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Soul Urge Number 7 Numerology Meaning

They say that knowledge is power, and that’s definitely true for Soul Urge Number 7. Knowledge is their primary motivation. You won’t seek knowledge because you want power though. You love learning for the sake of learning.
It takes a hungry mind to absorb all that knowledge but it will make you smart and wise.

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Personality traits of a Number 7

  1. Analytical
  2. Logical
  3. Reserved
  4. Knowledge
  5. Wisdom
  6. Introspective
  7. Synchronicity
  8. Spiritual
  9. Egotistical
  10. Insensitive


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Being a Soul Urge Number 7

As someone so dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, you are disappointed by people who appear too busy or lazy to learn new things.

You’ve invested so much of your own time in the pursuit of knowledge it makes you impatient with others that aren’t as invested as you.

You are very skeptical and are an analytic person. You like to see things before believing in them. This can make you come across as being cold.

Given how much information you are always mentally processing, it’s only too easy to lose touch with things. You’re at your best when learning new things and applying that knowledge. 

The name and destiny number of number 7 is also known as the “The Truth Finder” 

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