The Lovers Tarot Card

The Lovers Tarot Card Numerology Meaning

The Lovers is a picture of perfect love, harmony, and attraction. The Lovers can be seen as a metaphor for finding balance within yourself. You are getting to know yourself, your own moral code, and what is important to you in life. This will make your life more peaceful and balanced.
Seeing this card in a spread could mean that you are falling in love. You could also be making decisions or beginning projects that involve someone else.

The Lovers Numerology Meaning (VI):

 Representing harmony and choices, The Lovers align with the energy of number 6. It signifies choices that shape our lives and the power of love and unity.

The Lovers Tarot Meaning & Guidance

Upright Love, Partnerships, Harmony, Duality, Union, Choices, Alignment, Symmetry
Reversed  Self-love, Imbalance, Misalignment, One-sidedness, Disharmony
Yes or No Card Yes
Numerology Number VI (6)
Element Air
Planet Venus
Astrological Sign Libra
Healing Crystals Rhodocrosite, Ruby

What does The Lovers Card Mean?

The Lovers means harmony, love, and attraction & inner equilibrium. The Lovers symbolize choices and relationships. Its occurrence in a spread suggests a relationship decision, heart temptation, or choice of potential partners. A querent’s lifestyle may be sacrificed for a relationship (or vice versa), or one partner may be selected over another. Whatever the choice, the repercussions are long-lasting.
Learning about your moral code and values. This brings balance and harmony.

The Lovers (VI) Depiction

The Lovers tarot card shows archangel Raphael standing over a naked man and woman.
The pair seems comfortable and secure in their Eden-like house. The fruit tree with the serpent behind the woman references the story of humanity’s fall into temptation and desire. Raphael, the angel of air, is shown here; Gemini rules this card. Air is linked to mental activity, especially communication, which is key to successful relationships. His benediction gives this card balance and harmony, symbolizing unity between two opposed forces.
Since Raphael stands for “God’s healing,” the Lovers card in the tarot deck is a sign of emotional and physical healing. The archangel blesses the man and woman and reminds them of their connection to God.

The Lovers in the Major Arcana

The Lovers (VI) is the sixth trump card or Major Arcana card in most traditional Tarot decks. The traditional image for this card has been changed in a big way.

The Lovers Upright Meaning

This is a very good card, especially when it comes to love. For single people, it means that they might meet someone who could be their soulmate. This could be the start of a relationship that leads to marriage or a long-term commitment.
The Lovers symbolize harmony, attractiveness, and relationship perfection. The lovers’ trust and oneness offer each other confidence and strength. Their deep affinity suggests marriage or other close partnerships.

The Lovers Tarot - Major Arcana Tarot Card

Awakened ties and significant relationships are represented by the Lovers card. This card indicates a soulful connection with a loved one. You may have found your soul mate or life partner, and your sexual energy is spiritual and almost Tantric. In addition to romantic love, the Lovers card can indicate a close friendship or familial relationship full of love, respect, and compassion.

The Lovers is a card expressing candor and openness. Since the guy and lady are naked, they are willing to be vulnerable and reveal their actual feelings. They provide a container for trust and confidence, which strengthens their link. This card indicates that by discussing openly and honestly with individuals you care about, you will build trust and respect.

The Lovers card represents personal ideals and beliefs. You’re discovering your beliefs and values. After The Hierophant’s brainwashing, you can define your beliefs and select what’s important to you. So go out into the world and make your own decisions, being true to yourself and being real in all your pursuits.

The Lovers focuses on choice. Choices regarding who you want to be, how you connect with others, and what you stand for. To make smart choices, know and stick to your principles and values. No decisions are easy. The Lovers card indicates a moral problem that requires careful consideration. Your ideals are being challenged, and you’re being called to take the high road. Don’t act out of fear, concern, guilt, or shame. You must choose love — for yourself, others, and the Universe. Choose your best self.

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The Lovers supports unifying dual powers. You can combine two seemingly opposing elements to make something ‘whole’, unified, and harmonious. Every choice has pros and cons, pros and cons, pros and cons. When you embrace dualities, you establish love’s unity.

Open, honest, and sincere describe Lovers. They’re good listeners. If they refer to a person in your life, congratulations! These people are trustworthy.

If the Lovers card describes you, you’ve grown personally. You’ve overcome many obstacles. Develop self-acceptance and self-love.

The Lovers Upright Card Keywords

Love, Partnerships, Harmony, Duality, Union, Choices, Alignment, Symmetry



What does The Lovers Upright Mean for Love and Relationships?

The Lovers card is good for love and relationships. The Lovers tarot card signifies cohesion and balance, signifying complementary energies. This card shows a good duo. This card also signifies decision and commitment, therefore it raises doubts about your love commitment. All commitments are sacrifices, but the correct one can help you grow. You, a possible or existing spouse must make decisions and sacrifices.

What does The Lovers Upright Mean for Work and Career?

The Lovers might represent a peaceful and productive commercial collaboration or colleague relationship.  The Lovers tarot card can also indicate career decisions. You may be at a crossroads, changing paths, or deciding between work and other priorities.

What does The Lovers Upright Mean for Finances?

The Lovers card might indicate major financial decisions. You may have to choose between two major expenses, but keep in mind that you can’t have both. One road closes the door for another, and your choices may have future consequences.


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The Lovers Reversed Meaning

The Lovers reversed can suggest self- and social-disconnection. Your ideals and needs may be ignored. Identify your life’s disconnects. Do you ignore uncomfortable issues? Ignoring the situation won’t help. In a relationship reading, this card can indicate a need to reconnect.

This card appears when you’re mismatched with your genuine self. It’s usually a mismatched career or relationship. The gap between your values and reality could be damaging your health. You should make an exit plan quickly.

The Lovers Reverse Tarot Card

The Lovers card represents harmony and love. Reversed, it can mean you’re out of sync with loved ones. Relationships may be strained and communication difficult. Do you no longer seem to share the same values? If so, consider why you know this individual. You can only bring love and compassion to the issue if you unconditionally adore him or her. You may realize you’ve grown apart and need to go on. If your relationship is still full of fights and lack of respect, it may be time to let go. Do your best and honor yourself.

The Lovers Reversed can also mean unrequited love. One person may be more emotionally invested than the other, leading to disillusionment and uneasiness. You may be afraid of being harmed if you expose your heart to a relationship.

The Lovers Reversed discusses self-love and respect. How much do you accept yourself and the value you offer? Beware of comparing yourself to others. Recognizing these features in others means you have them yourself. When we admire traits in others, it’s the Universe’s way of getting us to wake up and acknowledge our own abilities.

If The Lovers Reversed appears in a reading, you may confront a difficult choice. You’re tempted to cut corners and escape responsibilities instead of making a value-based decision. The Lovers Reversed urges you to choose the route most in accordance with your Highest Good, no matter how difficult.

The Lovers Reversed can also represent inner strife and war with yourself. It symbolizes inner turmoil and effort to balance. Are you punishing yourself for anything you’ve done? To get out of this rut, you’ll need to express your personal beliefs and ideals. They’ll help you make smarter choices. Return to The Hierophant’s energies and seek assistance from an institution or spiritual mentor.

The reversed Lovers card represents people who lack self-awareness or openness. It can also signify self-confusion: not knowing what you want or who you really are. Growing up in a dysfunctional home, being in an abusive long-term relationship, or simply ignoring your wishes for too long might cause this. It’s normal to feel confused and disconnected in these situations. Seek out therapeutic approaches to reconnect with your lost pieces. Therapy or other healers can help you find your true self.

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The Lovers Reversed Card Keywords

Self-love, Imbalance, Misalignment, One-sidedness, Disharmony


What does The Lovers Reversed Mean for Love and Relationships?

The reversed Lovers in a partnership or romantic tarot reading can indicate a coldness. Balance is lost.  A fear of commitment is sometimes suggested. This is a good time to date because you may have numerous admirers. While initially pleasant, you may feel like you have to give up too many options to form a partnership. This will certainly take some self-reflection; be honest about your worries and desires.

What does The Lovers Reversed Mean for Work and Career?

Reversed Lovers might cause issues with coworkers or business partners.   Or one individual does all the effort or carries a demotivated partner. When reversed, this card can imply a romantic relationship at work. Continuing down this route may have unintended effects.

What does The Lovers Reversed Mean for Finances?

Your financial decisions may be hasty right now, jeopardizing your long-term financial security.  Know your financial limits.


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The Lovers Card & Numerology

The Lovers Tarot card is number 6 in the Major Arcana. The number 6 means balance and harmony. The Lovers show how the male and female parts of a person come together. They also keep forces from being too strong or too weak. 

The Lovers balance each other’s life and assist solve challenges.

Both The Lovers and The Devil  with the number 15  1+5 =6 . The Devil shows us the same couple from “The Lovers” chained to an altar with The Devil sitting on it. This link between these two cards is a warning about what will happen if you act irresponsibly when things are going well.

The Lovers often show up to remind you to be grateful for what you have and keep it safe from bad decisions and temptations. Some things we do or choices we make in life can’t be taken back. When they start dating, an innocent friendship between two friends changes for good.

The Lovers Yes or No in a Reading

Most of the time, the Lovers tarot card means Yes. The Lovers is a good card to pull during a tarot reading because it shows a strong sense of romance and important relationships. The Lovers standing straight up can also be seen as a sign that you have to make a choice.

People who want a yes or no answer often pick the Lovers tarot card, which is about making choices and not being sure what to do.
If you are at a crossroads and want to go in a certain direction but feel “unsure,” put all your doubts aside. Have faith and keep going. 

Drawing the Lovers card from a deck of tarot cards is interesting, especially when it comes to questions about love.
But when it comes to other kinds of questions, there are also some interesting ways to look at them.

What does The Lovers Card Mean for Love in a Reading?

The Lovers tarot card is good for soul-based love. It could be a fresh love or a deeper relationship. It’s a sign of beauty, affection, and lifelong love.

You’ll soon fall in love, overcome trials, and grow closer as a couple. It will be a long-lasting friendship founded on mutual respect.

If you’re seeking for something casual, be aware of your emotions. Be honest (with yourself and others) about your desires and follow through. This implies no sleepovers or cuddling for many.

What does The Lovers Card Mean for Health and Spirituality in a Reading?

This card has the right amount of energy. When two people work together, they are stronger than when they work alone. Use the love of the people around you and the energy of balance to help you make decisions about your health.

This card is about finding a balance and combining two energies into one. Even though we have to go on our inner spiritual journeys by ourselves, it will be easier and more fun if we do it with soul-level friends.

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Spiritual advancement doesn’t happen in a vacuum. You need the help and guidance of the smart people around you as you move along this path.

What does The Lovers Card Mean for your Career in a Reading?

You may choose between opposing forces, persons, roles, or positions. On paper, something may not be right.

To make the finest choice, listen to your heart and accept it. Even if no one else gets it, it’s the right choice.

This card may also signify a new business partnership. Is there someone who balances your strengths and weaknesses? Could you co-manage your industry and projects?

This will be a joint venture, not a task-sharing arrangement. Before you start working together, make sure you both understand your duties. Long-lasting and mutually beneficial, but not forever. Prepare for the end.


What does The Lovers Card Mean for Finances in a Reading?

This card represents partnership and joining forces. You may be paid by a partnership, a relationship, or a decision. Money and assistance may come from unexpected places. Don’t take the choice that looks best on paper if you have two options. Choose whichever feels best. Think long-term, not short-term.


What does Drawing The Lovers Card in a Reading Mean?

When you draw the Lovers it usually means that you have a decision to make, and you need to make it fast either way. The longer you wait before you make your decision, the worse the situation will get.
Drawing the Lovers might undergo slight emotional discomfort as they make a decision, one way or another.

They should avoid making a decision in urgency under the yoke of emotions, because it won’t be a good one, either for your family or your loved ones.

What does The Lovers Card Represent in a Reading?

The presentation of the lovers card usually indicates a deep, soulmate-like connection with another individual. Although typically indicative of a romantic connection, it doesn’t have to be. You may have also found your “platonic soulmate.”
Quarrels, infidelity, danger of a broken marriage. Need to stabilize the emotions. Possibility of a wrong choice.

When The Lover’s Tarot card shows up in a spread, it usually has something to do with love. How do you want your relationships to be? One that takes you to the bottom of the ocean or one that lifts you up to the sky? The relationship will always change, but we can choose which way it goes. The bite is already in the apple.

The Lovers are related to The Hierophant, The Devil, and The Tower , which are all Major Arcana cards. This is because the stories on all three of these cards involve two people.
On The Hierophant card, there are two monks with the typical hairstyle of clergy from the Middle Ages. They are bowing to their leader.
The Devil card also shows a couple chained together under The Devil. Lastly,
The Tower shows a tower being destroyed by lightning and two people falling into an abyss, just like Adam and Eve were thrown out of the Garden of Eden.

These cards teach us that every choice we make either moves us toward or away from our spiritual awareness.


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To Conclude The Lovers Tarot Card is known for:

Choice, temptation, attraction. The struggle between sacred and profane love. Harmony of the inner and outer aspects of life.

Questions to Ask Yourself when Drawing The Lovers Card

  • How do you want your relationships to be?
  • Are you making prudent decisions?
  • Are you seeking instant gratification?

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