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33 Meaning – Seeing 33 Angel Number

Angel number 33 is a number of very high spiritual and emotional valence. It is said to be linked to many icons in spiritual and religious circles such as that of the ancient masters who have ascended or the third eye in Buddhism, or the holy trinity in Christianity. The energy of 33 connects your physical life with that of the spiritual and keeps them intertwined.

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Among the religious, coming in contact with angel number 33 after a spiritual session of prayer or meditation is usually an indicator from your angels that your prayers have reached the spiritual world and are being tended to.

Angel Number 33 is a highly vibrating number that lets off energies of positivity, upliftment, and nurture. These energies bring about the desire to love and to care for others, to help the helpless and to teach the ignorant. 
This flow of energy is very influential and angel number is often seen to be the number with the most influence. 
The best way to gain a proper understanding of the energy of the 33 angel number is to relate it to the ancient masters of the great religions like the Buddha or Christ.

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33 Meaning

These masters showed through their lives and works that anything is achievable to those who operate in love and undertake activities for the greater benefit of all men. These ancient masters whom people all over the world look to in prayer hold all their supplicants in a place of unbiased, unconditional love.

Qualities of influence and spiritual dominance

The teachings of the ancient masters professed love and those who truly follow them are healers and help others selflessly. As mentioned already, angel number 33 is the number of the ancient masters and so it holds the qualities of influence and spiritual dominance that they possess. Individuals touched by this angel number are usually lifted to higher levels of spiritual enlightenment.

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33 Angel Number

33 Angel number holds in it a double dose of the creativity, optimism, joy, and other energies that angel number 3 carries within it. 
Although 33 Angel number does not reduce further because of its “master number” status, it does incorporate the nurturing energy that comes with angel number 6.

That combination creates deep energy wells of compassion, the desire to help and guide others, and inspiration even in the most difficult times. It also carries the energy of honesty, the courage to do the right thing, and loving discipline.

As a master number 33 holds in it the pure spiritual energy of master number 11 and energy of master number 22

This allows it to bring concepts from the spiritual into the physical realm. By incorporating these energies, angel number 33 is able to offer its own energies of loving-kindness, thoughtfulness, and spiritual guidance to those whose lives it appears in.  

This energy of loving-kindness that angel number 33 holds helps you to love yourself and others in an unbiased manner.

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If you are seeing 33 often then you are being encouraged to reach out and help someone else.

Your angels may be asking that you go into someone else’s life in order to love them, teach them, or simply help them heal.

Angel number XXXIII

Angel number 33 is not only the most influential but the most selfless of the numbers. Its energy is reminiscent of selfless acts of service that are done with no hope for rewards but only with high regard, cheerfulness and joy.

The Roman Numeral of Angel Number 33 is XXXIII

As the number of ancient masters, it carries the energy of teachers who work in love and compassion. Number 33 has energies that support ideas and that will be devoted and sincere.

Many religious workers and spiritual teachers frequently claim to be followed by number 33. They are driven to learn and creatively pass on their learnings to others selflessly. They are encouraged to heal people around them and to empower them to do the same for other people. 




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Seeing 33

Have you woken up from a dream and checked the time on your clock to see that it was 00:33, 1:33 or 3:33? The dream you had may have been significant and your angels wanted you to take note of it.
Angel number 33 typically means you have a spiritual purpose for which you need to grow.
It signals your connection to the ancient masters and maybe ushering you towards a Master Teacher who will enter your life and help you aim and achieve your higher spiritual purpose. 

The Spiritual Meaning of 33

Among spiritual practitioners and students of the esoteric, a repeated reveal of the number 33 represents the beginning of a period of spiritual growth.
If you have been seeing the number 33 while going through unusual experiences, the angels are trying to tell you that these experiences and events are forming a foundation that you can use to grow personally, professionally, or spiritually. 

For creators, exposure to the number 33 can be a cue to get more in touch with your imagination and give attention to your creative dreams.

What does the number 33 symbolize?

The number 33 is a master number that symbolizes growth and abundance. The vibrations of this master number are related to the ability to become more than what you once were and to have enough to give unto others.
It is the symbolic number of the master teacher and is venerated by religions and spiritual workers as a number to learn from.

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