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Full Moon in Leo: Horoscope: February 5 – March 2, 2023

February 5 is a Leo Full Moon

Your fifth house of love, creativity, and self-expression will be affected by the February 5 Full Moon in Leo.

As you will be in the mood for romance and fun, today is the ideal day to organize a date night! When others express gratitude toward you, you will reciprocate with the same sentiment.

You may find yourself concluding or finishing a creative venture or project you have been working on, and you will feel pleased with your accomplishment.

Mercury in Aquarius | February 11 – March 2

On February 11, as Mercury enters Aquarius, you will be more inclined to perform spontaneous acts of kindness for people in need. It is crucial not to expect a reward or anything else in exchange for your acts of service, as they must be motivated solely by the desire to give and serve.

Remember that what goes around comes around, and that when we help and are kind to others, we receive tenfold in return. During this transit, if you find methods to engage with others and enhance their lives in modest ways, you will feel profoundly connected to those around you.

5 February Taurus Full Moon in Leo 

Taurus Zodiac

On February 5, the Full Moon in Leo affects your fourth house of home and family. On this day, you will have enhanced feelings of love, pride, and affection for your family, as well as sentimentality toward your home. Today is the ideal day to organize a family outing or have dinner with the family. On this day, you may also like to spend time alone; nevertheless, it is preferable to spend time with your family to strengthen bonds with your loved ones.

Mercury in Aquarius | February 11 – March 2

Mercury enters Aquarius on February 11, making it essential to discover methods to collaborate and be a team with coworkers and coworkers. Those with whom you collaborate are crucial, as they are required for things to operate efficiently and successfully, and they have crucial duties to fulfill.

If there has been conflict in the past, attempt to address it during this transit and seek to gain the support of your coworkers and team members.

It is crucial to help individuals in the workplace during this time, as you never know when you may need their assistance in the future. You will come to know that when everyone is a team player, everyone benefits greatly.

Gemini | February 5 is a Leo Full Moon

gemini zodiac

The brilliant Full Moon in Leo will occur in your third house of communication and intelligence on February 5. Today is the perfect time to get your message out and be heard. If you need to schedule meetings or discuss matters with others, today is the greatest day to express your thoughts and ideas, as others will be receptive. Thus, you preserve a sense of pride and flair in your communication style, and others are far more open to what you say.

Mercury in Aquarius | February 11 – March 2

On February 11, your ruling planet Mercury will enter Aquarius and your ninth house. This transit will enable you to be more creative and open-minded in your approach to learning and generating new ideas.

You will transfer your attention to the future and how you might better it by modifying your present circumstances.

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When Mercury is in the ninth house, you will seek inspiration and fresh knowledge in distant locations. Therefore, your perception will be enhanced if you travel during this transit.

A subjective frame of view will allow you to observe the world, the people, and the cultures around you without imposing judgment. This idea or creation may be the result of this inspiration!

Cancer | February 5 is a Leo Full Moon

Cancer zodiac in western Astrology

On February 5, the Full Moon in Leo will influence your second house of finances and resources. This Full Moon signifies the end of a 12-month financial cycle, during which you can reap the rewards of your efforts. This day will likely be expensive, and you may even go shopping!

Leo is synonymous with luxury. You will seek for products that enhance your physical beauty, self-esteem, and feeling of self. Therefore, if you find anything you want, such as a dress that makes you seem great, do not hesitate to purchase it! You deserve it!

Mercury in Aquarius | February 11 – March 2

On February 11, Mercury will enter Aquarius and your eighth house, causing you to undertake a great deal of digging. You are attempting to comprehend the genuine nature and motives of those around you, and in doing so you may uncover unsettling information.

However, it is crucial to maintain your composure and avoid getting embroiled in the mayhem you may uncover at this period. Even though you wish to assist, you will find that the disorder and drama will resolve themselves if you do not intervene, and others will be able to settle their problems on their own.

Leo | February 5 is a Leo Full Moon

Zodiac Sign Leo Zodiac

On February 5, the Full Moon in Leo will be in your first house of self-awareness and identity. As you evaluate your hard work and efforts over the last year, it will be a significant day. You can pat yourself on the back; you’ve performed admirably! On this day, you will realize that you can do everything you choose. Find ways to feel good about yourself during this Full Moon, since this will have a favorable influence on you over the coming year.

Mercury in Aquarius | February 11 – March 2

On February 11, Mercury enters Aquarius and your seventh house of connections. During this time, you will have to make a difficult decision. You are being tugged in two different directions by your own impulses. One is the desire to satisfy your ego and attain personal satisfaction. The second is the desire to love and be loved by another individual. You want to follow your desires, yet they frequently conflict with those of your loved ones. Find strategies to temporarily set aside your demands and needs and to meet your loved ones halfway during this journey. Ensure that your relationships are your current top priority by devoting time, effort, and concentration to them.

Virgo | February 5 is a Leo Full Moon

Virgo Zodiac Sign: Dates, Elements, Qualities, Traits and Ruling Planets

The February 5 Full Moon in Leo will influence your 12th house of spirituality and subconsciousness. Pay close attention to your thoughts and feelings today. Thoughts you have set away for later will return to you at this time. You will have a new perspective and be able to consider alternative approaches to implement the ideas you had earlier. Secrets that you or others have concealed can potentially come to light!

Mercury in Aquarius | February 11 – March 2

During Mercury’s transit of Aquarius, you will be expected to aid and serve others frequently, and you may be confronted with hard situations in which others require your assistance. It is essential not to flee and to confront the situation at hand. Instead, learn to accept each day for what it is.

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Take care of what needs to be taken care of, and then let it go. Make room for new difficulties in your head and do not allow the past weigh you down. During this time, you will receive what you require when you least expect it, based on your ability to help others.

Libra | February 5 is a Leo Full Moon

Libra Zodiac Sign: Dates, Elements, Qualities, Traits and Ruling Planets

On February 5, the Full Moon in Leo affects your 11th house of friendship and community. Today, you may receive the opportunity to advance yourself through the people you associate with.

You will become more cognizant of your friendships and relationships with people, and you will reflect on and determine who contributes to your own development and whom you actually value.

Mercury in Aquarius | February 11 – March 2

As children, we were all imaginative and eager to develop our abilities. Sadly, as we age, life experience, fear, and criticism prevent us from discovering our actual creative potential, and we forget what we’re capable of. Mercury enters Aquarius on February 11, and during this transit, it is crucial to interact with persons who express their creativity without restraint.

If you surround yourself with individuals who do not allow their worries and conditioning to prevent them from achieving their goals, they will likely persuade you during this transit to do the same. Find ways to create like a child without fear of criticism.

Scorpio | February 5 is a Leo Full Moon

Zodiac Sign Scorpio

On February 5, the Full Moon in Leo affects your 10th house of vocation and profession. You will be rewarded for the time, effort, and ingenuity you have invested in your job, and influential people will acknowledge your abilities.

People involved in your professional life will recognize your qualities and abilities, and new career opportunities may present themselves. You will consider your feelings regarding your work and how it has contributed to your growth and expansion over the past year.

Mercury in Aquarius | February 11 – March 2

Mercury enters Aquarius and your 4th house on February 11, which is a time when you will think and evaluate a great deal about your family relationships. So frequently, over time, our family and loved ones become our enemies, and our relationships deteriorate.

Having enemies within the family is never a good thing, as it causes permanent emotional damage to us and our loved ones. Our familial relationships are the most significant in our lives. When we are able to reconcile family conflicts and become allies instead of foes, we will experience substantial inner healing and have allies in our future attempts and ambitions.

Sagittarius | February 5 is a Leo Full Moon


This February 5 Full Moon in Leo influences your 9th house of advanced education. This Full Moon will inspire you to reconsider your life’s ultimate goals moving ahead. Where will you go? During this Full Moon, you will be pondering this notion. This day will be dedicated to comprehending your future obligations. Today, set the intention for your future goals.

Mercury will be in Aquarius from February 11 until March 2
Mercury enters Aquarius and your 4th house of communication on February 11, and due to all the activity in your third house this month, you will find yourself expressing yourself much more.

So frequently, we believe that tremendous events and accomplishments characterize our life.

However, we fail to recognize that the excellent things in life are also found in the ordinary, mundane times. How we use our talents and energy to contribute, create, and improve the lives of those around us is the good in life. It is also the manner in which others go above and above to better our lives and make us happy.

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The good in our life is not defined by picturesque vacations or extravagant experiences, but by our ability to make a difference in the world and spread love.

Capricorn | February 5 is a Leo Full Moon

Zodiac Sign Capricorn

The Full Moon in Leo on February 5 will be a thrilling event for you, as it occurs in your eighth house of personal growth.

The Full Moon will cause you to focus on your past relationships with important individuals and the experiences they gave you that influenced who you are today. You will gain awareness of both happy and unpleasant experiences, and you will comprehend why these events were necessary for your development.

Mercury will be in Aquarius from February 11 until March 2

On February 11, Mercury will enter Aquarius and move through your second house. During this transit, you may find new ways to earn money, which will be mostly influenced by others. It may be a good idea to pursue a new inventive approach to earn money using technology that you may hear about.

To achieve success and reach the top, you must occasionally leave your comfort zone and be thrown out of your nest. Be courageous and attempt something new, even if it appears hazardous, because the advantages ultimately outweigh the risks.

Aquarius | February 5 is a Leo Full Moon

Full Moon in Leo: Horoscope: February 5 - March 2, 2023 Angel number

The February 5 Full Moon in Leo influences your seventh house of partnerships, contracts, and connections.

This Full Moon can illuminate particular facets of your relationship with your partner or others. This day is great for pursuing a new commercial contract or agreement, since all the specifics will be clear.

You may become more attuned to your partner’s needs and strive to cultivate relationships that result in happiness and growth for people with whom you are associated.

Mercury will be in Aquarius from February 11 until March 2

Mercury enters Aquarius and your first house on February 11. This is the beginning of a new mental cycle in which you can work on reconstructing an identity that is more in line with your desires and your true self.

Now is the time to completely let go of the past, as clinging to it will only keep you in the past.

Instead of clinging to the past and dwelling on what was, learn to embrace it for what it is. Everything that has occurred in the past should remain in the past.

When you are able to recognize that these experiences have shaped who you are now without allowing them to weigh you down, you will be liberated.

Pisces | February 5: Full Moon in Leo

Zodiac Sign Pisces

The February 5 Full Moon in Leo impacts your sixth house of health, routine, and service to others. For instance, if something has been neglected or forgotten at work, you will become aware of it on this day and earn credit for discovering and rectifying it.

You may also be made aware of how you have been neglecting a certain component of your health by a sudden illness or ailment, and you will be compelled to make an effort to change things.

Mercury transits Aquarius from February 11 to March 2

On February 11, Mercury will enter Aquarius and your 12th house. This will make your thinking significantly more profound, introspective, and intricate.

The 12th house symbolizes your subconscious, the portion of your mind that you do not typically reach and are ignorant of.

Mercury represents your conscious ideas and mind. When these two elements combine, your conscious and subconscious become one. Been having bizarre, incomprehensible dreams? The meaning of your dreams will become clear to you in time.

Have you been stuck in a mental rut? Are you uncertain about the location of the black hole that is sucking your mental energy? During this transit, you can recognize it and overcome the subconscious tendencies that hold you back.