Twin Flame Signs

Twin Flame Signs and Symptoms

Generally, your twin flame is the other half of your soul that has landed in a different body but has once existed in fusion with you before ascending to a high frequency and being split in two – but what are the signs and symptoms this person is your twin flame?

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Here are the most Common Twin Flame Signs and Symptoms:

Twin Flame Sign and Symptom 1

Intuitively knowing what the other person feeling, thinking or doing.
This works vice-versa as well, where you find that they can detect the same about you.

Twin Flame Sign and Symptom 2

Sharing the same values, hobbies, interests, and preferences.
You probably read the same books and share favorite genres (such as books, music, and movies).
You likely also gravitate towards the same food and ideas for the future or for travel.

Twin Flame Sign and Symptom 3

Having the same emotions or thoughts at the same time. This will show up even if you’re in different places.
When you’re together in person, you’ll often by saying the thing at the same time.

Twin Flame Sign and Symptom 4

You feel a strong physical pull to be close. Whether romantic or platonic, you’ll always long to touch or be close to this person.

Twin Flame Sign and Symptom 5

Having the same dreams. This can also manifest in appearing in each other’s dreams or your dreams will overlap in the theme with the core message and feeling being similar.

Twin Flame Sign and Symptom 6

Communication comes easily without having to speak. You’ll glance at each other and know what the other is trying to tell you.
A quick glance is all it takes for your twin flame to know what’s going on with you and whether you need something.

Twin Flame Sign and Symptom 7

Understanding the complex parts of each other. While uncomfortable and confrontational, this can also be incredibly liberating and validating. This person can understand the deep and hidden parts of you and you can be the same for them.

Twin Flame Sign and Symptom 8

Sharing some of the same vulnerabilities and weaknesses. You can sometimes see your old faults in your twin flame or have some of the same difficulties they do.
You can use this to work together to overcome these difficulties and grow together in your friendship or relationship.

Twin Flame Sign and Symptom 9

It’s safe and natural to be your authentic self around them. If you’re normally a shy person, a twin flame will immediately make you feel comfortable enough to show your real self.
This is a comforting feeling and you know they will never judge you for showing your authentic self.

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Overall, you’ll feel an overwhelmingly powerful connection with them that you haven’t felt with anyone else. You’ll feel balanced and aligned as you share the same energy and wavelengths with each other.

It will feel like you can read their mind or intuitively know what they need or are thinking at any given moment, and they do the same for you. You both continue to evolve together and make each other better people by raising each other up with positivity and support. You function best in their presence and never feel your energy draining while they’re around you. 


At the end of the day, nothing can break the bond with your twin flame. While you may have some differences and will confront conflict at some point in your relationship, you will always come together at the end of it and grow to be a stronger duo overall.

Your communication skills are unmatched as you know the other person’s feelings as they are so similar to your own. Your love and trust for each other are unconditional and it will never be hard to come back together when things get difficult. While life may take you in different directions momentarily, you will always link back up further down the path to continue your journey through life together.



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