Judgment Tarot Card

Judgment Tarot Card Meaning

This Arcanum represents Judgment, the day of reckoning where the Angel blows a trumpet that calls the dead out of their graves.

Judgment indicates that you should soon fulfill one of your desires or needs or a project that you have worked on for a while. Your intuition will lead you to new paths to be explored, even if it means facing the unknown. Trust your instincts if they lead you on that path because they will know what is good for you.

Judgment Tarot Card as Yes or No (Upright & Reversed) Meaning

Judgment Tarot Meaning & Guidance

Upright Introspection, Judgment Reckoning, Absolution, Awareness, Awakening, Reflection
Reversed Doubt, Self Loathing, Guilt, Lack of self awareness, Self-doubt
Yes or No Card Yes / Neutral
Numerology Number XX (20)
Element Fire
Planet Pluto
Astrological Sign Libra
Healing Crystals Azurite, Clear Quartz

What does the Judgment Tarot Card Mean?

Judgment Tarot Card Meaning is a symbol for psychic resurrection, a positive renewal of your state of mind and way of thinking that will affect your everyday life.

It can also signal the end of a problem currently affecting you in a negative way, something that might have been going on for quite a while. 

This card represents the numerous forms that the final judgment is depicted to take in various myths. A moment of rebirth and awakening, a time when a chapter of our lives comes to an end and makes space for exciting new beginnings.


Judgment (XX) Depiction

An angel, possibly Gabriel, is depicted blowing a great trumpet, from which hangs a white flag bearing a red cross. A group of humans of grayish complexion stand, arms spread, apparently emerging from graves.

 Their extended arms represent their readiness to be assessed by the universe.
They are set to face their creator, have their activities evaluated, and learn whether they will spend the rest of eternity in heaven or hell. The enormous tidal surge in the background signifies that judgment is inevitable and will be final.

Pluto, the ruler of the underworld, rules over the judgment. There are echoes of this card in the Death card since they both serve as a reminder that everything must come to an end and a fresh beginning is on the horizon.

Judgment In The Major Arcana

Judgment is the 20th trump card of the Major Arcana tarot deck. Its order is significant: it comes last in the Major Arcana’s numerical cycle. It represents resurrection, closure, renewal, and growth.

Judgment Upright Meaning

The Judgment Tarot Card meaning is that you should accept a higher degree of consciousness in service of your Highest Good by rising to a higher level of awareness. You are through a spiritual awakening and coming to the realization that you are destined for more than you can imagine.

This is your cosmic advancement! You have heard the summons and are prepared to act. Gain access to a higher frequency. Let go of your former self and embrace this updated version of your true self.

Judgement Tarot


Frequently, the Judgment card means that you must make a life-altering decision, but unlike those linked with the logical Justice card, this decision demands a combination of intuition and intellect.

You may be at a crossroads, realizing that whatever decision you make will result in a substantial change with lasting consequences. Connect with your Higher Self, have faith in your judgment, and know that you are on the correct road. If you still require clarification, look to your previous life experiences for guidance.

When Judgment appears in a Tarot reading, it means that you are nearing a crucial turning point in your life. You have reflected upon and examined your prior experiences, and you have gained insight from them.

All the pieces of your life’s puzzle fit together to produce a coherent image of your life’s journey. This integration has healed your deepest scars, and you may now move forward from the past.

You have attained absolution, having made amends for any wrongdoings or regrets and letting go of any guilt or regret for the past. This purging procedure will leave you feeling revitalized and prepared to face any new difficulties.

The Judgment Tarot Card means that you may find solace in sharing your difficulties with others in a group setting. There will be those who have had similar experiences and who can show you the path out of your difficulties. Allow them to lead and assist you; ascend together.

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People who are shown by the Judgment Tarot Card are intense and full of emotion. These are the kind of people you can count on when you, even in the strangest circumstances. They are known to make great leaders.

Judgement Upright Card Keywords

Introspection, Judgement Reckoning, Absolution, Awareness, Awakening, Reflection


What does Judgment Upright Mean for Love and Relationships?

Now is the time to examine your romantic life and make any necessary changes. The Judgment tarot love meaning represents a period of self-reflection and analysis. You may suddenly see issues in your love life that you previously neglected, and you can make changes. Maintain open communication with your partner and be aware of each other’s needs. Small changes made by both of you can have a big impact on your relationship. Your past acts, good or evil, are now catching up with you. If you’ve made mistakes in the past, learn from them and improve your future.

What does Judgment Upright Mean for Work and Career?

You may be going through a career awakening. Maybe you’ve discovered a new purpose or a new calling. Judgment meaning may necessitate changes in your workplace or position. While this can be unpleasant, Judgment can also be a source of inspiration for your work. If your workplace is tense, the Judgment card suggests you need to be more mindful of how your actions effect others. Take some time to reflect on your actions and how you can improve. Accept responsibility for your activities and your role in any brewing disputes.

What does Judgment Upright Mean for Finances?

You may need to think on your connection with money. Sometimes Judgment requires assessing your financial habits and making changes to improve your circumstances. Do you regularly buy stuff you can’t afford?


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Judgment Reversed Meaning

Judgment Reversed necessitates introspection and self-evaluation. You may gain a profound awareness of the recurring universal themes in your life and what you can do or alter to avoid them through meditation or silent reflection. 
You may have kept them private or concealed them out of fear of the opinions of others. Work on your self-forgiveness, self-acceptance, self-love, and release and liberation in order to clear these previous mistakes and regrets, along with any related guilt or shame.

Reverse Tarot Card Judgement


Judgment Reversed comes frequently when the Universe is attempting to deliver you a message and welcome you to something greater, but you are not listening.
Perhaps you fear the sacrifice you will have to make to answer the call, or you fear you are not prepared for a more prominent role and would rather play it safe.

You are doing your best to act as if you did not receive it and are going about your everyday activities in the hope that it would go away. However, let’s be honest: the ‘call’ never ceases; it only grows louder until you pay to listen.
It is time to overcome your inner anxieties and self-doubt and to have faith that the Universe has your back. This is occurring for a purpose.

Occasionally, Judgment Reversed signifies that your inner critic is speaking out loud. You may have self-doubt or send yourself negative messages. This is preventing you from reaching your fullest potential and becoming your best self.
To combat your inner critic, you must recognize it as a distinct part of yourself (give it a name), listen to it and accept its anxiety, and reassure it that everything will be alright. You can disrupt the loop of self-criticism by replacing it with more optimistic signals about what is possible.

Judgment reversed shows people who are careful and careful to the point where they might miss out on great opportunities because they overthink and hesitate.

Even though being analytical is a great skill in many situations, you need to be able to trust your instincts enough to take advantage of rare chances when they come your way.

Judgement Reversed Card Keywords

  Doubt, Self Loathing, Guilt, Lack of self-awareness, Self-doubt

What does Judgment Reversed Mean for Love and Relationships?

Before criticizing your partner, make sure your complaints are reasonable. Unhappy about something? The reversed Judgment tarot love meaning may suggest some compromise and moderation.

Alternatively, this card may indicate that you need to broaden your romantic horizons. Have you been in denial? Is your relationship working? Is something lacking? You may not be aware of it, but your dating attitude may be influenced by it. This card asks you to be honest with yourself and others. Truth can release you.

What does Judgment Reversed Mean for Work and Career?

Maybe you’ve been too hard on yourself. If you have committed mistakes at work, you may find it difficult to let go of your emotions of guilt and move on. Judgment meaning it may be that you may have residual doubts about your own ability. Alternatively, this card may indicate that you lack self-awareness and are not learning the lessons required to advance in your work. Your lack of self-awareness may irritate coworkers. Have you given your all to your professional projects? Have you been clear? Or do you always blame others?

What does Judgment Reversed Mean for Finances?

If you’ve recently suffered a financial setback, you may be tough on yourself. It’s vital to learn from your mistakes, but also to be fair to yourself so you stay motivated. The reversed Judgment card suggests you may fall into the same financial choice patterns. Recognize where you fall on the spectrum.

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Judgment Card Numerology

In Numerology the Judgment Tarot card has the number 20. There are a few ways to understand the number 20. The first way is to add 2 and 0, which equals 2. 2 stands for duality, and The High Priestess and Justice are the other two Major Arcana with the number 2.

You can also multiply 2 by 10. The number 10 can be broken up into 1+0, or 1. It can also be seen as the steps to full manifestation: 1+2+3+4. Something has reached its fullest potential when it gets to the number 10. So, 10 is both the number of the end and the number of a new start.

By the time we get to this card, two full cycles have passed. The Magician was the first story in the first cycle, and The Hermit was the last. Most of the cards in this cycle were good.
At the Wheel of Fortune, the wheel did turn, and then we had to go through some of the hardest cards in the Major Arcana. The second cycle came to a close with The Moon, in which we had to deal with our feelings and the hidden parts of our personalities.

With the return of the sun, the wheel turned again, and now, with the Judgment Tarot card, we can think about both the cycle of success and the cycle of failure and hardship. It’s time to figure out what to do next.

Judgment Yes Or No In A Reading

Most of the time, the Judgment card is a neutral card in yes or no tarot readings. However, if the other cards in your spread look good, it leans more toward a yes.

Also, keep in mind that the Judgment Tarot Card is about change and becoming something new. And that what you do will have effects and change things.

So, if you’re having a reading about something important that could change your life, Judgment will say, “Yes, you are being called forward. Step up and do what needs to be done. But be ready to put the past where it belongs, which is in the past!”

What does Judgment Card Mean for Love in a Reading?

The meaning of Judgment in Tarot is that there’s something wrong, and you can’t keep pretending. If you’re looking for a new love, you haven’t been very good at what you’ve been doing. There’s more you can do. Get out there and blow your own horn!

If you are in a relationship, you should look at yourself and decide if you are working together as partners or if you are going in different directions.

Expect a wake-up call and a new beginning. The same old things don’t work anymore. And to be honest, you don’t want it. You’ve changed and no longer want to be with someone who hasn’t changed with you.

What does Judgment Card Mean for Health and Spirituality in a Reading?

The meaning of Judgment in Tarot is that something bigger is calling you. A lot, a lot, a lot bigger.

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At least in the traditional RW-based tarot deck, the Judgment Tarot Card has strong religious vibes, but that doesn’t mean you’re being called to a certain religion. It also doesn’t mean that you will be “judged” or “condemned” because of what you believe or don’t believe.

Instead, it’s about being asked to take charge of yourself. You know what’s true for you, and you have to follow that.

You could have ignored this calling in the past. No, no longer. You can’t lie, hide, or keep denying what’s going on any longer.

Now, you don’t want to live your life as a lie at all. It just can’t happen. Your only choice is to live your life in line with your truth, no matter what happens.

You’re not (very) scared, and you’re ready to take full responsibility for this choice. Start your new life at full speed!

What does Judgment Card Mean for your Career in a Reading?

The meaning of Judgment in Tarot is that you’re here for a bigger reason than what you’ve been doing. Find your true passions, desires, values, and talents by digging deep. Once you know the truth, there is no other way to live. This Tarot Card can mean a new position or a fresh start.

You could get a raise, be laid off, or be fired from your current job. If that happens, it will be a good thing.
Think of this as a wake-up call to get your career in order. You don’t need another job that only pays the bills. It’s time to give your full attention to the work you’ve been asked to do.

What does Judgment Card Mean for Finances in a Reading?

The Judgment card meaning can sometimes predict a loss in court, a final decision. Do an audit of your finances to see if you could lose money because of bad investments, debts, or mistakes you’ve made in the past.

Come clean up your mess before it gets you in trouble. Get back the trust you’ve lost by taking charge, being humble, and putting in the work.

If you have been spending more than you want, you can’t keep doing that. There is only one way to get out of debt, and that is to stop spending more than you earn. You need to face this fact and make choices that are in line with it.

Making up stories about how things will work out is not a plan. The same goes for avoiding, denying, or blaming. Take ownership of the mess you made yourself and clean it up. No one can help you with this.

What does Drawing Judgment Card in a Reading Mean?

Drawing the Judgment Arcanum meaning is that in order to change your existence, you should avoid repeating the same behavior that led to the problems you currently have to face. Act in a different way and you will see that it will change for the better! Drawing this Arcanum will have positive effects on your personal, professional, or romantic relationships.


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To Conclude Judgment Tarot Card is known for:

A life well lived, work well done. Awakening, renewal. Legal judgments in one’s favor. A change of personal consciousness, which is now on the verge of blending with the universal.
Weakness, disillusion. Fear of death; failure to find happiness. Separation, divorce. Possible loss of worldly goods. This card might also signify that you are experiencing a phase of enlightenment brought on by self-reflection.

Questions to Ask Yourself when Drawing the Judgment Card

  • Are you experiencing self-doubt?
  • Are you going through some crossroads in life?
  • Are you making some life-changing decisions?
  • Are you experiencing a spiritual awakening?

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