How to Calculate Numerology Numbers

What is Numerology?

The practice of numerology is understanding the relationship between numbers and the creation of consciousness. Much like with astrology and stars, numerology believes that numbers can influence challenges, obstacles, opportunities, and the overall purpose of a person’s life.

There are several different numbers involved with numerology and they are calculated in their own ways. Each number describes a certain part of a person’s personality or future.

The key numbers for numerology are the:

1. Life Path Number

The life path number is the most important number in a numerology chart. It is calculated using someone’s birth date. This number offers insight into the skills and traits you may possess and the kinds of challenges you can expect to face in your life.

Guide to numerology

2. Destiny Number also know as the Name Number and Expression Number 

The destiny number is also called the expression number, and it is the same as the main name number. The destiny number offers insight into your opportunities and your inner goals; what you want to get out of life. It can describe your character, talents, personal interests, and unique capabilities. The destiny number is also called the lucky number.

3. Soul Number

The Soul Urge Number, also called the Heart’s Desire Number, is the numerological number that most resonates with your soul. It represents the key to obtaining happiness in your lifetime. As the name suggests, it represents what you want most in your heart of hearts. There are 12 different soul numbers in all, so let’s look at what each one means.

4. Personality Number
Determines which are the most prominent features of your personality; what people see when they know you; how they perceive your strengths and weaknesses, your attitudes and your aptitudes, the way you conduct yourself in your dealings with others.

How Does Numerology Work?

Numerologists say that everything in the world is based on numbers and their mystical properties. Each number has its own frequency/vibration. The properties of a number can speak to a person’s behavior and predict their compatibility with certain partners.

The basic idea behind the concept is that your name and date of birth can hold some influence over the path your life takes.

How to Calculate Name Numerology Numbers

A numerology chart is a great thing to have on your side. You can use them to learn a lot about yourself and others. We’ll tell you all about the chart and how to calculate the different numbers of your life.

We’ll start out with the main name number. This number outlines your outer nature. It’s your personality that you use to mask your inner persona and it’s the version of yourself that you show to the world.

By adding up the numbers of your birth date, you can figure out your numerology number. Add the numbers together until you get a single digit. This is the numerology or ruling number. Your numerology number is a map of your life and all the different parts of it.

How to Calculate Destiny Number

Also known as the expression number, the destiny number describes your inner goals and the opportunities you are likely to get across your life. Take a look at this chart and then keep reading to learn more about how to calculate your destiny number;

As you can see, the chart is topped with the numbers 1 to 9 and the rest of the chart is taken up with the alphabet. You can see how each letter is paired up with a number. Grab yourself a pen and a piece of paper because it’s time to learn how to calculate your destiny number. Let’s look at an example to give you an idea of what to do.

Destiny Number Calculation

Your fate number is the sum of all the numbers in your full name. Different from your life path number, which is based on the date you were born. Even if you have a different name now, the expression number will always be based on the first full name that was on your birth certificate. 

Use this Free Destiny Number Calculator 

Numerology calculator


  • Step 1

Start out by assigning numbers to letters. For our example, we’ll use the name, Sara Williams. If you look at the chart, the numbers for the individual letters of “Sara” are 1, 1, 9, and 1. The numbers for the letters in “Williams” are 5, 9, 3, 3, 9, 1, 4, and 1.

  • Step 2

Now we have our numbers, let’s add them up. Let’s start with Sara. Add those numbers together and you’ll end up with 12. Williams, on the other hand, gives us the sum of 35.

Then you add those two numbers together; 12+35 = 47. The key thing about numerology is that the number has to be between 1 and 9. If you end up with a number over 9, then you keep adding until you end up with a single-digit number.

So we’ll take that 47 and turn it into 4 + 7 which is 11. We still don’t have a single-digit number, so let’s add those two ones together and get 2. There you have it. Sara’s destiny number is 2. You should now be able to try it out with your own name to learn your own number.

There are many things that we could say about your number. There’s the energy of numbers and the color code. Numbers correspond with specific colors so once you are in tune with the vibrational energy of your number you can wear the color that corresponds to that number and have better luck.

The numbers in astrology are related to numerology too, but the astrological numbers aren’t as important as your actual numerological life path number.


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Life Path Number

As mentioned before, the life path number is one of the most important numbers in the numerology chart. You can calculate the life path number by using your birth date. It’s actually among the easiest numbers to calculate in numerology too.

This number tells you about the skills you have and the kinds of challenges you can expect to face in your life.

If you want to know how to calculate your life path number then keep on reading.

How to Calculate Life Path Number

Calculating the life path number is easy enough. Start out with your date birth and then mathematically reduce it down to a single numerical number. It sounds complicated, but you’ll see what we mean.

Life Path Number  Calculation

Your full date of birth is used to figure out your Life Path Number, which is one of the most important and influential numbers in your whole Numerology Chart.

Use this Free Life Path Number Calculator 

Numerology calculator


Let’s use an example birth date of March 4, 1988.

We’ll start by looking at an incorrect method. We’re bringing this up because most people use this and it is indeed the wrong way to go about it.

Day: the day in the birth date is 4 so 4 = 4.

Month: the month is March, which is the third month, so 3 = 3.

Year: The year was 1988 so 1988 = 1988.

Add them all together and you get;

4 + 3 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 8 = 33.

This leads anyone with this birth date to conclude that they have the life path master number 33, but that’s not the right answer.

How to (Correctly) Calculate Life Path Number

In order to correctly calculate the life path number, you have to reduce the day, month, and year of birth to a single digit. Here’s how to do that, using the same example birthday;

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Day; the day is 4, so that doesn’t change because it’s already a single digit.

Month: once again, the month is 3 which is already a single digit.

Year: the year was 1988, which we need to reduce to a single digit;

1 + 9 + 8 + 8 = 26. 26 still isn’t a single digit so we add those together to get; 2 + 6 = 8.

Once you have the three single-digit numbers you add them together as so;

Day = 4 + Month= 3  + Year = 8

4 + 3 + 8 = 15. Once again, you reduce that down to a single-digit to get the life path number. That means you do 1 + 5 which equals 6. The life path number for this date of birth is actually 6 and not 33.

Keep in mind as you do this that you shouldn’t reduce the master numbers. Those are 11, 22 and 33. These master numbers are special numbers that have their own properties in numerology.


Frequently Asked Questions About Life Path Number Calculation

Question; We use a different format to show the date, such as day/month/year or year/month/day. Will this affect the life path number I get?

Answer; The order of the numbers used in the calculation doesn’t alter the results. As long as you group together the day, month, and year the result will be the same, no matter which order you add them together.

Question; Does having the life path number 11 mean that someone is more spiritually advanced?

Answer; Life path numbers aren’t an indication of spirituality. Having the life path number 11 doesn’t mean that everything is perfect for you. People with this number can face as much adversity as anyone else in life. They have their own unique growth opportunities and trials to overcome like any other number. No life path number is more (or less) spiritual than another.

Question; I got the life path 11; am I an 11 or should I be a 2?

Answer; Having the life path number 11, 22, or 33 means that you are technically both numbers. Someone with life path 11 can present the traits of someone with a 2, but not every trait associated with 2 is also associated with 11.

Your life path is primarily the master number, but you could have some other traits from the reduced number. That’s why some people write it as 11/2 to reflect these secondary traits.

Don’t forget to check the life path description for the secondary trait if you calculate a life path master number.

What do the Life Path Numbers Mean?

Now that we’ve looked at how to calculate the life path number, let’s take a closer look at what these numbers actually mean.

Life Path Number 1: The Leader

Life Path Number 1

The number 1 is one of the most powerful and divine forces in numerology. All other numbers come from the number 1, so number 1 is considered to be the leader.

If you are a number one then you likely display commanding qualities and are extremely competitive. You try to take control of every situation and mold it into what you consider to be best. You don’t let anything get in your way either.

You will stop at nothing to achieve your goals. You also have a great basic instinct to protect that which you believe in, as well as the things you are passionate about such as your goals and dreams.

The life path number 1 has some “fatherly” characteristics to it as well. Even the shape of the number 1 is an example of the strong leadership qualities it holds. The number is sharp and always the one leading the way. It also stands tall and it commands respect.

Number 1 is bold and gives out an aura of courage. They are ready and willing to tackle any dangerous situation or challenge that comes their way.

The downside is that number 1 also tends to be superficial and can find themselves being lonely because of it. The obsession with being in charge all the time can cause conflict with those above number 1 in the command chain.

They also don’t take advice well and they have trust issues. Their belief in themselves and that they know best makes them stubborn. They think that if something isn’t done the way they want it then it’s wrong.

Number 1 can also come across as being entitled, especially with respect. If they don’t get the respect they believe they deserve, then they consider it to be a challenge. If anything, it just further reinforces their opinions and views without any regard for anyone else.

This is why they can have trouble connecting with people and have problems relating to others and empathizing with them. A number 1 is also good at “reading” people and understanding their intentions early.

It’s up to a number 1 to learn how to best use their leadership qualities and their dedication to be compassionate and more tolerant of others. If you can do this, then you’ll become the leader of a loyal and strong following.

Life Path Number 2: The Mother

Life Path Number 2 The life path number two is a soft and effeminate number that is kind to the point it is mistaken for weakness. Number 2s are polite, sympathetic, compassionate, and creative. They are naturally very peaceful and will try to get on well with others around them.

They like to avoid confrontation and conflict. Most number 2s understand this kindness doesn’t make them weak by any means.

A number 2 will also stick to their guns and not back down easy. They are the “glue” that holds together relationships with friends, family, and partners. The shape of the number 2 reflects the quiet strength and humbleness of this life path.

Unlike number 1, that has a large ego and is unwilling to compromise at all, and is likely to fold under pressure. The number 2, on the other hand, handles the pressure well and they do great in stressful situations.

They are able to recover quickly from most difficult situations and they can choose their own fate with their ability to carry on and see everything through to the end.

As a number 2 you are highly committed and you expect others to be just as committed as you are. You need to be careful if you get disrespected or hurt emotionally.

You might be able to bounce back well, but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t just as susceptible to feelings of anger and envy. The number 2 has a dark side to them and they get very angry if pushed too far.

They can become very cruel and vengeful. They will go to war with their enemies with no thoughts or feelings of remorse or empathy over what happens as a result.

Life Path Number 3: The Free Thinker


Life Path Number 3

As a number three, you will be naturally very persuasive and charismatic. A number 3 is considered to be the life of the party able to brighten up any situation they are in.

They also make for great artists and are natural free thinkers. However, a number 3 quickly becomes despondent and upset if things don’t go how they want them to.

They are also generally unorganized and need some kind of guidance and direction, even though they are unappreciative of any help or protection that others give them.

Number 3s are naturally very extroverted and they need to showcase their personality and power. They will likely go into careers involving artistry or being an entrepreneur.

They are clever and have a great sense of humor that lets them get along with almost everyone they meet. They are optimistic and give off their own positive vibes to make others more optimistic too.

Unfortunately for number 3, their greatest strengths can also be their greatest weaknesses. They have this natural talent for connecting and that means they have trouble understanding what other people are struggling with.

They are liked by so many people that they also have trouble forming romantic relationships. They find themselves with so many options to choose from it becomes difficult to forge a deep connection with a single person.

This need to impress and be creative also means they have trouble focusing and are prone to procrastination. They have problems completing projects because they throw themselves at so many at once.

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This inability to make deep and spiritual connections, if left unaddressed, can potentially lead to misery and hard times.

Do your best to focus on a single project and cherish what you have with the people closest to you.

Life Path Number 4: The Stable One


Life Path Number 4

 The life path number 4 is logical and likes to keep themselves organized. As a 4, you are the prime example of stability and you’ve always got a plan in place. You’ll be a hard worker and you can use that to your advantage to work your way through most situations with a careful plan and careful reasoning.

The number 4 itself has a robust and solid shape that reflects these characteristics.

Number 4 can generally be trusted and is very patient. However, their dependability and obedience may make them seem predictable and tedious. Other people can have trouble connecting with a number four because they are so serious about everything.

With that said, they find a lot of fun in their own personal achievements and they prefer to see results instead of receiving rewards and recognition for their work.

You are also willing to help others achieve their own goals, but they might not be as appreciative of what you do for them.

You don’t let that get you down though. You also don’t like to get too much attention and you’re happy to leave people to their own devices. You don’t back down or compromise on your values and beliefs though.

Their serious nature means that a number 4 can lack creativity and have trouble with imagination. They are close-minded and lean towards conservative views. They are of the mindset that if something isn’t broken then it shouldn’t be fixed.

They don’t like the unknown because they are worried it could throw everything out of order. With that said, they are strong workers, loyal friends, and dependable in a crisis. These are traits that will take any number 4 far in life.

Life Path Number 5: The Energized One


Life Path Number 5


Those on the life path number five are always filled with energy and looking for the next adventure. They are seen as being spontaneous but self-sufficient by those around them. As a number 5, you’re always ready to travel and aren’t afraid of risks.

You are also loyal to anyone you love, but you tend to leave them to clean up the mess after your thoughtless, often irrational behaviour.

A number 5 also feels the need for change all the time. They need some kind of freedom and they can quickly get bored with monotony. They don’t it when others try to control them or tell them what to do.

This means that they can have difficulty finding a stable job because they are just too free-spirited to be tied down like that. They work best in environments where they can be their own boss, such as being an entrepreneur. While a number 5 can be unpredictable, their friends and family still admire their determination and their focus.

Number 5s are, unsurprisingly, great at dealing with change and adapting to it. This is because they are so forward-thinking and they always keep an open mind. It is a great reflection of their tolerance of others.

This tolerance sometimes goes too far though, and they are quick to confide in people they shouldn’t. They have problems seeing the true nature of people around them and they can be taken advantage of easily.

The greatest weakness of the number 5 is the need to be accepted by everyone. This is why you have to practice self-discipline and take the time to establish stable relationships with the right people.

Life Path Number 6: The Mentor


Life Path Number 6

The life path number six is seen as being the “motherly” number and it is a natural problem solver. They are very loving, protective, and caring of those around them. The number 6 spends a lot of their time helping others to solve their problems. They are the backbone that keeps social circles and families together and they will do anything they can to keep their loved ones safe.

The number 6 also has strong moral values. They like being looked up to and they love being a mentor. As a number 6, you will be logical and you can expect to always get on with the people you meet.

They are considered to be the most “in tune” of all numbers. This basically means they get on well with all other numbers because they are able to make relationships work with anyone because of their open mind.

This can also mean that they are poor judges of character though. A number 6 is prone to wasting their time and potential on people who aren’t worth it. They also get on well with most but can’t stand people who disrupt the peace.

People on this life path are prone to anger and hostility at times. While they are considered to be loving caregivers who get on well with anyone, they can quickly become unstable in uncertain situations.

Their natural loving nature makes them naïve and it’s easy to take advantage of a number 6. However, they are a force to be reckoned with if wrong. They will go through hell and highwater to exact revenge despite their calm exterior.

People might not even be able to tell anything is happening on the inside.

As a number 6, you want to be careful when choosing partners and you should avoid rash decisions. The most important thing you can do is to learn how to tell the difference between people who really care for you and people who just want to use you.

Life Path Number 7: The Wise One


Life Path Number 7

 Those on the life path number 7 are naturally introverted. This because they are curious about the unknown and they are more in tune with their spiritual side than other numbers.

A number 7 will have all the necessary skills to carefully analyse and scrutinize a situation more than others would do. They can also solve complex problems that others will likely run away from.

A number seven is also creative and very logical. They can inspire others around them to think more deeply during conversations, especially when discussing controversial topics.

They have unbiased, down-to-earth opinions on a number of topics. Their ability to analyse and pick up new skills and information is the best of all the numbers. They are driven to discover the truth no matter what, and this will serve them well in life.

The analytical and logical thinking mind of a number 7 can mean they have trouble relating to other people. They can find themselves alone for most of the time.

They like to be alone with their thoughts away from the influences of others and the confusion that comes from dealing with them. As a number 7, you should be careful because you can develop something of an ego and become elitist if left to your own devices for too long.

With that said, a number 7 certainly needs to use their analytical nature and wisdom to their advantage. They have a lot of potential and can grow to become incredible people.

They have to develop relationships and have a number of people in their life who can guide them to make it happen though. You should try to be more social and take time to learn from others to reach your true potential.

Life Path Number 8: The Professional


Life Path Number 8

The life path number eight focuses on financial success and authority. They are driven by their careers. They are still aware of their spiritual side, but they like to be realistic about things.

They know when there is hope for a situation but also have the realism to understand the severity of other things. They aren’t prone to “sugar-coating” the truth.

While most number 8s can come across as being shallow and superficial there is a method to their “madness”. A number 8 understands that one needs money in order to live their best life and have a fulfilling life.

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They are just being realistic about how they can get the happiness that they want. They are wise and ambitious and organized, which helps them in their pursuits for financial success. They never back down from anything and they enjoy motivating those around them to also never give up.

One problem 8’s face is that they tend to rely on outside encouragement and support to work their best.

They have to have followers and that is what makes them ambitious and aspire to be in charge. If the number 8 doesn’t get the support that they need, they can quickly become frustrated with their jobs.

They do best when they are surrounded by people who support and love them. As a number 8, you should take time to balance your goals with positive life influences who can help you to achieve those goals. If you favor one over the other you can end up with neither success nor companionship.

Life Path Number 9: The Compassionate One

Life Path Number 9

The number nine is interesting in numerology. Consider that when you multiply a number by 9 the single digits all add up to 9. If you were to multiply 9 by 6 for example, then it gives you 54. Add 5 and 4 together and you get 9.

This happens with every number that you multiply by nine.

That’s only half of the interesting qualities of the number 9 though. Consider what happens with addition. If you were to add a number to nine and then reduce it to a single digit, the number you get would be the original number. For example, 6 + 9 gives us 15 and 1 + 5 gives us 6.

It’s worth bringing this up because it so perfectly embodies what the life path number 9 represents. Those with the life path number 9 have an infinite amount of love to give and they are happy to give it all way.

They have a close connection with humanity and they have an elevated consciousness. Number 9s are charitable people that are always willing to help anyone, including complete strangers.

One problem they have is that they don’t see how others can’t see things how they do. They are very vocal with their opinions on matters.

The good news is that number 9s tolerate others well and are very patient. They don’t criticize people and they never expect anything in return for their help.

This is what makes the number 9 stand out. Remember how the number 9 is able to influence other numbers and convert them to the number 9? Well, life path number 9 can do that too.

They have a great moral character and they consider it their duty to encourage others to also be the best versions of themselves. They are drawn to helping others and consider it their purpose in life, meaning they don’t expect rewards or recognition for their efforts.

This isn’t to say that the number 9 is perfect though. It has a dark side much like any other number.

Number 9s tend to find others to be disappointing. Their dark side can really come out when they make connections and form romantic relationships. They tend to alienate people around them because they are so dedicated to their own personal self-interests.

They also view any kind of criticism against them as being selfish and unjustified. They consider other people to be selfish and they have trouble accepting their advice – and even understanding why they should listen to the advice of others anyway. This is why they push people away and can become hostile to others. In other words, a number 9 susceptible to having a huge ego, lacking empathy, and even being cruel to the ones they love.

This can lead number 9s to have trouble really enjoying their lives. They are so obsessed with the here and now they have trouble focusing on the future. They also have problems understanding that humans have limitations.

They will push themselves through ay barrier that they come across at the cost of their own health and happiness. They do have the ability to clearly see the world for what it is though. As a number 9, you should use that skill to correct your flaws and deal with your inner demons.

Life Path Number 11: The Innovator


Life Path Number11

The number 11 is the most intuitive among the life path numbers. This explains how they are so good at reading situations and seeing through them. They also naturally understand those around them and they have a keen “sense” for how others feel.

Don’t forget that the number 11 is a master number and it will present some of the same traits as the number 2 as well. Number 11s are also committed in relationships and they have a tendency to get married young.

A number 11 is bursting with energy and they need to live life on the edge. They are also great at establishing connections with others and they have no problem forming serious relationships. Their desire for an extreme lifestyle also makes them very restless. They’ve got a lot of extra energy and they get bored easily so they jump from one idea to the other looking for some stimulation. They are powerful because of this but it also causes emotional distress to be so needy for something to do.

One problem 11s have is that they can vastly underestimate their own potential. They can naturally see through situations and it opens the doors for some incredible opportunities for them.

11s should be careful because they are prone to stress and anxiety attacks. This is because they have so much energy they jump to conclusions. You should take the time to balance all of that energy around your life. Don’t be afraid to take time to yourself if you are dealing with a stressful situation.

Life Path Number 22: The Architect


Life Path Number22

 The life path number 22 is the most likely path to achieve their dreams and goals. They are focused, ambitious, confident, and determined. These traits give them the natural ability to reach any goal they want.

The number 22 is also a master number with some of the traits and characteristics of a number 4. As a number 22, you will be logical and able to break down a large problem into easier-to-manage pieces. A number 22 is also hard-working and independent. They are unaffected by anxiety and stress.

Number 22s are also naturally open-minded. They can see the benefits and elegance of ideas before they come to fruition. They are logical as well. This makes them realistic enough to set limits on some ideas. They are able to carefully analyse a complex situation and reduce it to some key elements. This is a useful skill to have as someone in a large business.

One problem that number 22s can face is that they are their own harshest critic. They understand their own potential and this can lead them to place unrealistic expectations on themselves.

They are generally disappointed in themselves and feel unfulfilled if they don’t live up to those impossible standards. They feel the pressure to be a success and they don’t tolerate failure of any kind.

They tend to blame themselves for everything, even if it was out of their control. They can also be elitist and rarely confide in others when it comes to completing a job.

To summarize, number 22s are very focused and they have a lot of self-discipline, but they need to accept the things they cannot change and they shouldn’t blame themselves if something like that happens. Learn to step away from a situation and reassess your approach.


Numerology is the practice of understanding numbers and how they influence the world around us. The main number in numerology is the life path number or destiny number. This number says a lot about your personality and what kind of challenges you can expect to face. Get a free numerology reading, calculate your life path number, and see what it all means for you!


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