. Their coldness and isolation make it look like they don’t want love (the 6 core), but they do.

They just don’t know how to show it (the rings that keep people at bay).

Saturn people don’t like being shallow. Instead, they like order and security in their lives. Saturn is the planet of karma and fate, so everything comes to them hard and they have to do everything themselves.

People from Saturn follow rules and laws. In everything they do, they are practical, wise, careful, on time, and methodical. They work hard and keep going until they reach their goals and realize their ideas.

Saturn’s energy wants you to be financially stable and know what will happen in the future.

Saturn people are very reliable and both give and expect loyalty.

Its Strength: Loyalty, longevity, and changing over time. Good at manual labor, oil, mines, and farming.
Its Weakness is a lack of morals or fear.
The significant day for making decisions is on Saturday. 


Number 9 is Connected to Mars ♂:

People born on the 9, 18, and 27 of any month.
The people of Mars are ready to take over by themselves. They don’t listen to reasons why something shouldn’t be done. They have courage and a strong will, and because of these things, they do very well.

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But their actions are hurt by their tendency to act on impulse. Most of the time, they don’t weigh their strengths and don’t use them in a smart way. They often have problems with love and relationships because they are too proud.

They have good organizational skills and will not put up with being in a lower position. If they had used their strengths and skills on purpose, they could have done very well. So, the only way to tell them apart is by their initiative, energy, and ability to do things on their own.

These leaders rely on themselves and won’t let anyone beat them. They can be cruel and cocky at times, but they have a lot of willpower. Find people of the third, sixth, and ninth types with whom you can get along.

Mars is a red planet with towering rock formations and mountains that are twice as high as Mount Everest. Scientists think that there was once water on the surface because there are rock abysses that look like the Grand Canyon.

Mars is two-thirds the size of Earth, and its gravitational field is only about 60% as strong as Earth’s. This means that you can jump much higher on Mars than here on Earth.

Mars, the Roman god of war, brings the end of the world and the final judgment. People from Mars are often brave and ready to take over the world. They have courage and a strong will, and because of these things, they do very well.

But their actions are hurt by their impulsiveness. Most of the time, they don’t weigh their strengths and don’t use them in a smart way.

Because they are both often stubborn, proud, and insensitive, they can have trouble when it comes to love and relationships.

Mars gives people great skills in organization and leadership.

Mars people can be very successful if they know how to use their natural strength, discipline, drive, and focus.

Its Strength: Strength, stamina, independence, persistence. Good in kitchen, jewels, iron, metal.
Its Weakness: are anger, hatred, and being unable to relax. 
The significant day for making decisions is on Tuesday. 

Keynote: planetary number

Number 1 – Sun ☉:
Number 2 – Moon ☽
Number 3 – Jupiter ♃
Number 4 – Uranus ♅
Number 5 – Mercury ☿
Number 6 – Venus ♀
Number 7 – Neptune ♆
Number 8 – Saturn ♄
Number 9 – Mars ♂

Planetary relationships with each other 

All the other numbers and planets also have a positive or negative relationship with each other. Here’s how these connections work:

Number Time Period Impact
Number 1 21st July to 20th August positive
Number 2 21st June to 20th July positive
Number 3 21st November to 20th December
19th February to 20th March
Number 4 21st July to 20th August positive
Number 5 21st May to 20th June
21st August to 20th September
Number 6 20th April to 20th May
21st September to 20th October
Number 7 21st July to 20th August positive
Number 8 21st December to 20th January positive
Number 9 21st March to 19th April
20th October to 21st November

The Astrological Signs, Elements & Tarot Connection with Numbers from 1-12

# Astrological sign Planet Element Minor Arcana
1 Aries Mars Fire Wands
2 Taurus Venus Earth Pentacles
3 Gemini Mercury Air Swords
4 Cancer Moon Water (Earth) Cups
5 Leo Sun Fire Wands 
6 Virgo  Mercury Earth  Pentacles 
7 Libra Venus  Air
8 Scorpio  Pluto & Mars Water
9 Sagittarius  Jupiter Fire Wands 
10 Capricorn Saturn Earth Pentacles
11 Aquarius Uranus & Saturn Air Swords
12 Pisces Neptune & Jupiter Water Cups


The Personal Qualities  Connected to Planets  Color &  Stones


# Qualities Planet Color Stones
1 Pioneer ~ Beginning, Individuality, Leadership The Sun   Red Ruby, Garnet
2 Supporter ~ Duality, Partnership, Union The Moon Orange   Carnelian
3 Communicator ~ Creativity, Expression, Growth Jupiter Yellow  Citrine
4 Salt of the Earth ~ Process, Stabilization Saturn Green  Bloodstone
5 Flexible ~ Change, Freedom, Sensation Mercury Light Blue  Aquamarine
6 Nurturer ~ Sharing, Family, Home Venus Indigo  Lapis Lazuli
7 Seeker/Mystic ~ Rest, Deeper Truths, The Mysteries Uranus / Neptune Purple   Amethyst
8 Warrior ~ Success, Power, Achievement Mars    Brown  Petrified Wood
9 Transformer ~ Selflessness, Compassion, Endings Pluto Pastels  Geode


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Which planet is 1 in numerology?:

The Ruling Planet of Number 1 in numerology is the Sun

Which planet is 2 in numerology?:

The Ruling Planet of Number 2 in numerology is the Moon

Which planet is 3 in numerology?:

The Ruling Planet of Number 3 in numerology is Jupiter

Which planet is 4 in numerology?:

The Ruling Planet of Number 4 in numerology is Uranus

Which planet is 5 in numerology?:

The Ruling Planet of Number 5 in numerology is Mercury

Which planet is 6 in numerology?:

The Ruling Planet of Number 6 in numerology is Venus

Which planet is 7 in numerology?:

The Ruling Planet of Number 7 in numerology is Neptune

Which planet is 8 in numerology?:

The Ruling Planet of Number 8 in numerology is Saturn

Which planet is 9 in numerology?:

The Ruling Planet of Number 9 in numerology is Mars.