Temperance Tarot Card

Temperance Tarot Card Meaning

Temperance brings harmony and urges you not to make any hasty decision and give yourself enough time to think before you decide to change your ways.
Temperance says it is time to look for some harmony in every aspect of your life, striving for a full balance of your body, mind, and soul.
In this article I’ll be covering the Temperance Tarot Card Keywords: Upright & Reversed Meaning

The Temperance Tarot Meaning & Guidance

Upright Balance, Moderation, Endurance, Patience, Search for Meaning & Purpose
Reversed Imbalance, Extremes, Excess, Indulgence, Lack of balance, Self-healing, Re-alignment
Yes or No Card Yes
Numerology Number XIV (14)
Element Fire
Planet Jupiter
Astrological Sign Sagittarius
Healing Crystals Malachite, Tektite

What does Temperance Tarot Card Mean?

Temperance Card meaning is that you have found your inner calm and have a good view of things.
This trump card tells you that you should learn to live your life with balance, patience, and moderation. You should take the middle path, stay calm, and stay away from extremes.

Temperance (XIV) Depiction

Temperance Tarot Card is almost invariably depicted as an angel pouring water from one cup into another. Standing at the edge of the water with one foot in it and the other on dry land. With a road leading into the sunset.

Temperance in the Major Arcana

Temperance (XIV) is the fourteenth trump of the Major Arcana cards in a Tarot deck.
Temperance Card is a very spiritual Arcanum because it implies mastery over your passions and emotions so that they do not dominate you.
This also asks you to solve your own contradictions, and you should not hesitate to undertake great introspective work in that regard.

Temperance Upright Meaning

On the Temperance Card, there is a winged angel whose gender isn’t clear at first glance. This shows that there is a balance between men and women. The angel has one foot in the water to represent the subconscious and the other foot on dry land to represent the physical world. On her robe, there is a square with a triangle inside. This is another sign that the earth and the holy trinity are linked.

She is holding two cups so that she can mix the water in them, which is a symbol of the superconscious and subconscious minds. The way the water flows between them makes me think of union and endlessness.

This card is all about balance, which is the perfect harmony that comes from the union of two different things. Her advice is to try out new things first before diving in.

Temperance Tarot

Temperance is the card that will help you find balance, be patient, and keep things in check. You are being asked to keep your energy stable and let the life force flow through you without force or resistance. It’s time to get your life back in order and balance and find your flow again.

This card tells you to stay calm, even if your life is busy or stressful. Keep your temper even and control your feelings. You know how to stay calm when things are going wrong. You don’t let little things bother you because you have a lot of patience. Your respect for balance and calm will help you reach your goals and feel fulfilled in your life.

Temperance asks you to find the middle ground and see things from all sides. Now is not the time to have strong opinions or stir up trouble.

Be the person who keeps the peace by taking a balanced and moderate approach and staying away from extremes. Include other people and bring together different kinds of people to make peace and work together. By working together, you can use the right mix of talents, experiences, skills, and abilities.

The Temperance Tarot Card shows people who are calm, collected, and creative. They take the time to listen to both sides of an argument because they have these qualities. They can also stand for a teacher or the advice of a friend you trust.  

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Temperance Upright Card Keywords

Balance, Moderation, Endurance, Patience, Search for Meaning & Purpose

What does Temperance Upright Mean for Love and Relationships?

Temperance tarot love meaning implies patience, moderation, understanding, and taking the middle route. This card warns us against extremes and urges us to be cautious and mindful.
Be mindful of your actions when it comes to love, and how your acts may be excessive. Are you too pushy with prospects? Are you too reserved? Are you a giver? Or are you withholding? How can you balance these traits? Also, your relationship may demand some patience right now, as you try to achieve compromise and harmony.

What does Temperance Upright Mean for Work and Career?

Your job ambitions may require patience and moderation. With work, you will undoubtedly find what you want, but it may arrive slowly and silently as you work every day.
Your dedication and ability to remain calm in stressful times can help you stand out among your peers and superiors. When changing careers, the Temperance Card can remind you to be patient, steady, and dedicated. Temperance might also mean combining your employment with other elements of your life; it isn’t just a job to you.

What does Temperance Upright Mean for Finances?

The Temperance Tarot Card can remind you to approach your finances with moderation and balance. This can suggest you’ve been saving diligently while yet being able to reward yourself occasionally. You may be saving steadily over time.


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Temperance Reversed Meaning

Reversed temperance reflects an imbalance that may be producing tension and anxiety. The other cards in the deck can help comprehend the Temperance card’s true significance. A Temperance in reverse can likewise be used to warn of turbulence and excess.

Uncertainty about the future may be the Temperance reverse meaning. This leaves you feeling imbalanced while you hunt for what you should be doing. You must reflect and consider what must change. Temperance teaches us that everything is beneficial in moderation and that we must analyze our lives to see where we are off balance.

Temperance Reverse Tarot Card

If you have recently gone overboard, Temperance Reversed is an invitation (or sometimes a warning) to get back to moderation and balance as soon as possible. You may have been eating too much, drinking too often, buying things you can’t afford, fighting with people you care about, or having negative thoughts.

You are getting farther from who you are and what you are here to do by doing these things. So, you should stop. “Everything in moderation,” as the saying goes. Or, you may find that you have to give up all drugs in order to break this bad cycle and get your life back in balance.

Temperance Reversed can also mean that you feel like something is “off” in your life, causing stress and tension. Life isn’t going as smoothly as you’d hoped, or there’s a voice in your head that says, “Wait a minute! “This is not right!” You can just forget about it and go on with your life.

But listen to Temperance’s warning: If you stay in this state for too long, that voice will get louder and louder until you pay attention. Or, you can listen to it right now and make the changes you need to get back in the flow. Focus on your long-term goals and higher purpose, and try to make sure that the things you do every day are in line with these goals.

Temperance Reversed could mean that you need to take a look at yourself and your life priorities. You may feel called in one direction from the inside, but your day-to-day life may not match what is coming out. Think of this as a chance to bring your higher vibration into line with the outside world.

You might need to change where you live, who you hang out with, what you do for a living, and what you do every day in order to find more balance and purpose in line with your new priorities. Don’t be surprised if you run into tension or even conflict as you try to align your inner and outer worlds. This is a natural part of leveling up and making positive changes.

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In the same way, the Temperance Reversed can be a call for deep healing of the self. By making your life more balanced and moderate, you make it possible for this kind of healing to happen. Since this card is upside down, you are doing it in a way that is personal and private to you, without anyone else’s influence. You know that you have everything you need to heal yourself and make your life go more smoothly.

Reversed Temperance can indicate people are affected by mood swings or whims. Their sharp wit can get them in trouble. They are good at parties but struggle with adulting (don’t we all).

This card’s appearance can be a wake-up call. Is rage a hindrance Is impulsivity a problem in relationships? There’s nothing wrong with expressing yourself (emotions should not be stifled), but be aware of where they’re going.

Temperance Reversed Card Keywords

Imbalance, Extremes, Excess, Indulgence, Lack of balance, Self-healing, Re-alignment

What does Temperance Reversed Mean for Love and Relationships?

Do you tend to think all or nothing in love? Loving is like many other things in life. A love tarot reading with reversed Temperance may reveal your current ferocity. We can’t always make love happen.
You could profit from being more patient, while also controlling your own emotions and impulses. Do you reject your date if they do something that offends you? Are you overly picky about your lovers that no one can ever satisfy you? Remember that humans will never be perfect; set fair expectations.

What does Temperance Reversed Mean for Work and Career?

Do you tend to put all your energy into your work, neglecting other elements of your life? Do you always stay up late, believing it will all pay off? Do you slack off, causing animosity among your coworkers? While the former can bring you success, it can also cause long-term harm. If this is you, seek to redress the balance. Avoid rushing through projects or making rash decisions; the quality of your work may suffer.

What does Temperance Reversed Mean for Finances?

Do you constantly need to buy yourself new lovely luxuries? Or are you so thrifty that you never reward yourself with a modest treat? Both of these attitudes will need to change, as they are unsustainable.
The first always prioritizes immediate delight over future comfort. Consider your financial goals, but also consider your own well-being; both your future and current well-being must be balanced.

Related Tarot Cards

Temperance Card & Numerology

Tarot cards have an interconnection to Numerology with their numbers. The Temperance Card has the number 14, which is 1+4, or 5. As we saw with The Hierophant Tart Card, the number 5 stands for happiness and creativity in the physical world.

Temperance is one of the three cardinal virtues shown in the Tarot deck. The other two are Strength and Justice. The fourth cardinal virtue, Prudence, was also in older decks, but that card is now called The Hanged Man

The Sagittarius star sign is also linked to the Temperance Tarot Card.

Temperance Yes or No in a Reading

Temperance can mean both balance and confidence in a yes or no reading. If you’re ready to do something, you can, but you should be careful.

Rushing and taking risks can lead to mistakes with bad results. In a yes-or-no tarot reading, Temperance can be a “yes.” But, what does your gut feeling telling you?

What does Temperance Card Mean for Love in a Reading?

Just wait! This is not the time to look for a new love or try to get closer to someone you already like. Things will work out on their own, so don’t try to make them happen. Enjoy the process and every moment of your life, whether you’re living it alone or with someone else.

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Just go with the flow and try to keep your emotions in check. You might even be wrong about what’s going on, but in time you’ll find out what you need to know. Don’t lose your mind just yet.

What does Temperance Card Mean for Health and Spirituality in a Reading?

The Temperance Tarot Card is perfect for yoga or Tai Chi. It’s all about flow.
It’s also about balance. Don’t eat too much junk food or try to lose 10 pounds in a month. Be patient and slow down. Don’t be the hare.
There are no miracle medications or quick remedies to health. You didn’t get here overnight, so don’t expect a quick fix. Make lifelong changes to witness lifelong change.

This card feels mystical (and it is), yet it is also incredibly practical and every day.
To wait, be patient, and go with the flow is the Temperance Tarot Card. Take a break from the daily grind and re-center your life. There’s no need to haste. Your spiritual quest will last a lifetime. No end.

Purify your life to discover your genuine ideals. Intentionally reintroducing people, activities, responsibilities, and events back into your life is the key.

You get to design your entire existence. You may either make it or let life happen to you. Would you rather be in charge of your destiny or a victim of it?

What does Temperance Card Mean for your Career in a Reading?

The Temperance Tarot Card is also called “the Peacemaker” from time to time. Be the person who looks for the middle way or the solution that works for everyone.

Even if a bunch of idiots is running around trying to force things, stay calm. Use self-control and moderation, control your feelings, and stay above the drama. You’ll end up somewhere much better.

What does Temperance Card Mean for Finances in a Reading?

Temperance is the antithesis of risk-taking. It’s about balance. Money and emotion don’t mix. Money appreciates clarity, rationality, and long-term activity. So be patient. No need to haste. 

Be patient with your finances. Small daily acts will achieve considerably more than big-time lottery prizes. You need to develop strong money habits before you can handle large cash inflows.

What does Drawing Temperance Card in a Reading Mean?

Drawing Temperance tells you that you should learn to live your life with balance, patience, and moderation. You should take the middle path, stay calm, and stay away from extremes.

Temperance says that you will know how to adapt to any situation. It will also allow you to undergo vast improvements in your relationships with your loved ones. It will grant you a sense of discernment, clearer thoughts, and great analysis skills.

What does Temperance Card Represent in a Reading?

This card is calling you to find balance in whatever aspect of your life you are seeking clarity in. Find a good middle ground, and be patient. Your life will eventually fall back into order. 


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To Conclude Temperance Tarot Card is known for:

Adaptation, tempering, coordination, self-control, modification. Working in harmony with others, good management. What we have imagined will come to pass. Successful combinations will be achieved.

Competing interests, unfortunate combinations. Quarreling, corruption, separation. Possibility of shipwreck or some other disaster.

Questions to Ask Yourself when Drawing The Temperance Card

  • What is your gut feeling telling you?
  • Which part of your life are you feeling like a victim?
  • Where in your life do you feel imbalance?
  • Do you think you need to reevaluate your options?

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