The Hermit Tarot Card

The Hermit Tarot Card Meaning

The Hermit always brings a positive development to the card that comes before it, in hindsight.

The Hermit card requires spotting a teacher in disguise. This source of mysterious knowledge doesn’t make it easy for students to gain wisdom; it takes time and concentration. He regularly communicates with the elements, animals, and Mother Nature in archaic and other tongues.

Hermit reminds us to take time apart from public life to unwind in nature.
A rather negative card meaning might be softened through the use of careful planning and thought.

 We all need time alone, and silence can be a very valuable thing. How often do we think about taking a break and doing nothing in particular? It can be hard to listen to our inner voice in the modern world. We are constantly getting information from our phones, computers, social media, and other things. The Hermit Tarot card shows us that sometimes we need to be alone with only our own thoughts for company.

The Hermit Numerology Meaning (IX):

 The Hermit is associated with the energy of number 9, representing completion, introspection, and spiritual wisdom. It signifies a period of solitude and self-discovery.

The Hermit Tarot Meaning & Guidance

Upright  Inner Guidance, Truth Seeking, Introspection, Contemplation, Soul-searching
Reversed  Isolation, Loneliness, Seclusion, Feeling Lost, Withdrawal
Yes or No Card No
Numerology Number IX (9)
Element Earth
Planet Mercury
Astrological Sign Virgo
Healing Crystals Howlite, Kyanite

What does The Hermit Card Mean?

The Hermit indicates that you are in a period of introspection in which you are focusing within and seeking solutions inside. You require time for introspection away from the demands of your current position.

The Hermit (IX) Depiction

The Hermit lives alone on a mountain top. The mountain with snow on top represents his spiritual mastery, growth, and success. He chose this path to find out more about himself, and as a result, he has become more aware.

In his right hand, he holds a lantern with a six-pointed star inside. This is the Seal of Solomon, a sign of wisdom. The Hermit’s lamp lights his way as he walks, but it only lights his next few steps and not the whole way. He has to take a step forward to figure out what to do next, even though he knows that not everything will be clear at once.
The Hermit holds a long staff (a sign of his power and authority) in his left hand, which is the side of the mind where the subconscious is. He uses this staff to guide and keep himself in balance.

The Hermit in the Major Arcana

The Hermit Tarot Card is the 9th card in the Major Arcana, it is also about endings.
Since the Hermit faces left, he represents the past. Because of this, The Hermit is specifically about looking back. When you reach the end of something, you turn around and look back to see if you can figure out what it was all about.

The Hermit Upright Meaning

The Hermit is a person who wants to know things from the inside out. He is a lonely wanderer on the path of the night. He is looking for the inner voice, which he can only find after being alone for a long time.

The Hermit Tarot - Major Arcana Tarot Card

The Hermit means you’re withdrawing from daily life to focus inside and find answers in your spirit. You realize that your deepest sense of truth and knowledge lies within you, not in the world around you. You abandon the ordinary to embark on a voyage of self-discovery, guided by your inner wisdom. Now is the moment to go on a weekend retreat or spiritual journey to come closer to your genuine self.

The Hermit urges you to retire into your own realm of solitude and reflection. You must travel alone or with a small, spiritually-minded group. Allowing yourself to tune in to your inner, guiding light can help you gain wisdom beyond your years. Shine your light on your soul and establish your path. You’ll see not kilometers but enough to know where to step next. From there, move slowly.

The Hermit generally emerges when you are considering a new course. Meditation, thought, and self-examination can help you re-evaluate your goals and shift your direction. You’ll get a deeper spiritual awareness, and your priorities will shift.

The Hermit Tarot Card symbolizes turning away from a consumerist or materialistic society to focus on yourself.  Introverts, ancient souls, and mentors are represented. Hermits are pragmatic, analytical, and quiet. They’re not motivated to impress. Some may find negative frankness off-putting. This card represents elderly spirits. Great listeners and advisors.

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The Hermit card represents Virgos, who are perfectionists. They aim for perfection.
The Hermit may appear as a spiritual tutor to elevate your vibration and consciousness. The beauty of this tutor is that he will show you how to locate your own answers within yourself.

The Hermit Upright Card Keywords

Inner Guidance, Truth Seeking, Introspection, Contemplation, Soul-searching

What does The Hermit Upright Mean for Love and Relationships?

Love, a big mystery, may be a great teacher. We must know our needs, concerns, and insecurities. The Hermit tarot love interpretation may indicate that we need some time alone to gain self-awareness before committing to a romantic engagement.
This lonely time will put you on the way to finding true love. If you’re in a relationship, do this soul-searching jointly. Consider what you want from a relationship and what makes you happy. Initial conversations may be uncomfortable, but they’ll lay a solid basis for the future.

What does The Hermit Upright Mean for Work and Career?

You may be reevaluating your job goals right now. You may feel unfulfilled on your current route. The Hermit Tarot Card meaning for your career is that you’re striving to find job that brings you delight on all levels.
These qualifications are no longer enough if you’re pursuing a job for money or financial stability. Or something that takes you closer to who you want to be.

What does The Hermit Upright Mean for Finances?

You might be realizing right now that money doesn’t bring you happiness. This may be a time when you care less about material things and try to figure out where you can find real happiness.


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The Hermit Reversed Meaning

Hermit Tarot Card Reversed means, you may want to be alone; that’s fine. Your isolation could harm you and others. While the Hermit goes out to find his inner truth, his route may be fraught with peril. Going within can lead to madness and the abyss since the unconscious is loaded with visions he doesn’t understand.   You must learn to combine your demand for truth with your personal connection.

The Hermit Reverse Tarot Card

The Hermit Tarot Card Reversed can mean one of two things: not enough personal contemplation time or too much. The Hermit Reversed invites you to make extra time to meditate and reflect. It’s time to rediscover your higher role on planet. You may have been too busy coping with daily difficulties to hear your inner voice. The Hermit invites you to look deep into your soul to re-find your spiritual path.

The Hermit Card Reversed may signify that you’re taking your inner reflection too far. Are you isolating yourself? Staying connected is important, especially on a spiritual journey. Consider others’ needs. You shouldn’t be so focused on yourself and your problems that you isolate yourself from family and friends.

The Hermit Tarot Card can signify unwanted seclusion in a relationship. One person may desire to withdraw from the relationship, while the other wants to deepen it. Respect each other’s need for space, but be supportive when needed. You do everything in your power to stay together because being alone is so scary and undesirable. Despite difficulties, none of you wants to remain apart. You don’t want to part yet since it’s nearly too soon. The Hermit Reversed suggests a reconnection if you’ve split.

The Hermit Tarot Card Reversed can mean that a person is having trouble listening to their inner voice. It can be a person who is confused by having different goals. It can sometimes mean that a mentor gave bad advice. If this is you in a reading, look at what this card means when it is turned over. Take the time you need to figure out what you should do.

This type of person can have problems with being rigid, being judgmental, and trying to be perfect. On a lighter note, it can mean that someone is outgoing or friendly.

The Hermit Reversed Card Keywords

 Isolation, Loneliness, Seclusion, Feeling Lost, Withdrawal

What does The Hermit Reversed Mean for Love and Relationships?

The reversed Hermit tarot love meaning can represent a forced moment of loneliness rather than one you choose. Making the most of this time might help you focus on your goals and define what you want in a partner and in life.
These are the foundations of a strong future connection. In a relationship, one person may feel distant and drift away. Despite everyone’s efforts, one partner may feel lonely.
Examine these dynamics and see if you can help. Attention, care, and self-awareness may be required to re-establish connection.

What does The Hermit Reversed Mean for Work and Career?

The reversed Hermit meaning for your work or career can also indicate a period of reflection. You may be ready to re-enter society with a defined job goal.
You may now need to realign your career, whether it’s seeking for a new employment, networking to discover mentors and teammates, or other social components.
You may also choose to avoid working with people, extending your period of seclusion. Being alone may feel less limiting at first, but stay social.
This card can also imply being compelled to work alone, causing loneliness or becoming an outcast among coworkers.

What does The Hermit Reversed Mean for Finances?

You may be ready to get help from outside sources when it comes to making financial decisions.
You may have spent some time thinking about what material security and money mean to you, and now you may be putting what you’ve learned to use. We hope that this will help you feel better about your material situation.

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The Hermit Card & Numerology

The Hermit is the 9th Major Arcana card. Number 9 being the last number in the sequence of numerology numbers. All of the Tarot cards with the number 9 have a theme of being alone. The winter landscape that The Hermit walks through shows this idea of the end of a cycle.

The number of a person who helps other people is 9. As a person, it could represent someone who cares about the world and has given up their own goals, desires, and things. A priest, a monk, or a spiritual teacher. A person who fights for a cause. The Moon, card 18, is the other card in the Major Arcana that has a numerical value of 9.

In numerology, 18 is equal to 9 (1+8=9). If you’re trying to figure out the time with Tarot, The Moon would be a full moon, and The Hermit would be a new moon, since he’s usually shown walking at night in the dark, which is why he carries a torch.

The Hermit is related to the zodiac sign Virgo, which is the last sign before the Fall Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. The Hermit is a lot like Virgo in many ways, like being able to think and study deeply.

The Hermit Yes or No in a Reading

Most of the time, the Hermit is a “No” in a Yes or No Tarot reading. The Hermit is a stop sign unless you want to know if you should seek spiritual guidance or work on yourself. This doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get what you want in the future. But first, you have to do some work to get ready.

It’s a clear sign that you should focus on yourself and not make any big moves right now. Before making any big decisions, it’s time to put some things in perspective and think about them.

The Hermit is a tarot card that shows how important it is to spend regular time alone.

What does The Hermit Card Mean for Love in a Reading?

The Hermit is a card that is all by itself. When this card comes up in a love reading, it usually means that you are not yet ready for the relationship you are looking for.

Are you stuck in the past too much? Are you not sure about what you want? What kind of relationship do you want? The only way to know is to look inside yourself and trust what you find.

Be honest with yourself if you are in a relationship. If you focus too much on the other person, you might not take care of your own needs. Do you really know what you want?

If you can, try to get away from your friends for a few days or weeks. Use your free time to think, write, and figure out what you want and what scares you.

What does The Hermit Card Mean for Health and Spirituality in a Reading?

Your health needs rest, relaxation, and especially sleep. Reduce the stress in your life. First take care of yourself.

The Hermit goes deep into the woods or to the top of a mountain to be alone with his thoughts. You don’t have to go all the way. It doesn’t matter where you are.

Meditation is one way to get clear and calm inside. Meditation can be as simple as going for a long walk alone and thinking about a single thought or question. It could be making its way through a maze. Or color like a kid in a coloring book. For me, it’s being led across the dance floor by my tango partner, breathing together the whole time.

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The Hermit is a sign that you already have everything you need. You’ll find the spiritual guidance you’re looking for if you’re willing to look inside yourself and accept everything you find there.

This is a simple lesson that you will use over and over again in your life. But simple doesn’t mean easy, which is why you’ll have to learn this lesson over and over again until you fully understand it.

What does The Hermit Card Mean for your Career in a Reading?

If you are having trouble with a project at work, you will find the answers if you step back from it.

Give yourself a break from the problem and some time. Clear the decks and don’t let being busy all the time get to you. Believe that you can find a different way.

This problem will become clearer if you think about it in peace. You might be too close to the problem to see it clearly. If you take a step back, you’ll be able to see the problem from all angles and come up with new ways to solve it.

What does The Hermit Card Mean for Finances in a Reading?

If you are considering investing in yourself by going to school or getting better at your job, it might be a good use of your money. If you want to make more money, use the skills and experience you already have. Go inside to find the answers. They are there already.

And if you have had the same money problems over and over again in your life, you need to find out why. Think about what you think about money, rich people, and being poor. Create a mindset of abundance in everything and get rid of fear and criticism.

What does Drawing The Hermit Card in a Reading Mean?

Drawing this card will usually mean slowing down the pace of ongoing projects and achievements. The Hermit is the Arcanum of solitude, perseverance, discretion, and prudence.

When The Hermit Tarot Card is drawn in a reading can mean that someone will come into your life who will be your teacher.
If you have the Hermit in a tarot reading, you should be careful and keep your eyes open in anything you undertake.

Reflecting can help you rid your thoughts of daily clutter. The Hermit may also refer to your efforts to act in a manner that is true to your actual self. You may be seeking inner guidance on what is proper and your future moves.

The Hermit in a reading can also represent a mentor who will enter your life.

What does The Hermit Card Represent in a Reading?

There are times in life when we need to take a step back and look at our lives and the choices we’ve made. If The Hermit shows up in your Tarot card spread, it means that it’s time to rethink your choices in life. You need some time away from the demands of your life to think about yourself. This retreat may or may not be physical, but to find your answers, you need to be honest with yourself and think deeply.

Most of the time, the Hermit Tarot Card is good for readings about school, intellectual responsibilities, or spiritual growth. In some situations, it might be a little harder. The hermit brings a time when you need to be patient and give yourself time to think. If you don’t do this, you might spend your time, money, or love in a bad way. This card can be a sign of being alone and having a hard time. It also tells you to stop and think before you do something.


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To Conclude The Hermit Tarot Card is known for:

Soul-searching, Introspection, Being alone, Wisdom, Spiritual enlightenment, Inner guidance, Isolation, Loneliness, Denial, Exposed, Paranoia & Withdrawal

Questions to Ask Yourself when Drawing The Hermit Card

  • You’re considering going alone?
  • Do you need inner or spiritual guidance this time of your life? 
  • Are you quietly seeking a mentor?
  • Are you feeling a inner loneliness?

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