Twin Flame Stages

Twin Flame Stages: 7 Twin Flame Stages You Must Know

Meeting your twin flame will present itself in stages and may not always be clear from the beginning of your relationship, but to surrender to your twin flame will mean a relationship and life full of comfort and clarity that this person will support you through thick and thin.  

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The 7 Twin Flame Stages:

Twin flames are supposed to be creatures who assist our souls in completing their journeys. Plato, an ancient Greek philosopher, coined the concept of “divided souls” that are perpetually on the lookout for their “other halves.”

Today, we still believe in the concept of “finding our other half,” but we believe that finding another person is absolutely necessary for us to be complete.

Please bear in mind that while twin flames do enable us experience unconditional love and grow tremendously as individuals, not all of us find our twin flames, and not all of us require twin flames to feel whole. 

Additionally, it’s vital to keep in mind that the degree to which you can feel harmony in your twin flame relationship is contingent on your soulful development level. For instance, two mature souls will find it far simpler to “keep it all together” than two youthful souls. You can learn more about soul ages by reading more.

Keeping this in mind, what are the eight primary twin flame stages that your relationship is likely to go through these ?

Twin Flame Stage 1: Searching

At this stage, you’ve spent your entire life pining for “The One” who has yet to appear in your life. You have this peculiar impression that someone perfectly shaped to you is “out there,” but you’re not sure where or when they’ll show up in your life. Although you long for your twin flame, you have a feeling that they will eventually come.

This will involve a strong sense of yearning and awareness that something is happening. You’ll have a deep feeling that your twin flame is out there and at first, you might doubt this, but you will find it impossible to shake the conviction that you’ll meet your one.
Use this stage as a preparation for the incoming arrival of your twin flame. You may have been praying to manifest them with a simple prayer and you know they’re about to arrive.

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Twin Flame Stage 2 : Seeing “The One”

You will eventually catch a short glimpse of your twin flame. Whether through a dream indication or a real-world encounter, the Beloved can suddenly be perceived.

The resulting effect is significant. Immediately, awe, happiness, worry, and intoxication follow. For the cautious among us, the effect is a lingering sensation of acute interest and a want to learn more about the individual.

This individual is incredibly unique, albeit you cannot pinpoint exactly why. As with me, you may sense that this person will have a significant impact on your life even before you meet them fully.

As mentioned in the twin flame signs, you’ll tend to know you’ve met your twin flame. During this stage, you’ve physically met and are aware of your deep compatibility.
You might notice there were many coincidences and little signs that your meeting was destined and we’ll dive further into twin flames angel numbers below. You might be shaken by the intensity of the bond you feel and your thoughts may be occupied by this person.


Twin Flame Stage 3: Falling in Love

When you fall in love with this person, you will fall with great force. You will fall harder than you have ever fallen before – and the impact will take your breath away. Indeed, as you become closer to your twin flame, you will fall more passionately in love with them. As a result, standing with two feet on the ground will be difficult.

You may experience disorientation, love-sickness, and a sense of being “unlike yourself.” You may even attempt to fight the desire, but you will finally embrace the reality that you are hopelessly in love.


Twin Flame Stage 4: The Fairytale Relationship

As both of you eventually express your thoughts and form a relationship, life will begin to feel like a fairy tale. Your interaction with them will be flawless in every manner.

It would appear as though your twin flame satisfies every single need and want you have ever had. This taste of “heaven” represents the evolved twin flame connection following the subsequent periods of conflict.

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Twin Flame Stage 5: Outer Disturbance and Inner Purging

At this point, there are problems in paradise. As the initial time of excitement subsides, egos begin to flare up. Suddenly, differences in opinion, taste, and personality develop, bringing ancient core scars to the surface. In addition to sharing and reflecting our deepest needs, ambitions, and dreams, our twin flames also tend to reflect our dark selves.

For instance, if you are an emotionally repressed individual, your twin flame will almost certainly be an extremely explosive individual. If you are prone to arrogance, your twin flame will almost certainly be insecure and shy. Our twin flames confront us in this way, ratcheting up our vulnerabilities. This can be extremely aggravating, debilitating, and agonizing.


Twin Flame Stage 6: The Runner and the Chaser

As emotions escalate, it is normal for one partner (or often both) to emotionally or physically retreat and “run” away, while the other engages in a cat-and-mouse game. Occasionally, this entails emotional withdrawal and quiet therapies.

At other times, this entails physical separation and, in severe cases, the relationship’s irreversible end. Twin flames are put to the test by fire during this stage. While some relationships endure and grow stronger, others disintegrate. As I indicated at the outset, everything depends on the spiritual growth of each partner.

Occasionally, one partner departs for an extended period of time and then returns, only to restart the pattern. On the other hand, the chaser is typically the more psychologically and emotionally mature partner, attempting to sort things out and make amends.

You might be in either or will switch back and forth, but this stage will have you confronting your level of intimacy that you’re both capable of experiencing. This stage will end by both twin flames realizing that there are forces at work beyond their control.


Twin Flame Stage 7: Surrender and Disintegration

After the relationship’s shadow has been disclosed, you may undergo a phase of surrender. Following such misery, distress, and prodding, both of you begin to speak openly about your scars and insecurities. It is usual to feel a great deal of ego breakdown and soul expansion during this stage.

As the ego relaxes, important lessons about one’s own nature and the nature of the “other” become apparent. As you develop skills for resolving conflicts, the maturity of your relationship grows and so increases.

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You’re not giving up on your connection, but you’re accepting that neither of you can escape your destiny with each other.
This can be a very positive experience that releases you from your anxieties to allow you to live in the moment and trust the universe.
This will come after working through any negative feelings reflected in each other.


Twin Flame Stage 8:  Unification

As difficulties in your relationship become more manageable, you will enter a period of soul reunion. In the eighth stage, it is normal for you and your partner to discover a shared meaning, passion, or cause that gives you both a sense of fulfillment.

As the ego continues to relax, virtues like as forgiveness, understanding, empathetic understanding, and patience are acquired. The more you and your partner diligently address each issue that arises, the more you experience “Oneness,” or the death of your ego.

This stage is marked with a deep sense of relief and balance. You’ve come out of the challenging stages stronger than ever having learned about each other and yourselves. It will carry a sense of peace, acceptance, and understanding for each other and your relationship. 


Twin Flame Stage  9: Test

Now you have to understand your relationship with this person. You’ll establish boundaries, test your limits, and move past the intoxicating feeling of the honeymoon stage of love.
This stage is crucial if your goal is to have a more meaningful and long-term relationship with this person and will come after you’ve had enough time to enjoy your honeymoon stage of the relationship. 

Twin Flame Stage 10: Crisis

This can be an unpleasant experience, but the deep bond might have you second-guessing this relationship. You might experience anxiety and worries about your bond, but if you work through this, you’ll come out stronger.



If you can get through the challenging stages of meeting and connecting with your twin flame, you’re on the way towards a very rewarding and enriching connection that can only be found in each other’s presence.

“My soul and your soul are forever tangled.” – N.R. Hart


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