The Hanged Man as Yes or No Card

Is the The Hanged Man Yes or No Card? Yes or No Tarot Card Meanings

The Hanged Man Yes or No (Upright  and Reversed) Tarot Card Meaning.
The Hanged Man represents sacrifice, submission, and patience. The figure of the Man Suspended in Midair sees the world from an entirely different angle. Despite this, he displays little discomfort. A halo encircles his cranium, and he exudes serenity and tranquility. This new perspective provides him with illumination.

As with the Death and the Tower, the Hanged Man is one of the most misinterpreted tarot cards.

When this card appears in a spread, it causes dissatisfaction.

For instance, if you anticipate certain insights regarding your romantic life and they materialize, you may feel as though all of your early hopes have been destroyed.


The Hanged Man Yes or No Card is one of the 22 Tarot Cards in the Major Arcana


The Hanged Man Yes or No Card

The Hanged Man is a reminder that, despite our desires for life and love, it is not always in our control how things play out.

Occasionally, the coordination may not be optimal. Other times, we achieve a superior outcome by being patient, doing nothing, and allowing the situation to resolve itself. There are also times in life when sacrifice and an adjustment in perspective are required.

 The Hanged Man  

Upright Hanged Man as Yes or No 

 The Hanged Man is neither yes nor no in yes or no tarot card readings; rather, it is a maybe card.

Not every card will express a definitive yes or no, but we cannot disregard it!

Typically, it indicates that you should take a moment to collect your thoughts and avoid acting on impulse. This man’s presence, while not wholly positive, indicates spiritual advancement.

Simply stated, his advice is to avoid procrastination and move forward if you are interested in something.

When conducting the one-card yes or no tarot, remember that the upright card indicates yes and the reversed card indicates no in response to your question.

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It generally denotes a period of repose and abstinence from activities.

However, because he also represents spiritual advancement, the Hanged Man’s advice in certain situations is to stop procrastinating and move forward.

The Hanged Man will only say “yes” if he appears in a situation for which you have done extensive planning and shadow work.

If it seems to be praising your efforts, you know it’s time to let go and proceed with assurance.

The Hanged Man is a colossal arcana with an important message (though it may not be the one you were seeking).

Multiple cards suggest that you make a change.

This is a little different because it appears at a crucial point in a spread.

Utilize the change and appreciate the respite in your routine. You have the option to take control of the situation and ‘alter’ your response to yes; all you need to do is determine what needs to change.

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If you are posing a yes-or-no query and you draw the Hanged Man, it signifies a positive response.  Though you recognize that things may not always go your way, you also value patience and realize that things will eventually unfold as they should.

The Hanged Man- Major Arcana Tarot Card

For love-related queries requiring a yes or no response, the Hanged Man indicates a calm affirmative.

You are not in a hurry, which is beneficial in terms of romance. You are not in a hurry to discover your special someone, maintaining a state of constant calm and stillness. You are merely going with the flow, remaining unperturbed and at peace with yourself; you are not necessarily moving forward.


For career-related queries requiring a yes or no answer, the Hanged Man represents a possible yes or no. This card represents the necessity of sacrifice and the inability to control external forces.

Whatever happens, happens, but if you wish to alter the outcome, you must also sacrifice something. You cannot remain unchanged eternally. This is your opportunity to let events unfold. You will fare well regardless of the outcome.

The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man Upright in Relationships

The Hanged Man is a probable no for new and prospective relationships. It is possible that you feel unprepared to embark on a new endeavor.

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You are not in a hurry, so you are not rushing to ensure that your relationship grows. You wish to let time run its course.

You have feelings for your companion and can sense that they feel the same way, but something in the back of your mind prevents you from jumping headfirst into a new relationship.

Regarding current relationships, the Hanged Man is a negative. You feel as though you’ve made numerous significant sacrifices for this relationship, and that things have become stagnant.

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You have exhausted your resources and are at ease with no longer moving forward.  Cooperate to make your relationship more equitable and joyful over time.

If you are requesting reconciliation with an ex, the Hanged Man is a positive sign. This card represents submission.

Whether your ex has been denying their feelings for you or has been putting off reconnecting with you to focus on other areas of their life, they have been avoiding you.

They are no longer concealing their emotions and are prepared to make peace with themselves. They have ultimately reached the point where they wish to reconnect with you.

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Reversed Hanged Man as Yes or No

You may be compelled to rush, but since this is an important matter, now is not the time to do so.

You will not again receive a yes or a no.

Instead, it is a message from the universe to slow down and consider things through.

When we invert The Hanging Man, we observe that he is facing the correct way up.

It makes so much more sense to view him in this light and to realize how he now resembles being immobilized and rooted in position.

If you are posing a yes-or-no query and the Hanged Man appears inverted, the answer is no. You are currently resistant to change and unable to find serenity within those changes, should they occur. 

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For love queries requiring a yes or no response, the Hanged Man reversed indicates a negative response.  


For career-related inquiries requiring a yes or no answer, the Hanged Man reversed indicates the affirmative. However, do not lose your temper. You are currently uncertain about the direction of events, but things will soon fall into position.  

The Hanged Man Reversed in Relationships

For fresh and prospective relationships, the Hanged Man reversed is an optimistic affirmative. You are uncertain about the direction of events, but you are confident that everything will work out. Be patient and know that the universe will not abandon you.

That you cannot control everything is acceptable. Consider all of your options carefully, and you will have a clearer understanding of what you want to occur next. It would not be fair to your interested companion if you rushed or remained inactive for too long.

The Hanged Man reversed is a no for existing relationships. You are likely becoming preoccupied with other aspects of your life, which may cause your partner to feel neglected.  

If you are requesting reconciliation with a former partner, the Hanged Man reversed is a negative sign. Your ex is still uncertain about how they feel about you after the breakup, but this does not mean they resent you.  


The Hanged Man as a Yes or No Concluded 

In terms of interpersonal connections and emotions, the Hanged Man reveals that everything happens in its own time.

Despite our best intentions, we cannot force affection or a relationship. Sometimes, doing nothing is the finest option.

When we are patient, we will encounter opportunities. If we embrace the Hanged Man’s energy of patience and sacrifice, we will be prepared to seize opportunities to the utmost extent when they do present themselves.

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