What is The 333 Manifestation Technique?

We have all heard the phrase ‘3 is a magic number’, so it is no wonder that so many people are choosing to adopt the 333 manifestation technique as a positive and productive self help exercise.

If you have desires, hopes and ambitions that you would like to make manifest in your life, then read on for a step by step guide to the 333 manifestation technique.

What Is Manifestation?

Manifestation, in the most simple terms, is a self improvement strategy based on the power of positive thinking. It is all about using the incredible power of your sentient brain to send messages out into the universe in the form of positive energy.

The laws of attraction dictate that positive energy attracts more positive energy, and therefore clear, specific and concentrated thoughts can actually translate into real life results.

By performing manifestation exercises (and really committing to them), you can actually convert your dream of owning your own home, into a set of keys, or your dream of meeting your ideal partner, into an amazing romance.


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How Does Manifestation Work?

If you consider that we humans only use about 10% of our brain capacity in day to day life, it becomes clear that we are actually capable of far more than we realize.

The fact that we have the capacity to imagine worlds far beyond our own, and to experience complex and detailed emotions, gives some insight into just how powerful the mind can be. It is this principle which forms the foundation that manifestation techniques are built upon.

When the mind focuses on one strong and specific desire, it creates a positive energy in the body. This is simple chemistry – just think about how much happier you feel when you talk to someone you love, or talk about something you are passionate about.

This positive energy then converts into vibrations that we send out into the atmosphere. Those vibrations radiate more strongly the more we concentrate and focus on that desire, and the more we believe that it will come true.

The strong vibrations then draw positive energy from the universe towards us and into our daily existence. This energy can manifest itself as opportunities, people and relationships, and even as material things. Whatever you desire can be made manifest if you can harness the power of your mind.

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What Is The 333 Manifestation Technique?

The number 333 actually stands for 33 x 3. This refers to the practice of writing out a positive affirmation 33 times for 3 days. The significance of the numbers is not accidental.

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Number 3 really is a magic number and carries some pretty powerful energy of its own. It has long been acknowledged by artists and philosophers that the number 3 has a perfect completion to it.

Comedians speak about using the rule of 3 in their jokes, speech writers use it to articulate powerful political messages and even famous composers have used the number 3 as the foundations for many of their melodic motifs and structural approaches.

For this reason, writing an affirmation 33 times a day for 3 consecutive days not only ensures that it is fully ingrained in your mind and highly clarified, it also means that by the time you finish you will feel a wonderful sense of completion.

There are many different approaches to manifestation. Some people keep manifestation journals in which they write their desires down every day, others prefer to create visualization boards that are covered in pictures and visual prompts relating to their desire.

The 333 manifestation technique is fast becoming one of the most popular approaches to this style of self improvement because it is short term, highly concentrated, and very effective.


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How Do You Do The 333 Manifestation Technique?

Step 1. Select Your Desire

This first step sounds simple, but is in fact often the hardest part of the whole process. We all have so many hopes, dreams and ambitions and it can therefore be difficult to select one that you want to concentrate on.

Some people choose a very specific desire, for example they decide: I want to land that promotion at work. Such specificity can be really helpful because it makes it easier to focus your energy on a concrete target and it makes visualization much easier as well.

However, other people choose more broad desires, for example: I want to feel happier about myself. This is also completely fine as long as you can really imagine the feeling that you hope you achieve.

It is also good to push yourself to clarify some details if possible. For example, you might want to say whether you want to feel better about your body, your confidence, or a combination of things.

You should write your desire down in clear, bold handwriting, be it in a new notebook, manifestation journal, or a clean sheet of paper.

If you are using sheets of paper, it is a really good idea to put them in a binder, or find some other way of keeping them together, because your writing will be something that you can look back on in the future.

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Step 2. Articulate Your Reasoning

Once you have selected your desire and written it down, you can then begin to articulate your reason for choosing that desire.

This kind of self enquiry is really crucial because it teaches you a lot about yourself and can even help you to understand your desire more clearly.

If you want to land a promotion at work you might articulate your reasoning as follows: I want to land the promotion at work because I want to feel validated, respected and valued for my skills.

Or, if you want to feel happier about yourself you might write: I want to feel happier about myself because I want to be able to socialize and not feel anxious.

Really as yourself: why do I desire this? And then write your reason down beneath your desire, again using as bold and clear handwriting as you can.

Step 3. Come Up With Your Positive Affirmation

This next step is absolutely crucial, because it will set the tone of your manifestation and will dictate how positive and strong your mindset will be.

Your positive affirmation is the single sentence statement that you are going to write out 33 times for 3 days, so it needs to be good!

To come up with your affirmation, you simply need to look at your desire, and your reasoning, and then create a sentence that encapsulates them both in the present tense.

For example, you might write: I feel so validated, respected and valued by my company now that I’ve landed that promotion at work.

Alternatively, you might write: Now that I am socializing and seeing all my friends again, I feel so much happier about myself.

It is vitally important that this affirmation is written in the present tense as though you are living and breathing your desire right here and now.

This is because the feelings and emotions that are released when you write and imagine having your desire are much stronger than those that are released by wishing you had your desire.

It is also very important that your affirmation is just one sentence long because brevity, focus and simplicity are intensifiers and help you to channel your energy more effectively.

Step 4. Write Out Your Affirmation 33 Times For 3 Days

Now, you are ready to begin your 3 day manifestation exercise. It is really very simple.
You should decide on a time of day (morning is often a popular choice because you then carry your positivity with you into your day).

Try to keep your writing time as regular as possible because you will actively demonstrate a level of commitment and determination to yourself which will benefit your results.

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Write your single sentence affirmation out 33 times in bold and clear handwriting. Typing really doesn’t work as well because the act of writing is more physical and therefore more tangible.

If your arm aches – it is a good thing. See this as a sign of how seriously you are taking the process and how convinced you are that it will work.

Step 5. Have Patience

After the third day you can cease. Keep hold of your writing however, because the physical document itself has lots of great energy and positivity attached to it.

Some people like you move straight on to a new desire, some like to go for another round of their first desire, and others are happy to leave things as they are for a while.

Manifestation can take time. Sometimes your desires can materialize almost instantly, other times they may take longer. Be patient and keep your eyes peeled for small signs and indications of positivity in your life.

You will soon begin to see them all around you. Perhaps you won’t land that exact promotion, but you will certainly begin to feel more recognized and appreciated by your colleagues and another (better suited) position might turn up instead.

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Does The 333 Manifestation Technique Work?

Some people swear by their manifestation practice and see instant results that help to change their lives. Others swear by it but see much more subtle results.

The desires that you make manifest are all around you, and the most successful part of this practice is that it opens your mind up to recognizing them and recognizing your own power to create them.

Step into the best version of yourself and start manifesting the blessings that you deserve.

Start your Manifestation Today!

Be open to new things and connect with your higher self for guidance and support.

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