The Fool Tarot Card

The Fool Tarot Card Meaning

The Fool is about starting over, having faith in the future, not knowing what to expect, having beginner’s luck, making things up on the spot, and believing in the universe.

You are about to start a new and exciting adventure that you didn’t expect. Your new adventure will take you on a path that might require you to take a leap of faith, but you will grow because of it.

This new adventure could be something like going somewhere you’ve never been before. Most of the time, the change this card can bring will be a good thing. Even though the Fool is usually a good card, when it shows up in a reading, it can also mean that you need to look before you leap. 

The Fool Numerology Meaning (0): The Fool is often assigned the number 0, representing infinite possibilities and the beginning of a journey. It signifies new beginnings, spontaneity, and a sense of embarking on a path with trust and optimism.

The Fool Tarot Card Keywords

Upright  New beginnings, Adventure, Innocence, Spontaneous, Blind Trust, Liberation
Reversed  Recklessness, Fearlessness, Risk, Reluctance, Uncaring, Unpredictable
Yes or No Card Yes
Numerology Number 0
Element Air
Planet Uranus
Astrological Sign Aquarius
Healing Crystals Clear Quartz, Green Tourmaline

What does The Fool Tarot Card mean?

This card symbolizes new beginnings and potential. The Universe is encouraging you to step outside your comfort zone and trust that everything is going to be okay. Take that leap of faith; this card is an encouragement. 

Being regarded as a dreamer, a mystic. He has the desire to accomplish a great goal. He must be careful to make the right choice. If he thinks that “when ignorance is bliss. For Folly, indiscretion, thoughtless action. The choice is likely to be faulty.

The Fool (0) Depiction

The Fool represents a youth entering the world happily. He’s thrilled to be taking his first steps. He carries only a modest sack, unconcerned about potential threats. If he takes another step, he’ll fall down the cliff he’s approaching.

We’re not sure if he’s naive or just unaware, though. If he doesn’t pay attention to his surroundings, he may never see all the adventures he dreams about.

The Fool in the Major Arcana

Starting with the fool numbered zero in the Major Arcana this card represents new beginnings or a clean slate this card also represents being carefree as you can kind of see his demeanor.

The Fool Upright Meaning

The Fool card’s number 0 has boundless possibilities. The Fool lacks a distinct personality. His adventure will shape his character.

The Fool signifies a new journey filled with optimism and independence from life’s regular restraints. When we meet him, he treats each day like a youthful adventure. He believes anything may happen in life and that the world is full of opportunities to be explored. He leads a simple life with no anxieties and doesn’t appear concerned about the future.

The Fool Tarot - Major Arcana Tarot Card

The Fool represents new beginnings, promise, and opportunity. Like the young man, you’re at the beginning of your adventure, standing at the cliff’s brink. You’re being called to commit and follow your heart, even though you don’t know where you’re heading. You must trust the Universe now.

The Fool encourages you to be open, curious, and excited on this new voyage. Leave fear, worry, and anxiety behind and embrace the unknown. New experiences, growth, progress, and adventure.

Take that leap of faith, even if you’re not 100 percent ready or equipped, Why wait? Do you need a plan before starting? Yes! No Fool. He travels light and asks you to do the same. You don’t need someone’s permission or all the skills, tools, and resources you believe you’ll need. Ready? This is your sign!

You have immense potential and opportunity now. Everything is possible. Use your creativity and spontaneity to bring forth powerful new ideas at this amazing moment.

Relax, play, and have fun with The Fool. Consider life a grand experiment and go with the flow. This card urges you to embrace your lovely, carefree soul and connect to the energy around you. Explore wonder, curiosity, and fascination to reach your maximum potential. Relive childhood. More laughter, dancing, and heart release.

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This card can help with dread, concern, and self-doubt. The Fool is your adventurous, carefree guide. He’s your inner child, free spirit, and playful soul. The Fool pushes you to acknowledge your fear and do it anyhow. Like The Fool, you must venture into the unknown and trust the Universe to guide you. Test your luck.

Fools are carefree. These people are imaginative, love to travel, and trust the world like children. These can cause problems. Their optimism can make them vulnerable.  

The Fool Upright Card Keywords

New Beginnings, innocence, free spirit, spontaneity

What does The Fool Upright Mean for Love and Relationships?

In love, the Fool is impulsive but fickle. The Fool suggests being so in love you can’t restrain yourself. This card is associated to lack of commitment if the question is about commitment. Singles should expect an impulsive, carefree romance (or many such romances). If the Fool appears, expect a fun-filled romance, but don’t overlook true love.

What does The Fool Upright Mean for Work and Career?

Chance! With the Fool, it may be time to start a new employment or business. Others may try to discourage you or not understand what you’re doing; be patient and try to explain, but don’t give up. It means new ideas and enthusiasm for present endeavors. The Fool means advancement. Be smart and assess the risk, but don’t be scared to jump. If you risk and work hard, you’ll make more money.

What does The Fool Upright Mean for Finances?

You may feel spontaneous and idealistic about money. Now you can spend on adventure and exploration. Travel? Or hone a talent? These items can be funded easily. There’s a sense that you’ll have all you need, so you can focus on being expansive and interested.


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The Fool Reversed Meaning

Reversed Fool means a new beginning. When reversed, this Major Arcana trump card suggests avoiding the beginning. This new start is approaching. The Fool reversed can indicate living in the moment but also reckless behavior towards others. It might mean being illogical, without fun or faith.

The Fool Reverse Tarot Card

When you reverse the Fool, you’ll see his bad traits. It means you’re acting foolishly by ignoring consequences. You don’t realize how perilous your situation is, like the card’s youth.

A reversed Fool card shows you’re not planning for the future. Reversed Fool warns about being taken advantage of. This card alerts you about anything that sounds too good to be true.

The Fool Reversed means you have a fresh initiative but aren’t ready to launch it. You may fear that you’re not fit or that you lack the necessary tools, abilities, and resources. Or maybe the time is off. You’re stuck and can’t move forward. You may keep this new chance to yourself or ‘park’ it for later.

You may worry, ‘What am I getting myself into?’ You’re afraid to take any action without knowing the outcome. This boils down to controlling everything. Know that the Universe has your back and you can move forward, even if you don’t know what will happen.

The Fool Reversed shows you’re taking too many chances and acting irresponsibly. In an effort to be spontaneous and adventurous, you may act without regard for the repercussions, putting yourself and others at risk. Consider ways to retain The Fool’s free spirit without injuring others.

The Fool Reversed means you’re investigating this spirit on a personal and quiet level. You dance in your bedroom like no one is looking instead of on stage. Consider adding extra play to your everyday routine, even if it’s only in secret.

Reversed Fool is a reckless person. Many of The Fool’s charming attributes might become destructive in excess. Reversed, you may dodge essential duties. It can be someone whose life is too chaotic for a healthy connection.

Reversed cards can be exploited. Not everyone has pure motives, so be careful where you get information. Reversed Fool warns against being naive.

The Fool Reversed Card Keywords

Holding back, recklessness, risk-taking, inconsideration

What does The Fool Reversed Mean for Love and Relationships?

The Fool reversed in love can imply that your desire of adventure is keeping you from the kind love you want or producing doubt in your current relationship. Reversed Fool indicates a thrilling but perilous connection. This could cause insecurity and damage your connection.

What does The Fool Reversed Mean for Work and Career?

Career-wise You may be restless at work or considering quitting. First, think! If you’re holding back your best ideas due to lack of confidence, don’t be scared to assert yourself. You may have a lot of energy and be anxious to use it, but lack the wisdom to do so safely.
Consider how your activities effect your coworkers before acting. The reversed Fool can also indicate that your employment is stale and dull and that you need a change. Sometimes this means you’re restricted from doing so or need to thoroughly evaluate your options. You may not see all the threats.

What does The Fool Reversed Mean for Finances?

The fool reversed shows financial opportunity, but be cautious and do your homework before investing. You want to be respected. Be bold and assertive. Your suggestions are valid.

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The Fool Card & Numerology

The Fool is the card that has the number 0. Zero is round and makes a circle, so it stands for cycles and the whole. Still, it’s empty and stands for nothingness, nothingness, and nothingness.

Zero is where it all starts. It is innocent and pure. It is known by what it is not.

This number is a visual representation of eternity and God. It also means nothing, because we can’t go on to the next part of the journey in our current form. The number 0 also stands for how sacred (and therefore secret) the Fool’s mystery is. In older decks, The Fool tarot card was actually “tucked away” between The World and Judgment.

You could easily get lost thinking about the idea of Zero, which is a fun way to get into the world of Numerology. You might even think of yourself as the Fool as you think about the open void of the Zero journey.

The Fool Yes or No in a Reading

When picking the fool, your answer to a “Yes or No” Tarot question in a one-card spread should be a big “Yes.” Don’t worry or doubt, because things will work out well for you.
When the Fool card is drawn, it means that you will soon have to make important decisions and deal with change. 

When the Fool is upright up in a reading, it means “Yes.” As the Fool usually stands for freedom, adventure, and acting on impulse, it is a fun and good tarot card to come across during a reading.

When the Fool card is reversed  it means that the answer to your question is “No.” Since the reversed position suggests carelessness and naivety, it’s best to be extra careful right now.

What does The Fool Card Mean for Love in a Reading?

The Fool is a card that wants to have fun and make friends. If you want to find love, this card is a great way to start your romantic journey. Make a profile on an online dating site, take some big social risks, and show the world how beautiful you are. You might not find your “one true love” right away, but at least the search will be fun!

If you’re having doubts about your current relationship, you can look at The Fool as a person who has never been in love before, either you or your partner or as your relationship as a whole.

Maybe you need to be more playful and bring the fun back into your relationship. Think of your relationship as a crazy adventure and try new, fun things together.

Play games, ask questions, and find a hobby or physical activity you can do together to bring back the spark that brought you together in the first place.

What does The Fool Card Mean for Health and Spirituality in a Reading?

It’s a new start, and you can start over after every health disappointment or failure.

You might need to have more fun. Even people who are very shy and tend to live alone need to be connected to the rest of the world. All of the best lessons you learn and the most important things that happen to you will involve other people. The Fool can show you how to be more fun and friendly with other people. If you’re wondering what your life is all about, you’re like The Fool at the start of a big spiritual journey. This is a quest to find out more about yourself, and the other 21 cards of the Major Arcana show more ups and downs.

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It’s hard to know what to do. You haven’t gone very far yet, so you can’t see or know where you’re going. Right now, it’s not clear what to do.

What does The Fool Card Mean for your Career in a Reading?

The Fool fosters new jobs, careers, and professional interests. If you overcome your fear and prior mistakes, you’ll succeed.

Your work needs risk. Ask for a raise, start a new project, or learn something new. You’ll fall and look silly. Excellent! The Fool is sending you on a quest to obtain information and confidence for your new life.

What does The Fool Card Mean for Finances in a Reading?

Risk-taking Fool. Time to risk your financial future and try something new. The Fool is a wild trickster and is sometimes a warning about being overly dumb.

It’s difficult to please everyone. Follow your understanding and intuition, not logic or common knowledge. Risk just what you can afford to lose. Fun, experiences, and socializing may be what you need right now.

What does Drawing The Fool Card in a Reading Mean?

When you draw The Fool Tarot Card, remember that you are about to start an exciting new journey. This might force you to take a dangerous step forward. If you don’t want to take chances, you should just go with the flow. You won’t turn around

The first card in the Major Arcana is the Fool. People often see The Fool as a sign of hope and a chance to start over. It could mean you’re about to start something new and exciting. For example, this could be a totally new experience for you if you’ve never been to a certain place before.

The Fool Is the Fool the Strongest Tarot Card?

The Fool is the Strongest Card in the Tarot deck when it is in the present position. At this point in your life, your free will is strong enough to move mountains. 

The Fool is one of the most valuable and powerful cards in almost every tarot reading. This card can be used in the following ways:
– As a reason.

– As the least important.

– As the most important.

What does The Fool Card Represent in a Reading?

The Fool is almost about to walk right up this cliff without even really realizing this can also symbolize a new journey you see he’s kind of got all of his belongings packed up and he’s going off on a new journey being very optimistic about his journey.

The dog could also be this card’s warning you to be a little bit more mature about your dream.

Unaware of dangers The Fool will bring them into a world of spirituality, where they may find Knowledge out of most people’s reach.

With this interpretation, the Fool symbolizes a need for freedom and independence. It indicates a positive evolution on a path of wisdom.
The Fool will allow you to achieve both spiritual and material aspirations.


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To Conclude The Fool Tarot Card is known for:

Aimless Innocence, Spontaneous, Blind Trust, Liberation
Care-Free Free Spirit, Dreamer, Hopeful, Unrestricted
Impulsive Detached, Reluctance, Uncaring, Unpredictable
Wild Card Individuality, Variables, Creative, Non-conforming

Questions to Ask Yourself when Drawing The Fool Card

  • Are you taking responsibility for your life?
  • Are you making reckless and thoughtless decisions?
  • Are you thinking through the risks in your decisions? 

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