Life Path Number11

Life Path Number 11

The Life Path Number 11 is the first of the three Master Numbers of numerology (with the other two being 22 and 33). The master numbers have their own special meanings and they can be very auspicious for anyone born under them.

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It’s possible to further reduce a master number into their single digit number. The number 11, for example, can be reduced down to 2.

Those born under number 11 can have some of the same qualities as a number 2, as well as the qualities that come with being the Master Number.

The life path 11 is the most intuitive and sensitive of all.

As a number 11, you are the most mystically and spiritually inclined. This is because your intuition easily connects you to the higher powers of the universe.

11s make for perfect spiritual philosophers as they are able to look at the mysteries of the universe and the potential answers with no worry about being judged for it.


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This does come with some downsides though. The angel number 11 can leave people predisposed to anxiety and fear due to how often they have to deal with the cosmic truth and their own understanding of their place in the universe.

Most of the time a number 11 can deal with such problems with grace and dignity, but this is a harsh burden to bear, especially in youth.
Young number 11s that go through a traumatic experience are more likely to be haunted by them and develop problems later in life.

11s are at their best when they are finding spiritual balance. They are drawn to things such as Taoism and Buddhism, which practice serenity, but they can find fulfilment and joy in just about any religious practice. Well, any religious practice that doesn’t prevent them from looking for answers on their own terms.

Number 11s are visionaries

which means they have trouble when expected to conform to the expectations of others. That’s what makes them such good artists, musicians, and writers. They are great at being able to take their cosmic consciousness and transfer it to art. They aren’t afraid to create something that others would consider bizarre or avant-garde either.

Life Path 11 meaning

Because of their ties to number 2, number 11s also enjoy the ability to adapt and work well with others. They put a high emphasis on harmony in all things and they can get distressed if people are upset as they can easily pick up on their psychic wavelength and feel their upset.

This empathy makes a number 11 a natural mediator. They can talk to people and listen to them without any kind of judgement and provide excellent advice.


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The number 11 is also blessed with a powerful inner strength.

They can do anything that they put their mind to.
When you understand what being on the life path 11 means in numerology, and understanding how it can affect you, your personality, and your personal outlooks, you can take the good aspects of 11 and make the best use of them.

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