The Meanings of the Suit of Wands

Suit of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The Tarot Card Suit of Wands is one of the four suits of the Minor Arcana
The Minor Arcana are believed by some to be of even more ancient origin than the Major Arcana of Tarot Cards.
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The four suits of the Minor Arcana: Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles—also correspond with IHVH and the four elements, being:
The Suit of Wands is connected to Fire
The Suit of Cups is connected to Water
The Suit of Swords is connected to Air
The Suit of Pentacles is connected to Earth

Each suit is made up of cards numbered from ace to ten, and the four Court cards: King, Queen, Knight, and Page.

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– The Suit of Wands –

The wands are  made up of cards numbered from Ace – Ten, and the 4 Court cards: King, Queen, Knight, and Page.

– The Suit of Wands also known as Rods, Staffs, or Staves –

The suit of Wands is connected to Fire
This suit indicates animation and enterprise, energy and growth. The wands depicted in the cards are always in leaf, suggesting the constant renewal of life and growth. The associations are with the world of ideas, also with creation in all its forms, including agriculture.
The salamander is the animal associated with Wands. 

The presence of the suit of wands generally invokes images of passion raging similar to that of a fire. Like a fire, the suit of wands can bring warmth and light – or it can bring destruction. This temperamental card is not one to be underestimated.

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What Does the Suit of Wands Mean?

The suit of wands is associated with energy, power, passion, and spirituality. It is temperamental and unpredictable, and can be either used to fuel creativity or to destroy. It is volatile and can involve inspiration, motivation, and drive.

The suit of wands corresponds to fire elements and the fire astrological signs, including Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Those who embody the suit of wands are often energetic, warm, and volatile people.

What does the Suit of Wands Symbolize?

The suit of Wands is associated with vitality, determination, and self-control. There are some readers who believe that the Wands indicate labour, but I prefer to leave this interpretation to the analysis of the Pentacles suit.

Wands represent aspects of your life that are not related to your profession, such as your friendships, hobbies, and interests. The individuals in your life who are predicted to have a great deal of enthusiasm and aspiration are the Wands Court card bearers.


What Does it Mean When The Suit of Wands cards Appears in a Reading?

When a suit of wands appears in a reading, it usually means you are seeking answers to a spiritual issue, and usually dive directly to the core of your soul.

They deal in matters of your very inner self, such as your ego, personality, and self-esteem. You may be looking for a deeper meaning for yourself and your life, and seek to find motivation and drive in order to meet your greater goals.

Strengths & Positive Aspects

Positive aspects of the suit of wands include energy, motivation, drive, charisma, adventure, and great passion and courage.

If you’ve ever known an Aries at their best, think of this when attempting to understand the suit of wands.
They also usually involve a new beginning, or the motivation to strike out on a brand new journey or adventure.

Weaknesses & Negative Aspects

Along with the positive aspects, the suit of wands may also invoke restlessness, volatility, and destruction if left unchecked.

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People who embody the suit of wands may be, at their worst, egotistical and impulsive, or feel meaningless in the world.

The Suit of Wands Associations

The Upright Meaning:

In the upright position, the Suit of Wands generally represents creativity, energy, inspiration, and passion. It can indicate the potential for new projects, ventures, or creative endeavors.

The Reversed Meaning:

In the reversed position, the Suit of Wands can indicate burnout, lack of motivation, and creative blockages. It can also indicate a need to rekindle one’s passion and inspiration.

The Yes or No Value:

The Suit of Wands is associated with creativity and energy, so its answer to a yes or no question will often depend on the specific question being asked. 

The Associated Zodiac Signs:

The Suit of Wands is associated with the Fire signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. These signs are known for their passion, energy, and creativity.

The Associated Element:

The Suit of Wands is associated with the element of Fire. This element is associated with passion, energy, and creativity.

The Associated Numerology Number:

The Suit of Wands is associated with the numerology number 3. This number represents creativity, expansion, and growth.

The Associated Planet:

The Suit of Wands is associated with the planet Mars. Mars is associated with action, energy, and assertiveness.

The Associated Astrological Sign:

The Suit of Wands is associated with the astrological sign of Aries. Aries is known for its passion, courage, and drive.

The Associated Chakra:

The Suit of Wands is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra. This chakra is located in the upper abdomen and is associated with personal power, self-confidence, and creativity.

The Associated Healing Crystals:

The Suit of Wands is associated with several healing crystals, including citrine for creativity and manifestation, carnelian for passion and energy, and clear quartz for amplifying energy and creativity.



Ace of Wands

As all ace cards tend to signify new beginnings, the ace of wands signifies the potential for a great new beginning to come out of something small. If you’ve been interested in pursuing something new you’re passionate about, this card presenting in your spread is a sign that you should chase after it whole-heartedly.

Ace Wands Minor Arcana Tarot Card Meanings

Traits of the ace of Wands

New opportunity.
Inspiration. Initiative. Passion. Creativity.
Vision. Positive energy.
Planting seeds. Birth.
Sexuality. Identity. Attraction.

Upright Meaning: Beginning of an enterprise, invention, or the beginning of a family.
Perhaps the beginning of a journey, an adventure, an escapade.

Reversed Meaning: Canceling of new enterprise, journey deferred, clouded joy, false starts.

Two of Wands

While the ace of wands represents a nudge to experiment with a new opportunity, the two of wands takes a broader view and encourages you to plan your steps with your long-term goals in mind. You may be faced with the choice to step out into a risk or stick with what you know. Whatever the case, go with the choice that feels best.

Traits of the 2 of Wands

Planning. Setting goals.
Making decisions. Foresight.
Options. New path. Travel.
Overseas connections.
Courage. Following your instincts.

Upright Meaning: Boldness, courage in embarking on an enterprise. The employment of scientific methods. Influence over another. Kindness and generosity—yet a proud and unforgiving nature.

Reversed Meaning: Restlessness, obstinacy, fear, physical suffering. The good beginning has turned against
the Querent.

Three of Wands

The three of wands means you have a wide and broad idea of where you want to go, how you plan to get there, and the challenges that you are likely to encounter on the way.
This may also be a sign that you should take opportunities that involve travel, even if it seems outside your comfort zone.

3-Wands Minor Arcana Tarot Card Meanings

Traits of the 3 of Wands

Waiting. Patience.
Expansion. Anticipation. Optimistic.
Expecting a good outcome. Exploration.
Visionary. Broadening your horizons.

Upright Meaning: Realization of hope, established strength, nobility, wealth, power. Caution against pride and arrogance. Partnership. Help will be offered by a successful merchant.

Reversed Meaning: Beware of help offered. Wealth may slip away. There may be treachery and disappointment.

Suit of Wands Tarot Card Meaning Angel number


Four of Wands

This card is affiliated with relishing your family, close friends, and home life. Enjoy what is comforting to you. Now may also be a good time to invest in your home life, whether that be at the emotional level with your family or housemates, or at the physical level with home renovations to brighten up your space.

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4-Wands Minor Arcana Tarot Card Meanings

Traits of the 4 of Wands

Celebration. Home. Awards. Team effort.
Achievement. Marriage. Reaching a goal.
Joy. Happiness. Freedom. Socialising.

Upright Meaning: Perfected work; rest after labor. Peace, prosperity, harmony. Romance, a coming marriage.

Reversed Meaning: Though the meaning remains the same, there will not be quite the same fullness of peace, prosperity, and success.


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Five of Wands

The five of wands indicates a period of chaos and disorder. You may struggle to get along with a group of people, as everyone is fighting for their own opinion – including yourself. It is imperative to restore the peace and be willing to listen to others. People are more likely to listen to your point of view if you first extend that offer to them, even if you agree to disagree.

Traits of the 5 of Wands

Five of Wands ~ Teamwork. Struggles.
Obstacles. Competitiveness. Disagreements.
Controlling behaviour. Effort. Difficult
situation. Setbacks. Frustration. Defensive.

Upright Meaning: Violent strife, rashness, competition. In the battle of life, boldness changes things for the better. Obstacles. Lawsuit.

Reversed Meaning: Generosity. New business opportunities. Victory after surmounting obstacles.


Six of Wands

You have received (or are about to) recognition for all you have accomplished. You are surrounded and uplifted by the support of your family and friends, whether you have noticed it or not. Take time to be proud of all you have accomplished.

6 -Wands Minor Arcana Tarot Card Meanings

Traits of the 6 of Wands

Victory. Admiration. Pride.
Acclaim. Confidence. Praise. Gratified.
Promoted. Recognition. Rewards.
Success. Triumph. Superior.
Inflated ego. Self-absorbed.

Upright Meaning: Good news. Victory after strife.
Pleasure gained through labor. Success through industry.
Advancement in the arts and sciences. Friends are helpful.

Reversed Meaning: Rewards are delayed. Insolence of the victorious. Watch for successful enemy.

Seven of Wands

As you increase your power and leadership role, more and more people will come to challenge you or seek to knock you off your pedestal. Engage in the necessary actions to protect the place you have fought to get to.

6-Wands Minor Arcana Tarot Card Meanings

Traits of the 7 of Wands

Seven of Wands ~ Challenges. Threat.
Defiance. Courage. Assertiveness.
Obstacles to overcome. Making a stand. Persistence.
Defensive. Strength against adversaries.

Upright Meaning: Victory through courage. Success against opposition. The Querent has the position of advantage. Competition in business or trade. Certain success.

Reversed Meaning: Ignorance, pretense. The Querent is threatened. Caution against indecision.


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Eight of Wands

You are entering a period of intense forward momentum. You can either choose to waste it, or engage in it whole-heartedly in order to make great strides towards your long-term goals. Just make sure you’re spending your energy on the right things.

8-Wands Minor Arcana Tarot Card Meanings

Traits of the 8 of Wands

Swiftness. News.
Communication. Travel. Intense energy shift.
Movement. Incoming information.
Developments unfolding. Momentum.

Upright Meaning: Great haste, great hope, too rapid advancement. That which is on the move. Hasty communication. Messages, letters of love. Approach to a goal. Journey by air.

Reversed Meaning: Delay, stagnation in business or affairs of the heart. Arrows of jealousy.

Suit of Wands Tarot Card Meaning Angel number


Nine of Wands

Although you may have experienced multiple setbacks and may be on the verge of giving up, the nine of wands wants to tell you to keep pushing – you are close to the finish line. You are surrounded by people who want to see you succeed; these setbacks have only been a test.

9 Wands Minor Arcana Tarot Card Meanings

Traits of the 9 of Wands

Worry. Apprehensive.
Wounded. Anxious. Burnt out. Defensive. Last
reserves of strength. Guilt. Cautious. Hurt.
Persistence. Preparedness. Safeguarding.

Upright Meaning: The pause in a struggle. Preparedness, strength in reserve. Eventual victory but steady force must be applied. Obstinacy, strength, power, health.

Reversed Meaning: Weakness, ill health, adversity, displeasure, obstacles to be overcome.


Ten of Wands

This card usually indicates that you have taken on a very heavy burden. This is not always a bad thing, however, as these extra responsibilities are only temporary, and will come back to you threefold in the future. Simply push through them and keep your head up.

10 Wands Minor Arcana Tarot Card Meanings

Traits of the 10 of Wands

Workload. Heavy burden.
Stress. Hard work and effort. Determination.
Resentment. Unsupported. Struggle. Too much
responsibility. Difficulties. Lighten the load.

Upright Meaning: Courage, beauty. A nature sudden in love or anger. Desire for power; enthusiasm. A messenger or postman.
A bearer of tidings. If this card appears in a spread next to one representing a man, there will be favorable testimony concerning him.

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Reversed Meaning: Cruel, unstable, domineering. If you are a woman, he may break your heart. Announcing bad news.

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Page of Wands

You are excited to start a new project or enter into a new engagement, but you’re unsure of where exactly you want to go in the long-term. It may be beneficial to pause, develop a clear plan and strategy, and the put your energies towards activities that best meet that purpose.

Traits of the Page of Wands

Inspiration. New path.
Travel. Adventure. Ideas. Creativity.
Networking. New information. Proactive. New
ideas. Courage. Enthusiastic. Youthful.

Upright Meaning: A young man, possibly a warrior, filled with energy. He can be a generous friend or lover, but is also likely to be cruel and brutal. He is hasty in all he does. May also mean change of residence, emigration, quick departure. Knights in a spread may also mean the coming or going of a matter.

Reversed Meaning: The would-be lover turns jealous, creates conflict. Discord, frustration, lack of energy. Work interfered with.

Suit of Wands Tarot Card Meaning Angel numberSuit of Wands Tarot Card Meaning Angel number

Knight of Wands

The appearance of this card is a sign that now is the time to put your plans, ideas, and dreams into action, and pursue them with the boundless energy of the suit of wands. Feel free to take risks (within reason) to meet those goals.

knight Wands Minor Arcana Tarot Card Meanings

Traits of the Knight of Wands

Change in direction.
Taking action. Flight. Travel. Moving- house.
Impulsive. Adventurous. Flirtatious.
Unpredictable. Unstable. Swiftness.

Upright Meaning: She has great power to attract that which she wants, and is fruitful in mind and body. Loving nature and her home, she is practical with money and sound in her business judgments. If she does not represent a woman, then she represents these qualities: success in undertakings; love of home and growing things; kindness and generosity.

Reversed Meaning: Domineering, obstinate, revengeful; likely to turn suddenly against another without cause. If married, she could be unfaithful.


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Queen of Wands

You are very in tune with yourself and with your goals and motivations, and you are great and strategically mapping out a path to get to where you desire to go. Continue balancing charisma and steadfastness.

Traits of the Queen of Wands

Queen of Wands ~ Passionate. Entrepreneur.
Organised. Intuitive. Creative. Inspirational.
Supportive. Helpful. Fiery. Sexual. Attractive.
Warm. Friendly. Busy. Good management.

Upright Meaning: Handsome and passionate, he is agile in mind and body. A country gentleman, generally married. Loyal and noble, he comes of good family. Sometimes he is too hasty. If no man seems to be involved in the spread of cards, you will find these traits: honesty, friendliness, passion. The card may mean unexpected heritage; a good marriage.

Reversed Meaning: Intolerant, prejudiced, ill-natured. High-principled to a fault. Severe and ruthless.

Suit of Wands Tarot Card Meaning Angel number

King of Wands

You are a master at charisma and manifestation. You have incredible dreams that are grounded in reality and know how to map out a plan to get there. You also have enough people-skills to get other people fired up for your ideas alongside you. You are on the route to becoming a great leader.

king Wands Minor Arcana Tarot Card Meanings

Traits of the King of Wands

Ambassador. Inspiring
Leader. Charismatic. Dramatic. Confident.
Enthusiastic. Entrepreneurial. Business. Career.
Management. Egotistical. Sexual.

Upright Meaning: The beginning of great love. Joy, contentment. Productiveness, fertility. Beauty and pleasure.
A reminder that when the mind is filled with Spirit, the Spirit will fill the material cup
to overflowing.
Reversed Meaning: False love. Clouded joy. Instability. Hesitancy to nurture love.


The suit of wands corresponds to fiery passion. It involves the spiritual, inner self, as well as motivation and drive. It is associated with those who embody the characteristics of the fire signs, such as energy, passion, motivation, charisma, and a desire for adventure and risk. However, like fire, these traits can be harnessed for productivity or for destruction.

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