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Numerology 8: The Meaning Of Number 8 In Numerology

In the addition, the number 8 is divided into two equal parts, 4 + 4, which in turn are divided into two other equal parts, 2 + 2, which again can be divided into two equal parts, 1 + 1, hence representing balance, justice, equity. Discover what more Numerology 8 means below.


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Number 8 Meaning

In numerology, the number 8 represents karma since in those times where it has preponderance is when we receive with the greater effect the consequences of our acts from the past.

As regards to the symbolism of the anatomical, physical nature, the number eight is associated with the woman’s vagina, that is to say, with “the door” through which a new life enters the world. 

The person under number 8 has overflowing energy, decision, and strength. They are also tremendously ambitious and have an almost unbreakable will and effective perseverance.

Negatively, they can be very demanding, self-centered, materialistic, strong-tempered, intolerant, stubborn, cold, and do not know when to pause, when to stop, this could generate health problems since they go to extremes which sometimes their body and mind cannot withstand.

They are passionate about everything they do, with a very strong sense of justice and ethics. They have a practical and positive mentality, great intelligence, self-control, and strong leadership skills. However, such a high ambition can be frustrating if the maximum they want to give is not achieved.


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Numerology 8

Numerology eight promises success, only if you are consistent and disciplined, choose good seeds and take care of the cultivation, with the promise of rewarding your efforts. Since the number 8 brings together the combination of the cross and the square it gives stability in material life.

Being 8 a magnified 4, it is a number that speaks to us about the control of the land, its resources, and its products, it is a number of material power, as well as banking and finance.

They are too concerned with money and success, which is their fundamental aim, and they are not satisfied with the position they occupy, they always want more.

Moreover, it implies trust, and the betrayal of this trust has a very high price, meaning the loss of the current situation and a hard effort if you want to recover them.

In large financial centers, a simple phone call can move large amounts of funds, and deals are closed in writing at the end of the sessions.


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Numerology 8 Meaning

The number 8, graphically, due to its shape made with two superimposed circles, represents the spiral movement of the heavens in their continuous ebb and flow, symbolizing the law of cause and effect, the success that the 8 announces can only be achieved if the opposite currents of the universal agent are mastered, in other words, what has been sown is harvested.

On the other hand, the 8 placed horizontally is the mathematical icon of infinity, just as the 8 represented by an octagon symbolizes the intermediate figure between the square (terrestrial order) and the circle (celestial order), therefore it is the symbol of regeneration, the passage from the temporal to what is eternal.

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Number 8 in Numerology

Number 8 meaning in numerology refers to those people who impress others with their strong personality, intensity and magnetism, through self-confidence they demonstrate the ease of mastering any situation.

They are recognized and respected for their moral integrity, sense of justice, honesty, and courage. They are true leaders who are very well endowed to achieve their goals.

They have a strong and explosive temperament they keep under control and only manifest (with uncontrollable anger) when they are harassed or provoked to the fullest extent.

It is impressive to see their aptitude for trade and finance and as they are ambitious and radical they do not settle for small achievements but plan all their business and enterprises in a big manner.

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The ambition must be controlled or otherwise, they will not enjoy life or the results of their efforts, simply because as soon as they achieve one goal, they have another in mind.

The Number 8 is the symbol for infinity.

The number 8 vibrates with the shape of the symbol for infinity. While the vibration of the number 8 is linked to empire building and destruction, its message is one of regeneration.

In an infinite cycle, the number 8 chases wealth and power, but it also returns to a place of equilibrium.

The eight’s geometric shape is the octagon, which appears in Islamic art and in nature (spiders, jellyfish, and octopi).



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8 in Numerology

Surely you are still wondering, what does the number eight mean in numerology?

It is a number associated with people who have ambitions for great material achievements and have a remarkable commercial capacity, have an unbreakable will, greater strength, and mental concentration to lead everything effectively to achieve their goals, without anything or anyone being able to distract them.

They exude security and magnetism. Positive interior for those who wish to have material success and an important place in the world.

Number 8 craves big business and the power to manipulate it. They want success in all material goods.



They are very disciplined, and love organization, construction, and finance. They enjoy the great transactions involved in the financial world, managing and leading, and being skilled towards great achievements and acquisitions.

They are generous, broad-minded, and powerful. They can be trusted. These people have strength, enthusiasm, courage, equanimity, and determination.

Likes to fight the competition with confidence in their ability to win, maybe controlling and demanding, but they don’t hold back on themselves, meaning they are good at giving or sacrificing.


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Number 8

Number eight can have a liking for money and for showing off, but they are the cornerstone of the community.

They have vision and imagination to make their efforts work. Their efforts are effective, and they are executives of excellent judgment.

Their greatest success comes when they take care of the big pieces of life. Always winning by staying positive and admitting no limitations.

Numerology Number 8

Numerology Number 8 Zodiac Connection

In astrology, the number eight is linked with the planet Saturn, which controls career, ambition, authority, and social institutions, and is related with realism, boundaries, and constraints. Saturn is the planetary ruler of Capricorn and Aquarius, and its slow-moving energy imparts the virtues of patience and justice, which are also associated with the number 8. In Chinese culture, the number eight is considered fortunate.

If any of your calculations drop to 8 or if you were born on the 8, 17, or 26th of any month, your numerology chart contains 8 energy.


Numerology Number 8 Tarot Connection

Its Tarot card is Strength, and in the case of the number 8, this strength is presented with wisdom, grace, and dignity, equating to power with rather than power over. The number eight uses strategic strength and calm authority to advance corporate objectives.

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Numerology 8 Career

Concerning numerology number 8 careers there are stockbrokers, bankers, commercial tycoons, securities owners, large-scale buyers and sellers, journalists, executive promoters, navigators, charity organizers, consultants, heads of corporations, financiers, and manufacturers, chief executive officers, builders, composer, corporate attorney, or film producer.

The good aspect of the eight is the fact of admitting no limitations, so they always look for a winning formula if they stay positive, their biggest successes will be every time they are in charge of big businesses.

You will be able to recognize them on different boards of directors, like big presidents of companies and banks, leading big sums of employees and even busy with international matters. 

As an 8, you are the group’s power magnet. Power and influence allow you to successfully complete tasks. You pursue the stars. And you enjoy being in charge. A successful career could involve working as  As you climb the corporate ladder, select Thursdays and Fridays for networking and interviews.

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Numerology Path Number 8

Bold and accurate in the business. People with path number 8 will have an active, dynamic life.

With experience and sagacity, they solve the occasional financial problems that may arise. They predict professional, social and financial success.

Very ambitious and far-reaching plans. Their active life will rarely be peaceful.

They run the risk of altering the course of their existence with their violent outbursts when they reach a limit situation or wanting to take on more than they should.

In some cases, they will endure traumatic fates with difficult and painful experiences.


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Numerology Name Number 8

Material freedom, no strings attached. Their natural environment is a world of commercial activity, business matters, power, and achievement.

They cultivate a wide horizon and reject all limitations.

Destiny number 8 knows how to develop effectively and knows how to lead.
They learn both to oil and to operate machinery, seems to be prepared for excellence in execution.

They deal with the practical and material elements of life, avoiding dreams, visions, unfounded illusions and impractical situations.

They handle money laws very well, its accumulation, power, and use. They find opportunities between people and wealth status and those who need efficiency and management skills.

Their attraction is upon large corporations and organizations. They know how to perform in complicated environments.


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Numerology 8 Personality

Personality number 8 provides the individual with an important degree of sensitivity. They are easily impressed.

In society, they interact very well and in dealing with people they are usually very gentle, friendly, and helpful.

They are also sensitive to how they are treated, a word or phrase they don’t like or an inappropriate tone is enough to hurt them.

Furthermore, they are not noted for their fairness. In general, the person cannot tolerate being told of their mistakes, but won’t let one of the others pass by.

They are very shifting as well as unpredictable and capricious, trying to enforce their will.

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Generally speaking, they are not judgmental. These people behave properly, with refined tastes, and therefore they dislike incompetent crude people, and their well-managed irony is enough to put them in place.

They know how to have fun and entertain friends, even at the expense of others. These people are cheerful, which, together with their social appeal and their eloquence, often leads to people falling in love with them.

Without a doubt, the 8 is a very good speaker, shielding themselves in words, which they usually handle very well.

Everything that is transmitted by speaking fascinates them. It is the number that feels more attracted to the secrets.

The 8 personality is courageous, self-controlled, and ambitious. The 8 is a reasonable, strategic leader who performs with the utmost expertise and dedication.

The number 8 is well-liked and respected. They are outgoing and giving; they will operate a successful business and spend a portion of the proceeds to establish a foundation.

Despite their risk aversion, they will rebound from failure and do even better the next time.

Due to innate control concerns and a fear of failure, 8s can overextend themselves. Prior to attempting again, individuals may slip into a state of severe depression.

A self-aware 8 will intentionally select individuals to balance his or her energies, such as a 4 to delegate tactical specifics and a 9 to remind the team of the greater picture beyond material accomplishment.

The more an 8 remembers to seek equilibrium, the more it can return to its actual self.

Numerology 8 Traits

An austere and severe appearance that does not facilitate contact is another numerology number 8 meaning.

However, people influenced by the number 8 possess mental strength and clarity, analytical and organizational skills, and an energetic and positive mentality.

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Efficient, bold, determined and entrepreneurial, they have the gift to lead and the facility to exercise authority in important companies or groups of people.


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Numerology 8 Compatibility

Often, they will feel a match with the personality number 5 because it will join the desire for adventure from number 5 with the urge to succeed from the number 8, creating a mix to achieve their highest goals.

Together they will make a good team both in the world of sports and in business.

The number 5 always stands behind the goals they set for themselves, but if you want to know more about the number 5.

They will meet people number 4 because they are compatible with qualities such as generosity and honesty, and they can establish a fun and fortunate relationship, both in business and in love.

Since number eight will think about doing great business, number 4 will provide the necessary stability and attention to detail to achieve their goals.

They are not particularly romantic, but they are devoted partners. Inadvertently, when they are out of balance, they may begin to treat their relationships as if they were business transactions and become hot and cold. A psychic reading might shed light on this dynamic and aid the 8 in regaining equilibrium.

2, 4, and 6 are life path numbers that are harmonious with 8 energy. A number 2 will listen to you without assuming control and assist you in seeing both sides of a situation.

You will find this to be both validating and strategically advantageous, and the two will feel appreciated knowing that they were able to exert constructive influence from behind the scenes.

You will be energetically compatible with a 4, as you are both practical and grounded, but you could easily start treating your romantic relationship like a business relationship.

A partnership with a 6 would provide balance; you will experience tremendous love to support you in the world, and you will provide a loving, strong foundation for the 6; however, be careful not to let your control issues make the 6 feel unappreciated.

Although if you like you can read more about number 4 here.

Spiritual Significance of Eight

The spiritual significance of the number eight is boundless love, infinite vitality, and infinite wealth. It denotes achieving an energetic equilibrium between the physical and spiritual worlds, as the number eight is both spiritual and materialistic.

The number eight is also related with karma and fate. The force of eight can be used for both creation and destruction, and with renewal comes karma as payback.

In many cultures, the number 8 is interpreted metaphorically as the elemental female form of life.
According to Hinduism, the Great Mother Goddess is composed of the elements Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, as well as the characteristics Wet, Cold, Dry, and Hot.

In Wicca, there are eight feast days: Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lughnasadh, and Mabon.



Questions People Ask About Number 8

What does Number 8 in Numerology Mean?

People who have the number 8 in their birthdates have a strong sense of authority and self-confidence.

At the same time, they have a love for humanity and a desire for peace. Eights are very professional, which makes them very good at their jobs, especially in business.

Is 8 a Lucky Number in Numerology?

Is the number 8 bad in numerology? Because the number 8 is associated with Saturn or Shani, it is often thought of as a bad sign.

In the past, the number 8 has been misunderstood and has been linked to bad luck. However, in Chinese culture, eight is thought to be the best number.

Why is 8 a Karmic Number?

Lesson number 8 is for people whose names don’t start with 8. Most of the time, these people do well in business and make a lot of money.

There are ups and downs, but they also have to deal with a lack of caution.



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