Numerology Numbers

Each number in Numerology number from 1 to 9, has a spiritual meaning, which can be applied to individuals in different ways. Where each number represents unique personality traits.

Numerology 5

Numerology 5 – Meaning of Number 5

Numerology 5 symbolizes an exciting personality, enjoying living adventures, it also refers to a person who likes to deeply analyze the origin of everything that surrounds them, superficial explanations will not be enough. Curious, a born researcher, this person will not get tired of looking for an answer until understanding all the aspects of what …

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Numerology 7 – Meaning of Number 7

Numerology 7 as a general rule, are kind and protective people, possess strong self-confidence and great Samaritan spirit. They are usually magnanimous and generous. Despite the image of strength and security. It is common for them to have slow digestions and also frequent headaches. They are beings lacking in initiative, often giving the image of …

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numerology 9

Numerology 9 – Meaning of Number 9

Numerology 9 is the number of universal love so it is a person bathed by that energy, very self-sacrificing dedicated altruistic noble intelligent efficient perfectionist disciplined intuitive and generous. Their attitude inspires confidence in others, they seek to help out without asking for anything in return and are willing to lend a hand whenever needed. …

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Numerology Personality Traits

Discover the Numerology Personality Traits

With numerology there are so many different things you can discover about yourself and other. Would you like to know the core traits of people with there numerology number. Below I have listed a few both good and bad traits a person may have. 1 Numerology Personality Traits Individualism Independence Attainment Determined Innovator Creative Leadership …

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