Kabbalah Numerology Angel number

Kabbalah Numerology

Kabbalah Numerology, also known as Hebrew Numerology, is a mystical system that assigns meaning to numbers and their combinations. 

In Kabbalah Numerology, each letter of the Hebrew alphabet is assigned a numerical value, and these values are used to calculate the numerical value of words and phrases. 

Numerology in the Kabbalah is a method for determining one’s intrinsic purpose and life path.

Using your given name, you match the letters to the traditional numerals associated with them, and then calculate your number using a formula. It is a simple method to gain some insight into your personality and values.

Deciphering each alphabet reveals that each number has its own significance, significance, and meaning. In addition, each of them represents different qualities and characteristics of the native, which aids in making predictions.

The Hebrew alphabet was used to derive the original numerical values for each letter. In Kabbalah studies, there can be up to 400 different life path numbers, but many only focus on the most prominent ones. Emphasis is placed on discovering one’s own Kabbalah number.

The interpretation of Kabbalah numerals

As stated previously, each alphabet reveals a number. So, what does each Kabbalistic number reveal about the person and their destiny if they possess that number?

Number 1:Progress, Growth, advancement, leadership, and growth
Number Two: Growth, Magnification, Connection, Cooperation, and Harmony
Number 3: Love, Determination, Optimism, Expression, and Originality
Number Four: Misfortune, fruitlessness, stagnation, limitations, and practicability
Number Five: Creation, Genesis, fecundity, transformation, liberty, and creation
Number six: Execution, satisfaction, compassion, friendship, and family
Number seven: magic, mysticism, enlightenment, and mystique
Number 8: Impulsiveness, success, good fortune, charisma, and wealth
Number Nine: Success, Good Fortune, Service, Altruism, and Completion

Kabbalah Numerology Chart 

Kabbalah Numerology Chart 

When formulating predictions using the numerology of the Kabbalah, the individual’s date of birth is not considered. Instead, the individual’s destiny is predicted based on their name.

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Kabbalah Number 1

Individuals with the Kabbalah number 1 are outstanding leaders who use their creativity and knowledge for the benefit of others. These individuals occupy a strong position of authority and power in the world and are inventive and innovative.


Kabbalah Number 2

Natives with the Kabbalah number 2 thrive in mutually beneficial relationships. Additionally, these individuals are peace-loving and respect community regulations. They enjoy living in harmony and are excellent meditators. On the other hand, they exhibit diplomatic behavior.


Kabbalah Number 3

Individuals with the Kabbalah number 3 are goal-oriented. They cherish achievement as much as they cherish art and originality. Possessing excellent communication skills, these individuals are extremely optimistic and excel in the company of those who share similar thought processes.


Kabbalah Number 4

Natives with the Kabbalah number 4 are exceedingly practical and responsible. They organize themselves so that they can be produced as efficiently as feasible. These individuals are grounded in reality and consistently seek out opportunities that fit them best.


Kabbalah Number 5

People with the Kabbalah number 5 place the highest value on accomplishment. On the other hand, these individuals are wild and unrestrained and engage in thrilling activities that excite them. These individuals have beautiful, empathetic souls and a strong passion for their interests.

Kabbalah Number 6

Natives with the Kabbalah number 6 are psychically powerful. These individuals have a sensitive nature and a passion for healing others. They express themselves most effectively when caring for others. As a group, these individuals comprehend and are at ease when assisting others in times of need. These natives are not only empathetic, but also compassionate and enthusiastic about activities that suit their interests and demeanor.

Kabbalah Number 7

People with the Kabbalah number 7 have a strong attraction to spirituality. These individuals are introverted and sensitive. On the other side, these individuals are lone wolves. They prefer to remain and operate independently, proving themselves without assistance. They take great pleasure in appreciating others’ talents and skills.

Kabbalah Number 8

Individuals with the Kabbalah number 8 adore accomplishments and success. These individuals seek abundance and a karmic cycle. To these individuals, existence is governed by the principle that what goes around comes around. These individuals believe that their only strength is their charisma and never refrain from exerting effort and exerting themselves. Additionally, they enjoy achieving success in life. Consequently, one can state that they also prioritize material concerns.

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Kabbalah Number 9

Natives with the Kabbalah number 9 value commitment. They live with a sense of purpose and focus on achieving lofty objectives. Additionally, these natives believe in finality. However, they are always willing to make sacrifices for others. They enjoy spending their time assisting others, but they also have an ego. Therefore, these individuals make separations expeditiously. Additionally, they prioritize contentment, and generosity is their middle name.

How is the Kabbalah Method Distinct?

To an outsider, the various varieties of numerology may not appear to differ greatly. Each employs numbers to discover information about an individual.

However, there are important distinctions. Kabbalah numerology analyzes only an individual’s name, not their birthday. The other methods of numerology evaluate a person’s birthday and designate a life path number based on that evaluation.

The significance of numbers differs between numerology according to the Kabbalah and other systems. While the letter A may have the same numerical value in both Kabbalah and Chaldean numerology, the letter W (among others) does not.

Numerology based on the Kabbalah employs a much broader spectrum of numbers. There may be as many as 400 distinct life trajectories based on 22 distinct vibrations. It seems tiresome, doesn’t it? Fortunately, the majority of numerologist utilize the more “popular” life path numbers.

What is Kabbalistic Numerology? 

Kabbalistic Numerology, also known as Hebrew Numerology or Gematria, assigns numbers to Hebrew letters and phrases. It believes numbers have spiritual importance and can reveal the universe’s secrets.

In Kabbalistic Numerology, each letter has a number, and by calculating the numerical value of a word or phrase, practitioners can discern its spiritual meaning.

Basic Concepts

sacred geometry shapes The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life

Kabbalistic Numerology emphasizes the Tree of Life. It symbolizes the universe’s divine structure and connection. Ten sephiroth—interconnected spheres—represent distinct aspects of existence in the Tree of Life.

Kabbalah Numerology Angel number


Each sephirah has a number, Hebrew letter, and divine attribute. The Tree of Life guides spiritual progress and self-discovery toward divine union. Kabbalistic numerologists examine the Tree of Life to discover reality’s hidden meanings and patterns.

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The Ten Sefirot

Kabbalistic numerology explores numbers’ mysticism. Kabbalistic Numerology emphasizes the Ten Sefirot, the divine emanations that created the universe.

Kabbalah Numerology Angel number

The Ten Sefirot represent diverse divine elements and provide a framework for comprehending spiritual and energetic forces in the world.

Each Sefirah has its own properties and symbols, and understanding them can reveal profound truths about life and interconnectivity.


Kabbalistic Numerology has intriguing gematria. It numerically rates Hebrew letters and words and phrases. Gematria is thought to have come from the Jewish Kabbalah.

In Gematria, each Hebrew letter has a numerical value, and words or sentences with the same value are related or have deeper meaning. This exercise reveals hidden symbolism and spiritual truths in Hebrew. Gematria practitioners learn how language, numbers, and spirituality are interrelated.


The History of Kabbalah Numerology

Kabbalah Numerology, also known as Jewish Numerology, is a mystical system that assigns meaning to numbers and their combinations.

It has its roots in the ancient Jewish tradition of Kabbalah, which is a mystical interpretation of the Torah. The practice of Kabbalah Numerology dates back thousands of years, with references to its use found in ancient texts and teachings.  

Numerology according to the Kabbalah is founded on ancient Hebrew mysticism, specifically the Hebrew alphabet.

Kabbalah signifies knowledge derived from the intellect as opposed to the empiricist senses or the body. As a consequence, the Kabbalah system of numerology seeks to bring about elevated levels of self-awareness and knowledge.

Kabbalah numerology vs Chaldean and Pythagorean numerology

Kabbalah numerology, unlike Chaldean and Pythagorean numerology, only analyzes a person’s name (known as name numerology). Numerologists sometimes find the Kabbalah system to be less accurate than other numerological systems.




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