The Moon Tarot Card

The Moon Tarot Card Meaning

The Moon is also a symbol of imagination and intuition that can set you free from your own limitations. Someone drawing the Moon in a spread should have a sharp intuition, and their mind will burst with creativity.

The Moon Tarot Card as Yes or No (Upright & Reversed) Meaning

The Moon Tarot Meaning & Guidance

Upright Illusions, Intuition, Anxiety, Subconscious
Reversed Fear, Misinterpretation, Confusion, Misperception, Suppressed Emotions
Yes or No Card No
Numerology Number XVIII (18)
Element Water
Planet Neptune
Astrological Sign Pisces
Healing Crystals Lapis Lazuli, Moonstone

What does The Moon Tarot Card Mean?

The Moon Tarot Card meaning is also the world of dreams, illusions, fantasies, and lies. It might indicate that you should beware when imagination runs too wild, and thus keep it in check.

Indeed, it is important to keep a certain level of reflection before you let yourself be carried away by illusions regarding potential solutions to your problems.

The fertile imagination symbolized by the Moon does not mean you should withdraw to an imaginary world and refuse to deal with your problems, but that using your creativity is a way to actually solve them.

The Moon (XVIII) Depiction

A full moon with a crescent inside it, two howling dogs below, a stream that flows into the ocean, and a crayfish coming out of the water.

The Moon in the Major Arcana

The Moon (XVIII) is the 18th trump card of the Major Arcana. The Moon is one of the most mysterious, and elusive cards because it has to do with the subconscious. It is a card of illusion & deception, so it usually means that things are not what they seem to be or something you don’t understand..

The Moon Upright Meaning

The Moon stands for your fears and illusions, and it often comes out when you project your fears from the past into the present and the future.

You may have a painful memory that made you feel bad, and instead of dealing with your feelings, you may have buried them deep in your mind.

The Moon Tarot - Major Arcana Tarot Card

These feelings are coming back, and you may be influenced by them, whether you are aware of it or not. For example, if you were in a car accident when you were young and didn’t deal with your feelings, you might feel sad or anxious every time you get into the backseat of a car.

To fix this, you need to get in touch with your subconscious mind and let go of any worries or fears that are holding you back. This process can be helped by hypnosis, therapy, and shamanic healing.

The Moon can be a sign of a time of doubt and deception when nothing is what it seems to be. Be careful about making quick decisions when

The Moon is out because you might find out later that you only had half of the information you needed. You need to trust your instincts and listen to them so you can see beyond what’s in front of you.

Think less about what things mean and more about how they feel. Let go of your conscious mental blocks or negative self-talk and let your intuition guide you.

If you listen to your dreams, intuitions, and inner guidance and use your judgment to figure out what they mean, they will lead you to higher levels of understanding.

When The Moon card comes up in your Tarot reading, pay close attention to the moon’s cycles and use rituals, visualization, or Tarot readings to connect with its divine power.

Connect with the divine feminine to get deep intuitive insights and visions of what lies beyond everyday life. Set your goals and plant the seeds of chance on the New Moon so they can grow.

On the Full Moon, celebrate what you’ve accomplished and think about what you need to let go of so that new parts of yourself can shine. 

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The Moon card represents those who are quiet, dreamy, and creative. Others may find them difficult to read. The Moon is associated with Pisces in astrology.

The Moon Upright Card Keywords

Illusions, Intuition, Anxiety, Subconscious


What does The Moon Upright Mean for Love and Relationships?

The Moon in a love tarot reading indicates confused emotions. Often times, things are not as they seem. To get to the bottom of things, you may need to examine your own feelings, desires, and motivations.
Your judgments may be clouded by outdated attitudes, beliefs, or notions.
Many variables can affect your ability to accept love. Are old flames haunting you? Do you believe in love? Do you think you’re unlovable? All of these factors influence our approach to partnerships. Now is the moment to analyze them and expose them.

What does The Moon Upright Mean for Work and Career?

Your job path may be uncertain right now. You may be unsure of your goals and the best way to achieve them. Alternatively, your workplace may be tense right now due to a lack of clarity regarding project goals or what everyone should be doing.
Misunderstandings are common right now, so be cautious to communicate yourself clearly. Similarly, you may not have all the information you need to make effective job decisions right now. Who can help clarify the facts?

What does The Moon Upright Mean for Finances?

The Moon indicates that the information you have currently isn’t comprehensive, so you shouldn’t make any major financial decisions now.
If you are considering financial action, don’t be hesitant to delve deep and ask questions. Finances may be a source of confusion and anxiety right now.

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The Moon Reversed Meaning

For some people, the dark and negative qualities of the moon are prevalent in their lives. It may signify perplexity and sadness – you want to progress but are unsure what to do. Anxiety and phobias must be overcome, as they are like shadows in the dark. It’s time to trust yourself and move on.

 The Moon Reverse Tarot Card The Moon


The reversal of the moon signifies an intuitive era of recent battles with confusion, worry, and deception. You may be misinterpreting your feelings, but you are improving.

Another reversed moon meaning is that the night forces causing you bewilderment are dissipating. You’ve begun to face your fears. Negative emotions are steadily dissipating. It is a freeing experience to see the bright side of things.

Your negative emotions such as delusion, fear, and anxiety are subsiding now that the Moon is reversed. You’re confronting your fears and concerns, learning how they affect your life and how to overcome them. It is absolutely empowering and transformative.

You may try to bury these feelings even deeper to avoid your dark shadows. You may be avoiding your feelings and acting as if nothing is wrong. This method may work temporarily, but you will need to confront these emotions again.

You’re receiving intuitive messages and psychic downloads but aren’t sure what they imply for you. The message may be unclear, or your perception may be different.
When the Moon is reversing, you are being asked to listen to your inner voice rather than another’s Embrace the knowledge that the solutions you seek are already within you. |
Conscious messages will be transmitted to you through your dreams. If you’re still stuck, record the messages and revisit them later.

The Moon Reversed Card Keywords

Fear, Misinterpretation, Confusion, Misperception, Suppressed Emotions

What does The Moon Reversed Mean for Love and Relationships?

The reversed Moon tarot love meaning might indicate misunderstanding and deception. You might not have all the facts you need right now, so you’ll have to rely on your gut to lead you to the truth. How honest is your partner? Are they being truthful?
Deception might be done out of charity or the desire to spare another person’s feelings. But hiding the truth is never a good idea.

What does The Moon Reversed Mean for Work and Career?

On one side, a reversed Moon can indicate the end of job-related doubt and perplexity. Things may be more obvious now, and you may know which path to work in.
Confusion and lack of communication can lead to fraud, lying and sabotage when the Moon is inverted. People become more defensive, guarded, and paranoid as a result of workplace concerns and fears.

What does The Moon Reversed Mean for Finances?

The inverted Moon might help you get insight about your financial status and ambitions. You’re obtaining all the information you need to make an informed decision or future investment.
Worst case scenario, a reversed Moon can indicate financial dishonesty. Listen to your gut, but attempt to separate it from your concerns. 

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The Moon Card & Numerology

The Moon Tarot card has the number 18. In Numerology this is 1+8, = 9. The Hermit was the first 9-numbered Tarot card. “Completion” is the number 9. The Moon is a break after the second set of Major Arcana, just like The Hermit was after the first set.

This second set started with The Wheel of Fortune and went through some hard and intense cards, such as Death, The Devil, and The Tower.

Even if someone gets through the situations shown on these cards successfully, they will still have feelings, fears, and traumas as a result. After this hard journey, the Moon asks us to stop, think, and heal.

Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, is linked to the Moon. The sign of The Hermit, Virgo, is the opposite of the sign of Pisces.

The Moon Yes or No in a Reading

When the Moon comes up in a yes or no reading, the answer is No. The moon is a hard card to understand. This means that your situation has a certain amount of risk, a lack of information, or some deception. The fact that this card is in your hand should tell you to be very careful in everything you do.

What does The Moon Card Mean for Love in a Reading?

If you are looking for a new partner, be careful and listen to your gut. If something doesn’t feel right, it’s likely not.

Pay attention to the things your date doesn’t say or doesn’t ask you when you’re getting to know them. There is as much or even more information in what is not said than in what is.

Watch to see if what they say and what they do match. Trust your gut and leave if their stories or explanations don’t make sense. When you’re dating, it has nothing to do with whether or not they like you. It has everything to do with whether or not you like them. Don’t bother with them if they aren’t 100% awesome and admirable.

If you’re already in a relationship, you should dig deeper. Things might not be what they appear to be. This doesn’t always mean lying, cheating, or having an affair. Your partner might be keeping something to themselves because they don’t want to be judged or left.

Look deep inside yourself to find out what you really want. Be honest about the good things, the bad things, and the future of your relationship. When making a choice, go with your gut and take your time.

What does The Moon Card Mean for Health and Spirituality in a Reading?

The Moon card urges you to get a comprehensive physical. Something may be going on with no obvious symptoms. It’s always wonderful to be healthy.

This card can also represent embarrassment, intoxication, or denial. It’s time to confront any addiction or compulsion to a substance or habit. Troubled? You already know it. No matter how terrifying it looks, things will get better if you are modest and ask for help.

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It’s time to examine your faith. It doesn’t take long to start meditating, journaling, or recording your dreams.
The Moon symbolizes positive change. Slow down and center yourself whenever you have a chance to be alone.
Listen to the still, small voice within. It gets louder and clearer with repeated listening.

What does The Moon Card Mean for your Career in a Reading?

This is a great card for coming up with creative solutions to problems. Use your instincts, creativity, and imagination to come up with new ideas. Don’t worry about what other people think. Instead, rely on your own knowledge, skills, talents, and experience. You already know what to do, so have faith in yourself and don’t keep your ideas to yourself.

If you’re having trouble at work, there’s something that hasn’t been said or that you don’t know. Be very careful about what you do and say as you move forward, and be very careful about what you do.

Watch out for bad coworkers or colleagues who might be jealous of your success and skills. If they talk about you behind your back, they might be making bigger problems for you to deal with later.

But don’t let your worry get the best of you. Things don’t always have to be bad. They are just not seen or known.

What does The Moon Card Mean for Finances in a Reading?

The road ahead is going to be slow and hard. If you are thinking about making a big financial choice, you should look at the situation more closely. What do your instincts tell you? Money is a tool that makes everything around it bigger and better. Fears and feelings are made worse by money.

If you are creative, having more money will help you be even more creative. If you are already afraid, having more money will make you even more afraid. What does money make more of in your life right now? Is this something you want to grow?

What does Drawing The Moon Card in a Reading Mean?

Drawing The Moon Tarot Card indicates a favorable intellectual period where you can find solutions to problems that seemed impossible to overcome. Drawing this Arcanum is a sign of a certain instability in social relationships or humanitarian activities.

What does The Moon Card Represent in a Reading?

The Moon can highlight a difficult relationship with figures of authority, the administration, or politics.
The Moon is a sign of creative but boisterous times, because all your certitudes, prejudices, and ready-made ideas will be challenged in every aspect of your life.

The Moon urges you to get rid of the past and see the big picture in your life in order to avoid repeating past mistakes that led you to a dead end.

This card typically indicates the presence of repressed emotions. If you’ve been through a scary or painful experience in the past and never really confronted it, the moon is telling you that it is affecting your life and needs to be dealt with.


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To Conclude The Moon Tarot Card is known for:

Intuition, imagination, deception. Unfoldment of latent psychic powers. Unforeseen perils, secret foes. Bad luck to one you love.
Imagination will be harnessed by practical considerations. Storms will be weathered, peace gained at a cost. No risk should be taken.


Questions to Ask Yourself when Drawing The Moon Card

  • How honest is your partner?
  • Are they being truthful?
  • What do your instincts tell you?
  • Is this something you want to grow?

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