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Is the Seven of Swords as Feelings? Yes or No Tarot Card Meanings

The Seven of Swords represents deceit, deception, plotting, ingenuity, and resourcefulness. This card depicts a man fleeing from a military garrison with five swords. He peers back and over his shoulder at the two swords he has left behind. He is beaming and thereby expressing his pleasure at evading detection.

The Seven of Swords serves as a gentle reminder that everything has both a dark and a bright aspect. Because we fear that we will not be appreciated for who we are, this card represents the dishonesty that is common in relationships. It also represents the sensible limit of putting one’s own requirements first. Keep in mind that you cannot give to others what you do not give to yourself. Your needs are equally important.


Meaning of the upright Seven of Swords as Feelings

The Seven of Swords is commonly interpreted as betrayal and deceit. This card may indicate that you or a close acquaintance or relative are having difficulty getting away with anything. Sometimes, in order to avoid detection, we are compelled to act cunning. When exposed, we must face the consequences, which may include humiliation, punishment, or worse.

This may occur when you are required to act swiftly and in a manner that is rather devious and out of character. The likelihood of a secret becoming public has increased. The desire to leave quietly indicates that something is no longer proceeding as anticipated.

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You decide to go incognito instead of coping with the situation, in the hope that no one will see you. It is possible that you ignored this issue in the expectation that it would go away on its own, thereby causing it to worsen and spread.

The central question when analysing the Seven of Swords is whether your current situation can be resolved by leaving. You may assume you have escaped, but when you attempt to flee, you discover that you are trapped and being discovered.

Sometimes, the Seven of Swords represents a determination to go it alone. You may feel the need to conduct independent investigation outside. If you want to circumvent group consensus and demonstrate your independence, this may be a successful strategy.

The Seven of Swords may encourage you to pursue this path, as an eccentric genius can occasionally produce a breakthrough.


Seven of Swords upright as Emotions: for Relationships

The Seven of Swords indicates that this person is wary and lacks trust in their current relationship. They believe it is difficult to be honest in a relationship. This deceitfulness is reciprocal.

They may believe you are tricking them, but they may also be playing a prank on you. They are concerned that if you discover the truth, you will not be content with them. There are numerous aspects of your relationship that require clarification. To clear the air, you must engage in an open and honest conversation.

Seven of Swords upright as Emotions: for Singles

The Seven of Swords is a card of anxiety for singles and those beginning new relationships. They believe that they cannot be themselves around you for whatever reason.

They believe they must don a mask at all times. They are under a great deal of stress and anxiety because they are petrified of your excessive responses. This could be founded on actual events or a projection of their previous negative interactions. Anyhow, for a relationship to be successful, both parties must be able to communicate openly.

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Straightforward Seven of Swords as Emotions: for Ex

The Seven of Swords indicates that the person you are inquiring about believes there was too much deceit in your relationship, be it with an ex-lover or an old partner.

They may feel terrible for lying and cheating, but since they are self-centered, they cannot see a solution. They consistently prioritise self-care and placing themselves first. This is not a positive sign if you are contemplating reconciliation or a reunion.


Seven of Swords upright: Do They Like Me?

The Seven of Swords is typically a bad omen, indicating that your companion (or potential suitor) dislikes you. If your relationship could be viewed as corrupt or sleazy in some way, the answer is that they like you.

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Meaning of the Reversed Seven of Swords as Feelings

Depending on the other cards in the reading, the reversed Seven of Swords can have a variety of interpretations. Initially, it may suggest that you must alter your strategy because your current methods are ineffective. The reverse of this card may represent an intensified form of the same activity. When this card is held upright, it may represent a triumph attained through deceit and cunning. Alternatively, a consciousness regeneration. To alleviate their guilt, you or someone in your network may choose to come open about a manipulation they may have participated in.

Even though trust has been damaged, a confession may be able to restore it. There is a desire to try an alternative, collaborative approach as opposed to an independent one.

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Seven of Swords reversed as Emotions: for Relationships

Reversed, the Seven of Swords represents solace for those in committed relationships. Any untruths and dishonesty they may have been bearing in your relationship have been removed. They are confident in their ability to convey the truth and are willing to do so. They have had enough of the tactics and games. Sincere to a fault, all they want is the future.

Seven of Swords reversed as Emotions: for Singles

The Seven of Swords inverted indicates that singles are extremely game-weary. This person desires a frank and direct relationship with you. They are getting bored with the same old activities. They value your relationship and wish to ensure it is founded on integrity.

Reversed Seven of Swords: for Emotions

When the Seven of Swords is reversed, it indicates that the person whose feelings you are attempting to ascertain has let go of the falsehoods surrounding your previous relationship. They are exhausted by deception. They are tired of constantly having to recall their lies. They are prepared for a fresh start. This indicates that you and your partner may be able to start over if you are contemplating reconciliation or reuniting.


The Seven of Swords represents emotional and relational deceit. Constantly, we strive to be our best selves for those we adore. This may occasionally cross the line into the domain of deception. The Seven of Swords warns that telling lies in a relationship will not be beneficial over time.



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