3 of Pentacles Tarot Card

Three of Pentacles in Love and Relationships

The Three of Pentacles represents cooperation, collaboration, emotions, and the pursuit of shared goals. This card depicts a young apprentice engaging in cathedral construction. He is discussing his task with a priest and a nobleman. Their shared objective is to conclude the cathedral’s construction, for which they are all cooperating.

The Three of Pentacles serves as a delicate reminder of the proverb, “If you wish to travel far, travel with others; if you wish to travel quickly, travel alone.” To create anything remarkable, we need more than just ourselves. Since dancing requires two companions, this also applies to partnerships.

Three of Pentacles standing upright

The threes in the tarot represent the achievement of an objective; they combine the energy of the ace and the twos with a supporting element and frequently involve a group.

In this situation, the upright Three of Pentacles represents the fulfilment of all conditions necessary to advance your business, transaction, enterprise, or other endeavour. The Three of Pentacles indicates that all necessary abilities are converging at this moment.

Frequently, successful initiatives require multiple kinds of knowledge. You are simply relishing your time as a team and the early success of this larger endeavour.

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The three pentacles signify that you have made progress in achieving your goals; they are a symbol of encouragement that you should not give up.

The Three of Pentacles also cautions individuals not to disregard the talents of those around them, even if they are having difficulty achieving their goals on their own. To accomplish more than you could have ever envisaged, you require the assistance of individuals with diverse perspectives, experiences, and abilities.

Three of Pentacles upright as Emotions: for Relationships

The Three of Pentacles as emotions for established relationships suggests that this person believes your relationship is currently in a very pleasant place.

They believe that you two are more potent as a pair than individually. They have the experience of being heard and listened to. They believe that you will always be there for them and that the two of you can accomplish anything.


Three of Pentacles upright as Emotions: for Singles

The Three of Pentacles as feelings is a positive omen for singles and those beginning new relationships. They believe that you two would make an excellent team because you get along so well. They can observe the daily effectiveness of your partnership.

They are anxious to collaborate with you to investigate the potential of your relationship. This is a wonderful development for new partnerships.

Three of Pentacles, upright, as Emotions: for Ex

The Three of Pentacles as emotions suggests that if you are inquiring about an ex’s or ex-lover’s feelings for you, he or she has realised what a great team the two of you made. They lament the fact that you have never failed to defend them. They miss you standing by their side. This is an excellent initial sign if you are considering reconciliation or reuniting.

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Three of Pentacles upright: Do They Like Me?

They are gathering more information about you.

Three of Pentacles Reversed, Meaning

Reversing the meaning of the Three of Pentacles as feelings suggests that there is a lack of collaboration, that individuals are working against each other, and that the project is being undermined. They appear to be engaged in an unhealthy antagonism, each vying for dominance. Because so many individuals view their project collaborators as competitors, there are few available resources.

As a member of such a team, it is prudent to do everything possible to cultivate friendships. Due to the ongoing fighting, it is difficult to complete the undertakings depicted by the reversed Three of Pentacles. Nobody pays any heed to anyone else, and everyone prioritises their own interests. These divergent motivations and objectives produce complications. This initiative has a chance of moving forward if you are the first to reach out and give everyone a chance to be heard.

Three of Pentacles reversed as Emotions: for Relationships

The Three of Pentacles reversed as feelings indicates that you and your companion do not contribute equally to the partnership in committed relationships. Your partner may believe you take them for granted. There may be some hostility here. They feel as though they have worked diligently and desire to work hard. They believe, however, that their efforts are going unnoticed. Spend some time assuring them of your affection and appreciation for their efforts.

Three of Pentacles Reversed as Emotions: for Singles

The Three of Pentacles reversed as emotions indicates that singles and those in new relationships have felt that there have been many discussions but little action regarding this connection. They may be irritated and have doubts about your ability to function as a team. Since this is a crucial element of any long-term, healthy relationship, you should acquire it as soon as possible.

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Three of Pentacles Reversed as Emotions: for Ex

If you are contemplating how they feel about you, the Three of Pentacles reversed as feelings indicates that your ex believes it was difficult for the two of you to function as a team. In spite of how traumatic the breakup has been for them, they are beginning to realise how mismatched you and your partner were. They are currently not in the mood to make reparations. If you wanted to change their views, you would have to convince them that you could successfully collaborate.


Relationally and emotionally, the Three of Pentacles represents diligent work and cooperation. One person cannot maintain a connection. You must function as a cohesive unit. As long as you and your companion share the same goal and concentration, you can achieve anything.



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