Numerology: What is Numerology? And How Does it Work?

Numerology: Meaning, History and Its Uses

Throughout the ages, numerology has challenged and mystified many. Its history is intricate and its uses are plentiful. When we harness and utilize the wisdom that lies within numbers we are given an insight into ourselves, past, present, and future.


Insights to Numerology Numbers

Numerology 1 Numerology 2 Numerology 3
Numerology 4 Numerology 5 Numerology 6
Numerology 7 Numerology 8 Numerology 9
Master Number 11 Master Number 22 Master Number 33


What is Numerology?

Numerology is the study of numbers. It is believed, in spiritual communities, that numbers have different energies and meanings.
Each number has its divine connection to Source which can tell us about who we are, predict the future, and give us insights into our past.

This form of divination has been practiced by many cultures and civilizations around the world. Not only does this correspond with individual numbers and sequences, but numerology also focused on the numerical value of letters. Each letter has a specific value that can give insights into how a person’s name impacts their life path.


It is a universal language that has brought countless people together from different backgrounds and creeds. The predictions and wisdom that it offers have made it a popular tool in this modern age. Many rely upon it as a form of divination that can help to shed light on the intrinsic value of numbers and how their vibration influences our lives. People also resonate to finding love with numerology, finding partners whom which they connect with according to numerology, yes numerology dating is a things, see which numbers are good matches according to numerology we got an article on that here

Often, the meaning of numbers is applied to the principles of angel numbers. These are cryptic messages that are sent to us in the form of numerical sequences. These synchronicities appear when least expected and it is common for the same angel number to make a frequent appearance. 

Types of Numerology

There are many different forms of numerology that each has its own set of rules. However, there are four main types:


1. Chaldean Numerology

The Chaldean people ruled ancient Babylon from 625–539 BC. Their form of numerology was built upon the belief that everything in the universe is formed by vibrations, the principle was applied to numbers. The numbers 1-8 are part of their numerological chart, however 9 was left out as it was considered to be sacred.


2. Kabbalah Numerology

This type of numerology is Hebrew in origin. It focuses on the name of the individual as opposed to the birth date. There are more than 400 values in this system, however the most common number is the main focus.


3. Tamil Numerology

Often referred to as Indian or Vedic numerology, it is considered to be one of the oldest forms. It studies the planets and their relationship with the primary number 1-9. By using this form of numerology we can work out our life path, psychic and name number


4. Pythagorean Numerology

Also known as western numerology, it was created and named after the famous Greek philosopher. The world-renowned mathematician contributed to the development of the theory of numbers. He assigned numbers to each letter in the alphabet and used this theory to build upon his understanding of the universe

Others are:

  1. Abracadabra
  2. Chinese Numerology (mystical & I-Ching traditions.)
  3. Indian Vedic Numerology (The Numbers And Their Planetary Rulership)
  4. Shamanistic Numerology ( a combination of Celtic and Cherokee)\

The Numerology Charts


Pythagorean Numerology Chart System

Pythagorean Numerology Chart System


Chaldean Numerology Chart System


Kabbalah Numerology Chart

Kabbalah Numerology Chart


Chinese Numerology (mystical & I-Ching traditions.)

I-Ching - Chinese numerology

Indian Vedic Numerology (The Numbers And Their Planetary Rulerships)

Numerology: What is Numerology? And How Does it Work? Angel number

Shamanistic Numerology ( a combination of Celtic and Cherokee)

Shamanistic Numerology

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Attributes of Numerology Numbers

Number 1

Positive: Individuality, leadership, and courage
Negative: Egotism and selfishness
Traits: Infinite Possibility, Eternity, Circle of Life

Number 2

Positive: Harmony, love, and diplomacy 
Negative: Timidness and over sensitivity
Traits: Balance, Partnership, Diplomacy, Polarity

Number 3

Positive: Creative skills, imagination, and sociability
Negative: Exaggeration and pessimistic
Traits: Creativity, Joy, Communication, Self Expression, Artist

Number 4

Positive: Practicality, systematic and hard work
Negative: Strict and inflexible
Traits: Pragmatism, Realist, Problem Solving

Number 5

Positive: Freedom, entertainment, and knowledge
Negative: Change, restlessness, and nerves
Traits: Adventurous, Change, Innovation, Risk, Freedom Challenge

Number 6

Positive: Domesticity, the home, children, and taking care of others
Negative: Dependency, sensitivity
Traits: Harmony, Community, Love, Healing, Service, Family

Number 7

Positive: Spirituality, occult, and wisdom
Negative: Laziness and selfishness
Traits: Spirituality, Intellect, Personal Growth, Solitude

Number 8

Positive: administration and judgment
Negative: moodiness and carelessness with money
Traits: Authority, Manifestation, Business Leadership, Abundance, Goals

Number 9

Positive: humanitarian, light working, and selflessness
Negative: too selfless at times
Traits: Wisdom, Closure, Completion, Service to Humanity

Master Numbers

There are several that are deemed as special due to their extra sense of potential. These are referred to as master numbers and there are three in existence – 11, 22, and 33.

Master Number 11

11 is the master teacher or the karmic teacher. It brings enlightenment, inspiration and can evoke psychic abilities. This mystical number is ruled by Neptune, the planet which is linked to spirituality and extrasensory observations. It is also related to the tarot card Justice and the archangel Uriel.

Positive: intuition, inspiration, and spirituality
Negative: impracticality

Master Number 22

22 is referred to as the master builder. It vibrates with the ancient wisdom of the universe and manifests dreams into reality.

Positive: materialism, spiritual mastery, and luminary
Negative: conflict within




The Connection of Numerology with Angel numbers 

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Life Path Number

A person’s life path number is their purpose. In this sense, it is similar to their sun sign as it shows their strengths, weaknesses, and ambitions. It can be calculated by adding the figures in a birth date.

For example, if we want to work out the life path number for the birth date 17th November 1993 we would do the following calculation where we reduce each digit down to a single number:

21th: 2+1 = 3

November : 11th month : 1+1 = 2

1962 : 1 + 9 + 6 + 2 = 18 : 1+8 = 9

Then, the remaining figures (3 + 2 + 9) are added together to make 14. We then do the final part of the sum which is to add 1+4, this gives us the life path number 5.

Life Path Number 1



Life Path Reading


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Numerology: What is Numerology? And How Does it Work? Angel number

The Complete Guide to the Soul Urge Numbers

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Personality Numbers

Numerology and Personality Numbers


Numerology Personality Traits

Discover the Numerology Personality Traits


Personal Year Number

With every year that passes everybody has a personal year number that sets its tone and direction. The purpose of the calendar year is deciphered by the energy of this number. To calculate this we need the day that we were born, the month, and the year that we want to analyze. These figures are then added together to form a single-digit number.

To demonstrate we will use the birthday 17th July 1993.

17th : 1 + 7 = 8
July : the 7th month : 7
2021 : 2+0+2+1 : 5

We then add the last figures 8 + 7 + 5 which equals 20. It is important to note that at this stage if this figure is a master number then it should not be reduced further. This concept is also applied to the life path number calculation. However, as this example is comprised of 2 numbers that are not master numbers we add them again to further reduce it which gives us the Personal Year Number 2.

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