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The Relevance of Numerology in Gambling?

Are you a gambler looking for the relevance of numerology in gambling? Would you like to know what the odds of winning are based on your date of birth?

Are you looking for which gambling games can best suit you according to the numbers surrounding your life?
You will be happy to read that numerology represents one of the most accurate and elevated human concepts, which can be applied to all events in our life, including gambling games.
Through the numerological study of the player’s date of birth, it can be determined if it is the right time to place a bet or play lottery since this data reveals the strengths and weaknesses of the player at that particular moment.

What Relevance Does Numerology Have With Gambling?

In gambling, some players apply a method of betting where numbers are  involved such as roulette, bingo or keno where little no no skill is required. Despite being number games.
Players believe that their methods or strategies come from numerology. However it is not the study of statistics or probabilities.
Numerology can get an approximation based on the date of birth of the player, while statistics get their results by studying the probabilities with references to collected data.  However, in gambling games, there are no strategies that can increase the odds of winning, even when players use their so called lucky numbers.

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Numerology is a science which could help you determine the best time to bet, or indicate in which gambling games you have greater probabilities of winning and which numbers could be useful when placing a bet.

In gambling, some methods or strategies are encouraged by casino owners for example, which in reality do not bring any benefit or there is no evidence that the player could get a better result.

So, What is a Numerological Strategy?

A numerological strategy is one where the player must calculate the life path number and the Fadic birthday number, with the result you will be able to know which day of the week you have more probabilities of winning. For example, if Luisa was born on May 2nd, 1988 her life path number is 6 and her Fadic birthday number is 2, therefore her best days to place bets are Monday and Friday. Note: in numerology, the days are counted from Sunday to Saturday.

What is Gambler’s Fallacy?

It is a misguided logic that players apply when they are gambling. For example, thinking that a number is more likely to come up because it hasn’t come up before or the opposite, that the number doesn’t come up, after all, it has already appeared repeatedly. It is when the player believes that all events are related and therefore what happened in previous games affects future games. These beliefs are called gambler’s fallacies and are the reason why hundreds of people lose large amounts of money.

Picking Lucky Numbers With Numerology

Are you willing to use numerology to discover your lucky numbers? Are you attracted by the idea of changing your luck using numerology? Then you’ve come to the right place. As mentioned above you should calculate your life path number so you can discover important data about yourself that will help you improve your game. Besides, numerology offers you a science-based approach, which will help you avoid using wrong techniques or tools that were not generating a successful result.

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Numerology Traits of Gamblers

Numerology Number One

This gambler is innovative, strong and positive. This individual has a leader’s personality, is independent and confident is your greatest strength, which keeps you motivated to achieve all your goals in life. Also, possess an intuition that easily helps you to detect good or bad intentions around.

Numerology Number Two

These types of gamblers have the ability to find balance and see both sides of every experience. Also, they are lovers of peace, like to cooperate, be friendly and maintain diplomacy at all times. Ideal for giving advice and listening to people.

Numerology Number Three

This personality is creative, loves to communicate, express themselves, has a sensitive side which is always in constant contact with the divine principle, artistic and social aspects of life. Possesses great reasons for success, luck, and intuition.

Numerology Number Four

This particular gambler is systematic, order-loving, disciplined. Takes the decisions with calm and stability, even when it is practical always has his feet on the ground. It is someone you can trust and who will always be at your service.

Numerology Number Five

A lover of change, versatility, this gambler adores constructive freedom, adventure, and sensuality. Capable of adapting to every situation is a natural explorer, likes to discover new places and travel constantly.

Numerology Number Six

The personality of the gambler 6 is more protective, affectionate, likes balance and responsibility. Constantly focuses on the common welfare, is nurturing. In all aspects of life always maintains the balance between the spirit and intuition.

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Numerology Number Seven

If there is someone who seeks answers based on wisdom and analysis, it is the personality of the gambler 7. This person is very introspective, likes knowledge and synchronicity, although it also strengthens the spiritual awakening.

Numerology Number Eight

The greatest characteristic that can be observed in this gambler is ambition, the constant search for material satisfaction, abundance and prosperity. Focuses on having a good financial status, likes power and relates only if there is the duality of giving and receiving.

Numerology Number Nine

The balance between all gamblers is found in number 9 because it is humanitarian, it has a high consciousness, it understands universal love, it is compassionate. You could say that this person is enlightened and whose wisdom is unmatched.



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