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How can it possibly be that the Law of attraction works?

The first time I have come in contact with the Law of attraction, was through the book the Secret from Rhonda Byrne. Reading it for the first time, it sounded just too good to be true!

The concept of living in a universe that consists of energy completely made sense to me, as I am a scientific myself and had also touched the subject of the atomic basis of our environment as well as ourselves in pretty much detail.

Also the fact, that our thoughts do have a vibrational frequency was nothing new to me, as the transmission of every thought involves the transfer of little electrical charges in the cell tissue to actually propagate a thought through our brain cells.


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We control our thoughts! Really?

But what intrigued me, was the bold statement made, that we do have control over our thoughts and can thus influence on which vibration we are actually attracting in that very moment.

At that time I was experiencing the classical feeling of being a victim of my thoughts on auto-pilot as well as the feelings that arise out of them, rather than being the one who actively navigates my feelings.


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So compelled to digging deeper, it led me to the awareness, that the human conditioning has always favored a certain filtering of the impressions a human being receives throughout the day.

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To illustrate this example of a filter in an extreme setting, it can be compared to the moment when someone falls in love and can only perceive the positive qualities of the beloved one.

Every word, gesture or act is seen through this glasses of being in love and during the first weeks or even months the beloved person seems to be simply flawless. So even though the brain does register other types of behavior, we cannot perceive it to be true.

Only once this temporary state has passed, does the other person start to depict types of behavior that were seemingly not existent before, but it was merely the filter of our own brain making up this illusion.


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Example of a conditioning filter

Similar to the example above, the behavioral conditioning is deeply anchored in every human being based on the messages received from the society we have grown up in. So from very early childhood on, certain things do receive more attention, while others are completely neglected.

Our brains simply cannot consciously treat the millions of sensory information that is captured every second we are awake. The beliefs that we acquire mainly during our childhood make up for the necessary filter, that decides what is relevant to us and thus must be made available to our conscious thinking.


This is a normal and highly important mechanism of survival developed and refined during the evolution of mankind to make sure, human beings are capable to react quickly and automatically to either prevent potential dangers or to handle more mundane and repetitive tasks, without having to think it through from scratch every time.

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Knowing that it is a conditioned belief, that interprets our environment for us, we can also understand, that there will be things some people can perceive, while others pass the same environment, but will not notice at all.

A good example for this are entrepreneurs seeing a need, that almost nobody else perceived to be there: they were in a receptive and open state to obtain the message, when in that particular situation, a problem arose and needed to be solved and they saw a possibility to fulfill this need themselves.


Change the conditioning!

Based on the finding that we all have our own specific and acquired filters in place to select, what information captured from our environment will be transmitted to our awareness, it inherently contains the “counter-measure” to change those filters.

Being aware, that it was a prolonged thought that led to this arbitrary selection we are currently experiencing, we can actively change those filters, by persistently taking the same action that put them there in the first place.


It is commonly known, that a consecutive practice of a mere 30 days is enough to change a conditioning that might have become a limiting belief  against what we might be aspiring to in our lives. During those 30 days the current belief system will challenge what we are trying to plant as a new thought into the given filters. That is quite normal.


The job of the practitioner in this case is to be consistent and not let loose before the thought has become the new conditioning and thus the permissive belief.

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This in turn leads to a new filter that will allow different experiences to our awareness. A prominent one to start with, is to be more positive in our lives. The positive filter will show us more situations and circumstances to be grateful for and thus lead to more positive thoughts.


Round it up

Those changed (limiting) beliefs and thus controlling our thoughts were the initial aim, right? So if we are capable of changing our thoughts, this fact can seamlessly be developed to match the vibrational frequency of every objective we want to reach. We can instill the new and useful belief that we are having perfect health, do enjoy monetary abundance, have managed to find the perfect soul mate or are completely at ease with our own unique personality, without having to ask for permission to anyone.


And as you know, the divine, the universe or whatever name you might call it, does not distinguish between what we are perceiving in our minds from a sensory origin or what is just our created and beautifully pictured imagination. It is compelled to attract that image we hold in our minds and bring it into our reality.







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