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Soul Urge Number 9 Numerology Meaning

The soul urge number 9 is a perfectionist who won’t settle for anything short of flawlessness.
From small things to how furniture is arranged to complex things like feelings and relationships, you want to have everything just how you want it to be.
You want to create a world where you – and everyone else – can live the life they want to  a utopia.

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Personality traits of a Number 9

  1. Selflessness
  2. Idealist
  3. Compassionate
  4. Completion
  5. Humanitarian
  6. Enlightenment
  7. Wisdom
  8. Sophisticated
  9. Dramatic
  10. Unrealistic

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Being a Soul Urge Number 9

The problem is that humans, by their very nature, are flawed. We aren’t perfect beings and we never will be. Some of your efforts, no matter how well-meaning they are, are likely going to fail. Some people may also respond to your efforts with hostility.

They think you are trying to manipulate them and their situation for your own benefit, even though you have good intentions. Rather than trying to make a utopia, try to make a better world for yourself and aim for something more attainable.

The name and destiny number of number 9 is also known as the “Wisdom”

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