A Spiritual Journey in Mexico

Mexico is the perfect place to experience the ultimate spiritual journey. It’s the number one place to heal your spirit, rooted in Mexican culture.

Mexico is magical, and once you visit it and experience it first-hand, you’ll know what we’re  talking about. Wander between ancient sites, learn with people of ancient wisdom, ask about numbers and stones, and feel the deep vibe.

Mexico has a long tradition of spirituality

Most Mexicans are inherently spiritual. How they express tradition, nature, and their ancestors will make you want to stay forever.

There is sincerity, like nowhere else. Mexicans will welcome you openly and share their deepest thoughts on indigenous history and traditions.

You’ll also find rituals everywhere and curanderos (healers) focusing on healing people’s bodies and souls. Plants are the main base for their medicines.

A familiar practice in most parts of Mexico is energy cleansing, known locally as limpia. Curanderos will work with herbs and incense to expel negative energies.,. There is a deep respect and love for ancestry, and the rituals have continued to exist in modern times.

You can participate in plant medicine ceremonies in Mexico

The use of herbal medicine is widespread throughout Mexico. Psychedelic substances are used for healing and are not considered party drugs as in other parts of the world. In northern Mexico you will find peyote, a cactus with a high concentration of mescaline.

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The Huichol or Wixarika, tribes from the desert, have a long tradition of using peyote for religious rituals. The ceremonies usually begin with a massive reverence for nature and continue with chanting and more.

Spiritual practice in Mexico requires that you bring an offering to the earth, Mother Nature, in  exchange  for your request.

Magic mushrooms are widely shared in Mexico; shamans work with them and their healing power. The best place to have these rituals is the Oaxaca region, where you can see mushrooms grow, especially in August.

Locals call it hongosto, a mix between hongos (mushroom) and Agosto (August). Other spiritual plants are available in Mexico, like Ayahuasca, originally from the Amazon region, which has become popular in the country. A plant medicine ceremony could provide incredible life-changing insights.

There are many spiritual places in Mexico

Mexico offers numerous spiritual places holding historical and cultural significance. Once you visit them, you feel the sacred energy. Explore the remnants of Aztek and Mayan civilizations, like Chichen Itza, Palenque, or the Aztek pyramid in the Tepoztlán mountains.

You can also head to Teotihuacan near Mexico City. As soon as you arrive, you’ll feel the real sacredness. In addition, you should explore churches where Catholicism and Mayan meet or even ghost villages with a mystical atmosphere. These places will let you find your own truth.

Mexico has Temazcales – a spiritual experience like no other

Temazal is an out-of-this-world experience where you challenge your body and mind. It’s like a spiritual sauna, and it could last several hours.

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For the ritual, you’ll be in a dome-shaped construction and covered with plenty of blankets, and as soon as everything starts, you won’t see anything as there won’t be any lights. A temazaclero leads the session, divided into four parts, one for every nature element.

After a round finishes, more hot stones are introduced inside the sweat lodge, and you must stay for all the rounds. It’s an extreme experience in which your mind must remain calm.

The overall environment is magical, with the darkness and the steam emanating from the stones. You will hear ritualistic songs and will find an inner strength you didn’t know you had.

Mexico Visa Requirements

There is so much to discover in Mexico, not only about the spiritual experience but also about numerology, zodiac signs, and your inner self.

Before traveling, make sure you have Mexico Tourist Card, a mandatory travel document for anybody entering Mexico for tourism reasons.

[iVisa]** can help you process the digital documentation and provide the tourist card. Show it to immigration authorities, and you are ready.

You should also check out the health recommendations to stay healthy during your time there. Mexico is waiting for you. Pack your bags and travel now!