Self-Worth Affirmations: 25 Affirmations for Self Worth

How much self-worth would you say you have? What is Self-Worth Affirmations?

Self-worth is the belief that you have value; that you matter. It could be considered similar to self-esteem and self-confidence. The three go together in a harmonious cycle where the more you have of one the more you have of the others. Affirmations of self-worth and affirmations about self-worth are great tools to have on your side.

Why are Affirmations About Self Worth Important?

What makes affirmations of self-worth so important is the power of self-worth. The power of believing in yourself. Those who believe they have value understand that their actions have weight to them. They believe that what they do does matter. They know it does. Self-confidence is the belief that you can do something, and self-worth is the belief that what you do matters.

The greater the value you place on yourself the more you’ll want to take care of yourself. One reason that we let people walk all over us is that we believe we don’t deserve any better. You can’t fight for a better life if you don’t believe you are worth it. It’s all too easy to get stuck in that pit of despair. What’s hard is getting out of it. That’s where affirmations for self-worth can help.

Self Worth Brings Confidence

Self-worth also brings with it an air of confidence. The more you believe in yourself, the more confident you are. It makes other people put more value on you too.

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Your friends will see you as someone that has a lot to say and do and negative people in your life won’t even try to take advantage of you. They know that you wouldn’t let them anyway. It all adds to the self-regenerative pattern of self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth. The more you believe you can succeed the more you do and the more you believe you can.

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The importance of Self-Worth Affirmations

It all goes to further highlight the importance of self-worth affirmations. As you repeat these affirmations to yourself, you come to believe in them. Affirmations work by affecting your subconscious and conscious mind. They help you to create positive attitudes, habits, and actions to create a better life for yourself.

As your self-worth improves, so too does your belief that you deserve to live a good life. You want to make it happen and you won’t let anything stop you.

Affirmations of all kinds are great tools. They can be used for much more than just boosting self-worth. There’re affirmations for money that help you create that “millionaire mindset”. There are affirmations to lose weight that help foster habits for weight loss.

There are health affirmations to stay healthy and respect your body. Affirmations of self-love help you love yourself more. Gratitude affirmations help you to be grateful for the things you have in life. They can be used for just about anything.


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Manifesting Self-Worth with these Affirmations

If you need some help practicing self-worth affirmations then don’t worry. Here are some of the very best affirmations for self-worth around. Repeat them to yourself and make them a part of who you are, and you’ll always believe in your own value as a human being.

My characters are much more famous than I am, so I don’t crave attention; I just crave working and doing good work. Having a feeling of self-worth.
– Kayvan Novak

25 Affirmations for Self Worth

1. I deserve to love myself & I deserve to be loved
2. I am worth it
3. I recognize that I am unique
4. I recognize that I deserve to be happy
5. I am true to myself
6. Today I choose to be the best version of myself
7. I am an important person
8. I am comfortable in the present
9. I always think like a winner in every situation
10. Today I allow myself to let go of my negative self-talk
11. I decide to release old judgments and love myself unconditionally
12. I choose to neutralize all negative thoughts
13. I trust myself in making great decisions
14. Every day I learn how to grow from every difficulty
15. I am a problem solver
16. I am an achiever
17. Today I will find the good in every situation
18. I choose to make positive choices in my life
19. I celebrate my victories
20. I radiate positive energy
21. I picture myself achieving my goals
22. Everything I do turns to success
23. Every day I see endless opportunities in front of me
24. I have the power to change myself
25. Today I will keep my thoughts only on my goals and dreams

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