The Chariot Tarot Card

The Chariot Tarot Card Meaning

In a tarot reading, The Chariot Tarot Card is a sign that you can get past problems with hard work, focus, determination, and willpower.

Taking action will lead to victory, says this card. We must expect roadblocks. So it goes. Our desires, ego, and instincts may be controlled, though. This will help us move forward and chart our own course. In command.

The Chariot Numerology Meaning (VII):

With the energy of number 7, The Chariot symbolizes triumph over challenges and control over conflicting forces. It represents determination, willpower, and success.

The Chariot Tarot Meaning & Guidance

Upright  Willpower, Control, Determination, Direction, Success, Action
Reversed  Self-discipline, Lack of Direction, Hostility, Lack of Direction & Control
Yes or No Card Yes
Numerology Number VII (7)
Element Water
Planet Moon
Astrological Sign Cancer
Healing Crystals Chalcedony, Peridot


What does The Chariot Card Mean?

The Chariot Tarot card means mobilization, and most mobilizing experiences begin with assertive speech. Interpersonal communication can be difficult. We tend to dismiss our feelings, aspirations, and even dreams, thinking them impossible, unsuitable, or embarrassing.

The Chariot Tarot signifies tenacity, attention, and willpower. You’ll feel determined, ambitious, and in power with this Major Arcana trump card. Now is the moment to pursue your dreams. The Chariot has many problems, but if you stay focused, calm, and confident, you will succeed.

The Chariot Tarot Card (VII) Depiction

The Chariot Tarot Card shows a person sitting in a vehicle that is being driven by two black and white sphinxes. The whole card has a little bit of a celestial feel to it. The person is sitting under a blue canopy with white stars on it.
On his shoulders is the sign of the crescent moon, which is a symbol of the spiritual force that guides him. On his head is a crown, which shows that he is wise and has a good will.
On his chest is a square, which stands for the element of earth, or the physical world, which gives him and what he does its foundation.

The black and white colors of the sphinxes show that the charioteer must learn to control forces that are at odds with each other. They are calm here, but they often fight because they want to go in different directions.
His job is to lead these sphinxes to a place that is marked by the cosmic forces he stands for.

The Chariot Tarot Card in the Major Arcana

The Chariot Card is the 7th card among the Major Arcana, the Chariot is a sign that important changes are to be expected in certain areas of your life.
An Arcanum of movement, the Chariot can also herald a holiday or business trip, or moving house… but always with a favorable outcome for you.

The Chariot Tarot Card Upright Meaning

The Chariot Card is about getting past problems and moving forward in a good way. One must keep going, and if he works hard and stays committed, he will win.

The Chariot Tarot

Chariot represents strength, willpower, and determination. The Lovers card taught you how to make values-aligned decisions, and now you’re acting on them. The Chariot is an encouraging Tarot card. You’ve set goals and are channeling your own force to achieve them. You’ll succeed with discipline, determination, and willpower.

Don’t be passive and hope things work out. Take focused action and stay the course no matter what obstacles you face – and there will be obstacles. You may be pushed and pulled in opposing directions, testing your resolve. Others may hinder, divert, or slow down your progress. The Chariot invites you to summon your willpower and focus on what’s important to you to overcome problems.

The Chariot indicates success if you stay focused and confidence in your talents. Willpower and self-discipline are needed to focus. You can’t cut corners or take the easy way out. Instead, regard this as a test of your strength and belief. Victory is possible, but you must follow through.

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The Chariot encourages boldness. Be brave in stating your desires and setting boundaries, or you won’t succeed. You must have self-confidence and know who and what you are (thus building off the personal belief systems and values established through The Lovers card).

The Chariot can symbolise driving or road trips. You may consider selling your home and buying an RV to travel the country.

Chariot card people are intense, driven, and haughty. If this is you, your desire and hard work are gifts, but curb them if you find yourself dominating or berating others. You’re not alone. Everyone’s aims and ideals are different, and that’s okay. If you feel angry, relax.

Because of its relationship with Cancer, The Chariot like a typical Cancerian, appears tough on the outside but is soft and emotional on the inside.

The Chariot Upright Card Keywords

Willpower, Control, Determination, Direction, Success, Action


What does The Chariot Upright Mean for Love and Relationships?

Take charge of what you want from love and relationship. The Chariot tarot card pushes action once you know your destination. Taking control of your romantic life will pay off.  The Chariot tarot love meaning can also suggest the necessity to balance two opposing forces, represented by the two horses in the card.  This card can ask if your choices so far are balanced; is your relationship suffering from lengthy work hours? Are you so focused on your relationship that you’ve lost your sense of self? The Chariot invites us to reclaim our lives and steer with determination.

What does The Chariot Upright Mean for Work and Career?

Chariot in a career tarot reading signifies ambition. With a clear career goal, you can be focused on reaching it. You’ll have the discipline, drive, and self-control to achieve because you’ll be driven at work. This card tells you to go for it if you want a new job or promotion at your existing one. Stay focused on your task despite office politics or rivalry.

What does The Chariot Upright Mean for Finances?

Now is the time to address any financial hurdles to your material stability. The Chariot provides motivation, focus, and determination. With enough discipline, you may be happy with your financial status.


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The Chariot Tarot Card Reversed Meaning

Reversed Chariot Tarot card means you lack power and direction. You must manage your own future and not let others decide. You are still moving but you have let go of the reins. You need motivation. Focus and take charge of your life.

Consider what you can do to modify your situation. You may be helpless, lack confidence, and beset by others or life situations. This may cause irritation, frustration, and rage. Take back your authority if individuals in your life are overly needy and demanding. Be clear about the time and resources you can devote to others. Keep your promises.

The Chariot Tarot Card Reversed

The Chariot reversal means lack of control and direction in life. You can’t overcome the opposing forces and impediments. You’re letting life drag you wherever it wants. It’s a wake-up call to tie up loose ends and take control of your life.

The Chariot is a sign to continue forward with a major undertaking and overcome hurdles. You may want to push a project forward when you should back off or change course. Or you may have lost motivation and no longer care about the outcome. If things isn’t going as planned, re-evaluate to see if you need to change direction. Is there a deeper reason for the difficulty? What’s the lesson?

The Chariot Reversed warns that hurdles and problems are hindering you from accomplishing your goals. You’ve lost the will to live. Then pause and reflect on what matters most to you and why you want to achieve this objective.

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The Chariot Reversed may indicate that you are concentrating on internal activities such as self-discipline, inner determination, and personal devotion. You may focus on your Higher Self-aligned intentions. Or you can visualize and meditate to connect your energy with your goals. These internally focused acts are crucial so you’re ready to perform.

If you appreciate having control over your fate and knowing where you are going, now is the time to tighten the reins and become more disciplined. Losing power can be demoralizing, so focus on what you can control. Don’t worry about what you can’t change. Focus on what you can control. Examine what you can do to help.

The Chariot Reversed means you may be trying to handle every element in your life, yet feeling increasingly out of control. Let things unfold. Be receptive to help and appreciative for it, even if it’s not perfect.

The Chariot Reversed Card Keywords

 Self-discipline, Lack of Direction, Hostility, Lack of Direction & Control

What does The Chariot Reversed Mean for Love and Relationships?

A strong desire to find love may override other ambitions and aspirations, reversing the Chariot tarot love interpretation. We can’t control everything in life, and we can’t make the perfect person arrive. Patience is as crucial as daily hope and enthusiasm.

A reversed Chariot in love can indicate that things are out of balance and need to be fixed. Make sure you’re not overextending in job, love, family, or friendships. This may cause arguments with your partner.

What does The Chariot Reversed Mean for Work and Career?

Reversed, the Chariot can mean lack of desire, focus, or drive, or too much. This card asks how aggressively you pursue your goals. Do you passively hope for things you desire to happen?
Or are you so forceful that you’re thoughtless of others? Both techniques can backfire. Aggressiveness can backfire, yet passiveness can never deliver you the happiness you want. Are these selections fine? Describe a healthy middle ground.

What does The Chariot Reversed Mean for Finances?

Avoid impulsive purchases. You may not know enough to make an informed decision. If not, you may be too hesitant with money. You may be in a position to invest money but are hesitant to do so.

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The Chariot Tarot Card & Numerology

The Chariot has the number 7 in the Major Arcana number 7 represents faith. There are seven traditional planets, one for each day of the week.  When this card shows up, we have faith that we can do things in the world and that the spiritual realms will help us.

The number 7 has nothing to do with moving forward, attacking, making progress, or doing anything else. When you use the good things about the number 7, it’s about rest, reflection, planning, and waiting.

According to astrology, these seven planets show us the way. We can move forward with confidence and security when we have faith and know we are being led.

The Chariot Tarot Card Yes or No in a Reading

When the Chariot is pulled, there is always a lot of strong energy around. If you want to know if something is yes or no and you pull the Chariot tarot card, the answer is Yes.
To move forward, you need to act quickly and decisively.  

Going back and forth or straddling the fence is a sure way to fail. If you want this relationship, investment, or business to work out, you’ll have to give it everything you’ve got. Get in touch with your inner charioteer!

What does The Chariot Tarot Card Mean for Love in a Reading?

If you want new love, take action. Don’t drop hints or wait to see if your crush is interested. Just ask them out like an adult.

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Ultimately, dating is a numbers game. Meet and date as many people as possible to locate the right one.

In a relationship, be assertive. If your needs or wants aren’t addressed, tell your partner. Kindly disagree.

You can’t control your partner’s response or behaviors, just yours. Unless you take action, you won’t receive what you want. Self-care is your responsibility.

What does The Chariot Tarot Card Mean for Health and Spirituality in a Reading?

Success requires effort. You can feel sorry for yourself or wish you’d begun earlier.

Or you can take control of your life and do the job. Become your own hero and inspiration, and others will follow.
What action steps can you take to deepen your connection to the spiritual world? Don’t just think about them or write them down.  

What does The Chariot Tarot Card Mean for your Career in a Reading?

Boldly pursue your projects. You may not see the whole picture, but taking action will.
Fear and insecurity drive us to procrastinate and perfectionist. Ask someone to hold you accountable if you’re stalling on a project.
Use your head to choose one direction and take charge. This card encourages action, not planning or waiting. Your huge ideas should move forward.

What does The Chariot Tarot Card Mean for Finances in a Reading?

This card tells you what to do. Take charge of your finances by facing your fears and lack of knowledge. This has nothing to do with hopes and maybes. This card is about taking charge of your life and accepting the way things are. What’s your goal for your money? Take care of your income, your expenses, your savings, and your debt.

What does Drawing The Chariot Tarot Card in a Reading Mean?

Drawing The Chariot Tarot Card in your spread is a sign to take decisive action towards the completion of your goals. If you want to see them to fruition, you cannot afford to be passive or lazy. This is a card of those who achieve greatness. It may also indicate travel in comfort. Mental and physical powers should lead to fulfillment. 

The Chariot card in the Tarot deck tells us about the energy that comes before big changes in our lives. The arcane is about being in charge of situations by using your willpower, intelligence, and decisions. It shows that a person is disciplined and has the ability to win.

What does The Chariot Tarot Card Represent in a Reading?

The Chariot Tarot Card meaning is that you will endure strong waves of emotions that you will need to handle and control if you want to move forward. If this card comes up in your tarot spread, you’ll be driven, ambitious, and in charge. Do not hesitate to express your creativity through any form of art in order to materialize the strong flow of emotions that will run through you.

You will meet your goals if you work on your memories of your personal history.
The Chariot facilitates the rise of memories and research.


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To Conclude The Chariot Tarot Card is known for: 

Triumph, success, control over the forces of nature, taking control and moving forward.  Decadent desires, possibility of ill health, restlessness and desire for change, an unethical victory. Challenges. Discipline. Victory. Arrogance. Will power. Progress. Action.

Questions to Ask Yourself when Drawing The Chariot Tarot Card

  • Are your choices balanced?
  • Are you lacking in ambition?
  • Are you lacking in focus or direction?

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