Twin Flame Separation

Twin Flame Separation Stage, Reasons & What You Can Learn From it

Being separate from your twin flame can cause deep pain that you start to blame yourself and be angered or full of anxiety that you haven’t fully healed yet to come together with this person, but it’s just showing you what you need to work on.

While apart from your twin flame, you may dream about them intensely and feel a pull to get back to them. Any form of split can be agonizing and almost unbearable, but use this time to work on the parts of yourself that need healing.

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Separating from a twin flame doesn’t mean that the intensity you experienced was a figment of your imagination or an illusion, it was definitely real. Despite the difficulties in this relationship, it can be so powerful in helping us become the best version of ourselves possible. We’ll be met and exposed to the dark, fractured parts of ourselves that we’ve worked hard to bury but our twin flames will provoke inner growth by showing us this side of ourselves (whether intentionally or not).


What is a Twin Flame?  

A twin flame relationship, sometimes known as a “mirror soul,” happens when one soul is split between two bodies. These two individuals possess a profound soul connection, reflecting one another and serving as catalysts for progress in the other’s life.

A psychologist noted, twin flames’ mirroring nature compels the two to confront their vulnerabilities and concerns, but also sheds light on areas in which they may progress. When both parties are prepared for this level of openness and closeness, these partnerships can be extraordinarily profound and enriching.

They are, however, and can swiftly become poisonous if one or both sides are unprepared. “The very belief that you are’ meant to be’ can distort a person’s judgment concerning relationship concerns,” 

A Twin Flame Separation Stage 

A twin flame separation is a stage that many twin flames may undergo in their relationship. It is precisely what it sounds like: a period of separation. It often occurs after the honeymoon period has passed and insecurities and attachment concerns become apparent.

“As you begin to delve deeply into your dark sides, your love will be put to the test,  When this occurs, one spouse may avoid the other or even leave the relationship. “Twin flame relationships involve a great deal of push-pull,” A portion of the pursuit is the reward for each participant. However, there will come a time when one spouse will withdraw, resulting in separation.


Even if it takes years, many twin flames will eventually find their way back to each other, but not all. It is contingent upon the degree to which the twin flames work independently while they are apart. Certain twin flame relationships, on the other hand, might be toxic, and they may never reconnect — or should not.

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Reasons for the Separation

1. This is not the appropriate time.

Oftentimes, one (or both, but generally one) of the twin flames is not yet ready for the partnership. This individual is referred to as “the runner,” while the other is referred to as “the chaser.”

“Occasionally, twin flames run. There is a great deal of self-reflection and acceptance of the fact that this connection is unlike any other you’ve ever had. It is a difficult concept to love someone unreservedly while maintaining healthy limits and communicating that to the world; not everyone is prepared for that.”


2. Additional growth is required.

Occasionally, the separation is required for one or both parties to mature and learn in order to reunite in a healthier manner. Often, when the time is not right, it is because the twin flames met too soon, before they were ready.

In a good twin flame relationship, both parties can grow together, however in the case of separation, neither party is growing.  A psychologist  notes, a relationship may not be the healthiest if a person feels stagnant and that they are not being the greatest version of themselves.


Absence of self-love

One recurring characteristic in twin flame relationships leading up to the breakup phase is a lack of self-love expressed via the relationship, whether as codependency, jealousy, or something else. This is where the majority of twin flames’ growth will occur.

Self-love can be problematic in twin flame relationships due to the nature of the notion, which might be misunderstood to imply that there is a “perfect match” out there for you to discover in order to be complete.

“Perfection does not exist, and believing that it does can be highly self-destructive.” She continues by saying that you don’t need somebody to complete you or your soul, and that one person cannot potentially fulfill all of your requests and solve all of your issues.


4. Immaturity on an emotional or spiritual level

In many instances, the “runner” of a relationship is not as spiritually or emotionally evolved as their twin flame. If one individual is developing and maturing while the other is not, they will drift apart. “A real divine partnership is one in which both parties are on an equal emotional and spiritual footing,” A partnership can only endure as long as it is mutually beneficial. 


5. You’ve absorbed the necessary information.

It is believed that twin flames have taught each other different things over their many prior lives. Therefore, if you’ve learnt the lesson(s) necessary this time around, the relationship may be over.

This can also impact into the temporal element; you have acquired the necessary knowledge for the time being. That doesn’t mean you won’t get back together in the future.


How to Navigate Through The Separation. 

While the separation may not be permanent, it is almost always an opportunity to prioritize and focus on your own growth and self-love. She argues that our happiness should not depend on being in a relationship or with someone else.

When this effort is completed, she continues, twin flames frequently rekindle because they are prepared to approach the relationship in a new and stronger manner. However, she continues, this evolution cannot be accelerated, and it is at this point that you must truly trust that what is meant for you will be.

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“Know that the cosmos won’t lead you astray, and if it’s genuinely meant to be, you’ll find your way back to each other,” 

Focus on learning to feel comfortable being alone, she recommends. Take yourself out on dates, learn to sit with your feelings, perform shadow work, and avoid rushing into another relationship to compensate for what you’ve lost. It is about finding happiness.

Remember that we can also have platonic soul mates and other significant connections that teach us valuable lessons and help us grow. Separation is an excellent time to nurture those relationships as well.



How is the process of segregation initiated?

Typically, in twin flame relationships, one individual is the runner and the other individual is the chaser. It is argued that as the separation period approaches, the runner may begin to avoid the chaser, withdraw, or destroy the connection.

Although the runner may begin the separation, there are situations when the chaser recognizes the runner is drawing away and decides to “let them go.”


Is this a good or a bad thing?

There is no clear response to this question. Of course, breaking from your twin flame can be terrible and painful—but if that point has been reached, it was probably necessary. As Bowman points out, if one person is never really prepared, the twin fires may never unite in this lifetime.

“A twin flame can also enter our lives to serve as a reminder of who we are, and they are not intended to stay. Occasionally, it is the lesson.

Occasionally, however, twin flames do reignite, and in those instances, the separation was essential for them to reunite stronger than before. Thus, it is not a matter of deciding if the separation period is “good” or “bad,” but of trusting that what is meant to be will be.


What is done upon reunion?

If twin flames reconnect and both choose to try again, this is a wonderful event that can result in a highly close relationship. To keep things moving in the correct direction, You are advised to  keeping an eye out for similar patterns or behaviors from the initial encounter.

As some twin flames experience repeated separation periods, it is not impossible for the same concerns to resurface as a big issue. That is not to imply you will not eventually overcome them.

This is a positive indicator,  if you trust your instincts, communicate openly and honestly, do not attempt to change each other, and feel whole as people. If not, you may still be unprepared.

How to Avoid Sickness Due to Separation

The first step toward resolving it is to become aware of it. This step can actually be more difficult for the twin flame runner, as they are more likely to be unaware of the source of the sensation. This rush of bad energy can strike them out of nowhere, but at the very least you will be aware of it and able to combat it.

If you have any personal routines for dealing with bad energy, such as cleansing your chakras or practicing yoga, now is an excellent time to incorporate them. The easiest way to deal with separation sickness is to focus on the next stage of your journey – which is ultimately what we need to discuss.


Separation and Reconnection of Twin Flames

We do need to begin by debunking a complete myth. Even if you have met your twin flame, you are not necessarily meant for union in this lifetime. A twin flame relationship is very potential to fail.

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Indeed, reaching this point in your journey is really rare.
I tell this not to depress you or dissuade you during an already trying moment. I mention this because it is critical that you do all possible to reunite you and your twin. If you’ve made it this far, it’s critical that we push through the discomfort and get to the next stage. This does not mean that you should simply sit back and wait for the universe to deliver or your runner twin to ‘figure it out.’

What lessons can be learned from this separation?

Establish new friendships, enter other relationships, and expand your life experiences before you’re ready to enter a twin flame relationship. Maybe the time wasn’t right, but all that can be done is to work on healing and growing in yourself and your spiritual life. Some journeys need to be completed before you can fully embrace a twin flame relationship.

You never know what the future will bring. Continue to be positive, pray, and work on yourself to be fully prepared for your life-long twin flame relationship.

Twin Flame Connection

Understanding your twin flame connection can come with conflicting signs, but once you sort through the connection to unveil your strong and deep bond with each other you can nurture this relationship on a deep spiritual and emotional level.

Ultimately, it’s important to remember that a twin flame is the other half of your soul – you’re a single soul split across two bodies. Meeting them will feel like you’re coming home, full of familiarity and comfort. This doesn’t mean it won’t be free of conflict, there will be obstacles in this relationship but you will overcome these moments to come out stronger than before.


One of the main signs that you’re among your twin flame include unity above all things – you have a calling to be together and in each other’s presence any time that you can.

Harmony and Balance

Another sign of being with your twin flame includes harmony and balance. The push and pull in your relationship are marked by a feeling of balance and passion for each other. You’ll feel as if you’ve waited your whole life for this person and once you’ve found each other, you’ll feel like all is right with the world.

One of the other signs of this connection is that when you look back at your life, you’ll see situations that manifested because they weren’t “the one”.

Your past relationships are nothing like this one and you likely subconsciously sabotaged them to leave.
Your soul knew that wasn’t the right person and the universe was preparing you to meet your twin flame.

Deep and rewarding

This connection is deep and rewarding. It will come with challenges, but you will overcome these together to grow with your twin flame and create a relationship that is life-long and incredibly strong.

To Conclude 

Many twin flame relationships will experience at least one phase of separation, if not numerous phases of separation. To reconcile, both parties must progress emotionally and spiritually to the point where they can coexist together. And when they do, these connections can thrive magnificently. That being said, not all twin flames are destined to be together, and that is perfectly OK as well.



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