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Numerology Personalities

Personality is the sum of all the traits or qualities that make up a person’s unique and typical character. These include both good and bad traits. It tells about the native’s nature, personality, or way of life.
People show the world different sides of themselves, which makes it hard to figure out who they really are. In fact, we don’t even want to accept our flaws and trick ourselves into situations that might not be good for us.
Numerology can help us out by analyzing our Numerological name and letting us know about parts of our personality that we tend to ignore.

Numerologists look at the numbers in our names and make predictions about our lives based on those numbers. By getting to know ourselves, we can be more willing to make changes and corrections to proposals.

Indian Numerology says that a person’s Numerology name is important in how they relate to other people. When you’re close to someone, your first name is more important than your full name. In Numerology, a person’s personality and the way he thinks are also based on his first name. His or her last name shows how his or her family has shaped him or her and what kind of person he or she is.

Most numerology predictions are accurate when the person’s full numerology name is taken into account.

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How Numerologist can help you

Numerologists can help parents choose the right name for their baby. They will help you choose a name that goes well with the baby’s birth number (except for birth number 4 and 8).

When someone is looking for a life partner, knowing what their personality is like based on their birth date can be very helpful. If the personalities of the two natives get along, everyone will be happy in the alliance. Natives can also get help from a Numerologist at work or in business. A Numerologist can figure out a person’s personality based on his Numerology name and make numerology predictions to see if the job is a good fit for the person’s personality.

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The person can use Numerology to look at their own name to learn more about themselves. He can try to make it better, which will help him make his own mark. A good personality goes a long way toward reducing stress and conflicts and helps the native develop a positive outlook on life.

Your Numerology number has its own personality, which it will reflect back to you so you can learn more about it and see where you need to make changes in your nature. It will help you get along better with the people and things around you.

Do find out what your real personality is like based on your Numerological Ruling Number. Find out whether you are shy, fun, or brave. Our personality analysis will look into your hidden qualities and tell you everything you need to know about yourself.

This personality test will help you learn more about yourself. Find out what will make you happy and bring you luck based on your personality type.

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Number of Personalities

Your Personality number, which is based on the consonants of your FULL Birth Name, is often used as a filter for what you send out and what you let get close to you. It shows the traits you show to the outside world and how people are most likely to see you before they know you well. Knowing your Personality Number can give you an idea of how others might see you. It decides who you let into your heart and mind and what information you let in. It also shows the parts of yourself that you feel comfortable sharing with people at the start of a relationship.

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One of the Core Numbers in Numerology is your Personality Number. The other Core Numbers are your Life Path Number, Expression (or Destiny) Number, Heart’s Desire (or Soul Urge), and Day Number (the day you were born on).


Personalities & traits of Numerology Number

Numerology Number 1 Leadership, initiative, independence, determination, selfishness
Numerology Number 2 Sensitivity, compromise, harmony, balance, cooperation
Numerology Number 3 Creativity, enthusiasm, optimism, fantasy, inspiration
Numerology Number 4 Stability, security, tradition, hard work, cautiousness
Numerology Number 5 Change, freedom, revolution, progressiveness, sexuality
Numerology Number 6 Care, responsibility, family, duty, romanticism
Numerology Number 7 Loneliness, skepticism, mysticism, philosophy, perfectionism
Numerology Number 8 Power, domination, money, success, recognition
Numerology Number 9 Forgiveness, compassion, integration, reward, spirituality







Your Personality number shows how other people see you.

No one can look at himself or herself with a clear mind. Even our closest friends and family have a hard time putting into words what they think of us. The Personality is the part of your numerology chart that gives you the most information about this “outer” you.
In a way, your Personality Number is like a mask. It’s not really you, but it does show something about you.
This is not a bad point of view or a way to hide who you really are. It works as a filter, but it can also be used against you. It can be helpful to think about what your Personality and your Heart’s Desire mean in the same way.

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Find out more about your Personality Number

Your personality is like a small hallway that leads to the big room that is your real self.

Those are the things you feel comfortable talking about with people when you first get to know them. With time and trust, you let people into the deeper parts of your personality. You show them more of who you really are, including your Heart’s Desire, Expression, Hidden Passion, and other numbers in your chart.

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Your Personality number is often used as a filter, both for what you send out and for who you let get close to you. It picks and chooses the people and things you let into your heart and mind.

Because of this, your Personality tends to be a much more narrow and protective definition of who you really are than the real you (and therefore also often the part you have the most trouble recognizing in your personal reading as being you). It can keep out people or situations that you don’t want to deal with, but it also makes room for things that are right in line with who you are.

Whether it’s good or bad, this narrow entrance is the first thing people see when they come to your house. It either makes them feel welcome and interested or makes them lose interest.

How to find out your Personality Number

To find your Personality number, add the values of the consonants in each of your names, just like you did for your Expression and Heart’s Desire numbers.

Keep in mind that the letter Y can be either a vowel or a consonant, depending on the letters around it. If your name has a Y, enter it here to find out if it is a consonant or a vowel.

If you see a Master number, such as 11, 22, or 33, don’t change it to a single-digit number.

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