Tarot cards Major Arcana Meanings

Tarot Cards Major Arcana – The 22 Major Arcana Meanings

The major arcana usually represent particularly striking elements or events that will
have a powerful impact on your life, where minor arcana provide finer details and provide greater clarity to a generic reading. Psychic Reading reviews

The Major Arcana cards represent major, overarching themes within your life and can change the interpretation of the entire spread when they appear. They are so deep and so complex, however, that they can’t be delved into too deeply within this article. However, I want to touch briefly on each of the main themes that inhabit each of the Major Arcana.

The 22 Major Arcana Tarot Cards Meanings 

The Fool Tarot Card

The Fool Tarot ~ Committing to a new path.
Letting  go of the outcome.
Turning your back on the past.
Trust the journey.The Fool Tarot - Major Arcana Tarot Card

Unaware of dangers The Fool will bring them into a world of spirituality, where they may find Knowledge out of most people’s reach.

With this interpretation, the Fool   symbolizes a need for freedom and independence. It indicates a positive evolution on a path of wisdom. The Fool will allow you to achieve both  spiritual and material aspirations.

Innocence, Spontaneous, Blind Trust, Liberation
Free Spirit, Dreamer, Hopeful, Unrestricted
Detached, Reluctance, Uncaring, Unpredictable

Wild Card
Individuality, Variables, Creative, Non-conforming

This card symbolizes new beginnings and potential. The Universe is encouraging you to step outside your comfort zone and trust that everything is going to be okay. Take that leap of faith; this card is an encouragement.

Upright Meaning: The subject of the reading is a dreamer, a mystic. He has the desire to accomplish a great goal. He must be careful to make the right choice. If he thinks that “when ignorance is bliss, ’tis folly to be wise,” then he is indeed the Fool.

Reversed Meaning: Folly, indiscretion, thoughtless action. The choice is likely to be faulty.

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The Magician Tarot Card

The Magician Tarot ~ A call to action. Will. Desire.
Creation. Communication. Manifestation.
Alchemist. Trickster. Manipulator. Deception.

The Magician Tarot - Major Arcana Tarot Card

The Magician is among the positive major arcana. Its presence in a drawing usually forecasts favorable events. It symbolizes new beginnings, initiation, and team spirit.
It is the triumph of mind over matter, and a sign of great willpower and skill.
The Magician shows you which way to go, but you need to do the walking, and then make the right decisions. The cards won’t do it for you.

The Magician opens new opportunities and grants you a certain mastery over the unknown and the unexpected. Since it is, by definition, quite unpredictable, you should do a lot of thinking before you commit to any specific course.

MastershipEssence, Materialization, Consciousness,

Performance, Ability, Make Possible, Creative Genius,

Swift action, Support, Influence, Empowering

Make Magic, Variables, To Inspire, The Trickster

The magician combines the best of each of the minor arcana elements in order to help you turn your dreams into reality. As such, whatever matter you are seeking advice about, this is the sign to move forward with your plans.

Upright Meaning: Will, mastery, organizational skills, creative talents. The ability to take the power from above and direct it through desire into manifestation.
Reversed Meaning: Indecision, weak will, ineptitude. The use of power for destructive ends.

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The High Priestess Tarot Card

The High Priestess Tarot is also a symbol of Shekinah, the presence of God among us in Jewish theology.
The High Priestess is a positive arcanum symbolizing the importance of thought during a slow setup for a project.
If you have the High Priestess in your drawing, it will allow you to reach your goals, but it will require more efforts than the Magician arcanum would.
The High Priestess is also a card that stresses the importance of intuition, inspiration, patience, and stability.

In a professional context, it will put any desire for a raise, a promotion, or a different job… on the right track!
The High Priestess asks for a long time spent thinking about any decision before you make it. It also indicates that your ongoing project will be achieved, but not in the short term.
The danger that should be avoided is to isolate yourself to make your decisions, to be content with your loneliness and live in seclusion.
Do not make any decision on your own. Ask the people involved in your project for input. Do not make every decision for them.

The High Priestess Tarot - Major Arcana Tarot Card

The High Priestess Tarot ~ Spiritual awareness.
Meditation. Silence. Secrets. Inner wisdom.
Psychic powers. Mysticism. Feelings. Dreams.

The high priestess symbolizes secret, hidden truths within yourself and the Universe. Now is the time to tap into that through meditation or engagement with the spiritual world. You will soon experience spiritual enlightenment.

Upright Meaning: Unrevealed future, hidden influences at work. Of special value for artists, poets, composers, mystics. When this card appears in a man’s reading, it represents the perfect woman all men dream of; in a woman’s reading, it may indicate that she can find such virtues in herself or in a friend.
Reversed Meaning: Conceit, sensual enjoyment. Accepting surface knowledge.

Tarot Cards Major Arcana - The 22 Major Arcana Meanings Angel number  


The Empress Tarot Card

The Empress is an extremely favorable arcanum.
This is a very good sign in every domain: love, finances, health, material comfort, luck, money…
The Empress is a sign of sharp intelligence, creativity, and ambition.
It facilitates making your projects and ideas come true.
The Empress indicated that your ideas should finally be realized in the material plane.
This is not a time for reflection, but for successful action driven by intelligence. Your mind will be full of original ideas.

The Empress is also a sign of fertility and growth, so in a romantic context, it may indicate the arrival of a long lasting love, a pregnancy, or a favorable period to conceive and have children.
The Empress is the upcoming materialization of your ongoing projects: professional contracts, association with other people, finding a job, intellectual achievements, social recognition, or political success.

The Empress Tarot - Major Arcana Tarot Card

The Empress Tarot ~ Mother. Fertility. Growth.
Nurturing. Creative. Sensual. Abundance.
Grounded. Nature. Vitality. Nature. Beauty.

The empress signifies pure feminine energy. Take some type to indulge in your feminine side, such as by treating yourself to sensual experiences or spending time in nature. Both men and women can benefit from experiencing the empress every now and again.

Upright Meaning: Material wealth, marriage, fertility for would-be parents, for farmers, or for people in the creative arts. If its position is not in the best placement in relation to other cards, it sometimes indicates luxury or dissipation.

Reversed Meaning:
Infertility, loss of material possessions, inaction, frittering away of resources. Possibility of destruction by war and famine. Poverty may disrupt home. Psychological problems may cause instability.

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The Emperor Tarot Card

The Emperor is an arcanum that tells you that you can achieve your projects if you act with authority and leadership. This will provide you with success in any domain; love, finances, health, material comfort, luck, money…
With the Emperor you will achieve your goals if you are confident, realistic, and have a dominant spirit. This arcanum requires a full commitment.

The Emperor implies that you need to affirm yourself in your domain and move forward by making a show of inner and outer strength.

The Emperor advises you not to waste much time in making your decisions. Even if you should take other people’s advice and opinions into account and avoid any isolation, here the arcanum implies that you need to make your decisions without wasting any time.

Your projects will have a high chance of coming true if you are steadfast, confident, and realistic.
You will have to work hard to achieve your goals, and not give up until you eventually achieve victory in your project.
When you draw the Emperor, you should learn the lessons from past challenges, stop lamenting your situation, and stride boldly towards the future.
To succeed, you will need to move beyond soft, weak, and indecisive people and leave them behind – without crushing them either – for they would only slow you down.

The Emperor Tarot - Major Arcana Tarot Card

The Emperor Tarot ~ Father. Protection. Stability.
Foundations. Leadership. Management.
Structure. Stubborn. Controlling. Authority.

The emperor’s presence in your spread represents strong authoritative – yet fatherly – energy. You are the caretaker of your family or friend group, as well as their protector and defender. You listen to others and respect their opinions, but ultimately stand your ground with your own.

Upright Meaning: Leadership, mental activity, domination. War-making power, authority, paternity. The fruits of toil, the results of action. Controlled and directed sexual drive.

Reversed Meaning: Loss of control. Serious injury in battle. Emotional immaturity and bondage to parents. Possibility of being defrauded of one’s inheritance.

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The Hierophant Tarot Card

The arcanum bears the number 5, an odd number that is a sign of movement. The Hierophant is respectable. You listen to his advice and instructions and for you to follow them.
He protects ongoing projects by granting his blessing. He provides mighty protection and ensures favorable conditions for the fulfillment of your projects. His benevolence and wisdom facilitate the fulfillment of all your projects.

The Hierophant tells you that you can start new endeavors with confidence. It does not mean that you won’t have anything to do, but that all your actions will have positive effects that will be crowned with success.

The Hierophant has a positive influence on matters related to work or health, slightly less so for matters related to love or material comfort.
The Hierophant indicates that your mind will be your best asset to succeed. It also indicates that you will have the appropriate talent to see the bigger picture, take things into consideration, and make the right decisions.
However, you will not overcome hostile forces opposing your success unless you can show your righteousness, without trying to crush others on your way.
There is no merit in humiliating an opponent or adversary, it only breeds resentment that will eventually find its way back to you!
The Hierophant gives his assent to unions and associations. He offers a way out of a conflict. He elevates those who know how to work with him astutely.

The Hierophant Tarot - Major Arcana Tarot Card

The Hierophant Tarot ~ Religion. Rules.
Institution. Mentor. Beliefs. Spiritual guidance.
Teacher. Education. Marriage. Spiritual growth.

This card invites you to tap into your religious history and heritage. Consider delving deeper into your religion or spirituality, engaging with traditional rules and principles. Seek out a mentor or, if you feel like you are already knowledgeable in your faith, offer to mentor someone else.

Upright Meaning: Preference for the outer forms of religion, the ritual, the creed, the ceremony.
The importance of social approval; the need to conform to society.

Reversed Meaning: Openness to new ideas, unconventionally. The card of the inventor as well as of the hippie. Take care that you do not become superstitious.

Tarot Cards Major Arcana - The 22 Major Arcana Meanings Angel number

The Lovers Tarot Card

Someone drawing the Lovers might undergo slight emotional discomfort as they make a decision, one way or another.
They should avoid making a decision in urgency under the yoke of emotions, because it won’t be a good one, either for your family or your loved ones.

This might trigger disastrous consequences for your family and friends.
This arcanum is often drawn by people who don’t have enough experience in life yet, not knowing which way to turn, which makes their advice so potentially dangerous. This is the case for people who are currently evolving, subject to changes in every aspect. With experience, their decisions will be more mature.
The constant dance of hesitation is gnawing at these beings that have, or can develop, a fragile health, both physically and emotionally, and also suffer from a troubled romantic situation.
When you draw the Lovers it usually means that you have a decision to make, and you need to make it fast either way. The longer you wait before you make your decision, the worse the situation will get.

The Lovers Tarot - Major Arcana Tarot Card

The Lovers Tarot ~ Love. Relationships. Choices.
Decisions. Matters of the heart. Spiritual path.
Temptation. Commitment. Attraction.

The presentation of the lovers card usually indicates a deep, soulmate-like connection with another individual. Although typically indicative of a romantic connection, it doesn’t have to be. You may have also found your “platonic soulmate.”

Upright Meaning: Choice, temptation, attraction. The struggle between sacred and profane love. Harmony of the inner and outer aspects of life.

Reversed Meaning: Quarrels, infidelity, danger of a broken marriage. Need to stabilize the emotions. Possibility of a wrong choice.

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The Chariot Tarot Card

Among the major arcana, the Chariot is a sign that important changes are to be expected in certain areas of your life.
You will endure strong waves of emotions that you will need to handle and control if you want to move forward.
Do not hesitate to express your creativity through any form of art in order to materialize the strong flow of emotions that will run through you.
You will meet your goals if you work on your memories of your personal history.
The Chariot facilitates the rise of memories and research.

An arcanum of movement, the Chariot can also herald a holiday or business trip, or moving house… but always with a favorable outcome for you.

The Chariot Tarot

The Chariot Tarot ~ Taking control.  Moving forward.  
Challenges. Discipline. Victory.
Arrogance. Will power. Progress. Action.

The appearance of this card in your spread is a sign to take decisive action towards the completion of your goals. If you want to see them to fruition, you cannot afford to be passive or lazy.

Upright Meaning: Triumph, success, control over the forces of nature—thus triumph over ill health as well as money difficulties or enemies of any sort, including one’s own lower animal passions. This is a card of those who achieve greatness. It may also indicate travel in comfort. Mental and physical powers should lead to fulfillment.

Reversed Meaning: Decadent desires, possibility of ill health, restlessness and desire for change, an unethical victory.


The Strength Tarot Card

The Strength arcanum grants you the energy you need to come on top of any situation.
It will lead you to victory provided that you are fully dedicated to the goal you have set for yourself
It won’t be too hard for you to achieve your goals, since this arcanum will provide you with great physical and mental vitality, great self-control, and confidence in your own abilities.

Strength is particularly auspicious for jobs with a competitive spirit: business, advertising, independent doctors and lawyers…
Anyone drawing this card can be sure of their own inner strength, that they will triumph on their own over any obstacle or problem on earth.


Strength is the card of vitality, good health, and great mental and physical shape. It highlights a taste for taking risks, and of fighting against someone who will drive them to constantly further their own limits.
That person does not like things that are too easy to get. They are motivated by things that are hard to obtain. The journey matters more than the final end goal.
This is one of the best cards you can draw in a reading to get whatever you need on a spiritual level.

Strength Tarot - Major Arcana Tarot Card


Strength Tarot ~ Self- love and compassion.
Struggles. Fear. Courage. Strong friendships.
Emotional support. Calming emotions. Stoicism.

The strength major arcana card does not refer to physical strength, but instead, inner strength. You have the inner strength needed to persevere through any situation, which, in many cases, is much more valuable than physical strength. Others may see this trait in you and be relying on you; feel free to be their support system, but make sure to take care of yourself so you don’t get burnt out. That is most helpful for both you and them.

Upright Meaning: Force of character, spiritual power overcoming material power, love triumphing over hate, the higher nature over carnal desires.

Reversed Meaning: Domination of the material. Discord, lack 


of moral force, fear of the unknown in ourselves, abuse of power. 


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The Hermit Tarot Card

The Hermit is the arcanum of solitude, perseverance, discretion, and prudence. Drawing this card will usually mean slowing down the pace of ongoing projects and achievements.
He represents taking a short break away from your hopes and dreams to focus on the big picture. If you have the Hermit in a tarot reading, you should be careful and keep your eyes open in anything you undertake.

You might know a period of isolation and loneliness. This might trigger some mental blocks, weariness about wasted efforts and energy, and even send you feelings of sadness and discouragement!

The Hermit always brings a positive development to the card that comes before it, in hindsight.
A rather negative card meaning might be softened through the use of careful planning and thought.

The Hermit Tarot - Major Arcana Tarot Card

The Hermit Tarot ~ Wisdom. Searching for answers.
Depression. Isolation. Withdrawal. Seeking
guidance. Shame. Loneliness. Detachment.

The appearance of this card is a sign to take some time away from everything to rest, rejuvenate, and explore your inner self. The path to self-discovery is one of the first steps in becoming successful in the other areas of your life. Feel free to take a vacation or just retreat from the world for a while.

Upright Meaning: Silent counsel, prudence, discretion. Receiving wisdom from above; instruction from an expert in your field. A meeting with one who will guide the seeker on the path to material or spiritual ends. Attainment of goals. A journey may be necessary in order to gain knowledge.

Reversed Meaning: Refusal to listen to wisdom. Immaturity, foolish vices. Rejection of maturity; the tendency to be a perpetual Peter Pan.

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card

The Wheel of Fortune is a symbol of life constantly in motion, and that growth requires movement and not immobility.
The Wheel of Fortune has no direct connection to the notion of financial wealth. It indicates movement and upcoming opportunities.

This is a dynamic arcanum symbolizing managing risk and taking the initiative. If you draw this card, you are urged to be bold, because the Wheel of Fortune has positive effects in every domain; love, money, work, health…

The Wheel of Fortune is constantly spinning. It can provide solutions to all your problems and let you overcome many obstacles. The Fortune in the name does not refer to wealth, but to luck.

It brings positive changes, success, and achievements. This arcanum puts transom chance and providence on your side. It has a positive influence on professional activities, contracts, business, travels, and the arts.
Anyone drawing this arcanum should nonetheless beware the siren’s call of honors and success and make sure they do not spend more than they own.

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot - Major Arcana Tarot Card

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot ~ Change.
New direction. Travel. Luck.
Highs and lows. Good fortune.
Cycles. Destiny. Divine timing.

The presence of this card is a reminder to you that everything in life is temporary. If you have been experiencing a time of blessing, this is your sign to stop, slow down, indulge and appreciate what you have before it’s gone.
If you have been entrenched in a period of great pain, take heart; it is nearing its end.

Upright Meaning: Success, unexpected turn of luck, change of fortune for the better, new conditions. Creative evolution within the laws of chance.

Reversed Meaning: Failure of an enterprise, setbacks. New conditions require courage. You will reap as you have sown.

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The Justice Tarot Card

Justice is a positive arcanum by nature, even if its consequences might seem hard to bear sometimes. Your inner strength will be all the greater for it.
Above all, do not sacrifice your conscience or your core principles to make a decision that would make it easier on your personal comfort or diminish your responsibilities, because even if you can hide from others, you cannot hide from yourself.

Even if you managed to fool your audience, you would feel the pangs of your conscience should you make a hasty decision that runs against what you believe in!
This card often heralds a confrontation with some institutions: public service, justice, the authorities.

It might be about upcoming exams or interviews. It also deals with business practices, contracts, and signed agreements… Remember, if you draw this card it means that some balance has been upset, and you need to restore the harmony that was lost!

Justice Tarot - Major Arcana Tarot Card

Justice Tarot ~ Truth. Law. Accountability.
Balance.Fairness. Morals. Standards. Equality.
Resolution. Objective. Karma- cause and effect.

The appearance of this card may be good news or bad news, depending on how you have been living your life up to now. The justice card signifies that you are about to be held accountable for your actions, whether positive or negative – or both.

Upright Meaning: Justice will be done. Balance is required. Lawsuits will be won. The balanced personality demands elimination of excess baggage, wrong ideas, useless forms of education.
A mixture of the right ingredients is welcomed—as in science, chemistry, and cooking. May betoken the desire for education, with a well-balanced mind as its objective.

Reversed Meaning: Injustice, inequality, legal complications. Advice to use mercy and understanding when judging others, and to avoid excessive tendency to severity.


Tarot Cards Major Arcana - The 22 Major Arcana Meanings Angel number  

The Hanged Man Tarot Card

The symbols combined indicate that life is a fragile thing and could be gone in a blink.
When you draw this arcanum in a spread, you need to remember what life is worth, and make the most of it every day.
People who do not take the Hanged Man into account in their reading will face more troubles and challenges than their current psychic and organic weakness will bear in their fight against adversity.

Fortunately, if they choose to react they will see that they have enough intellectual resources to take the entire situation into account and overcome their obstacles by looking at the big picture.

The Hanged Man is a symbol of lack of confidence, of an upcoming period of obstacles that will require introspection and re-assessment in order to be overcome. It might also herald a betrayal, a sacrifice that must be made, or any other kind of effort required for success.  

The Hanged Man Tarot - Major Arcana Tarot Card

The Hanged Man Tarot ~ Sacrifice.
Patience.Stress. New perspective.
Gaining wisdom. Surrender.
Soul growth. Introspection.

When the hanged man appears, it usually indicates that some aspect of your life is about to be put on hold. Whether a break in your romantic relationship, a bump in your project, or some kind of unexpected halt in your career, you may be forced to take a pause. Don’t try to resist, or you will end up making the situation even worse.

Upright Meaning: In spiritual matters, wisdom, prophetic power. A pause in one’s life, suspended decisions. Self-surrender leads to the transformation of the personality. Material temptation is conquered.

Reversed Meaning: Arrogance, preoccupation with the ego, resistance to spiritual influences. Absorption in physical matters. Wasted effort. False prophecy.


Tarot Cards Major Arcana - The 22 Major Arcana Meanings Angel number

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The Death Tarot Card

The Death arcanum calls for intelligence, reflection, and reason in order to make the right choices without any rush, but without excessive hesitation either.

This arcanum symbolizes the triumph of life over death, or even reincarnation. It hints at some hidden spiritual potential, lying dormant in your soul, which has to be awakened in order to move on.
This is a “positive” card that calls for some in-depth transformations, as well as thorough introspection to find genuine solutions to a problem.

Death Tarot - Major Arcana Tarot Card

Death Tarot ~ Final ending. Transformation.
Letting go. Mourning. Releasing the past.
Finding closure. Change. End of a cycle- new beginning.

Don’t be too freaked out if this card appears in your spread. The death card doesn’t necessarily mean you or someone you care about is going to die. Instead, “death” just refers to an ending or a change – and likely, a permanent one. Depending on how you look at it, this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. For all you know, you could be shutting the door on something that was no good for you, in order to open up the opportunity to embrace something new that is.

Death asks you not to worry or panic when facing the essential modifications that you need to undertake if you do not want to miss out on life.
A great courage is the only thing that will allow you to untangle tough situations or finally discover the true intentions of people you thought you knew well.

Upright Meaning: Transformation, change, destruction followed by renewal. The change may be in consciousness. Birth of new ideas, new opportunities.

Reversed Meaning: Disaster, political upheaval, revolution, anarchy. Death of a political figure. Temporary stagnation. Tendency to inertia.

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The Temperance Tarot Card

Temperance brings harmony and urges you not to make any hasty decision and give yourself enough time to think before you decide to change your ways.
Temperance says that it is time to look for some harmony in every aspect of your life, striving for a full balance of your body, mind, and soul.

Temperance is a very spiritual arcanum, because it implies mastery over your passions and emotions so that they do not dominate you.
This also asks you to solve your own contradictions, and you should not hesitate to undertake a great introspective work to that regard.

Temperance says that you will know how to adapt to any situation. It will also allow you to undergo vast improvements in your relationships with your loved ones. It will grant you a sense of discernment, clearer thoughts, and great analysis skills.

Temperance Tarot

Temperance Tarot ~ Patience. Balance.
Moderation. Creation. Health. Integration.
Finding solutions. Blending. Self- control. Compromise.

This card is calling you to find balance in whatever aspect of your life you are seeking clarity in. Find a good middle-ground, and be patient. Your life will eventually fall back into order.

Upright Meaning: Adaptation, tempering, coordination, self-control, modification. Working in harmony with others, good management. What we have imagined will come to pass. Successful combinations will be achieved.

Reversed Meaning: Competing interests, unfortunate combinations. Quarreling, corruption, separation.
Possibility of shipwreck or some other disaster.

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The Devil Tarot Card

The arcanum of the Devil grants you the power to dominate the material world, and symbolizes the expression of feelings of pride and selfishness.
The Devil expresses the manifestation of emotions that are extremely human, and that are detrimental to your goals, such as your tendency for evil, calumny, or the urge for disorder and violence.

This drawing indicates that your temptation is strong, and mainly motivated by pride and the swift fulfillment of all your desires.
As hinted by its symbolism, the Devil urges you to express the darker aspects of your personality.

It advocates the use of physical strength, as well as tricks, cons, and manipulations of all kinds to fulfill your material and sensual desires.
Someone drawing the Devil cards unveils that they are deeply attracted to purely material needs and satisfactions, the pleasure of the senses up to the extreme. That person is also drawn to domination and power over others. They have fewer scruples and will do anything to achieve their goals.
But the Devil also means that this person has a great vitality, a great sexual appetite, and an uncanny dynamism that is rarely fully satisfied.
This person is also gifted with great intelligence and great sensitivity, leaning to end-less self-questioning and deep unquenched lack of satisfaction.

The Devil Tarot - Major Arcana Tarot Card

The Devil Tarot ~ Personality disorders.
Power struggles. Attachment. Obsession.
Sex. Lust. Aggression. Infidelity.
Addictions. Materialism. Debt. Taboo

This card corresponds to “the devil on your shoulder,” or the dark aspects of your inner self. It typically refers to the items in your life you indulge in that give you short-term pleasure but long-term suffering. This card encourages you to confront those negative habits and replace them with positive, self-affirming ones that bring you closer to reaching your best self.

Upright Meaning: Black magic, discontent, depression. Illness. Wrong use of force. Bondage to the material; sensation divorced from understanding.

Reversed Meaning: The beginning of spiritual understanding. Removing the chains of bondage to the material. Timidity, failure to make decisions. The overcoming of pride and self-interest.

Tarot Cards Major Arcana - The 22 Major Arcana Meanings Angel number

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The Tower Tarot Card

The Tower is a negative arcanum in almost every situation. It is a sign of failed projects. It can also warn about a great upcoming problem that will need to be dealt with.

The Tower can be a symbol of conflict, disagreement, and destruction. In this context, it is a symbol of unpleasant events: bankruptcy, accident, breakup, failure, physical or psychological weakness…!
You thus need to be extremely careful whenever this card is drawn. It heralds the arrival of unexpected events that will be hard to cope with. Any aspect of life might be affected: Love, Work, Health, Money, Luck… leading to troubled times.

The Tower can also be a sign of disagreement within your family, or in your relationships with your friends, colleagues, or anyone you are in frequent contact with.
Drawing the Tower indicated that the lessons of your past failures have yet to be learned. You might have to deal with the consequences of your mistakes and pay a heavy price if you fail to learn something from them.

The Tower Tarot - Major Arcana Tarot Card

The Tower Tarot ~ Disaster. Devastation. Chaos.
Sudden shock. Release old energy. Drastic change. Awakening to consciousness.
Unstable foundations. Psychological breakdown.

Interestingly enough, the presence of the tower in a spread is much more terrifying than that of death or the devil. This card signifies great destruction approaching in your life, which can leave you feeling obliterated. All you can do is buckle down, duck for cover, and wait it out. Then, once its over, you can focus on rebuilding and regrowing into an even better person than you were before.

Upright Meaning: Change, conflict, catastrophe. Overthrow of existing ways of life, old notions upset. Disruption will bring enlightenment in its wake. Selfish ambition is about to come to naught bankruptcy.

Reversed Meaning: The gain of freedom of body or mind at great cost. False accusations, false imprisonment, oppression.


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The Star Tarot Card

This arcanum symbolizes the energy and vitality of youth, and the Star represents the hope that can be found in everyone, to rise above their material conditions and reach the highest spheres of spirituality and access eternal life.
This arcanum means that in order to become immortal, you need to follow the sign sent through the divine Light represented by the stars.

Following such divine aspirations will guide that person to the highest spheres where Supreme Truth will be unveiled.

The Star is a symbol of hope, harmony, and gentleness. It will guide you to the fulfillment of your aspirations. If your efforts are sincere then they will lead you to happiness and success.
When you draw the Star in a spread, it means that you need to strongly believe in what you want to achieve, and lady luck will smile. It is important to have faith in whatever you are doing.
If you have the Star in a reading, you can believe in… your lucky star! The path of gentleness and confidence will lead you straight to success.

The Star Tarot - Major Arcana Tarot Card

The Star Tarot ~ Hope. Healing. Inspiration.
Astrology. Synchronicities. Spiritual guidance.
Faith in the universe. Divine timing. Optimistic outlook.

The star comes as a “light at the end of the tunnel” after the events of the tower. After a period of intense challenges, you are now approaching a time of renewed hope and peace, surrounded by golden light and unconditional love.

Upright Meaning: Insight, inspiration, hope. Unselfish aid. Good health. The gifts of the Spirit. Great love will be given and received.

Reversed Meaning: Pessimism, doubt, stubbornness, lack of perception. Chance of physical or mental illness.

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The Moon Tarot Card

The Moon is also a symbol of imagination and intuition that can set you free from your own limitations. Someone drawing the Moon in a spread should have a sharp intuition, and their mind will burst with creativity.

However, the Moon is also the world of dreams, illusions, fantasies, and lies. It might indicate that you should beware when imagination runs too wild, and thus keep it in check.
Indeed, it is important to keep a certain level of reflection before you let yourself be carried away by illusions regarding potential solutions to your problems.

The fertile imagination symbolized by the Moon does not mean you should withdraw to an imaginary world and refuse to deal with your problems, but that using your creativity is a way to actually solve them.
This drawing also indicates a favorable intellectual period where you can find solutions to problems that seemed impossible to overcome.

Drawing this arcanum is a sign of a certain instability in social relationships, or humanitarian activities.
The Moon can also highlight a difficult relationship with figures of authority, the administration, or politics.
The Moon is a sign of creative but boisterous times, because all your certitudes, prejudices, and ready-made ideas will be challenged in every aspect of your life.
The Moon urges you to get rid of the past and see the big picture in your life in order to avoid repeating past mistakes that had led you into a dead end.

The Moon Tarot - Major Arcana Tarot Card

The Moon Tarot ~ Shadow side. Intuition. Confusion.
Sadness. Deception. Moods and emotions. Feminine.
Dreaming. Darkness. Cycles.

This card typically indicates the presence of repressed emotions. If you’ve been through a scary or painful experience in the past and never really confronted it, the moon is telling you that it is affecting your life and needs to be dealt with.

Upright Meaning: Intuition, imagination, deception. Unfoldment of latent psychic powers. Unforeseen perils, secret foes. Bad luck for one you love.

Reversed Meaning: Imagination will be harnessed by practical considerations. Storms will be weathered, peace gained at a cost. No risk should be taken.


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The Sun Tarot Card

The Sun represents the supreme Light that must be reached, but also the required awareness to do it. The restored childhood mind can thus help you get rid of your animal nature and reach inner harmony.

Drawing the Sun is extremely favorable in a reading because it has a positive influence in every domain: love, work, health, and money.
The Sun is a sign of success and happiness in any endeavor.
Obstacles are fading away before you without asking for a lot of efforts.

Everything becomes easy as you find the required mental and physical resources to overcome any situation.
You will also manage to fulfill your desires, even those that had been left unsatisfied for so long.

The Sun Tarot - Major Arcana Tarot Card

The Sun Tarot ~ Success. Happiness. Joy. Soul growth.
Ego. Children. Playful. Travel. Warm climates.
Friendships. Fun. Creativity. Self-belief.

Just like the sun itself, you radiate love, energy, and warmth. Other people bask in the glow of your attitude, successes, and kindness toward them. If they haven’t already, things are about to get a lot better for you.

Upright Meaning: Material happiness, success, attainment. A good marriage. Happy reunions.
Achievements in the arts, science, and agriculture. Studies completed; liberation. Pleasure in the simple life.

Reversed Meaning: Future plans clouded, trouble in marriage, a broken engagement, possible loss of a job or home.


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The Judgement Tarot Card

This arcanum represents the Last Judgment, the day of reckoning where the Angel blows a trumpet that calls the dead out of their graves.

Judgment is a symbol for psychic resurrection, a positive renewal of your state of mind and way of thinking that will affect your everyday life.
It can also signal the end of a problem currently affecting you in a negative way, something that might have been going on for quite a while. Drawing this arcanum will have positive effects on your personal, professional, or romantic relationships.

Judgment indicates that you should soon fulfill one of your desires or needs, or a project that you have worked on for a while. Your intuition will lead you to new paths to be explored, even if it means facing the unknown. Trust your instincts if they lead you on that path, because they will know what is good for you.
Drawing the Judgment arcanum means that in order to change your existence, you should avoid repeating the same behavior that led to the problems you currently have to face. Act in a different way and you will see that it will change for the better!

Judgement Tarot

Judgement Tarot ~ Change. A shift in consciousness.
Higher calling. Release old identity. Feeling judged.
Healing old wounds. Final decision. Outcome.

You may be at the cusp of making a decision that will set your life on two completely different trajectories, depending on what you choose. You will have to employ intellect and intuition to figure out which road is the best to take in order to reach your best self.

Upright Meaning: A life well lived, a work well done. Awakening, renewal. Legal judgments in one’s favor. A change of personal consciousness, which is now on the verge of blending with the universal.

Reversed Meaning: Weakness, disillusion. Fear of death; failure to find happiness. Separation, divorce. Possible loss of worldly goods.

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