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Find Your Compatibility Number – Numerology Compatibility

As human beings with a curious nature from birth, we have always been attracted to knowing what the future holds for us. The good thing is that over the years, numerology has evolved to the point where it can be right as far as compatibility is concerned. It is very interesting to know the factors you have in common with your partner and what are those characteristics you need to improve so the couple can have a wonderful future ahead of them. To achieve these goals, you can use numerology compatibility.

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The Numerology Chart

Compatibility Number

What is even better are the tools that facilitate the study of compatibility such as the numerology chart.

To make proper use of this chart, you must first calculate your and your partner’s life path number.
Then with the resulting numbers, you will proceed to evaluate the relationship.

In the chart you will find who are the perfect couples according to your life path number, with whom you will have good compatibility, with whom you will be able to have a neutral relationship, that is neither good nor bad, but you will also find those pairs who will require more effort to understand each other.

Life path
Neutral Requires
1 1, 5, 7 3, 9 8 2, 4, 6
2 2, 4, 8 3, 6 9 1, 5, 7
3 3, 6, 9 1, 2, 5 * 4, 7, 8
4 2, 4, 8 6, 7 * 1, 3, 5, 9
5 1, 5, 7 3, 9 8 2, 4, 6
6 3, 6, 9 2, 4, 8 * 1, 5, 7
7 1, 5, 7 4 9 2, 3, 6, 8
8 2, 4, 8 6 1, 5 3, 7, 9
9 3, 6, 9 1, 5 2, 7 4, 8

The correct method to understand the table is as follows. For example, first, you must calculate the life path number of both you and your partner.

If the result of your life path number is 3, it means the perfect match for you has life path number 3, 6, or 9. However, you will have a good match if your partner has life path number 1, 2, or 5.

But you should be very careful if your partner has the number 4, 7, or 8 because you are not compatible and you will have to work on your differences to have a good life path. Another way to have a better perspective of compatibility is to study the life path number of your partner, so you can know why you are or not a good combination from numerology.

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Numerology Calculator

amanda ross - angel numbersFor a better understanding of yourself, it is important to discover what the characteristics behind your full name and date of birth are. The good news is that numerology studies every factor in every letter, in every number, and therefore, every person has their unique number accompanied by special characteristics and different opportunities. However, to perform this study is easier through a numerology calculator because you can directly get your life path number, your personality number, and your destiny number. You can also obtain your partner’s number to study the compatibility in love.

You may wonder why the numerology calculator is so effective. Everything is possible because each letter of your name has an associated numerology number that has its characteristics. Therefore, each person has different results, because each letter has different values.

These numbers have a great influence on your personal, spiritual, professional development, and on your love relationships. It helps you to understand aspects of yourself that you were suddenly unaware of or to better visualize the strengths you have in your favor to take advantage of the opportunities’ life has for you.

Calculations of Your Name

7dayprayer ebookFor the calculation of your name to be perfect, you must involve absolutely everything in your name, including diminutives, suffixes, prefixes, surnames, everything, even if it was written with spelling errors, you must place it just as your original name is.

This is important, because if you use nicknames or omit relevant details about your name, the result will be inaccurate, or it may not relate to you.

An advantage of using the numerology calculator is it makes the calculation itself depending on the number you are looking for since each type of number has different ways to be calculated. Also, each result takes into account a different aspect of your life.


Calculations of Your Life Path Number, Personality Number, and Destiny Number.

In this sense, when calculating the destiny number, you can have a vision of the inner self, what motivates you and what your deepest desires are.
On the other hand, if you want to know what the journey will be like for you, the life path number is the perfect calculation for this.

When you indicate on the calculator which of the two numbers you are looking for, it will itself add up the figures related to the vowels when it is the destiny number or it will add up all the figures related to all the letters of the name if it refers to the life path number.

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Calculations of Master Numbers

What is even better, is when the numerology calculator finds a master number, such as 11, 22, or 33, it will respect it and not reduce it along with the rest of the numbers, so the result will be as accurate as possible.

At present, using a numerology calculator facilitates the study of the personality, saves time to perform the calculations of the name, and allows us to have greater accuracy with the result since human errors are avoided when performing the analysis. It also helps you to obtain a result when you do not know in depth all the rules involved in the calculation of the life path number, personality number, and destiny number. What will always be important, is to use the tool to get to know yourself better and to make the most of the information.7 day prayer miracle of Angel Numbers 1234

Numerology Numbers

You can’ t avoid the fact this life is surrounded by numbers all the time. The hour, the day, the month, the year, all correspond to a number. The most significant aspect of being surrounded by numbers is the high influence it has on both the personality of each of us and the decisions you make. Therefore, the study of numerology is necessary to have a better understanding of who you are, what your mission in life is, and how you can establish healthier love relationships.

Numerology Numbers Influences

Each numerology number will help you understand what its influence is in your life, how it affects your decision-making and how you can have a more pleasant life from any point of view, from the loving, professional, personal, and even spiritual. It will also give you the information you need to understand the signs you thought were often coincidences. For example, the angel numbers, when they appear in your life, each one has a different message for you, so taking them into account will be essential for your personal growth. It is not the same to meet the angel number 1 whose message seeks to make us aware of our thoughts, as it is to meet the angel number 7 who calls us to keep the good attitude because you are achieving the successes so longed for.

angel number 2121

Numerology Calculations

In numerology, the most accepted way to perform the calculations is through the Pythagorean numerology which is responsible for assigning each letter a different numerical value. With these values, the different calculations are made as to the destiny number, the life path number, and the personality number. In the Pythagorean method, master numbers such as 11, 22, and 33 are described. Besides, it provides unique personality traits within the study. For example, the number 11 has duplicated the personality traits of the number 1, which combines the male energy of Zeus with the female energy of Hera, symbolizing the union of light and darkness, of the immortal with the mortal, and the supremacy of a goddess with unstoppable strength.

Compatibility Number

Numerology numbers study the characteristics of the numbers 1 to 9. These are considered the basic numbers. Each person has different numbers depending on what they want to know about themselves. Even though the numbers are evaluated by the date of birth or the letters of the name, they are always reduced to a single digit. The exception will only occur if there is a master number, which is usually left aside and the rest of the numbers are simplified. Thus, a person can have the love compatibility number, the life path number, the destiny number, the personality number, among others. Not necessarily the same number will match in all calculations because each search has a different process. Also, the interpretation of each number obtained is adapted to the meaning that is being evaluated. For example, the meaning of the number 3 in love is different from the meaning of the same number concerning the destiny.

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Numerology Chart

A numerology chart allows us to effectively visualize the numbers influencing all aspects of our existence. However, to be able to do this you will need a lot of concentration to do all the calculations correctly.

The great advantage is that in numerology all calculations are simple and use your date of birth as well as your full name as a reference. But the first step is to know which are the numbers assigned to each of the letters, for this you can guide yourself with the following table:

Numbers Letters
1 A, J, S
2 B, K, T
3 C, L, U
4 D, M, V
5 E, N, W
6 F, O, X
7 G, P, Y
8 H, Q, Z
9 I, R

7 day prayer miracle for Angel numbers 1234The first element of the numerology chart is the destiny number. This calculation only uses the vowels of your name, so you must add up all the digits corresponding to each vowel of your name. Then you proceed to reduce this result by adding the digits individually.

You repeat this process until you have only one digit. When you have reduced the whole answer, the corresponding number will be your destiny number.

In the chart, to help you visualize better and make the calculation easier, you can make a box in the center with your full name and underneath the corresponding numbers. For example:

4 9 6 3 5 2

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Remember to add a new box with your destiny number to your chart. The second element to calculate is the personality number. amanda ross - angel numbersYou will only take into account the numbers assigned to the consonants of your name.
As in the first step, you must reduce the sum until you get a single digit.

Finally, you must calculate the life path number, in which you will add up both the values of the vowels and the values of the consonants.

If you get a master number in the process, remember to write it down, put it aside, and keep reducing the rest of the numbers.
At this point, your chart already has your name with the values in each letter, the destiny number, the personality number, and the life path number.


Calculations of Both Date and Time of Birth

Professionals also add to the chart the calculations for both the date and time of birth. They evaluate the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual planes by using certain digits of your name. At this point, they do not focus on the letter but on particular values to make the sum. But, in any case, once you have obtained the main numbers you will have enough information to be able to develop on a personal level, you will have a better vision of your qualities and even those of your partner.

Numerology & Love

7 day prayer miracle of Angel Numbers 1234Numerology has been over the years a fundamental foundation in love and relationships. It helps to determine the compatibility between two people, to know which are their strengths and weaknesses, which are the characteristics of the personality that benefits them, which is their mission in the future, how each one is on a spiritual level. Therefore, both can work on those qualities likely to cause problems and thus build a healthy love relationship.

Likewise, numerology helps determine if you are in front of your twin flame since it will evaluate its full name, date of birth, and compatibility with you. It will also help you recognize the signs angels send you about love since each message comes behind the surrounding numbers, so in love, each number will represent situations completely different from each other.

Numerology Matchmaking

amanda ross - angel numbersDid you know there are currently more than 100 million people using matchmaking apps? This is a giant number of people looking for their complement, to live the deepest experience of love.

The aspect to be careful about is the algorithms used to make the couples or to give you an alternative since not all these sites are based on numerology.

The disadvantage of not making couples based on numerology is the percentage of having a successful relationship can decrease to 12%. A very low number for the high expectations you have regarding these applications. Especially when the use of matchmaking apps for many is the only tool at hand to meet people, due to their busy day-to-day life or because they are shyer when it comes to making conversation.

The Human Part of Love, Being the Personality

You’re probably wondering what the algorithm used by these famous apps is like. It’s a bit disappointing because it system is based on how many likes a person has and how many rejections within the application. This way, it links people with the same amount of rejects in the app.

It omits the human part of love, which in any case would be the personality, having similar interests, or working in related fields. This is why the chances of a long-term relationship are very small. When an app is based on numerology, it evaluates the aspects of the personality of each participant, showing as an option those who have similarities and those who statistically can be more successful.

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The Compatibility of Two People

7 day prayer miracle for Angel numbers 1234It is a little difficult to talk about love only using numbers, however, numerology over time has shown a high success rate when studying the compatibility between two people. Of course, it’s up to each person to bring everything into play to make the encounter outside the application work perfectly.

An example would be the website which studies people’s birth dates and creates couples based on numerology, therefore, you will only meet people who in the worst-case scenario will end up being friends.

Another alternative is the app for android called NUiT Astrology Match, which besides studying the date of birth and compatibility of each participant, offers you a very interesting visual aspect so you can correctly evaluate the data and choose your possible partner knowing in advance the compatibility with each other.

Numerology Dating

The most special moments for a couple are dating. As gradually you get to know each other and fall in love together. The good news is that numerology offers you the necessary tools to go deeper into the personality of the person you are dating. By doing so, you can visualize beforehand what the future would be like together. You can use simple data such as full name or even date of birth.

Studying a Person’s Compatibility

The interesting part of studying a person’s compatibility when you are dating is being able to have a better understanding of your partner and therefore, be more empathetic to each other, which would end up raising your chances of a lasting love relationship.
However, the tools offered by numerology can also alert you whether the person will not meet your expectations when the courtship phase is over and the relationship becomes more serious. The study of personality will tell you both the positive and negative aspects of the partner, so it will always be interesting to do it as soon as possible.

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Compatibility by Life Path Number

Compatibility can also be studied through the life path number, so here is a list where you can quickly find out which number is ideal for a relationship.

  • Life path number 1: as these people are very demanding requires someone patient to balance the relationship, therefore, they have compatibility with numbers 3 and 5.
  • Life path number 2: these are people who love to support everyone around them, so they are compatible with the numbers 8 and 9.
  • Life path number 3: are lovers of adventure and unpredictable situations, therefore, get along great with the numbers 5 and 7.
  • Life path number 4: These are people who value solid and lasting relationships, being compatible with number 1, as they are very disciplined in everything they do.
  • Life path number 5: is compatible with the number 3 since they have a lot of creativity and a positive mentality. They are also compatible with the number 1 because of their unstoppable and very bold attitude.
  • Life path number 6: can put other people’s needs first, leaving themselves behind. It is for this reason, it is compatible with the number 2 because these are people who like calm and silence, are guided by the heart, and will never take advantage of your good intentions.
  • Life path number 7: as they offer you a challenge to be a better person every day you will find the perfect partner in numbers 3 and 5.
  • Life path number 8: as they have a dominant nature your best choice will be with people who have number 2 as they are submissive or with number 6 who are selfless.
  • Life path number 9: is a very reserved personality requiring people who make you feel comfortable with yourself, therefore the right number will be 2 because it has a calming effect on other people.

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